Karen Session
Karen Session 30 minuten geleden
I'm American, so I didn't get the references, and I don't know what was bleeped, so it all fell flat on me. Can someone clue me in?
Paola Grando
Paola Grando 40 minuten geleden
That outfit! That hairdo! You look greater than ever, Emma!
Jenjenilou 41 minuut geleden
Am I the only
Jorge Loor Ocampo
Jorge Loor Ocampo 45 minuten geleden
This is actually hilarious hahaha, apologize granted
Dale Wylie
Dale Wylie 46 minuten geleden
who wouldn't hit on jessica i always say she's 1 of the most beautiful women ever she has that real old school 50's hollywood beauty like marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 49 minuten geleden
Matthew McConaghey's mum sounds just like mine. I'm not famous, but I have no secrets. None. 🤦‍♂️
Sunny Bear
Sunny Bear 52 minuten geleden
Jamie's look and the timing of his "why are you saying it like that" is GOLDEN.
nikolygtx 52 minuten geleden
We all know why he visits her xD
Ryan B
Ryan B 59 minuten geleden
What is I've Cube drinking?
David Guina
David Guina Uur geleden
Shawshank Redemption.. a great movie indeed
Rob Uur geleden
I bought his book after watching this clip.
Noureddine Beloufa
Noureddine Beloufa Uur geleden
This woman has no plastic surgery! Whaaaat ? So beautiful
Jean D
Jean D Uur geleden
I'm Scottish and I have trouble understanding Scottish accents sometimes.
Shad0w Warrior47
Shad0w Warrior47 Uur geleden
I saw the title of this video and them i see that it is only 4minutes and 25 seconds long
ZombaHenry garrotKomp
ZombaHenry garrotKomp Uur geleden
Ruso Zawr
Ruso Zawr 2 uur geleden
They're not even similar. Lol
DutchFurnace 2 uur geleden
I once got a modelling gig for a big ad campaign of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. It was my first and only time, and didn't actually realize I was going to be modelling till I showed up. And although I'm not ugly, I'm not a model and certainly wasn't pursuing a modelling career so I was really surprised why I was there all day, having hundreds of pictures taken of me in all kinds of different outfits, while there were actual model people, and even a few semi "famous" commercial actors, coming and going for only a few quick pictures. I figured they were there for different jobs, or maybe just people having "headshots" taken to add to their picture portfolio. Like I said, I had no idea I was supposed to be modelling but after the day was over I let everyone know that I was going to be in a national ad campaign, although I knew nothing about the campaign itself. A few months later I'm walking towards the university and I notice these huge billboards and recognize it as the pictures I took part in. And it turned out the gimmick of the ad was that simple children's puzzle game, where there's a head, a body, and feet of a profession, and they have to puzzle together for example the boots/pants of the fireman, with the coat of the fireman, with the helmet of the fireman. And the same for the construction worker, and the doctor, and the policeman, etc, etc. But then in the campaign they had jumbled up the professions to show for example the clogs/pants of the farmer, with the body of the policeman, with the head of the doctor, as a way to show solidarity or something like that. And only at this moment it dawned on me, that at the day of the shoot, I was never wearing any headgear to go with my outfit, and they the reverse. Anyway, if you haven't guessed it by now; they cut off my head, and just used me wearing all kinds of different coats and legs/boots to go with all the actual model and "famous" people heads. I never bothered to mention to anyone I was 66% of all those pictures.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 2 uur geleden
Guess who slept on the couch that night
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy 2 uur geleden
Doesnt miles morales a students of bronx school of science?
Sita Li
Sita Li 2 uur geleden
Sis has not aged since 1990’s
ViciousAlienKlown 2 uur geleden
Linda Hamilton looks like she partied with Hunter Biden.
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 2 uur geleden
Im going to have to look out for the Taylor Swift song/diss track where she alludes to the old British man who mocked her earless cat and in so doing crossed her.
Mr P
Mr P 2 uur geleden
I’ve actually never seen him genuinely crack up before! Weird but nice haha
سامي فهد
سامي فهد 2 uur geleden
الـــواتساب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 تعاني من قضيب نحيف ؟ لا تصدقــوا هــــــادول نصابــــــين لأني اخــــذت من عدة مواقع ولا استفدت شي بس خسارة مبـــلغ فقـــط حتى وجدت رقم الخبير على الواتـــساب 0079672701955 إلي تخلص من مشكل طول عضو ذكري بالمرة ولا كأنه كان عندي مشكل الواتســـاب 0079672701955 whatapps📲
Ben Morris
Ben Morris 3 uur geleden
Robin Williams was such a loss. So funny RIP
Joanna Georgie
Joanna Georgie 3 uur geleden
What actually did Mark Ruffalo say?? I really couldn’t get it😔
Navajo Auckland
Navajo Auckland 3 uur geleden
So the blond is a man
Twotone 3 uur geleden
Peter Capaldi's line about David swimming the channel was really nice and the audience recognition of that fact.
Monster Munch
Monster Munch 3 uur geleden
Classy guy.
J. Cesar.
J. Cesar. 3 uur geleden
I'm sorry , what? ....I was distracted for some reason.
Johnny Speed
Johnny Speed 3 uur geleden
Wow, Jen actually has nice legs...
Armand Azhari
Armand Azhari 3 uur geleden
It may become annoying 😂
BronnStar 3 uur geleden
brings me to Incredibles 2, Frozone Wife "you better get back ASAP.".
Armand Azhari
Armand Azhari 3 uur geleden
No thats not it 😂😂
Desporto 3 uur geleden
It's pronounced José with "jay", not "Hose" in Portuguese.
Jac H
Jac H 3 uur geleden
Adore Ewan and Alec as Obiwan. I can't wait for this new series!
62cripple 4 uur geleden
She don't need panties....💖
AussieBlokeGordo 4 uur geleden
Crikey talk about commitment
Vasst Official
Vasst Official 4 uur geleden
Euuughhhhh it's so awkward to watch, especially being Scottish
Itingzaile Nring
Itingzaile Nring 4 uur geleden
Thank you Graham sir, I got to know abt Anthony Joshua🥰🥰🥰🥰
Leonie B
Leonie B 4 uur geleden
Graham: "he tries to explain complex things in just a few words" Trump: "CHINA VIRUS IS FAKE NEWS"
Send me Notes
Send me Notes 5 uur geleden
Jennifer is beautiful since first time she's start acting still look stunning till this day...
Ajay Das
Ajay Das 5 uur geleden
He looks so unhealthy
Sheila Blische
Sheila Blische 5 uur geleden
I remember that cover & it was one of those times they called it before the person was famous. Some didn't work out, Gretchen Mol anyone? Some of those Young Hollywood covers too.
Matthew Pankau
Matthew Pankau 5 uur geleden
Mark Wahlberg.. f***ing stone
Ginalyn Arnoco
Ginalyn Arnoco 5 uur geleden
If your planning to have sex with your husband dont wear any panties 😂😂😂 she is so intelligently funny
M L 5 uur geleden
Herb Ritts knew how to capture the essence of masculinity even when his subject was fully clothed. And Matthew McConaughey's southern charm is right there in his eyes. -- RIP Herb Ritts. Thanks for all the beautiful photographs.
1967Rev 5 uur geleden
born and raised in morecambe/heysham,Lee's right its a punishment
Celtic Highlander&AHook
Celtic Highlander&AHook 5 uur geleden
justgivemethetruth 5 uur geleden
What does Janney have Alzheimer's ... ANTI-BIOTIC OINTMENT. And did she ever consider that maybe the actor was doing it for her benefit?
Matteson Langan
Matteson Langan 5 uur geleden
That was painfully funny
nichegoseberazdvatri 5 uur geleden
All I'm hearing is him driving in the Lincoln and talking lol
Jenn D
Jenn D 5 uur geleden
Americans are so insular. It's not funny that they can't understand other English speaking people, it just shows how little they care about anything outside of America.
Nichole Richardson
Nichole Richardson 5 uur geleden
Yeah BTS without Park Jimin is the champagne without bubbles. Regardless if they are sitting, standing or dancing...
Southmead Lad
Southmead Lad 6 uur geleden
Jodie is gorgeous...
Stevies_Remote 6 uur geleden
They are just hanging out lol 😂
justgivemethetruth 6 uur geleden
That's quite a haircut ... he resembles Henry Winkler
Ali 6 uur geleden
In relation to the story at 7:55. An ex of mine and myself were being..involved and at the moment of climax, her mother happened walked into the room into her room without knocking. We were under the covers and side on so we were able to pass it off that we were just having a sleep but I was still ..doing the thing inside of her (literally impossible to stop) as her mum was talking to her about dinner or something.. That was probably when I gave up on romance too XD
Arsene Wenga
Arsene Wenga 6 uur geleden
'ello evrybuddy🎩
Meloncool Eeeh
Meloncool Eeeh 6 uur geleden
Vik Saluja
Vik Saluja 6 uur geleden
From left to right for each gender - most fit to least fit
Juan Ngullie
Juan Ngullie 6 uur geleden
When he said, "and they all sang happy Birthday for me", his eyes and his voice brought tears to my eyes. Ah! Gem he is.
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson 6 uur geleden
He dosent look a Day over 70
Katie Helm
Katie Helm 6 uur geleden
My boy gotten so much serious trouble but he acting like its all a joke and honesty I live for it.
arytaco 6 uur geleden
Please make Liam Neeson a force ghost and Hayden Christiansen come back plz I’d pay $100 for premier access or something stupid like that
look4keith 7 uur geleden
This is still one of the cutest, funniest, and uncomfortably interesting interviews I've ever seen. I love Miriam all the time.
Sean Foley
Sean Foley 7 uur geleden
Joan Rivers. The world didn't deserve you. 💖🥲💖🥲
Travis S.
Travis S. 7 uur geleden
here we go again with Lilly, geeze. i was enjoying this until she started speaking
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! 7 uur geleden
Travis S.
Travis S. 7 uur geleden
i like watching video footage of dumb criminals the most, makes it even funnier to see them fumble and make mistakes
Isaaco Pedia
Isaaco Pedia 7 uur geleden
Jimmy carr just being a bully saying what will it be like to touch a girl classic bully
Hasnain Shakoor
Hasnain Shakoor 7 uur geleden
I remember a time where this kind of person would've got assassinated. Worlds gone sideways but the times are nearer
Rei Jaaziel Aliwanon
Rei Jaaziel Aliwanon 7 uur geleden
Filipinos like me tend to mishear such
Soulless Raven
Soulless Raven 7 uur geleden
PLEASE let this man live forever, our world is a MUCH better place with him in it.
*** 7 uur geleden
the best part is the look as Jennifer slowly starts to feel pity and sadness that Chris is "messing up" and then once he completes the trick she has a massive realization that it was all a big performance and she is completely awe struck by his performance and successful completion of the trick.
Travis S.
Travis S. 7 uur geleden
he's so right, some people are just idiots, and unfortunately you can't fix stupidity, can't beat some sense into them or convince them otherwise, anymore than they could convince you to believe them, its frustrating
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 7 uur geleden
07:30 Ricky: You're absolutely mental. Rebel: In a nice way? Ricky: Yeah -> (David-from-_The-Office_ face)
Maharshi Abhale
Maharshi Abhale 7 uur geleden
bear grylls is like why am i here
mikelheron20 7 uur geleden
To the person who bleeped out the punchline, thank you so much for protecting my delicate years from that word. I might have been traumatised for the rest of my life.
Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe 7 uur geleden
I loved this guys since 'Corvette Summer'...