Michael Frantzen
Michael Frantzen 23 uur geleden
And thus Jim Carrey forever ruined the name Daniel Kaluuya for me. To this day i sing his name inside my head whenever i see him or read about him XD
RedBull Bill
RedBull Bill 23 uur geleden
SAM1j Studios
SAM1j Studios 23 uur geleden
Thinking that David voices as Scrooge McDuck in 2017
Tim Simms
Tim Simms 23 uur geleden
He's slowly turning into an Elton John, isn't he?
ブブタン 23 uur geleden
No one knows what you mean, liam. Use your words.
Frenchfry 43
Frenchfry 43 23 uur geleden
I love scottish accents, I would love to find a channel of Scottish people reading stories
Romero2k Dag geleden
Saitama would destroy this machine without even trying 😂😂
stumpali Dag geleden
I luv MArk so much
Global Wormhole
Global Wormhole Dag geleden
How can be keep David Attenborough alive forever???
Alberto Dote
Alberto Dote Dag geleden
The shade!
PhatFatLife Dag geleden
Brad was shooting the ultimate shot!
The Moronator
The Moronator Dag geleden
Stephen Fry is the last of a rare breed. Modern and future society will not produce people like this, for some of the reasons he mentions in this clip it's all downhill from here for humanity.
Izzy Perez
Izzy Perez Dag geleden
Les Duenas
Les Duenas Dag geleden
Please Please Please run for president again.
Alan Day
Alan Day Dag geleden
What color lipstick was David wearing?
Gaur8n Dag geleden
"Rick rolled" actually means that you open something, thinking it is what you searched for or wanted to click on...then "Never gonna give you up" plays instead. This was very popular in early NLposts before there were comments or likes or anything to warn you.
veuchi jakata
veuchi jakata Dag geleden
Sow funny
Michael Fenn
Michael Fenn Dag geleden
Hilarious? Really?
Jinadari Probodhika
Jinadari Probodhika Dag geleden
The way Taehyung took the lead in the dance is so sexy to me.. Perfection . Hats off to all members who pulled this performance together without 2 members.
Flora Murray
Flora Murray Dag geleden
That awkward moment when your dad is cooler than you
Arhant Kamble
Arhant Kamble Dag geleden
she's so cute , I'm gonna kill myself.
Mulan MMA
Mulan MMA Dag geleden
i'm watching this whilst folding my arms
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love Dag geleden
Vermeer van Bremen
Vermeer van Bremen Dag geleden
C'est Emma Thompson ?? Bon sang, la dernière fois que je l'avais vue c'était quasiment une gamine ! Est-ce que ça veut dire que je suis vieux aussi ?!
Denis Skenderović
Denis Skenderović Dag geleden
I gotta start watching this show.
Jen V
Jen V Dag geleden
This is why I say that Sir David Attenborough is, and always will be KING.
ToH Genius
ToH Genius Dag geleden
You know this is old when there are barely any most searched for rdj.
Mike B
Mike B Dag geleden
Me: I'm with you Mark! You really didn't miss out on much by not seeing it!
Harry Eberhard.
Harry Eberhard. Dag geleden
Not really astounding, pretty basic.
Tomas Koptik
Tomas Koptik Dag geleden
S.Spielberg "Jackie, my dinosaurs are nothing compared to your skills". Jackie "Oh, that´s simple. Action. Rolling. Jumping. Hospital.". That pretty much sums it up...btw this dialogue really happened...
xx xx
xx xx Dag geleden
I heard he likes kids!!!
bugalowSK Dag geleden
He is good story teller!
Reirek Dag geleden
“The tower bar” “THE TOWER BAR?!”
Piss Taker
Piss Taker Dag geleden
Tom the scientologist nutter
Suna J
Suna J Dag geleden
Love love love Graham!
shafeeq Ahmed
shafeeq Ahmed Dag geleden
6:08 such a Joey moment!
OneRandomLeo Dag geleden
What did Graham say that got bleeped?
Khamsin Shamal
Khamsin Shamal Dag geleden
“They take away parts to save weight.” - What on earth is there to strip away on a F1 car...?!? 🙄😁
Flex Billbert
Flex Billbert Dag geleden
Crazy respect.
C.T. MacDo
C.T. MacDo Dag geleden
Why was the spont next to McConaughey so empty?
Aline Santos
Aline Santos Dag geleden
James ♥️
Sangzuala Khiangte
Sangzuala Khiangte Dag geleden
Still, thinking like a true producer.
DVG Dag geleden
The clean shaved look makes the lazy eye more noticeable
naz sever
naz sever Dag geleden
O my god
Ahmet Büyükumman
Ahmet Büyükumman Dag geleden
Sabina Sabina
Sabina Sabina Dag geleden
Crystal yana
Crystal yana Dag geleden
I love tom hiddleston!! He’s so refined
Fede Brown
Fede Brown Dag geleden
Such a funny couch! Now I need a movie with Catherine, Will and Ryan!
Sheri Roberts
Sheri Roberts Dag geleden
I'm having a nerd-gasm myself!!!!!! She is my absolute HERO!!!!
Donegal62 Dag geleden
Tele-phone, tele-graph, tell-a-Carrie...feck'n funny!!!
Chris Mccleod
Chris Mccleod Dag geleden
She's a total gem 💖
House of Pain
House of Pain Dag geleden
@12:18 for the first second I legit thought it was the Joker lol
Callum Friend
Callum Friend Dag geleden
Brilliant from Micky 😂 “go on Anne give it a go babe”
Simon Anderson
Simon Anderson Dag geleden
haha hehe marvelous oh celebrities what fun
if I were a fruit
if I were a fruit Dag geleden
Jessica Chastain was crushing on Dwayne.😍
Frodo H
Frodo H Dag geleden
Emilia is like Jenifer lawrence so real and they both got great smiles
lity fity
lity fity Dag geleden
msreddick81 Dag geleden
SJL is looking like he never seen that part of the movie
Jeffrey Kagbu
Jeffrey Kagbu Dag geleden
I expected a British colonial empire / galactic empire joke ☹️
Fiona Higgins
Fiona Higgins Dag geleden
"He has 49!!!"
Manya Khanna
Manya Khanna Dag geleden
I think only Matthew Perry's voice changed the most since friends
NonYourBuz Dag geleden
...Russian Urine.....
꧁Σ꧂ Dag geleden
"Andy Dufresne, who craaaawled thruu a river of poo, and came out clean on the other side." 😂😂
Roja Janeman
Roja Janeman Dag geleden
We ARE the stories that we know. If more people knew these types of stories the level of empathy in our society wouldn’t allow injustices or unnecessary wars.
Random Dude
Random Dude Dag geleden
Art Simone's entrance line brought me here
A. Ali
A. Ali Dag geleden
I’ve repeat the video for 46890008668 times.
Pugsickle Plays
Pugsickle Plays Dag geleden
4:06 was the Unicorn there as well?
Nidhi Sharma
Nidhi Sharma Dag geleden
I clicked asap as i saw "we're not here to f..k spiders" I wanna use that term 😏 to confuse people 😂😂
Mark Mullins
Mark Mullins Dag geleden
Very misleading, that was the least funny I’ve seen him
soñ Dag geleden
i am in urgent need of a 10 hour (probably even 24 hour) loop of ewan mcgregor swinging the lightsaber
Aadam Hussain
Aadam Hussain Dag geleden
That's Ethan Hunt for you
Svetlanka M
Svetlanka M Dag geleden
- Can you keep that rhythm? - Probably not! :))))))
Pam Nguyen
Pam Nguyen Dag geleden
Mark's impression of Harrison Ford is spot on!!
Dindrane W.
Dindrane W. Dag geleden
Will Smith just rules. :D
J C Dag geleden
Why do I hear John Cena's voice but not John Cena?
Nazim Hussam
Nazim Hussam Dag geleden
When you realize tom and Graham are of same age
Amit Budhraja
Amit Budhraja Dag geleden
For all those idiots comparing Jackie Chan to Tom Cruise. Well Jackie isn't afraid of injuries, he is the fearless hyena (title from one of his movies) and is a decent actor. But when it comes to Tom - he is a far superior actor, can do all those stunts - far less reckless than Jackie and his stunt team...yes Tom and his team stunt team do take far better safety precautions but it doesn't mean that Tom is afraid of anything...Tom has his fair share of near death injuries most them he hardly advertises to the rest of the world unlike Jackie who showcases every injury at the end of all his movies. Tom has a far higher intelligence factor - the amount of knowledge, determination, coordination skills and no fear factor required to learn how to fly fighter jets, racing planes, choppers himself and do death defying stunts in them is way more advanced learning capabilities than Jackie has ever done in his entire lifetime. I mean Tom's so committed that for his future movie he is ready to become a real astronaut. No other actor or bunch of actors in the past or current have this much amount of talent crammed into one individual. You can always disagree but it won't change the facts.
sanalalisa Dag geleden
her "OHMYGODDDDDD" is absolutely adorable
Dean Ainsworth
Dean Ainsworth Dag geleden
I despise barrack obama. Horrible person with the ‘proper’ affiliation. Is an actual dirtbag.