What The 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic Said To Louis Theroux About His Three-Way Relationship

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The Graham Norton Show

5 maanden geleden

Louis Theroux on spending a week with Joe Exotic before he was famous, discussing his three way relationship with two husbands.
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sk8punk318 3 maanden geleden
lol rules of engagement
SubjectDelta24 4 maanden geleden
I'll bet the Tiger King is making good use of his Rules of Engagement regarding multi-person's lovemaking sessions within the charming prison community.
Jordan 5 maanden geleden
Thanks for the spoiler
m1 last
m1 last 5 maanden geleden
Love Louis
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 5 maanden geleden
Nicolas Cage is playing the Tiger King in a new TV adaptation.
MaxMorgan 5 maanden geleden
Where can i write to Joe, pls i need to know what jail and the adresse Thx :)
linzertube 5 maanden geleden
I’m not even the least bit interested in watching that show.
MegaCarboman 5 maanden geleden
So edgy
MrNimby ?s
MrNimby ?s 5 maanden geleden
I have no idea what a tiger king or whatever is. And by watching this OMG I don’t think I want to! Don’t think I even want to google the subject.Just saying🤪
John Ulicky
John Ulicky 5 maanden geleden
That is the general rule in polyamory
John Ulicky
John Ulicky 5 maanden geleden
@apolloton1 Generally in polygamy each wife has a separate bedroom the husband visits. Polyamorous share partners, and is more prevalent in bi- and homosexual relationships. Polygamy can be argued as a form of polyamory, as far as the Male is concerned, but is more family orientated, whereas polyamory is strictly sexual. Of course the two blur, and cross lines frequently.
apolloton1 5 maanden geleden
Nancy Neyedly
Nancy Neyedly 5 maanden geleden
How can anyone give this animal abusing POS Joe Exotic the time of day even?! Let him rot in jail and never be heard of again.
whutzat 5 maanden geleden
I haven't watched it and I won't.
johna the black Asian guy
johna the black Asian guy 5 maanden geleden
Yeah your late to this party every one moved on about 3 weeks ago
NIKA - I very love s*x
NIKA - I very love s*x 5 maanden geleden
i'm not so cool, dude 🤑 🌶
Adten Videos
Adten Videos 5 maanden geleden
I know I'm not the only one yet to watch this movie despite the hype
John Ulicky
John Ulicky 5 maanden geleden
Haven't seen it - Dont care to either
Amy Jack
Amy Jack 5 maanden geleden
It's not a movie. It's a series
Dawn Tucci
Dawn Tucci 5 maanden geleden
Adten Videos you are not alone. I’ve heard so much I don’t need to watch it 😂
DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun
DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun 5 maanden geleden
Polyamory rarely ends well...
apolloton1 5 maanden geleden
@whutzat And polygamy
whutzat 5 maanden geleden
You misspelled never.
Funky Pie
Funky Pie 5 maanden geleden
*"Tiger King"* *This should be a title for next lion king. Bruh 2019 one was lil bit bad.*
Christov 5 maanden geleden
I need a pie.
HollyBlueAgitated 5 maanden geleden
god damn Louis does a great American accent - I wonder if he gets that from Justin
lastudentessa 5 maanden geleden
Not everyone. I have yet to watch Tiger King. Sometimes when a show or movie is so hyped, I push back and wait till the hype dies.
PishTosh83 5 maanden geleden
Well your mind is gonna be blown whether you watch it now or a year from now. Enjoy! 😄
Gustavo Buquera
Gustavo Buquera 5 maanden geleden
@magzire exactly. "Everyone loves cake so i just eat rotten cake because i dont like the hype."
magzire 5 maanden geleden
Like saying i have a nice cake but I'll wait until it rots
Batman Jeph
Batman Jeph 5 maanden geleden
Joe Exotic did not age well. I was surprised it was the same guy from the Louis Theroux documentary.
austinricky 4 maanden geleden
in what world would a guy like that age well?
lamo lambda
lamo lambda 5 maanden geleden
Carole Baskins
Rachel 5 maanden geleden
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