Chris Hemsworth Has The Worst Glaswegian Accent | The Graham Norton Show

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6 maanden geleden

Chris Hemsworth will be joining our virtual red sofa this week!
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Junior Barra
Junior Barra 3 maanden geleden
Americans... How the hell is she having problems understanding Chris beats me...🤔🤔🤔
joe T
joe T 3 maanden geleden
JVictor 4 maanden geleden
I met with the Godfather of the Scottish Mafia and he made me an offer I couldn't understand
Puny_God 5 maanden geleden
How do you not understand Chris???
A Gacha Empire
A Gacha Empire 5 maanden geleden
Bloody hell.
JFK 5 maanden geleden
I don't get why people can't understand Kevin😂
Bret .Maverick
Bret .Maverick 5 maanden geleden
Kevin's isn't that bad. I had a friend who is Scottish whose accent is similar to Kevin. But I needed my friend to translate for his friend whose accent was thick.
Joel H
Joel H 5 maanden geleden
"We had a bit of a communication issue, with two Hungarian guys, trying to speak English, and two Scottish guys, trying to speak English."
Unicorn Trash
Unicorn Trash 5 maanden geleden
My first language isn’t even english and i can understand Chris perfectly lmao
t0mal1s0n 5 maanden geleden
In his defence, if Lilly can't understand a word of Scottish, Chris couldn't do any more than a 'Celtic Vibe' or America wouldn't have understood him!!
Jacob 5 maanden geleden
I Mean... my language ain't even English and i understand Chris almost perfectly.
xRaikou 5 maanden geleden
i struggle a lot more with Scottish than with Australian
بلال البشيتي
بلال البشيتي 5 maanden geleden
Me too
Frank Evans
Frank Evans 5 maanden geleden
Chris Hemsworth makes ben afleck look like a good actor.
Christine Hanretty
Christine Hanretty 5 maanden geleden
That was pretty funny!
Iva Gianna
Iva Gianna 6 maanden geleden
He is so handsome...damn Graham
S Hallstrom
S Hallstrom 6 maanden geleden
Chris Hemsworth could be speaking Marstian, for all I care. Wouldn't say a word. I'd just smile and act like I understood. Sooo hot!
Aulia Nurhasanah
Aulia Nurhasanah 6 maanden geleden
He has to be promoted his new movie , Extraction
Asim Jowhar
Asim Jowhar 6 maanden geleden
Anyone else see Steve Irwin on the Thumbnail. 😪
Swords Chant
Swords Chant 6 maanden geleden
He is Thor so really he should speak Norwegian
Luigi Catedral
Luigi Catedral 6 maanden geleden
This channel be keeping me company while in quarantine
Erhan Achmad
Erhan Achmad 6 maanden geleden
that bald guy on the most right look like a young ozzy osbourne
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell 5 maanden geleden
That's Ron Howard. Actor turned director. He was in the movie "American Graffiti" . You may be too young to remember but he was Opie in The Andy Griffith Show and Richie Cunningham in Happy Days.
Gannah Al-Deeb
Gannah Al-Deeb 6 maanden geleden
so drunk, she thought she was in Australia
azahir anzar
azahir anzar 6 maanden geleden
Americans speaks american and the rest of the world speaks English
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell 5 maanden geleden
@LisaBaby in the United States many states have their own way of speaking, and that can include slang specific to their state or region.
LisaBaby 5 maanden geleden
@TeeTee LouKy hillbilly's in America have that u are mistaking 😂😂😂 hahahaha every country has there own slang way of talking that's a fact
TeeTee LouKy
TeeTee LouKy 6 maanden geleden
Yes we do we love our language in the United States that we created! But a lot of British people talk like they have a speech impediment.
Las Cubiertas Delanteras
Las Cubiertas Delanteras 6 maanden geleden
Forty five thousandth
Roman Klijn
Roman Klijn 6 maanden geleden
That was awkward
Gigabit 6 maanden geleden
Lilly played in Australia? What did she play in Australia? She was surprised they could understand the Scottish at all but she's not Scottish. So many questions, so few answers...
mihai7192 6 maanden geleden
just do like Sean Connery and do your own 'accent'. he was a German captain that was apparently raised in Scotland. all the other actors did German accents, but Sean was Sean
Seductive Pussycat- TAP ON MY PHOTO
Seductive Pussycat- TAP ON MY PHOTO 6 maanden geleden
😅 👳‍♂️ 💲
brwhizz 30
brwhizz 30 6 maanden geleden
Americans really are hopeless when it comes to understanding other accents. I think they take pride in their ignorance, like other countries are just sooo irrelevant!
S Hallstrom
S Hallstrom 5 maanden geleden
@brwhizz 30 Thank you for explaining why you feel that way. I hope we can agree to disagree. I just don't want British people to think all Americans cannot grasp dialects. After reading some of the comments, well I just want to cringe. The comments from this side of the ocean. Well thank you for your reply.
S Hallstrom
S Hallstrom 5 maanden geleden
@TeeTee LouKy Unclench It is what most people call sarcasm.
TeeTee LouKy
TeeTee LouKy 5 maanden geleden
@S Hallstrom and by the way, just because they said Americans don't understand other dialects of English does not make me feel bad at all! So what we don't understand other dialects of English as clearly? I don't feel bad about that!
TeeTee LouKy
TeeTee LouKy 5 maanden geleden
@S Hallstrom what are you talking about? You are thinking in reverse! Americans were upset at the British, that is why they dumped the tea! How did your thinking flip it around? And I am not personally upset, I was just having fun in the comment section! I think you need to slow down when you read so that your comprehension and your mind of what's being said will catch up. LOL
brwhizz 30
brwhizz 30 5 maanden geleden
S Hallstrom I don’t hate Americans at all; one of my best friends is from Missouri! I’m not sure that I understand your question, but generally speaking, I think that standard American English sounds more ‘musical’ than standard British English, although regional British accents also sound great in song, (The Beatles - Liverpool accents, etc). I’m generalising of course, but it is a general truth that Americans struggle more to understand other English-speaking peoples than we do them (probably from a lack of exposure to our media, etc).
Caligula Fortuna
Caligula Fortuna 6 maanden geleden
Mate wtf did he say I swear to god I didn’t understand him one bit
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell 5 maanden geleden
@Markus Teinemaa there's no need for name calling. They might have been talking about Kevin whose accent makes him harder to understand. I have friends in Edinburgh and Glasgow who I can understand perfectly but I struggle with Kevin.
Nina Bonita
Nina Bonita 6 maanden geleden
I agreed. this is the main thing, dear Graham 💖
Southern Gentleman
Southern Gentleman 6 maanden geleden
Understanding Graham is the main thing.
Ali 6 maanden geleden
It really was awful...
philanderer 6 maanden geleden
how can you have trouble understanding Chris haha, she must be drunk as hell
Sinppu 3 maanden geleden
@TeeTee LouKy In whatever country English is spoken, all the letters are not pronounced 😂
Fanni Durbák
Fanni Durbák 5 maanden geleden
Great profile😂
Joshua Thrower
Joshua Thrower 5 maanden geleden
TeeTee LouKy I know whatchu talkin ‘bout you jive turkey! Haha
TeeTee LouKy
TeeTee LouKy 6 maanden geleden
@Joshua Thrower oh yeah, I know what you mean. Because you know in the United States most of us Black Folk talk what is called here, Ebonics.
Joshua Thrower
Joshua Thrower 6 maanden geleden
TeeTee LouKy you have some good points too brotha 👊. It’s all love. I just read article in euro news about this new Pigeon English called euro-English. Yikes..., it’s like this English they speak in the corridors of EU parliament and what not
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 6 maanden geleden
i loved the huntsman, i just hated how kristen stewart wasn't in the second one
J Ellis
J Ellis 6 maanden geleden
yea but she F'd the director and his wife was an exec producer on the films and did not have her back for the second.
Kimberly Haines
Kimberly Haines 6 maanden geleden
André Corazza Miguens Welcome! I guess it’s like a prequel and a sequel all in one by the way I’ve heard it described.
André Corazza Miguens
André Corazza Miguens 6 maanden geleden
@Kimberly Haines Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for it :)
Kimberly Haines
Kimberly Haines 6 maanden geleden
André Corazza Miguens Yeah. It has Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain in it.
André Corazza Miguens
André Corazza Miguens 6 maanden geleden
There's a second one?? oO
Rebel Raccoon
Rebel Raccoon 6 maanden geleden
0:45 😄😄
ting tong
ting tong 6 maanden geleden
2032nd ...Yay!
Lovable Hemorrhoid
Lovable Hemorrhoid 6 maanden geleden
Lol Lily is druuuuunk. The words are slurring inwards if she's having trouble with Chris.
Radio Nowhere
Radio Nowhere 6 maanden geleden
At least she's not Mark Wahlberg level drunk. 🤣
ScarlettP 6 maanden geleden
But Chris' accent is so sexy
Odyseusz Koskiniotis
Odyseusz Koskiniotis 6 maanden geleden
Inverted Assassin
Inverted Assassin 6 maanden geleden
Why your name pop up on almost every Hemsworth videos
Alessia Milan
Alessia Milan 6 maanden geleden
Girl you're everywhere and I like it
ATHUL S KUMAR 6 maanden geleden
No one claimed fourth.... So, I'm fourth....
fala_hpy 6 maanden geleden
I already took 3rd you can edit and take 4th..
Sovereign Sentience
Sovereign Sentience 6 maanden geleden
take it .. and go :)
Harrison Turner
Harrison Turner 6 maanden geleden
It's fourth pal but nice try 👍
Miss Tee
Miss Tee 6 maanden geleden
He is just amazing 👏
Musical Uprising
Musical Uprising 6 maanden geleden
rimdjdn LEL
rimdjdn LEL 6 maanden geleden
Please stop commenting first no one cares
King Pickle
King Pickle 6 maanden geleden
rimdjdn LEL literally no one did u just trying to get likes
Captain Jeff Spicoli
Captain Jeff Spicoli 6 maanden geleden care
Liam Walton
Liam Walton 6 maanden geleden
The amount of people commenting all the time, complaining about people saying first, is getting ridiculous. Think up something intereting to say, i'm sick of seeing people repeat the same thing over and over.
nightspicer 6 maanden geleden
They care
no1nestandsalone 6 maanden geleden
He was pretty good. I loved the movie. He was great in it! I believe he was Scottish sort of 😂✌🏻
Ali 6 maanden geleden
Except he wasn't..
pawast faraj
pawast faraj 6 maanden geleden
Keysi Ching
Keysi Ching 6 maanden geleden
Notif squad!!! Love you Graham!
Andres Barrera
Andres Barrera 6 maanden geleden
Andrew Stevenson
Andrew Stevenson 6 maanden geleden
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