Try Not To Laugh on The Graham Norton Show | Part Four

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The Graham Norton Show

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Part four! Who's made it without laughing?!
Part one -
Part two -
Part Three -
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Say What!!
Say What!! 4 uur geleden
Err who is the Sheila that thinks she is some sort of famous?? The one with the Dwayne and Kevin.
Fmm_Gryffindor 27
Fmm_Gryffindor 27 9 uur geleden
Graham is literally the only talk show that is enjoyable to watch!
beAftab Dag geleden
Who's the girl with Jamie Oliver and Will Smith
TaRa0350 Dag geleden
How cute is Bryce Dallas Howard?!
kshamwhizzle Dag geleden
Bryce Dallas Howard has the funniest cutest laugh omg
Bodhika Bhargava
Bodhika Bhargava 2 dagen geleden
Dwayne can't hide using a hat so he uses camouflage! 😌
tzpike 3 dagen geleden
Who was the women who was on with the Rock and Kevin Hart?
Lester Walit
Lester Walit 4 dagen geleden
As soon as Jaime said Negroni, I immediately sensed that Will will have a quip regarding that lmao
Akshat Kapoor
Akshat Kapoor 4 dagen geleden
What happens when ur 3 foot 2. Killed me
13strong 5 dagen geleden
That balloon thing for the round ice blocks is so wasteful :/
Zoe C.
Zoe C. 6 dagen geleden
OMG her pee-face ❤️
Mikeztarp 6 dagen geleden
"I drank from this side, so you can drink from that side." And that's how you catch Corona.
Patrick Imperial
Patrick Imperial 7 dagen geleden
I was smiling throughout the entire vid until Graham said this at 8:46
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 7 dagen geleden
live on an island, connected to the mainland by 3 major bridges, on south coast New England, NO it's nothing to do with NY, but we have a resident celebrity population and many that filter through town for vacations......the reason they love here, we grew up with powerful military, political and celebrity residents and us, they just another tourist or citizen and get treated that is other tourists that aggravate them....they love the residents, we allow them to live, unmolested
Llll Butterfield
Llll Butterfield 7 dagen geleden
Mrs.George Glass
Mrs.George Glass 8 dagen geleden
"A bit dodgy" ooo I love em!
Claren Grey
Claren Grey 8 dagen geleden
10:17 lmao the laugh she made
Mimsy 8 dagen geleden
Kevin Hart and Dwayne the Rock Johnson are my favorite duo.
Anna Haar
Anna Haar 9 dagen geleden
Omg who is the second person? She's got such a gorgeous accent, I love her!
Anna Haar
Anna Haar 8 dagen geleden
@littlemissmello Thank you!
littlemissmello 8 dagen geleden
Jodie Whittaker, best known for being the latest incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who. Also was marvelous as the mother in Broadchurch.
ZinkyZink 12 dagen geleden
it’s so weird watching this during COVID.. i keep asking “why aren’t they social distancing?” “why no masks” “THEYRE SHARING DRINKS?!?!!??”
Seraphim Song
Seraphim Song 9 dagen geleden
Because, this is a compilation of old episodes. Happier times.
Serenity 13 dagen geleden
I'm from England UK myself, but I just can't listen to Jodie Whittaker - her accent makes me cringe 😣
Dave Montes
Dave Montes 14 dagen geleden
Everyone is funnier than Kevin Hart.
MadMaximoff 199
MadMaximoff 199 15 dagen geleden
I love jodies accent, lol
Khushi Raizada
Khushi Raizada 15 dagen geleden
6:35 he put the ice cube into the cup with bare hands with out washing his hands. This sound extra alarming during coronavirus era
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss 15 dagen geleden
Now I can’t imagine what’ll happen if Kevin hart were 7’’ even if THE ROCK is also around 7’’ as he naturally is...
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss 15 dagen geleden
Ryan Reynolds is my man (not literally)
The Prime
The Prime 15 dagen geleden
Everybody is a gangsta' untill kevin starts talking!
Mitchell Weiner
Mitchell Weiner 16 dagen geleden
Thandie Newton is almost perfect!
Danielle Marshall
Danielle Marshall 18 dagen geleden
God bless all of you on Jesus name amen and men
Purplehaste 18 dagen geleden
who is the female with Will Smith & Jamie Oliver?
night king
night king 20 dagen geleden
Is there a human being alive on this planet who watched this and actually didnt laugh? Im actually asking
night king
night king 20 dagen geleden
If your ever sad or angry just watch graham norton. Best cure
matt hutchings
matt hutchings 20 dagen geleden
The fact that Graham that is liking the comments proves he’s the best! Love this show!
night king
night king 20 dagen geleden
I dont like when kevin says true story because i never know when its true or a comedic bit but i look past it because there always funny and make me laugh and laughing makes me happy
Emily Red
Emily Red 20 dagen geleden
These are no where near the funniest Graham Norton bits. But still a million times better than any other show.
Oliver Gross
Oliver Gross 22 dagen geleden
You know what would be great, if somewhere in the descriptions someone would note the name of the guests
Camren Milos92
Camren Milos92 23 dagen geleden
Will over tryna get into an entanglement 👀😂
Soralella71 23 dagen geleden
Haven't got a clue who that blonde woman is so I would certainly not recognise her.
Engineer Sparsh Vaishnav
Engineer Sparsh Vaishnav 24 dagen geleden
That pee face though😂😂😂😂
Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel 26 dagen geleden
3:43 rocks comment about Kevin being 3'2
Şəfa Ağaməmmədli
Şəfa Ağaməmmədli 26 dagen geleden
I think Tom and Jake can be elio and oliver
Maxine Stam
Maxine Stam 26 dagen geleden
This videos are so great. Keep em coming!!!
Dan Leach
Dan Leach 27 dagen geleden
Jenna Coleman 😍😍
MADEIN DIOR 27 dagen geleden
Who's the female on the couch with will ?
Meansy 77
Meansy 77 27 dagen geleden
Jodie Whitackers story is a little conceited In the unlikely event I bumped into her and recognised her, the only thing I'd ask her is when she's leaving Dr Who. She's a decent actress, but not in Who.
Siti Aishah
Siti Aishah 27 dagen geleden
I had to be there in a while LOL😂
Jordanne Chambo
Jordanne Chambo 28 dagen geleden
I was smiling the whole time but fully broke and started laughing when Kevin Hart was telling his bathroom story. He's awesome. The story was good standing alone but he makes everything better and funnier.
Moritz Bogenmann
Moritz Bogenmann 28 dagen geleden
Is it just me or do the americans always look a bit lost beside the brits.
1214gooner 13 dagen geleden
There’s a minor culture-shock that’s facilitated by this format, because they’re not used to doing live events that are long-form and unscripted, especially amongst foreigners.
The Philosopher
The Philosopher 25 dagen geleden
"Hey, everybody! Welcome back! On this episode of things you can't unsee..." Thanks for that, Moritz Bogenmann.
Graham Galletta
Graham Galletta 26 dagen geleden
Dam you guys are ripping into us, tho I do have to say American talk shows are pretty bad. Except Conan
Fiona Stevenson
Fiona Stevenson 26 dagen geleden
Nope. Not just you. The Brits are naturally funny. Brilliant. Americans just try to be. Nothing better than Brit humour.
Gretchen Cedarleaf
Gretchen Cedarleaf 26 dagen geleden
Absolutely, more than half of what the brits are saying would get you kicked off TV in the USA. We are prudes, teetotalers and puritans (at least the censors are)! And you CANNOT use any swear words. So they are probably a little stunned and can't process. It's why I love British TV, everything is more entertaining.
Tobias Trefflich
Tobias Trefflich 29 dagen geleden
Who is the girl next to Will Smith?
Blessing Pamei
Blessing Pamei 29 dagen geleden
Just put rock and kevin in whole night show. They will still entertainment better than most of the comedian
Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta 29 dagen geleden
I ❤️ Jake Gyllenhaal.
Naby Lad
Naby Lad 29 dagen geleden
Chris pratt is the gift that keeps on giving
Ella B.
Ella B. Maand geleden
Thandie is gorgeous! 😍
musiclover KiwiOkka
musiclover KiwiOkka Maand geleden
Its amazing that all the celebs that go on this show are absolutely charismatic and forgive me - but normal. I have to be honest that I really dont know most of them for the last movie I saw at the theatre was Pearl Harbour, but wow - is it the host? Regardless, a great show and fantastic guests!
500 Million Yen In Debt
500 Million Yen In Debt Maand geleden
9:06 That face lmao 🤣
Åmy Maand geleden
So funny... I had an epic fail on the "no laugh challenge"... 😂
Bozhidar Petrov
Bozhidar Petrov Maand geleden
Will Smith is just Will Smith
vinod jayaraj
vinod jayaraj Maand geleden
Perfect Pee face.
aidai bagazieva
aidai bagazieva Maand geleden
Omg, He took those ice cubes with this his hand
Simone Castro
Simone Castro Maand geleden
The alcohol will kill the germs 🤣
Oscar Macintyre
Oscar Macintyre Maand geleden
Jodie is hilarious 😅😅
Mr. Dhruv
Mr. Dhruv Maand geleden
6:48 A Christmas Negaroni. Yeah I heard that wrong.
Mimsy Maand geleden
Will Smith "I think of myself as a Christmas Negroni" (6:55) I knew he was gonna say something like that.
Mimsy Maand geleden
Mimsy Maand geleden
Dwayne and Kevin are my favorite duo
Kel McGowan
Kel McGowan Maand geleden
Bryce has the loveliest laugh.
Mureen Maand geleden
Someone tell me who’s the cute little queen sitting beside Will ??
Chloe Beth
Chloe Beth Maand geleden
Jenna Coleman
Remco Maand geleden
Will Smith NOT taking a sip. "'s very good"
LRC42 Maand geleden
Kevin seems... unhappy :/
Someone Else
Someone Else Maand geleden
okay but if you put ryan reynolds the first we’re all obviously gonna fail
Anubhav Arya
Anubhav Arya Maand geleden
I think Will Smith didn't liked the drink or didn't wanted to drink and very smoothly executed his plan to not drink the drink.
la lisa
la lisa Maand geleden
seeing will smith share a drink with a stranger when youre 6 months into quarantine feels like im watching him commit a crime
TaRa0350 Dag geleden
jamie oliver rolling the ice around in his bare hands was even worse somehow.
kshamwhizzle Dag geleden
she drank from the other side tho
Nick Eliacin
Nick Eliacin 2 dagen geleden
@Rebel Raccoon agreed
Rebel Raccoon
Rebel Raccoon 2 dagen geleden
@Nick Eliacin Bartenders don't use gloves either. If you're handing over something the other person is gonna ingest then any decent human will have washed or sanitized their hands. Assuming Will did too and the lady is still with us.
Nick Eliacin
Nick Eliacin 2 dagen geleden
@Rebel Raccoon because he is touching the ice with his hands, and I don’t know where his hands been
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday Maand geleden
Will Smith is my dream man he’s so amazing 😭😭
DREAM TH3EE Maand geleden
And that was the Christmas "oh".
Ayush Vashistha
Ayush Vashistha Maand geleden
Brits say cup as coop and money as munaey🙏🏼
Ian Maand geleden
Only Northerners do
Ryuko Matoi
Ryuko Matoi Maand geleden
that pee story with Chris, Bryce and Thandie was so funny 😂
Max Patana
Max Patana Maand geleden
Thandie's Pee-Face Though🤭
Ronnie Foster
Ronnie Foster Maand geleden
when I saw Jodi Whitaker fangirled a little , . .. ... .....Doctor? .why did Clara not have a spin-off
ROUGETOBY Maand geleden
Who is the blonde girl
aj andrianjafy
aj andrianjafy Maand geleden
Jack Norton
Jack Norton Maand geleden
Graham I’m obsessed with watching these we need part 5
clara rio
clara rio Maand geleden
Niamh Lord
Niamh Lord Maand geleden .
datura0000 Maand geleden
Who is she at 1:15?
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed Maand geleden
What's the name of the girl in the Will Smith segment?
Marie-Therese Maksoud
Marie-Therese Maksoud Maand geleden
Will smith: call me The boyfriend: 👁️👄👁️
Elayna Udrea
Elayna Udrea Maand geleden
Ok so this time I laughed 6 times!
Owen Maand geleden
Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best and most convincing actors. Period.
SuperLeica1 Maand geleden
Jake´s eye-acting is top notch!
N Y Maand geleden
Pinewood is just by my house as well, so our local park is always used for filming- recently it was the new Jurassic world movie x
Jeff Missy Honea
Jeff Missy Honea Maand geleden
Soldier's don't get Sea sick
simbarashe munyuki
simbarashe munyuki Maand geleden
Well cause am a big deal 😂😂😂😂good times
Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang Maand geleden
"I'm gonna paint with my organs" -Ryan Reynolds
Romel Lazo
Romel Lazo Maand geleden
Deadpool chilling with Thanos is amazing.
Denis Galbavy
Denis Galbavy Maand geleden
I think female doctor had a bit too much of that vine
Shelstang Maand geleden
That pee face though...
sanjeev shaw
sanjeev shaw Maand geleden
Thandie newton is gorgeous
Critical Drummer
Critical Drummer Maand geleden
Okay Moonay = money
JD Maand geleden
Will Smith is cool af lol
Smacks Beard
Smacks Beard Maand geleden
Only found this show thru NLposts and it’s by far the best talk show of ALL TIME
LouisPrudhomme Maand geleden
0:18 Honestly, all I could hear was Deadpool pronouncing that one 😂 And I’m not even a huge fan of Deadpool, like I just thought the 1st movie was cool. But definitely it’s something Deadpool would say JUST like that, wouldn’t he??
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