Clips You’ve NEVER SEEN Before From The Graham Norton Show | Part Nine

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The Graham Norton Show

24 dagen geleden

Oh yes. THERE'S MORE. Part eight of the clips you've never seen before!
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Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας Dag geleden
I find Gillian simply.. irresistible!! What a graceful, charming and funny woman.. and her smile brightens a man's day.
Vivek Patel
Vivek Patel 2 dagen geleden
Martin Sheen is at almost 60 years of marriage now (59). It'll be 60 in December
Jonny Oliveira
Jonny Oliveira 2 dagen geleden
WAIT ! That's the Ilusive Man !
absolutless 3 dagen geleden
Who's this awful woman ruining Miriam's story?
SUBZEROUK 3 dagen geleden
How sexy is gillian anderson coore!
InvictusGR Clash Royale YT
InvictusGR Clash Royale YT 4 dagen geleden
Part 10 is taking too long.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 4 dagen geleden
Never before seen??????????
iteobesta 5 dagen geleden
i love miriam so much. she's my all time favourite. the singer woman sat on the same couch laughing at and not with her tho... i'd not heard anything nice about her but from these few minutes only, i'm disgusted by her, her behaviour and disrespect. she seems really insufferable. who's going to remember you 5 years from now boo.
La Vraie Moi
La Vraie Moi 6 dagen geleden
W.o.W Gillian!
ebhappyfeet 8 dagen geleden
Miriam Margolyes, you are too delicious for this world and we do not deserve you...
T P 9 dagen geleden
Menstrual period
Ann Other
Ann Other 10 dagen geleden
So Miriam was in a Period Drama?!
Sophie Langlands
Sophie Langlands 11 dagen geleden
petition to get sebastian stan on this show ⬇️⬇️
Frida Leia Kahlo
Frida Leia Kahlo 11 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who thinks Lilly Allen is kinda rude not giving much attention, looking at her shoes while others are talking?
T P 9 dagen geleden
She’s shy
blessedout 12 dagen geleden
Michael Douglas' advice on marriage!!! SOO good! "Help them be themselves at all costs" "Be completely honest". Ughhh I love it.
Visitor123 13 dagen geleden
5:20 savage :D
Admirável Mundo Livro
Admirável Mundo Livro 14 dagen geleden
After I saw that drawing at 7:17, I finally discovered where Denis Villeneuve took his inspiration for the design of the alien ships in the movie "Arrival".
Karl Frykt
Karl Frykt 14 dagen geleden
At this point I am just watching the same Graham Norton Show clips in different orders.
kokakola367 13 dagen geleden
Same here 😂😂
Nelly Imame
Nelly Imame 14 dagen geleden
Unexpectedly profound at the end, thank you for that!
adma8D 16 dagen geleden
Lily Allen comes across as such an idiot here
Tubin' 16 dagen geleden
Too bad Charlie Sheen didn't take after his father. Martin seems to be a class act.
robbobb 16 dagen geleden
The thing about actors is that they're great story-tellers.
ebhappyfeet 17 dagen geleden
i F*CKING LOVE this show!!
Maximilian Gulici
Maximilian Gulici 17 dagen geleden
7:53 Pickle Riicck
Tohtori Kuka
Tohtori Kuka 17 dagen geleden
Lady Whiteadder :D She´s so great! :) Like in Little Shop of Horrors! :) "SIT... down..." to Bill Murray :)
Alison Crawford
Alison Crawford 18 dagen geleden
"The most profound thing anyone's ever said on this show" But you've NEVER SEEN it Before coz it still didn't m a k e t h e c u t XD
acchaladka 18 dagen geleden
Holy man, now I want to see all of the Martin Sheen appearances, giving is the humour and the amazing insight like that. (Yes, I knew Miriam would be amazing so...not a comparison on them!)
Sue McDermott
Sue McDermott 18 dagen geleden
My all time favorite Miriam she is just a natural funny lady could listen to her stories all day cheers
sadiaaar 19 dagen geleden
The title says Part Nine, btw! Also THANK YOU for these never-ending unseen clips, they are amazing.
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta 20 dagen geleden
Love me some Gillian Anderson
melissa thompson
melissa thompson 20 dagen geleden
I love Miriam SO MUCH.
xjAlbert 20 dagen geleden
Who is that "rag" person at 2:21 ?
Darth Thomarius
Darth Thomarius 20 dagen geleden
I feel ya' Martin, but I'll never go down that road. Hell naw!
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 20 dagen geleden
Gillian Anderson looks like what Sarah Jessica Parker thinks Sarah Jessica Parker looks like.
Ana Tatsumi
Ana Tatsumi 20 dagen geleden
I swear I could hear President Bartlet's voice when Martin Sheen talked about joy. What a treat!
Sergei Sall
Sergei Sall 21 dag geleden
8:00 That's Pickle Rick!
Neve Stewart
Neve Stewart 21 dag geleden
Can you please do an Australian guest video?
ShadeyBladey 21 dag geleden
Why have we never seen these? Were the banned or just edited out for time? >:8o
Neran Okari
Neran Okari 21 dag geleden
The Martin Sheen part should be it's own clip, seriously
Rachel Emmons
Rachel Emmons 15 dagen geleden
That’s what I was just thinking. Why would you cut that out?!
Gokul On Fire
Gokul On Fire 20 dagen geleden
The "most profound thing ever said on the show" and they cut it out 🤦
FightingTheNoodles 21 dag geleden
Martin Sheen coming in with the humor AND the sage advice. What a legend.
Angel Groves
Angel Groves 21 dag geleden
My heart and soul couldn't be any more happy, in this moment, than after watching this video. No words can describe the epicness of The Graham Norton Show. I'm so appreciative; we all need these clips, now, more than ever. Huzzah and bravo!
Jess 22 dagen geleden
Wow they really are challenging the GN fans now
Penny Dutfield
Penny Dutfield 22 dagen geleden
What did Lily say to Miriam that made Lily laugh so much at the beginning?
Chicago Boy
Chicago Boy 22 dagen geleden
Martin Sheen is the Donald Trump that Donald Trump thinks he is! Seriously, put a pic of the two side by side and you'll get it. Sorry Martin, couldn't help it!
bujing kujing
bujing kujing 22 dagen geleden
anyone who says NO to a Miriam Margoyles story is either: 1. joking 2. prude 3. germans (according to Jimmy Carr)
bujing kujing
bujing kujing 20 dagen geleden
@Cat Ce so you've not been much into the Graham Norton loop? if you have pressing matters, pleas avoid the loop at all costs, it'll bring you so much joy but with nothing else accomplished. if you have time though
Cat Ce
Cat Ce 20 dagen geleden
Also, who is Jimmy Carr?
Cat Ce
Cat Ce 20 dagen geleden
I'm German and Jimmy Carr is wrong!
Eyobed Seyoum
Eyobed Seyoum 21 dag geleden
This comment deserves so much more likes!
Jeffry Paredes
Jeffry Paredes 22 dagen geleden
how absolutely lovely was martin sheen, talking about his wife!
Arminca Goodwin
Arminca Goodwin 22 dagen geleden
I love Miriam. Will.I.Am needs to be on everytime Miriam is on Graham
Dave Martin
Dave Martin 22 dagen geleden
Gillian is one sexy lady...
zlameli 22 dagen geleden
I've watched this episode multiple times for Miriam but always fast forward through Lili Allen so I don't smash my screen. Annoying level 12/10
Rachel Emmons
Rachel Emmons 15 dagen geleden
What is she known for? I’ve never heard of her.
KM R 22 dagen geleden
I have seen the Miriam clip before
kara bella
kara bella 22 dagen geleden
OMG Martin Sheen was on???
Tony England
Tony England 22 dagen geleden
I thought he said at 12:45 _"The other person has a loud Jew."_
Bliss Clair
Bliss Clair 22 dagen geleden
I'm just here for Miriam.
theandy20131 22 dagen geleden
Miriam is pure gold
June Charbonneau
June Charbonneau 22 dagen geleden
Martin Sheen hits it on the head.
Sandy Telfer
Sandy Telfer 23 dagen geleden
Lily Allen does not like Miriam you can tell
Vinotinto Real
Vinotinto Real 23 dagen geleden
Giving the social distance guidelines and covid situation, Graham should host a Graham Norton show theme Oscars
Nishant K
Nishant K 23 dagen geleden
Can’t believe Charlie Sheen shares the same DNA if he is not BSing...
Chaos Burrito
Chaos Burrito 18 dagen geleden
Amazing what drugs will do...
Andrew Standeven
Andrew Standeven 23 dagen geleden
I must have watched everything on your channel but I’ve definitely seen the Crossroads anecdote before!
Linda S. Martin
Linda S. Martin 23 dagen geleden
Except for Gillian, a gorgeous and extremely talented actress, I have seen the rest on other sGraham show tapes. Miss the show though, hopeful it will return in the not too distant future.
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 23 dagen geleden
Miriam margolys is a damn treasure
Laris 23 dagen geleden
As a non British person, the hot water bottles story made me very confused
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 21 dag geleden
@Laris I think some of our weather is a bit similar, but WOOH! You can get big highs in temperature, but also snow in places... We HAVE had snow in my state but it's considered a freak anomaly. Temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius are common for at least 3 months of our year. It is rare for our urban temperatures to drop below 5 - 10 degrees, but hardly unknown. I don't have a heater - but I do have a good doona/duvet. The world is warming up, isn't it? Apart from pain relief, I haven't had to use a hot water bottle for a while... I DO like hot water bottles, though. They're environmentally quite friendly, and very cuddly. Like Graham, I don't get getting up to refill one in the night... I've also not lived in the UK. Each to their own... X
Laris 21 dag geleden
@Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey hahaha I don't know about legit cold days in Brazil but I'll keep the hot water bottle trick in mind should it ever happen (:
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 21 dag geleden
@Laris well I'm in Sunny Queensland and I have to say, on the rare occasions we have had legit cold days I have been very enamoured of my hot water bottle :-)
Laris 22 dagen geleden
@Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey we have those but, like you said, we use them mostly for easing pain like cramps or backache. We don't put them in bed to get warm though lol we just don't have that kind of cold weather I guess
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 22 dagen geleden
what do they call them where you are? Do people not use them? They are, coincidentally, often quite useful for easing pain when you have your period...or during the early stages of labour (although in hospitals you get medical-grade heat packs, but up til you have to head in, a "hottie" can be much appreciated...)
Me Again
Me Again 23 dagen geleden
27 prudes down voted this video
J LA 23 dagen geleden
I've seen all of these before. False advertising. 😏🤐😉
Punkbster 23 dagen geleden
Gillian Anderson is much more good looking than I thought.Wow,impressive
Uleczka Kropeczka
Uleczka Kropeczka 23 dagen geleden
Miriam has the best stories
gfear24 23 dagen geleden
I've seen the "Period audition" clip before. Haven't seen any of the other ones.
David Hurtado
David Hurtado 23 dagen geleden
Gillian. Freaking. Anderson. *swoon*
Simple Happy Faten
Simple Happy Faten 23 dagen geleden
The marriage advice is so beautiful
Neil Menezes
Neil Menezes 23 dagen geleden
Man.. They could make two episodes with one set of guests.. So much content!
Ron Philip
Ron Philip 23 dagen geleden
I've actually seen some of these clips but either way love watching it!
A M 23 dagen geleden
Gillian Anderson is way too pretty. Seriously, it should be illegal to look that good.
Stephanie Gough
Stephanie Gough 23 dagen geleden
It should also be illegal that she's not my wife - even though I have one already (23 years).
Lydia .inplainsight131
Lydia .inplainsight131 23 dagen geleden
Lily Allen always ruins this for me.
Mia 21 dag geleden
Try to not be so affected by little things:) life will be much better that way
Senga Brockerhoff
Senga Brockerhoff 22 dagen geleden
What the hell is wrong with her?? 😂
Kate Stotler
Kate Stotler 23 dagen geleden
Who is the tall guy at the end?
Brains00007 23 dagen geleden
I would buy an Elton John Christmas album or cover album honestly
ACDCdude89 23 dagen geleden
Miriam and Joey Diaz need to meet. They can just go back and forth with their ridiculous stories
Seoul SeokJin
Seoul SeokJin 23 dagen geleden
Lily was rather rude during that episode with Miriam while her outfit that day really looks like the definition of, ironically, “on the rag”
Kristopher Lee
Kristopher Lee 23 dagen geleden
Not for nothing but that’s probably the greatest advice on marriage/relationships anyone could ever give
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us 23 dagen geleden
Only sir elton called the record company A**holes and got away with it. Humble and Gangsta at the same time. Just legendary!
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us 23 dagen geleden
Miriam with her stories...GOLD!
Elizabeth McKenna
Elizabeth McKenna 23 dagen geleden
I’m really enjoying these clips. They are hilarious. Keep them coming please
Omolara Oyeneye
Omolara Oyeneye 23 dagen geleden
I see Miriam on Graham Norton, I click. I live a simple life
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine 23 dagen geleden
Thorn1174us _______
Thorn1174us _______ 23 dagen geleden
Dear Lord Miriam
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 23 dagen geleden
Seeing Marty Sheen makes me want to binge West Wing. That and having a 🍊🍄💩 despoiling the White House.
Calvin Collett
Calvin Collett 23 dagen geleden
Miriam 💗 a global treasure 😍
Jenny 23 dagen geleden
Loved Martin Sheen´s speech about love 💗
MFSlots 23 dagen geleden
lol seen these clips
Maggie Trabalka
Maggie Trabalka 23 dagen geleden
Elton is a savage
Niels Boelhouwer
Niels Boelhouwer 23 dagen geleden
Gillian Anderson is so hot...
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 23 dagen geleden
Yes...yes she is. Never fancied her while she was on x-files. But when I saw her in Hannibal I fell in love
정우재 23 dagen geleden
Martin Sheen is actually Jed Bartlet in real life
Carlos 23 dagen geleden
0:30 Graham: "You were the voice of a period, weren't you"? Miriam: "Menstrual". Graham: "Sorry, *my* mistake". Graham has the comedic ability to insult your career choices and make you laugh about it.
Sharon Andrew
Sharon Andrew 23 dagen geleden
I can't wait for the show to be back on air with a live audience. I miss the show 🥺
Ines 23 dagen geleden
Here just for Miriam
Jack James
Jack James 23 dagen geleden
I call a period a Jam Roly-poly
BLUR 23 dagen geleden
Miriam is lovely!
Juan Pablo Borges
Juan Pablo Borges 23 dagen geleden
I see clips you've never seen before from The Graham Norton Show i click immediatley
neverpure20 23 dagen geleden
heeeey Rose's dad!
alex gerling
alex gerling 23 dagen geleden
Miriam would never get flipped in the red chair she always has a funny story 😂
Thunder Road
Thunder Road 23 dagen geleden
Which part am I not suppose to have seen? I'm starting to think I'm a really good spy.
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