New Zealand’s Funniest Red Chair Stories! | The Graham Norton Show

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Kiwi's will always have a special place in our hearts for their legendary red chair stories! Did we miss any of your favourites?
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Krispy Nah
Krispy Nah 13 uur geleden
He maybe did he maybe didn't. What did he maybe do.
PositiveEnergy Dag geleden
3:09 Wow... Was not expecting to see Tom, thats crazy :-p Anyone know what episode that was from? ❤🌈🔆
PositiveEnergy 23 uur geleden
Never mind, found it:
Jonathan Effemey
Jonathan Effemey Dag geleden
thanks for posting
condutchak Dag geleden
8:07 To this day is one of the funniest things I've ever heard
Ann Bast
Ann Bast 2 dagen geleden
What the hell has Barry Manilow done to his face?
Morgan Emirates
Morgan Emirates 2 dagen geleden
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Tinka 4 dagen geleden
Steven Fraser
Steven Fraser 4 dagen geleden
Keith Sinclair, in his History of New Zealand, notes that the New Zealand accent is very close to the Essex accent of the 1850s. In those days, Essex was rural. Many agricultural workers in England were displaced by enclosures and industrialisation at that time. Many of the first European settlers in New Zealand in the 1850s came from the south east of England as a result. So its quite strange that the Brits find our accent so weird.
Lin Rob
Lin Rob 5 dagen geleden
They pick the kiwis on purpose for Graham...who despite his sarcasm, loves us so much he makes his wine
Luke 6 dagen geleden
If you love the Kiwi accent: Search 'How to Stain a Deck Mitre 10' on NLposts, you won't be disappointed.
Angela Samuels
Angela Samuels Dag geleden
Angela Samuels
Angela Samuels Dag geleden
"it's my deck and I'll wash it as fast as I like" ... lols
MrsCrazyrange 6 dagen geleden
Lol pmsl 😂
Silver 6 dagen geleden
Roy, the German Shepard, what a naughty boy...🤣👏🤣
Melanie Vegan-Dodson
Melanie Vegan-Dodson 7 dagen geleden
Graham Norton is fn hilarious! 🤣
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson 10 dagen geleden
Hugh Laurie,'s response is priceless!!!
sparklebutt111 10 dagen geleden
I take it back. The poo story was the funniest. 🤣
sparklebutt111 10 dagen geleden
Barry Manilow ❤️
sparklebutt111 10 dagen geleden
The rain story was the best. 🤣
sparklebutt111 10 dagen geleden
How did I just find out about the red chair stories?
sparklebutt111 10 dagen geleden
The pee story was gross. 🤢
Kelley Masters
Kelley Masters 10 dagen geleden
Got to love New Zealand
A Nerd In Shorts
A Nerd In Shorts 16 dagen geleden
If someone introduces themselves from New Zealand, my go to reaction will be "ooh, the home of the stories".
Jeremy Frances
Jeremy Frances 16 dagen geleden
That's funny, that is exactly how I met her too.
Duke Makedo
Duke Makedo 16 dagen geleden
I'm glad to see Reese Witherspoon representing Americans in another land. She's pretty top drawer.
B uppy
B uppy 18 dagen geleden
Couldn't figure out what was so funny with the first guy. Didn't realize people were having probs with the accent.
B uppy
B uppy 9 dagen geleden
@Jenjenilou So still 'probs' with the accent...
Jenjenilou 9 dagen geleden
They weren't having 'problems' with the accent. It was because the guy said he was from 'East Putney' (London suburb) and then starts speaking with a broad Kiwi Accent. That's what they were laughing at.
CHEEKY MONKEY 19 dagen geleden
Ok i spotted at least 3 really hot new zealanders!
cuckoo61 19 dagen geleden
Bread's cute and his story was great 😂
Rachael Magerl
Rachael Magerl 21 dag geleden
Lmfao puke on a guy while hes pooping then slap him cause you're scared hes gonna hit you first! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aston Wards
Aston Wards 20 uur geleden
@Tony England If he is sitting on a portaloo at a festival, it's already a bad day!
Tony England
Tony England 9 dagen geleden
lol that is one bad day for the poor guy in the Portaloo
tomas4g13 21 dag geleden
Where are Jono and Ben?!
Leslie Traveler
Leslie Traveler 22 dagen geleden
I want to be besties with Graham Norton 😍
Imrama Moon
Imrama Moon 23 dagen geleden
Graham was so prompt with the lever when the guy said "she told me not to tell the story..". Any hint of causing embarassment to the guest, his guards are up. He's a great host!!
Angelina Heaton
Angelina Heaton 23 dagen geleden
Brad is quite handsome 🙂
Philip McDonald
Philip McDonald 24 dagen geleden
Who cares about vowels ?
Texas Thomsen
Texas Thomsen 24 dagen geleden
We do sound like this lmao.
Mak H
Mak H 25 dagen geleden
“Oh Roy! You naughty boy” 🤣🤣🤣
PalmurcioWorld 25 dagen geleden
Olivia freaking out when the guy said the story involved someone from the couch lol. She has done something xD.
Trey K
Trey K 25 dagen geleden
Aww, Bread was such a cutie!
Rich Sage
Rich Sage 28 dagen geleden
Blue Steel
Blue Steel 28 dagen geleden
Looks like Barry has overdone the surgery
Blue Steel
Blue Steel 28 dagen geleden
great accents from NZ
andresgc770 28 dagen geleden
OK but does the UK require pictures from New Zealanders (can I say kiwis not being from NZ?) who apply for work permits there? Not a single bad looker in this video somehow -- and don't even get me started on that electrician omg
Ivy Hoss
Ivy Hoss 29 dagen geleden
I love how sweet Helena was to the guy telling the story, I wish more guests were that gracious
maxwesty 17 dagen geleden
Yes indeed, most guests look at them with snobbish disdain.
浮耳哞殺Formosa 29 dagen geleden
New Zealand is not safety country. A thief appeared in the mountain area in Hasting. Yesterday my friend and I’s backpack disappeared in the car... Please see the same backpack in the picture, please help the police! Thank you 🙏We drove the red car. Please pay attention to your health and property safety! Yesterday they fly to Christchurch airport 4pm from Napier
Daniel Monckton
Daniel Monckton Maand geleden
New Zealanders are probably some of the most adventurous care free people on earth so it's quite normal that they have the best stories to tell haha
Queen O.
Queen O. Maand geleden
Why are they laughing at the first guy? They are laughing so much you can't hear his story.
Alasdair Duncan
Alasdair Duncan 27 dagen geleden
@ashley bunify I thought the accent was quite subtle
ashley bunify
ashley bunify 29 dagen geleden
Graham says it, his accent is so strong that everyone finds it difficult to understand him but he carries on anyway
Paris Morgan
Paris Morgan Maand geleden
I heard bread aswell but since I'm aussie I knew it meant Brad 😂
Andrew H
Andrew H Maand geleden
Get New Zealanders talking about "decking" ... that pronunciation takes some getting used to 😂😂😂😂😂
Luke 6 dagen geleden
Who doesn't love a good decking 😂
Kristin McCulloch
Kristin McCulloch Maand geleden
Our accent isn't that bad is it??
Peter D
Peter D Maand geleden
Once you get over the vowel confusion I’m sure it will be fine.
tiny99990 Maand geleden
I love how sweet Helena Is so sweet IRL that even after he had finished telling a story of her dancing around and singing naked she was trying to make it so he didn't get flipped... She played an amazing Bellatrix I think... and tbh I have only ever seen her in other roles where she has been an antagonist so it was kinda awesome to see he be such a genuinely nice person.
RSidney B
RSidney B 19 dagen geleden
Try the new Netflix movie “Enola Holmes”. Helena plays Enola’s mother. Not the biggest role, but the movie itself (and Helena of course) is quite charming.
Praben Maand geleden
I want to know more details about the last guy's story after his mom's meeting
RealCosmicBuilds Maand geleden
For somebody who was born in NZ, thank you for this tribute compilation. NZ Red Chair stories aren't always enjoyable to watch, because I too, thought it was normal than the rest. However, somehow our stories get walk offs, only because they're told in a way only Kiwi's could understand them. It's weird and super mental, other countries think we sound like sheep, when we do not. We just have alot of Mixed Nationalities in our country.
Kuki Monsta!
Kuki Monsta! Maand geleden
I'm kiwi and I even thought he said bread 😂
TeaandFiona Maand geleden
Why were they laughing so much with the first one? I could understand everything he said
Nikeysia Butler
Nikeysia Butler Maand geleden
First guy was my teacher at intermediate!
Tecumßeh Oszeola Vitakola
Tecumßeh Oszeola Vitakola Maand geleden
Am I the only one who finds it really annoying and not funny at all when they make fun of accents and act like they DONT UNDERSTAND A WORD.. how lame.
Matrix Mau
Matrix Mau Maand geleden
01:42 tells a lot
Sela Emily
Sela Emily Maand geleden
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman 🙏💕
Julie Gillen
Julie Gillen Maand geleden
Isn't the story at 2:15 from fleabag? The original play not the tv series? Maybe it's just a coincidence but...
Candy Chitty
Candy Chitty Maand geleden
I understand that first guy just fine. Graham is being rude.
Candy Chitty
Candy Chitty Maand geleden
@Tony England Then we aren't seeing the same video. The video I am seeing here in Raleigh, NC begins with a Londoner named Simon who Graham thinks is speaking some kind of foreign language and guffaws and giggles as Simon's trying to tell his story. I understood Simon just fine, or would have had it not been for Graham's rudeness. The second man was the Kiwi and not the red chair person I was talking about. The video's "description" means nothing to me. Because we aren't viewing the same video, I can understand the confusion.
Tony England
Tony England Maand geleden
@Candy Chitty Try proof reading the video's description. Pay attention this time.
Tony England
Tony England Maand geleden
@Candy Chitty The first guy is a Kiwi that lives in London, all of the red chair guests in this video are from New Zealand.
Candy Chitty
Candy Chitty Maand geleden
My statement was "I understand that first guy just fine." The "first guy" was from London, not New Zealand. You misread what I said twice. The Second Guy is from New Zealand. I was talking about the First Guy, the one from London. Graham was making fun of the way the guy from London was talking. I said that I understand him perfectly, or would have had it not been for Graham's constant rude interrupting. Proof reading is a well paid profession.
Tony England
Tony England Maand geleden
@Candy Chitty I read it again. I paid attention again. Now what?
Desmond Bagley
Desmond Bagley Maand geleden
......the red chair clips gets repeated often under different categories. This category was kiwis .
Jasmyn Collyer
Jasmyn Collyer Maand geleden
Rip Chadwick
Victoria Cubie
Victoria Cubie Maand geleden
When the last guy said the story featured Helena, that got the couches attention!
Libby Maand geleden
seeing chadwick here after the recent news is really sad ):
Dolores Briseno
Dolores Briseno 8 dagen geleden
sparklebutt111 he died a month ago.
sparklebutt111 10 dagen geleden
Libby What happened?
John Hughes
John Hughes Maand geleden
True, but he also seemed happy to be on the Show.
Bella P
Bella P Maand geleden
Chadwick 💔💔💔💔
Tandri Anditya
Tandri Anditya Maand geleden
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
Lucas Mason
Lucas Mason Maand geleden
9:46 RIP chadwick Bosman.. :(
Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar Maand geleden
RIP Chadwick Bosman
Daniel Ironside
Daniel Ironside Maand geleden
Auckland MASSIVE here!!! :)
Iason29 Maand geleden
The paramedic's story is the best story I've heard on this show
Jaden Khor
Jaden Khor Maand geleden
I love how that guy just walked off
Gail Mackinnon
Gail Mackinnon Maand geleden
"Are you from New Zealand? " Yis. :-) Love and miss that accent.
Dolphinman 300
Dolphinman 300 Maand geleden
I was able to understand the first guy but I couldn’t hear over all the yelling
Amber Curtis
Amber Curtis Maand geleden
The first story was so good. I don’t know why they couldn’t understand. Don’t worry kiwi’s us Aussie get you.
Luke 6 dagen geleden
chur bro
Fiona 26 dagen geleden
Amber Curtis Love you too cuz 😊
Joanna Maand geleden
when everything sounds normal since I am a kiwi too 🥝😂😂🤣those were some funny stories :P
kancil aspal
kancil aspal Maand geleden
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WinstonS84 Maand geleden
Barry Manilow edited lyrics: "I write the songs that make the whole world sing, except not in New Zeeland. Some other fella writes those ones."
Marky Greenall
Marky Greenall 24 dagen geleden
Actually, you are right. We had a well known Maori singer back in the 70s [ Bunny Walters ] who had a big hit here with our version of Barry's song Mandy, our version was called Brandy. Still prefer it to this day. LOL.
kwerk2011 27 dagen geleden
The funniest part about "I write the songs" is that Barry didn't write that one.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Maand geleden
I can watch this show everyday non stop
Joanna Maand geleden
My like was for the dog poo story 👍🐕
Sa Maand geleden
Andy's joke was best 🤣
MariaS Maand geleden
Im from nz and even I thought they said tin and bread
Emily An
Emily An Maand geleden
I can watch this show everyday non stop
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Maand geleden
Breads story was awsome.
zinone 2 maanden geleden
I don’t get it because I’m also from New Zealand
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Maand geleden
The paramedic looks like David Arquette 👀
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Maand geleden
Breads story was awsome.
Comrade Shaandan
Comrade Shaandan 2 maanden geleden
First guys accent is so over exaggerated though...
Bickety Bam
Bickety Bam 2 maanden geleden
You always want to hear a Kiwi tell a story if it has anything to do about their deck.
Graeme Matamua
Graeme Matamua 2 maanden geleden
Aotearoa in the house
emercycrite 2 maanden geleden
New Zealand men sure are tasty.
Aniket Tari
Aniket Tari 2 maanden geleden
I woke up early to start working but then this popped up
EC 2 maanden geleden
the dog poo story is really just brilliant.
Sierra 7 dagen geleden
I thought it was hilarious
Kaiyu Not Caillou
Kaiyu Not Caillou 2 maanden geleden
i did not understand ANYTHING from the first part help pls
Dave da Silva
Dave da Silva Maand geleden
Family out and about scouting for animals to take home. Like you do. See nice dining table and chairs. Put it on back of utility vehicle/ truck. Kids sit at table on back of truck. Dad suggests ice cream... Yay. Kids eating ice cream at dining table in back of truck. Dad takes a corner too fast. He flies off truck. Oh no!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 2 maanden geleden
"I was out for a run with my friend Doug..." me; oh, Dougs dead
Simply Space
Simply Space 2 maanden geleden
As a New Zealander, it's harder to enjoy them because they just sound normal
Lin Rob
Lin Rob 5 dagen geleden
@magazinekitchen😍d least we can laugh at ourselves
Luke 6 dagen geleden
Kiwis just don't understand why everyone is in hysterics when they tell you they were out polishing their deck on the weekend
magazinekitchen 12 dagen geleden
Honestly, I understand the Kiwis better than a lot of the Brits. LOL!
Lavender Harmony
Lavender Harmony Maand geleden
Yeah, Nah, Yeah...
Virjoinga Maand geleden
True as, the NZ fullas say something and then the people laugh and I am like "why, what's funny?". All well lol
Tim Early
Tim Early 2 maanden geleden
My like was for the dog poo story 👍🐕
Taniya Gani
Taniya Gani 2 maanden geleden
a new red chair compilation 😍😍 What is sleeeeeeeep 😒⚡
Ryan Ambrose
Ryan Ambrose 2 maanden geleden
The paramedic looks like David Arquette 👀
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 2 maanden geleden
i knew that dog poop story was gonna be in here😂😂😂😂
Kiah Peace
Kiah Peace 2 maanden geleden
Breads story was awsome.
Izzie Hardy
Izzie Hardy 2 maanden geleden
Did no one else here someone in the audience shout “shut up” at Olivia Coleman LMAOOO
andresgc770 28 dagen geleden
That wasn't an audience member, though, it was Helena Bonham Carter. You can see her put her hand by her mouth as she's shouting lol
Tony England
Tony England Maand geleden
lol - It's at 10:12 for those who missed it.
Nicola Terei
Nicola Terei 2 maanden geleden
Yassssss we should get our segment....#NZ
Crystal Tears
Crystal Tears 2 maanden geleden
Do they realise that a paramedic is not really a doctor I wonder?
Bliss 2 maanden geleden
*scratches head* I'm very much an American (from Michigan), and I had no issues understanding any of their stories, get Graham did? 🤨
Peter D
Peter D Maand geleden
All native English speakers understand it but it’s still funny the way Kiwis change vowels.
srishti negi
srishti negi 2 maanden geleden
4:39 looks like Ryan Gosling a lot... With moustache
Splinks 2 maanden geleden
New Zealand, the land of amazing storytelling
Jack Davids
Jack Davids 25 dagen geleden
Lord of the rings for example
Magnum PI
Magnum PI 2 maanden geleden
The story of the lady picking up what she thought is her dogs poo was a crack up.
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