Charlie Hunnam’s HILARIOUS Red Chair Story | The Graham Norton Show

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3 maanden geleden

Charlie Hunnam gets recognised on the red chair!
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Sarah Cheesman
Sarah Cheesman 3 dagen geleden
Graham cracks me up
Sarah Cheesman
Sarah Cheesman 3 dagen geleden
Can't stop watching this programe
Sarah Cheesman
Sarah Cheesman 3 dagen geleden
Why do I love this sobmuch
Anton Botha
Anton Botha 4 dagen geleden
Your chair, 😾
Lee-Anne K
Lee-Anne K 5 dagen geleden
He says Sebastian Lippyat's name the same as Sheldon and Will Wheaton.......arch nemesis.
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 4 dagen geleden
Huh? From STD?
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 10 dagen geleden
Who is the girl in the black dress?
Helen Polume
Helen Polume 11 dagen geleden
I love this🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leigh Bateup
Leigh Bateup 15 dagen geleden
Brilliant flex, the fact Charlie remembered his name!
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 4 dagen geleden
Why wouldn't you? Never tried something alike?!? OH wait! ♀ = nice and innocent they are nowadays... Well, they weren't in the 90s ;-P
President Kudsi
President Kudsi 17 dagen geleden
Wow he has just vanished
shredderkrang 21 dag geleden
Anyone else reading this never heard of Charlie Hunnam?!?!
Ana Clara
Ana Clara Maand geleden
This is my favorite one
Lubos Hvizdak
Lubos Hvizdak Maand geleden
Great story
C Marq
C Marq Maand geleden
She must be so sorry now!!!! Bring her please to the red chair!
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 4 dagen geleden
It's 2020 = You can't!
Celeste Cormier
Celeste Cormier Maand geleden
Poor Sebastian, he's saying "I didn't know! I'm innocent!" And Charlie's just like "YOU LOOK OLDER THAN ME DO YOU HAVE A SWORD IM GOING TO FLIP YOU" This video makes me laugh every time
Cheems Cheemson
Cheems Cheemson Maand geleden
20 second ad for under 2 minute video? Bye
Toni-Anita Edwards
Toni-Anita Edwards Maand geleden
Charlie tells a great story. Check out his story of when he got stung by a wasp when naked (!) In a forest..
River_paolo Maand geleden
If Charlie is mad at someone, it should be Rachel Gould. She obviously already said yes to Charlie and then accepted the offer from Sebastian. It’s still funny 😆 though
River_paolo 3 dagen geleden
@moi meself 😂
moi meself
moi meself 3 dagen geleden
According to Charlie, *she* asked *him* to the disvo, then ditched him the day before. Then his mum offered to go with, making the situation infinitely worse! 🤣🤣🤣
David Chow
David Chow Maand geleden
Still one of the best red chair moments!
Beng Maand geleden
Wondering what Rachel Gould looks like
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 4 dagen geleden
..older than Charlie?
G Tay
G Tay Maand geleden
When Charlie told the story on Kimmel, but with Kristen Bell guest hosting, her response was priceless.
Lilly Smith
Lilly Smith Maand geleden
He said not yet I wonder if they still together! 🤔
No Name
No Name Maand geleden
I’m Sebastian
Joyce F
Joyce F Maand geleden
To be fair, Sebastian is a looker himself. Rachel must be one hot gal
krazyy Maand geleden
all i can think of when i see charlie hunnam is pete from green street hooligans. what an awesome movie and he did so fckn well there.
Kayy Be
Kayy Be Maand geleden
He's so hot 🥵
ThreezNation Bro
ThreezNation Bro Maand geleden
queen g
queen g Maand geleden
tbh to me it sounds like sebastian asked her to go with him without knowing or thinking she had already a date/disco guy, it's kinda cute. also what about the part where she told charlie it was a joke? why not just saying that she found someone else or anything else really, it didn't have to be so humiliating or sad for charlie
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 4 dagen geleden
Erh? ..maybe she forgot? This is 2020!
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez Maand geleden
Charlie Hunnam... like... I can't even.
Afiq Irsyad
Afiq Irsyad Maand geleden
This never get old
Crystal Varghese
Crystal Varghese Maand geleden
Seriously after hearing this story soooo many times,😂 I want to meet Rachel and hear her side of the story..🤣🤣🤣
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 4 dagen geleden
..well..two young toxic males asked me out and I said.....2020 ♀WIN!
JoeMercersWay Maand geleden
bet Rachel regrets that choice
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy 2 maanden geleden
Charlie's accent came out heavy when he put the pieces together.
Arabboy Ahmadullayev
Arabboy Ahmadullayev 2 maanden geleden
Am i the only one who has problem with recognizing actors outside the movies
C Marq
C Marq 2 maanden geleden
Rachel must be so SORRY!!!!!
Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell 2 maanden geleden
0:26 The look in Charlie's eyes, he's solving the equation.
muhammad khairi
muhammad khairi 2 maanden geleden
Charlie still bitter😂😂😂
Megan A
Megan A 2 maanden geleden
gishena 2 maanden geleden
Sebastian has balls of steel to show up, you gotta give him that.
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 4 dagen geleden
Why? ..the sword?
gishena 2 maanden geleden
0:26 you could see the wheels turning in Charlie's head!
caroline brassard
caroline brassard 2 maanden geleden
Two separate talk show interviews now where Charlie has mentioned this Rachel Gould. Someone needs to bring her in.
Kinga Gromek
Kinga Gromek 2 maanden geleden
caroline brassard Kristen Bell*
caroline brassard
caroline brassard 2 maanden geleden
Ana OS enjoy!
Ana OS
Ana OS 2 maanden geleden
caroline brassard omg, thanks! I’m gonna go see it right now!!
caroline brassard
caroline brassard 2 maanden geleden
Ana OS Jimmy Kimmel hosted by Kirsten Dunst. It’s pretty funny.
Ana OS
Ana OS 2 maanden geleden
Hahahahaa which was the other one?
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 2 maanden geleden
1:22 "You don't happen to have a sword with you, do you?!!" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 2 maanden geleden
:54 "I didn't know!!" Oh come on!! You asked out one of the most popular girls & it didn't occur to you that someone else may have already asked her to the disco??!!
Andre O.
Andre O. Maand geleden
Not someone..He couldn't be bothered if it was someone else he didn't know. I think these 2 fellas knew each other a bit. That's why he cared
MJ Ventrone
MJ Ventrone 3 maanden geleden
Would love to know what suit Charlie is wearing
Muhammod Fahim
Muhammod Fahim 3 maanden geleden
Yes, it is HILARIOUS. Haha.
Muhammod Fahim
Muhammod Fahim 3 maanden geleden
I'm pretty sure this videos been uploaded like 3 times before.
Dustin Henderson
Dustin Henderson 3 maanden geleden
And so the circle closes itself
ann marie buscema
ann marie buscema 3 maanden geleden
You look older than me 😂😂
Juanita Cao
Juanita Cao 3 maanden geleden
God Charlie's hot
Russ Dude
Russ Dude 3 maanden geleden
Ahhhh Hello! The chair lever wasnt the revenge, the revenge was that she ditched Charlie Hunam 😂😆 luved this.
Rice Crash
Rice Crash 3 maanden geleden
Good to see he got over it.
Simba Dirwai
Simba Dirwai 3 maanden geleden
all time Graham Norton show funniest @
ShinRyojin 3 maanden geleden
“You expected to be Rachael’s disco date, but it was I, Sebastian!”
Lord Tyrell
Lord Tyrell 3 maanden geleden
Oh WOOOOW!! HOW GOOD must’ve felt realising a few years later that a girl preferred you instead of Charlie Hunnam 😱
Z’NYCÉ LONDON 3 maanden geleden
Love charlie🥰
Siddhi Ranpise
Siddhi Ranpise 3 maanden geleden
0:27 You can see Charlie thinking to himself "hmm this story sounds familiar" 😂😂😂
The jager bomber
The jager bomber 3 maanden geleden
The venum in his voice when he shouts his name😂
Branka Maksimovic
Branka Maksimovic 3 maanden geleden
Best, best, best! 😂😂😂
dan lugo
dan lugo 3 maanden geleden
Charlie Hunnan, franchise killer.
Brian Cohen
Brian Cohen 3 maanden geleden
This is my favorite red chair bit
j gor
j gor 3 maanden geleden
Turns out Charlie can still play a 13 year old boy! Loved the look on his face!
JP DP 3 maanden geleden
The seat arrangement, the first and last to be called out, really ranks all of the stars.
Maximus2210 3 maanden geleden
"YOU DIRTY BASTERD!" he got his Geordie accent back strong there!
Pats Mandez
Pats Mandez 3 maanden geleden
That is crazy! 😂
GabiSPN 3 maanden geleden
Charlie sexy Hunnam
Etta Dee
Etta Dee 3 maanden geleden
Charlie looks older than him .
D Adams
D Adams 3 maanden geleden
hiiiiiiiiiii graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
NisH 3 maanden geleden check this out for reference of this show.. thank me later haha
Linda A
Linda A 3 maanden geleden
Graham Norton: You could have revenge if you want to. Do you want to? Charlie: Doesn't even think about it for a millisecond. 😂😂😂😂
Brent Meister General
Brent Meister General 3 maanden geleden
This is great but I still prefer the Ed Sheeran one
Jonathan Maxwell
Jonathan Maxwell 3 maanden geleden
Sebastian is the chillest man. Even when he got turned over his legs were still crossed
M. Ahsan
M. Ahsan 3 maanden geleden
Seems kinda uptight tbh
peacelife 3 maanden geleden
Haha love story that involved the star. Also, glad that the star remembers and participate in the conversation 🤣😂.
Scotti Brown
Scotti Brown 3 maanden geleden
Of all the Red Chair stories on Graham Norton, this one is the funniest!
Julie Bianchi
Julie Bianchi 3 maanden geleden
Oh Rachel, Rachel, Rachel you were SUCH a fool for standing up Charlie! What were you thinking??!! 🤯🤣
Benchwarmers 3 maanden geleden
Graham Norton knows how to research
Thomas Christopher White
Thomas Christopher White 3 maanden geleden
Lady DaVinci
Lady DaVinci 3 maanden geleden
People that come to the red chair like Sebastian and Thomas just to put other people on blast is chat show gold.
Dan Mueller
Dan Mueller 3 maanden geleden
Does anyone know who the blond guy with the goatee is? What show or movie he's from? I can't put my finger on it but he looks really familiar.
Pia S
Pia S 3 maanden geleden
Guy Ritchie , Madonna ex's husband
Erika Helms
Erika Helms 3 maanden geleden
If you're talking about the guy sitting next to Charlie Hunnam, it's Guy Ritchie, directed King Arthur, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, etc
kanth44 3 maanden geleden
You can actually see the gears turning in Charlie's head
Romuald 3 maanden geleden
It's a great story but it's not Sebastian's fault if the girl said yes to 2 guys (I'm too serious about this I know)
Orodon Kassa
Orodon Kassa 3 maanden geleden
The reason why this is so hilarious to me is because Charly actually told this story on Jimmy Kimmels Late Night Show years ago. That was actually fun to watch, he's such a good sport about it though, respect!
Ariella Edwards
Ariella Edwards 3 maanden geleden
Charlie whips out that huge sword, like, “My name is Charlie Hunnam, you stole my disco date, prepare to die!”
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens 3 maanden geleden
Wait. I'm confused. So she went out with Sebastian NOT with Charlie? HAHAHAHA
leen smk
leen smk 3 maanden geleden
Watch the rest of the story charlie tells it on jimmy kemmel it's both hilarious and sad 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AllFor One
AllFor One 3 maanden geleden
This Arthur movie guy ... I see joker in him heath ledger.
richard petty
richard petty 3 maanden geleden
Sons of anarchy
gigikun1 3 maanden geleden
this and the ed sheeran one are both hilarious
No one
No one 3 maanden geleden
Graham should do a childhood reunion collection video. This and Ed Sheehan with his mate? At least a few
binil raj
binil raj 3 maanden geleden
The way Charlie shouted *SEBASTIAN LIPPIAT* and *You look older than me* line got me.....It's as if his archenemy has come before him.. The way he said both of their full names as if the moment plagued him since high school...LOL😂 Also Charlie's laugh at 1:15 is infectious 💯🔥
S1L3NT G4M3R 3 maanden geleden
"You look older than me!" LOL
ALMosice210 3 maanden geleden
Sebastian is lucky Charlie wasn't promoting The Gentleman while getting a certain prop from that movie at that time because... yeeeeeeeeeah...
ALMosice210 3 maanden geleden
The face Hunnam had while pulling the lever is the equivalent to the level of focused rage John Wick had when he killed the men protecting the man who killed his dog.
Kathryn Hall
Kathryn Hall 3 maanden geleden
There is another funny reaction in the Red Chair moment with Ed Sherran
Joanne 3 maanden geleden
@Sheila Burns yea I saw that one - brilliant. The red chair is certainly unique to graeme norton. Rgds from NZ
Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns 3 maanden geleden
Yes, I saw that one recently and it was so funny when Ed Sheeran realized the guy in the chair was his childhood mate. So sweet. PEACE to ALL ... and STAY SAFE and HEALTHY.
yeshwanth talwar
yeshwanth talwar 3 maanden geleden
'Sebastian Lypia, you dirty b*stard' 'Rachel Gould' ' You look older then me'
Blacksmith 3 maanden geleden
This is one of my favorite video on the internet right now😂😂😂
Helen Hart
Helen Hart 3 maanden geleden
Oh does Graham ever love to stir the pot! I love this show! ♥♥♥
The.National.Blade 3 maanden geleden
How does he dig these people up?
Arthur He
Arthur He 3 maanden geleden
this guy is so chill
Vampirebear13 3 maanden geleden
I missed this episode. Who's the dark haired babe on the end of the couch???
Vampirebear13 3 maanden geleden
@Grainne Minihane Thanks :-)
Grainne Minihane
Grainne Minihane 3 maanden geleden
Imelda May ,Irish singer
Dylan T7299
Dylan T7299 3 maanden geleden
Rachel Ghoul’s husband watching this like 👁👄👁
Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang 2 dagen geleden
"The name is Ghoul, you say?"
CaptainAMAZINGGG 20 dagen geleden
@Luca #56 could've written it and autocorrect changed it. That happens to me loads
Prank Girl
Prank Girl Maand geleden
We need to find her on Facebook or something!
Dylan T7299
Dylan T7299 2 maanden geleden
L L 😂
L L 2 maanden geleden
You spelled Ra's Al Ghul wrong
rosita reeder
rosita reeder 3 maanden geleden
doctor: “you have 1 minute and 50 seconds left to live” me:
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens 3 maanden geleden
"Oh Doctor. I leave all my belongings and valuable things to Angry Kittens, who was my secret lover for years."
Nancy Massi
Nancy Massi 3 maanden geleden
Graham Norton: Bringing high school mates and their best memories together.
n6 Tee4
n6 Tee4 3 maanden geleden
How did this story end? TBH I wasn't really invested in the plot until the Charlie character came into it. Now we'll never know.
xwenzl 3 maanden geleden
Charlie ended up going alone cause he stole his date.
Brady Anderson
Brady Anderson 3 maanden geleden
He told the story on Jimmy Kimmel, to guest host Kristen Bell
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