Lin-Manuel Miranda On Writing Moana For Dwayne Johnson | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

3 maanden geleden

Lin-Manuel Miranda explains why Dwayne Johnson was the only person who could play Moana.
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kayla slack
kayla slack 3 maanden geleden
"Good ol' Rock" AHHHHH
Abhinav Dhar
Abhinav Dhar 3 maanden geleden
I cannot fathom the fact that someone would be able to look into Emily Blunt's eye and talk without melting away.
Apple Potterhead
Apple Potterhead 3 maanden geleden
Nice clips and entertaining content 👍
The4blu 3 maanden geleden
Why is Graham Norton so much more fun than any American late night show?
Ana Merkury
Ana Merkury Maand geleden
No censorship, so guests are not so tense. Plus Graham is a better interviewer, who loves to tease his guests while making them feel good
themashedpotato 3 maanden geleden
The biggest difference I've noticed is that all the guests are there for the whole time, so you get this added, spontaneous conversational element that you don't get on almost any other talk show. It all feels like a small party where you're a fly on the wall, and Graham barely has to do any talking. It's genius!
Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews 3 maanden geleden
Here the guests are the stars, whereas in American shows, the host is
Lancer525 3 maanden geleden
Because Graham actually lets his guests talk. American hosts are always talking over their guests. Plus, Graham has booze.
Lil King
Lil King 3 maanden geleden
All I see is Amy Santiago’s golden child brother David.
kor Maand geleden
I don't know who that is. I don't follow pop culture.
Nishit Sanyal
Nishit Sanyal 3 maanden geleden
Amy's Brother
dockstocks 3 maanden geleden
Looks like David Mitchell’s clone
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner 3 maanden geleden
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski is a spectacular married couple
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 3 maanden geleden
I agree. I hope their marriage lasts forever.
Israel Ruíz Ruiz
Israel Ruíz Ruiz 3 maanden geleden
So lucky Lin Manuel between two very very beautiful women!!
Ashitaba Kyō
Ashitaba Kyō 3 maanden geleden're a charmer as well Lin-Manuel Miranda. And look at them eyes 😍
PrabhAnsh Singh
PrabhAnsh Singh 3 maanden geleden
Now that I've seen Hamilton I want Mean girls musical on Disney+/Netflix
c jordan
c jordan 3 maanden geleden
Do not like this Li- Manuel at all. I find him smug and boring . His " Hamilton" success is a ' construction " of the radical left . No way he will ever reproduce this " success ".
yes i do the cooking
yes i do the cooking 2 maanden geleden
i mean, i know you shouldn't judge a person just based on their use of punctuation in a NLposts comment but damnnn...
Joenel Saracho
Joenel Saracho 3 maanden geleden
POWERFUL dankwrasslin experience
POWERFUL dankwrasslin experience 3 maanden geleden
i wouldve been amazing in that movie
Darren Khosasi 2020
Darren Khosasi 2020 3 maanden geleden
When was this recorded?
Em Bi
Em Bi 3 maanden geleden
When the cast was promoting Mary Poppins returns so almost 2 years ago I believe
iatsd 3 maanden geleden
Has Mr Miranda ever apologised for his cultural appropriation & imperialism viz Moana?
NotMrHill 3 maanden geleden
@iatsd He's not the director, he wrote the songs. Based on your logic, almost every film score or song writer is culturally appropriating. Consider the fact that Opetaia Foa'i had a huge influence in the music.
ankalime 3 maanden geleden
@iatsd what are you talking about? He only wrote the music for Moana, are you sure you're not mistaking him for someone else?
iatsd 3 maanden geleden
@NotMrHill He's not Polynesian. He's using various Polynesian themes and elements in order to complete a film for Disney, a commercial enterprise predominantly owned by and profited for pakeha men. The thematic elements aren't explored. They are simply props, carefully chosen, manipulated, and presented for their commercial potential. He has no knowledge of the culture or history. I regard it as appropriation of the worst kind. YMMV.
NotMrHill 3 maanden geleden
@iatsd Convince me that he has appropriated Polynesian culture, if you're so sure of your claim
iatsd 3 maanden geleden
@NotMrHill As a Maori from New Zealand, I would have to disagree with your disagreement.
warren byrne
warren byrne 3 maanden geleden
Mateo 3 maanden geleden
These guests are so dull they all decided to talk about someone with real personality
B. B.
B. B. 3 maanden geleden
Your comment made The Rock sad.
Kapalli Murali
Kapalli Murali 3 maanden geleden
Mono Chrome
Mono Chrome 3 maanden geleden
Miranda should be banned from writing songs. He's tacky, unimaginative, and boring. He's so overrated, and I think he's the main reason (followed closely by Idina Menzel's awful voice) that Frozen sucks! There are better songwriters out there! And Moana was mediocre at best. No more, please.
Mono Chrome
Mono Chrome Maand geleden
@Janice Rodriguez omg my bad! Because he did Moana and was heavily linked to Frozen because he reviewed the songs (I'm guessing for promo), I still think all of the Frozen songs suck (except for Snowman). His work on Moana was awful as well, he's just not a good musician. I mean he's working off of Howard Ashman's template, but it lacks heart. His work on Mary Poppins was slightly better, but I still think he should've stayed behind the scenes because he has zero charisma.
Simba Hunter
Simba Hunter Maand geleden
Actually the Lopezes are not Latino at all. Robert Lopez had a Filipino grandfather, which is where the Spanish surname comes from. Kris' last name is Anderson. However Lin-Manuel and Bobby went to the same elite grade school and high school, although Bobby is a few years older.
Janice Rodriguez
Janice Rodriguez 3 maanden geleden
Firstly, you might want to get it straight, he didn't have anything to do with Frozen. That was the husband & wife team of Kristen & Robert Lopez. Unless you're just lumping all the Latino songwriters together smh 🙄 Miranda worked on Moana and Mary Poppins Returns. He worked closely with several Polynesian entertainers in order to write the music for Moana.
c jordan
c jordan 3 maanden geleden
K D 3 maanden geleden
You know....he didn't..... forget it.
Rose S
Rose S 3 maanden geleden
I am so looking forward to watching Hamilton when it comes on streaming tomorrow!
Pawclaw Plays
Pawclaw Plays 2 maanden geleden
bhargav uk Disney + !
bhargav uk
bhargav uk 3 maanden geleden
What!? Where?
katiafernandes 3 maanden geleden
Sing the beginning of moana
Georgia Wright
Georgia Wright 3 maanden geleden
squishy bob
squishy bob 3 maanden geleden
You know you've made it when you don't even have to be there for the title to be about you😂
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 3 maanden geleden
I wanna see Bill Burr on this show.. He would have an absolute field day.
jp3813 Maand geleden
Bill Burr, sir.
KilimitiFrriuuu 3 maanden geleden
@RGM That's exactly why he should be here. He'd flip at some question and make the whole couch uncomfortable.
RGM 3 maanden geleden
I love Bill to death but this is not his wheelhouse hahahaha
SK 3 maanden geleden
Yesss! That would be amazing 😂
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 3 maanden geleden
Moana is my favorite animated Disney movie. ♥
junior ruiz
junior ruiz 3 maanden geleden
I thought he was gay.
Jonathan Henry
Jonathan Henry Maand geleden
Raine “he just doesn’t have any toxic masculinity” 😂😂😂 oh my.
Raine 2 maanden geleden
@jai pii He just *doesn't have any toxic masculinity* . Just because you think his gestures and or the way he talks gives hints which that "he is gay" doesn't mean he his. I certainly don't see those "hints".
jai pii
jai pii 3 maanden geleden
@Kristal Dawn Howard So how we know abt it then??
mosart 3 maanden geleden
Define "he".
Kristal Dawn Howard
Kristal Dawn Howard 3 maanden geleden
@jai pii the way someone moves and pronounces things doesn't make them homosexual.
lonestarfriend 3 maanden geleden
The Rock didn’t play Moana!
Tholgrim Stonebeard
Tholgrim Stonebeard 3 maanden geleden
Everyone who played in the film Moana played Moana. Just like everyone who played in Star Wars played Star Wars.
Mary Barry
Mary Barry 3 maanden geleden
Never knew he did the music for Moana! Very cool 😎
medean empire
medean empire 3 maanden geleden
Is this a new episode or am I missing something out here ?
Erin Oleno
Erin Oleno 3 maanden geleden
Nope, it’s an older one - when the new Mary Poppins came out.
tina 3 maanden geleden
Description: "Lin-Manuel Miranda explains why Dwayne Johnson was the only person who could play Moana." Ehm that would have been a very different movie ...
Gpaderna 3 maanden geleden
I would comment that too.... ahahahaaha
Chris 3 maanden geleden
"Dwayne Johnson in hot water after Disney princess of colour makes allegations of sexual assault"
Carlo Torresdey
Carlo Torresdey 3 maanden geleden
Didn’t even plug Teremana 😒
vidah Paz
vidah Paz 3 maanden geleden
Let's just all sit here and talk about Dwayne🤣
John Locatelli
John Locatelli 3 maanden geleden
The Rock is an inspiration for people who want to start training No pain no gain
iop erty
iop erty 3 maanden geleden
you know he has a bodytype most people can't have
BHuang92 3 maanden geleden
The Rock is fortunate enough that have a good singing voice.
Lalo Elias
Lalo Elias Maand geleden
Everyone receives a bit of help in the studio. But generally he's not a bad singer
Paris Jones
Paris Jones 3 maanden geleden
It wasn't the best singing voice but he was charming singing this, so he wasn't awful but not bad considering he's not a trained singer.
KTMD 3 maanden geleden
Ummmm-ah...have you seen him singing it live?
Cosmic Radio
Cosmic Radio 3 maanden geleden
He can do anything tbh
Teagan Rourke
Teagan Rourke 3 maanden geleden
Hi I subscribe and please do Anna Kendrick I’m her idol
Franco Mabanta
Franco Mabanta 3 maanden geleden
Declan Mcgregor
Declan Mcgregor 3 maanden geleden
Think you mean she's your idol🤣
Eliot 3 maanden geleden
Only talk show that I never cringe at
Dean Cobra
Dean Cobra 2 maanden geleden
tony stark looking young here
Jiad Parvej Joy
Jiad Parvej Joy 3 maanden geleden
@Dagelijkse Dosis Internet The best thing about Craig Ferguson's show was that he improvised almost his entire late late show journey. Because of that The actors liked that and felt comfortable in his shows.
Peter Pan's Playground
Peter Pan's Playground 3 maanden geleden
Craig Ferguson when he was on..
Dagelijkse Dosis Internet
Dagelijkse Dosis Internet 3 maanden geleden
@Mike S yeah i was about to say Craig Ferguson
Mike S
Mike S 3 maanden geleden
I was a fan of Craig Ferguson when he was on, but otherwise I agree
snwscba 3 maanden geleden
O my
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