Clips You've NEVER SEEN Before From The Graham Norton Show | Part Three

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The Graham Norton Show

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Some more rare moments! Are there any lesser known moments you love?
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Nellie G. Cabo
Nellie G. Cabo 13 uur geleden
The woman guest is so hypocrite that she seems does not understand what Bradly Cooper was saying.And the other guest beside her said that she should know ,because she played nurse in one of her acting .
5 44
5 44 Dag geleden
Graham is so much fun!
the tessellater
the tessellater 5 dagen geleden
Two vain twerps - wearing shades indoors like that - grow up, guys!
Sofia Tariq
Sofia Tariq 7 dagen geleden
He is the best host with no doubt. I love how he let everyone talk
13strong 8 dagen geleden
Alex Kingston played a doctor on E.R. ;)
Carol Gail
Carol Gail 9 dagen geleden
Bradley Cooper is so charismatic and a wonderful storyteller.
NigelT57 11 dagen geleden
Ms Ricci wants me to do anything, the first question is 'how high'?
Sunny Bear
Sunny Bear 12 dagen geleden
Manson is a douchebag as per usual
Sandra 17 dagen geleden
Ricky was probably that kid in schoool who could talk even the quiet kids into misbehaving. Mans just reeks of bad influence 😂
Mona Weiler
Mona Weiler 17 dagen geleden
I’m with the guy with brown shirt!
Carol Gail
Carol Gail 18 dagen geleden
"Why did you put a banana on the floor?" "I'm supposed to pretend it's a gun" "I wouldn't run before you can walk"
Dorothy Incansas
Dorothy Incansas 21 dag geleden
Ha, tracey ann ober-big-gob trying to act all coy!😂😂😂😂😂
Phara Herine
Phara Herine 22 dagen geleden
one of the best Graham's compilations
Chris931 22 dagen geleden
Don‘t know who the guy at 8:04 is but I agree so much with him!
Scrax 22 dagen geleden
"But they're professional hoes" had me dead
Diana 22 dagen geleden
I was watching this clip while eating. Something I regret 😅
Just Looking
Just Looking 22 dagen geleden
Pharell looks younger there
Saudade 23 dagen geleden
emily blunt what s wrong with a contemporary ballet dancer?
grace g
grace g 23 dagen geleden
who’s the person in the clip with nigella lawson
Angel Vivero
Angel Vivero 23 dagen geleden
Why are there nude barbies in the back 4:07
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall 23 dagen geleden
Good to see Marilyn Manson smile.
peteM3rlin 24 dagen geleden
OI! GRAHAM? THE title soundtrack at the end is TOO loud! A neighbour just complained. xD I have to use the remote like a first person shooter " comes the music, down volume DOWN, SARA GIT DAWN!".
Oksana 25 dagen geleden
"The women in the video look like hoes" *Next clip* Men talking about shamelessly consuming sex work as if they're not total creeps. Uggghhh I'm so exhausted by the misogyny oozing out of Hollywood.
Jenny Piper
Jenny Piper 26 dagen geleden
Mitchell Weiner
Mitchell Weiner 26 dagen geleden
I want to be friends with Snoop Dogg,David Mitchell and Bradley Cooper! 😂
vaibhav sane
vaibhav sane 27 dagen geleden
Talk Show category was designed for Graham Norton. absolute gem..
S1L3NT G4M3R 27 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
S1L3NT G4M3R 11 dagen geleden
@Chandler Bing hello
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing 11 dagen geleden
Well helloooo
lushiousification 27 dagen geleden
I love how out of context the cartwheel clip is. Christina Ricci learnt how to do a cartwheel and pick up a gun for Speed Racer and they wanted her to do it but she said no because she hadn't shaved her pits because she's doing a period film and the director wanted it to be accurate.
Rebecca McNutt
Rebecca McNutt 24 dagen geleden
Not to mention the dress she was wearing..... 😳 yikes
TaRa0350 27 dagen geleden
Marilyn Manson HANDILY outmatched by Graham. Would expect no less :)
S Mac
S Mac 27 dagen geleden
I liked the video before I watched it. Love u Graham 💓
Read-to-hell 27 dagen geleden
Nigella Lawson and Marilyn Manson. I gotta go back to the old episodes man 😂😂
Anna W
Anna W 28 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who thinks the marilyn part is just awkward 😑
Malgorzata 28 dagen geleden
I've definitely seen that snoop clip at least 38 times
T M 28 dagen geleden
Best laugh in the Showbusiness :D
CaptainAMAZINGGG 28 dagen geleden
Gosh i absolutely ADORE Marilyn Manson!!
Soham Bhowmick
Soham Bhowmick 28 dagen geleden
8:14 Idk who that guy is but that statement would be celebrated these days
Erin Cromer
Erin Cromer 28 dagen geleden
9:25. "ehh didn't need to know that"
Erin Cromer
Erin Cromer 28 dagen geleden
Frankly I prefer a ham 😹
kweejibo Dalí
kweejibo Dalí 29 dagen geleden
i like the woman to the left from snoop dogg nodding earnestly while snoop is being interviewed
Anna 19 dagen geleden
It’s Jessica Hynes, a wonderful actress. This clip reminded me of a total gem of a TV show that was Twenty Twelve. Need to rewatch it ASAP, she’s amazing in it.
Crazy VillainFan
Crazy VillainFan 29 dagen geleden
Oh poor River was so confused bout the whole situation😂
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor Maand geleden
"At any moment Christmas could come" 😂
Cal Aylmer
Cal Aylmer Maand geleden
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Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler Maand geleden
Pretty sure this is the only appearance of snoop that he isn’t chiefin 😂
Hannah Maand geleden
The Marilyn part was just awkward 😂
Travis Menezes
Travis Menezes Maand geleden
Pharrell making Snoop "family friendly" .. I aspire to be a Pharrell 😂💕
Nana Bonsu
Nana Bonsu Maand geleden
I thought secondary school peer pressure was bad untill that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant clip
Ismail Gomaa
Ismail Gomaa Maand geleden
Emily Blunt is talking about someone yelling a Team America reference at Matt Damon?! My life is complete!
Sharon O'Neill
Sharon O'Neill Maand geleden
Vaginal cavity, best description ever!
Owari Da
Owari Da Maand geleden
I don’t get the Bradley cooper story
Mily Alvarez
Mily Alvarez Maand geleden
Nigella and Marilyn Manson in the sam couch? That's a very 2020 couch jajajajja
meghpink meghpink
meghpink meghpink Maand geleden
Donna Reeves
Donna Reeves Maand geleden
Oh dear god...I laughed till I hurt.
Jessica Walton
Jessica Walton Maand geleden
Stephen Merchant = Peter Crouch as a comedian
Jessica Walton
Jessica Walton Maand geleden
What the hell was going on with that cake?
Darcy Bhaiwala
Darcy Bhaiwala Maand geleden
This title is a lie, I've seen this video 4 times since it was uploaded
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Jensen Maand geleden
If Christina Ricci wanted me to do a cartwheel on live TV I can't say I'd be able to say no either.
Butterfly_Queen 2987
Butterfly_Queen 2987 Maand geleden
Anything with Joan Rivers has me in tears of laughter!
Diego Vazquez
Diego Vazquez Maand geleden
If that’s the worst day of your life, lucky you! Haha
Daisy Z
Daisy Z Maand geleden
Who is the lady who pong balled Bradley
AyaBlue22 Maand geleden
7:55 - let's just hope the bathroom isn't an avocado shade
Anna 19 dagen geleden
“I couldn’t live with it!”
Adrianna Palmer
Adrianna Palmer Maand geleden
"Girlfriend, unlikely" xD
Wal Ford
Wal Ford Maand geleden
"Matt Damon..."
legendarymythlover Maand geleden
Oh God that young girlfriend thing with MM is so creepy after hearing what he did 😬 jesus...
legendarymythlover Maand geleden
@EMTZ and other women have said the same thing. It's disgusting.
EMTZ Maand geleden
What happened?
Anderson Becker Studios
Anderson Becker Studios Maand geleden
I have dreamed about being on this show forever... this is my humor, these are my people... I wish..
GHOST Maand geleden
probably the only reality show you'd actually wanna be on.
Nelly Imame
Nelly Imame Maand geleden
I agree with David on some level.
RealCosmicBuilds Maand geleden
Stephen and Ricky should reconcile already, they look so happy here, I miss their friendship so much now.
Zarih Sundberg
Zarih Sundberg Maand geleden
I wish we could see you in Sweden. You are simply the best.
Likan Prower
Likan Prower Maand geleden
You tell her what the nice lady did
The Lord of Entropy
The Lord of Entropy Maand geleden
It's no coincidence that I love both David Mitchell and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
randomspiel Maand geleden
Alex Kingston played the chief of surgery on ER for eight years, but Rob Lowe assumes she played a nurse...
the huglife
the huglife Maand geleden
MATT DAMON! Thank you Team America. I did the same thing when he showed up in True Grit, half the theater laughed.
Just Fine
Just Fine Maand geleden
I admit I get bored when I don't know the people they're interviewing. I'm not form the UK, so there's a bit of that... :/
Thunder Road
Thunder Road Maand geleden
You are going to have to do a lot better than that to show me clips I haven't seen.
Kitty Maand geleden
Nigella lawson and Marilyn manson is a combo I could never have seen in the same room together lmao
5 44
5 44 Maand geleden
Marilyn Manson...???
alldownhill01 Maand geleden
“I just don’t think I can get up in the air”...we all know our minds went there with Graham’s.
Kelly Sheiffele
Kelly Sheiffele Maand geleden
Fell in love with this show three years ago and haven’t stopped laughing! Graham you are the f’in best!!😂😂😂
Lauren Clack
Lauren Clack Maand geleden
Marilyn is amazing, I love seeing him on interviews
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! Maand geleden
👏! 💕 Graham Norton!
Kay X
Kay X Maand geleden
Anybody else watch this to feel better?
Salome Arbel
Salome Arbel Maand geleden
OMG Alex Kingston is SO adorable!
Jack Norton
Jack Norton Maand geleden
I just have to say that the graham norton show has helped me through the pandemic 😂
Invisible Not Broken Podcast Network
Invisible Not Broken Podcast Network Maand geleden
Thank god for the NHS
Sunita Fisher
Sunita Fisher Maand geleden
🌸 what ? Darts, ping pong balls, kites flown out of vaginal cavity? Was he on LSD 😳 That cannot be true lol 😂
Sunita Fisher
Sunita Fisher Maand geleden
Anna Stark 🌸 no I haven’t
Anna Stark
Anna Stark Maand geleden
I guess u have never been to Thailand
Ana Maand geleden
Normal holliwood pay ladies to throw darts out of their vagina...all normal clients and all respectful to women and such...
MATILDA Maand geleden
three 17 second non skip ads are you kidding me
ebonyonce Maand geleden
i have never seen such peer pressure in my life
not.gracey Maand geleden
Amazing to see Ricky Gervais laughing at someone else’s jokes lol
Vereen John
Vereen John Maand geleden
This guy is good if he can make Marilyn Manson laugh more than once if at all... 😃
CaptainAMAZINGGG 28 dagen geleden
Marilyn Manson smiles and laughs all the time wtf.... ?? He's lovely.
Freaksoftheinternet Maand geleden
I've learned today that I love Marilyn Manson.
Linguistics Pundit
Linguistics Pundit Maand geleden
Why did he have to explain what Snoop was talking about? I'm not an English native speaker and still I understood what he was saying.
Teniesha Parker
Teniesha Parker Maand geleden
Christmas could come at any moment 😂😂
Charlie Maand geleden
David Mitchell has the right idea.
Someone Else
Someone Else Maand geleden
“You got a young girlfriend” “So do you” “Girlfriend unlikely” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA LOVE IT
Darian Monsefan
Darian Monsefan 22 dagen geleden
Juliet Triggs the actress Evan Rachel Wood from Westworld
Natalie Kula
Natalie Kula Maand geleden
That was Marilyn Manson, who dated Evan Rachel Wood about a decade ago, when she was in her late teens/early twenties. In the last few years, she went on the record at Congress to give a statement about an abusive relationship she'd been in with "someone" about a decade ago. Considering the kind of things Marylin Manson was saying in interviews at the time, it's not a leap to connect the dots.
BaveryRed Maand geleden
The whole conversation was so dryyy. Impressive how Graham managed to pull that off.
Juliet Triggs
Juliet Triggs Maand geleden
@Randomzville thank youuuuu xx
Randomzville Maand geleden
Juliet Triggs Marilyn Manson
Someone Else
Someone Else Maand geleden
“You got a young girlfriend” “So do you” “Girlfriend unlikely” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA LOVE IT
emma kraus
emma kraus Maand geleden
djiovane marfil thank you
djiovane marfil
djiovane marfil Maand geleden
@emma kraus Marilyn Mason
emma kraus
emma kraus Maand geleden
who was that guy??
Birte Valkyrje
Birte Valkyrje Maand geleden
She didn't play a nurse, Rob, she played a surgeon!
Rey Chafamex
Rey Chafamex Maand geleden
Nigella Lawson, and Emily Blunt in stockings...👀😍🥰 Good God, Thank you.
the tessellater
the tessellater 5 dagen geleden
I think she may be wearing tights, not stockings, here? But beautiful of course.
Darren Griffin
Darren Griffin Maand geleden
Marilyn Manson music of a God. Personality of a potato
Ryan Cochran
Ryan Cochran Maand geleden
Ricky Gervais is single handily the biggest void for any sort of humor on the planet, bar none!!! 😡
sjdswanlund Maand geleden
Why in the world was that cartwheel bit cut? That was hilarious!
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