Try Not To Laugh on The Graham Norton Show | Part Three

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The Graham Norton Show

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Joy 2 uur geleden
Amelia Clarke is adorable ❤️
ItsmeErritheFirst 6 uur geleden
I only regret that I haven't seen these before
Orbitinbloom 19 uur geleden
3:00 that and everything before that was a lil questionable....
Pambudi Wardhani
Pambudi Wardhani Dag geleden
Ruffalo sounds like he's been a while in the UK. He picked up that British humor and then felt horrible. LMAO. He'd do great joining British panel shows.
Twig 55
Twig 55 2 dagen geleden
Oh, wow, that spice girls joke. I figured it wouldn't be real because that's not how the graham norton show goes, but it was very funny 😂 Poor Emma.
oldedude51 3 dagen geleden
12:20 et seq. - according to Freud, dreams about teeth falling out are linked to feelings of guilt over excessive masturbation. If your response to that was 'I didn't know that 'EXCESSIVE masturbation' was a 'thing'... then you probably do not have these dreams. You're a sick freak, but you won't have dreams about your teeth falling out, at least.
Perpetually annoyed
Perpetually annoyed 4 dagen geleden
Robin Williams without a script is just so good 😂❤️
Katie Waddell
Katie Waddell 5 dagen geleden
Watching this makes me miss Robin Williams 😭
Abigail Aurora
Abigail Aurora 5 dagen geleden
Salma Hayek is hilarious. I love her .
Erinni Juvenis
Erinni Juvenis 5 dagen geleden
Christopher 5 dagen geleden
"Try Not To Cry" would be more fitting for a compilation that starts off with Robin Williams 😔
Marzadky 5 dagen geleden
"Gay black basketball player" I can't unsee that!!
Mason Scarn
Mason Scarn 6 dagen geleden
I still can’t hold it when robbin William starts talking
Theta 6 dagen geleden
Miss you Robin, rest in peace. I watched you when I was a little kid, you've given me so many laughs, I wish I could have given you something in return.
petrolhead1987 7 dagen geleden
I can't be the only person who was mesmerised by Salma Hayek
Adrienne Lawrence
Adrienne Lawrence 8 dagen geleden
Teeth failing out is you lying or you think someone near and dear to you is lying. (IRL: the dream represents the person who is lying in your actual life.)
Mimsy 8 dagen geleden
"Jane you're not a gay black basketball player!" Gosh I miss him so much.
Adrienne Flowers Scott
Adrienne Flowers Scott 34 minuten geleden
Robin was just amazing. I sure miss him. 😂😂😂🤣
Mark Birnage
Mark Birnage 8 dagen geleden
The best till last. LOL :-)
Sunny Quan
Sunny Quan 9 dagen geleden
I think this is the best chat show on earth
Learn with Alveera
Learn with Alveera 11 dagen geleden
What's up with those naked barbies?
Jay Park
Jay Park 12 dagen geleden
Josh Widdicombe handled that insult so well, stayed composed the whole time. Still funny as hell though
Nadia Sias
Nadia Sias 13 dagen geleden
I 100%also fear kids with loose teeth 🤣
DAZ 1476
DAZ 1476 13 dagen geleden
The Great late Robbin Williams rip 🙏😒🙏🙏🌻☀️
shannon griffin
shannon griffin 14 dagen geleden
I love your show! American shows aren't this fun.
S G 15 dagen geleden
Robin Williams ❤️..
Stephen Rabha
Stephen Rabha 16 dagen geleden
damn first clip made me laugh and cry at the same time....we miss you robin....hope you're making people laugh up there
night king
night king 18 dagen geleden
So..........theyre not here
night king
night king 18 dagen geleden
5:27 I dont think the guests got that joke even graham but everyone else sure did 😊
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres 18 dagen geleden
So good to see Robin Williams again, even in old film clips.
Sinead Sheridan
Sinead Sheridan 19 dagen geleden
Poor Emma went through so many emotions and Andrew was just READY 😂😂
fooeyfc 20 dagen geleden
I swear the guy called out for laughing weird is the albino black guy that Andrew shulz got to say the n word
Amo Amo
Amo Amo 20 dagen geleden
OMG...Robin Williams was utter comedy genius.
Ian Sucholicki
Ian Sucholicki 22 dagen geleden
Pingüino Argentino JAJAJAJA
Digital Clinique
Digital Clinique 23 dagen geleden
Really miss robin williams
Evexx23 23 dagen geleden
Dreaming with falling teeth is because your tighten your jaws..
Michael Colbourn
Michael Colbourn 23 dagen geleden
Jane you're not a gay black basketball player
stsfhj sweghh
stsfhj sweghh 24 dagen geleden
I miss Robin Williams...
Evanita Rose
Evanita Rose 24 dagen geleden
I can do that with my thumbs. It's not so it?
Travis Swentosky
Travis Swentosky 24 dagen geleden
After watching the Robin Williams bit at the beginning, it dawns on me...those that want to make others laugh so badly, are usually the ones suffering themselves the most. They want to bring a happiness to others that they know they won't get to experience themselves.
Jessica J.
Jessica J. 24 dagen geleden
Awww robin ❤😔
Chinny Violette
Chinny Violette 25 dagen geleden
Here in the Philippines, some say dreams of teeth falling out means someone dear to you will pass soon.
Deepanshu Taneja
Deepanshu Taneja 25 dagen geleden
Robin Williams was a Treasure. And his work will always be cherished.
M G 27 dagen geleden
god it hurts to watch robin williams clips...i'd give anything and everything i have to go back to 2013
toothless Potterjackson
toothless Potterjackson 28 dagen geleden
Robin Williams!!! Rip
bnk57 Maand geleden
12:44 Brutal!
Mamamoo Mamako Mamanya
Mamamoo Mamako Mamanya Maand geleden
I'm already in the part 3 laughing out loud only to realise its a try not to laugh video...
Donna Robinson
Donna Robinson Maand geleden
Graham Norton is the most spontaneously funny 😁 Emcee!!! Brings out the most humorous side of every guest! HILARIOUS!!😁👍😁👍👍❤️
Kieran Pugh
Kieran Pugh Maand geleden
Miss robin Williams so much
Kathy Hines
Kathy Hines Maand geleden
*GRAHAM:* "So! They're not here." *EMMA:* 😱 BRILLIANT!🤣😂
Elric De Melniboné
Elric De Melniboné Maand geleden
My French mother told me that dreaming of losing one or more teeth meant that we were going to lose a loved one.
Ashley Carpintero
Ashley Carpintero 20 dagen geleden
My grandmother always said you were worried about something
07:09 :D:D:D
Zita Kovács
Zita Kovács Maand geleden
I took my own teeth out several times. Once two at the same time.
Filipe Alexandre Sousa
Filipe Alexandre Sousa Maand geleden
Mark Ruffalo bartender side got the best of him
Travis Menezes
Travis Menezes Maand geleden
There's Robin Williams there *cries out loud* There's Keanu Reeves there *screams out loud*
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea Rodriguez Maand geleden
I miss robin so much 😞😞
Miki Maand geleden
shout out to Kate Beckinsale
aditya soni
aditya soni Maand geleden
Robin Williams RIP. Truly a massive loss
Weird Mike
Weird Mike Maand geleden
The Emma Stone bit always makes me tear up a bit because of her excitement and then die laughing.
luis angel trives rapado
luis angel trives rapado Maand geleden
good i miss robin williams
CammedFox Maand geleden
omg Robin had me in tears "i brought you some pebbles"
Ibrahim Rony
Ibrahim Rony Maand geleden
Ah the first clip! Robin Williams. RIP Legend ❤
Aidan Sheriff
Aidan Sheriff Maand geleden
Is that a young Russell Howard in the front row at 1:11
Rona Cecilia Donor
Rona Cecilia Donor Maand geleden
when the teeth fall incyour drems it means that someone close to you or a friend r relative family will die
leonidas ksf
leonidas ksf Maand geleden
Emma is never coming back on the show 😂
Damare Konayaro
Damare Konayaro Maand geleden
When did Tim Sherwood become American ?
Moaaz A.
Moaaz A. Maand geleden
Mark just ended that man's career right there
Mothersuperior67 Maand geleden
Robin, dear Robin.
Relate Night Streaming
Relate Night Streaming Maand geleden
These videos aren't necessarily Try Not To Laugh challenge-levels of humor, but they're definitely great to watch. They're more heartwarming. Man, I just love this show.
AJ Maand geleden
I feel so bad for Emma Stone. That spice girls trick was cruel
Geert van der Plas
Geert van der Plas Maand geleden
sooooo.... they're not here. THE. BEST.
Tony England
Tony England Maand geleden
lol man, Poor Emma, you can see the moment part of her died inside when she found out they weren't there.
Sophie McKenzie
Sophie McKenzie Maand geleden
Normally don't like gays at all, but I do love Graham Norton
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Maand geleden
It did actually look like a gay black basketball player. He was spot on wow.
ikonic younina
ikonic younina Maand geleden
Robin Williams 💖
Alice Maand geleden
Robin Williams was a gift. To have a gift of quick wit and the ability to make others laugh is incredible. Yet also when he felt he was losing that gift and mind it must of been so devastating. Funny people are a gift but they often are complex characters
Nathan Highley
Nathan Highley Maand geleden
“Girls over 12” is one of the best TV moments ever.
kyman Bedford-Brown
kyman Bedford-Brown Maand geleden
Astrid Ruiz
Astrid Ruiz Maand geleden
I will forever LOVE Robin Williams.... He was one of the greatest and such a loss, it still makes me sad to this day ☹️
Ashley Austin
Ashley Austin Maand geleden
omg squealing laughing like a fool over here with my porch slider (window) open...Neighbors must think I"m insane. I'm okay with it! 😂 but can we talk about how mean it was at the end with Emma Stone 😯 Awww
Naby Lad
Naby Lad Maand geleden
RIP robin williams a true legend and a beautiful soul❤️
forza juventus
forza juventus Maand geleden
It’s not Story It’s the way Ryan Gosling tells the story is very hilarious
CptRonSolo Maand geleden
When kaleesee says that Matt has seen all the good bits it's especially funny because she naked in that first season quite a bit lol Sorry for my spelling lol
Someone Else
Someone Else Maand geleden
okay but Salma Hayek's accent😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ashni kanthode
Ashni kanthode Maand geleden
Robin Williams was such a joy to look at us. The world was a better place with you robbie. Rip❤
Niamh Lord
Niamh Lord Maand geleden .
Anthony Ruddell
Anthony Ruddell Maand geleden
I really don't want to sound horrible, and I apologise beforehand, but i bet Emilia Clarke was moist af on that coach next to "Joey" lol
akshay jayakumar
akshay jayakumar Maand geleden
Robin Williams :) laughed so loud everyone thought i was having a stroke
Monika Jukic
Monika Jukic Maand geleden
Selma Hayak story is hilarious
J-red & Leonard
J-red & Leonard Maand geleden
The teeth falling out in a dream means is a bad dream becuase it means someone would die
Eedee Malone
Eedee Malone Maand geleden
Robin Williams brought so much joy to our childhoods
Kristi Meechan
Kristi Meechan Maand geleden
I just can't help but find emelia Clarke so disingenuous I don't know why?
Alex Alvañez
Alex Alvañez Maand geleden
Am I the only one who thinks Jeremy Renner would make a great voice actor?
Kamar Mighty
Kamar Mighty Maand geleden
Robin Williams is the best. RIP man. Thanks for the laughs.
Danni SN
Danni SN Maand geleden
Miss u robin Williams ❤
Sara Mae
Sara Mae Maand geleden
I will say it was cruel to do that about the Spice Girls because if I was famous and somebody tricked me and said NSYNC any person from NSYNC who is coming to see me I probably would have violently hit the host if it were not true. You just don't do that somebody. It was funny though.
Endemo Maand geleden
Kelsey Grammar gets so nervous as Salma Hayek speaks. Granpa gettin aroused.
Elijah Mwanga
Elijah Mwanga Maand geleden
7:28 jay and Gloria off modern family
Robyn Redfern
Robyn Redfern Maand geleden
I have a phobia of jelly
Eka Sartika
Eka Sartika Maand geleden
I miss Mr. Robin Williams
Louise Roberts
Louise Roberts Maand geleden
Ah Robin Williams, amazing guy, cant believe we won’t get to see his genius again.
Toni Beckwith
Toni Beckwith Maand geleden
Robin Williams was so funny and talented! I’m so glad there’s all kinds of video of him. Especially on Graham Norton..