Katy Perry Swoons Over Prince Harry | The Graham Norton Show

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5 maanden geleden

Katy Perry will be joining us on our virtual red sofa this week!
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kevin084life Maand geleden
Meghan Markle has entered the chat
JLC 4 maanden geleden
You can tell this old - Katy has blonde hair and a baby bump and Cheryl is plastic now.
Lecia Hashimoto
Lecia Hashimoto 4 maanden geleden
01:26 01:34 0:39
Irene Lindo
Irene Lindo 4 maanden geleden
01:29 01:01 0:30
14rs2 4 maanden geleden
After seeing this episode he invited them both to his party and then left with both of them But didn’t marry them as he wanted to marry someone with class
Bullet Ploof Grass
Bullet Ploof Grass 4 maanden geleden
From Ashley to Prince Harry
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 4 maanden geleden
She's such a slapper. Can't stand her.
Gold Man
Gold Man 4 maanden geleden
She wants Harry's ginger balls..... he has got ginger balls, ginger balls.
XOAnna Faye
XOAnna Faye 4 maanden geleden
Katy Perry with Prince Harry. 👎🏼 no thanks
Ahmed M'naouer
Ahmed M'naouer 4 maanden geleden
I miss this look of Katy
Sarge 4 maanden geleden
Now she looks and acts like a crackhead
BbYyTtOo 5 maanden geleden
Cheryl , Cheryl , Cheryl .....
Kris Loucks
Kris Loucks 5 maanden geleden
They are perfect for each other two nobody's with zero Talent
Charlie Hartwright
Charlie Hartwright 5 maanden geleden
Prince Harry has entered the chat
michod* 5 maanden geleden
who's the knuckle dragger?....
m23 G
m23 G 5 maanden geleden
I wish he was with someone who would make him happy and doesn’t suck the life out of him and bring him down to the gutter with her. So sad
ChaosEn3 5 maanden geleden
You his best friend or something?
everyday learning
everyday learning 5 maanden geleden
Harry before Marriage, be like, 'invite both ladies'.
Marci Rajkai
Marci Rajkai 5 maanden geleden
Weird Al foreva
Lu Guy
Lu Guy 5 maanden geleden
Missing the show sooooooooo much, I live for this show and Graham lifts me up. Happy days.
Cristian Monterroso
Cristian Monterroso 5 maanden geleden
Peak Katy Perry is cute Katy Perry. For real.
hey Jude
hey Jude 5 maanden geleden
Why is everybody hating on Katy Perry here? She is pretty and has great songs. C’mon, guys. You say she is mean as you know her personally. It does not make you a good person. Stop being so rude!
Samuel Armen
Samuel Armen 5 maanden geleden
Lol it's funny because of the tabloids' coverage of Katy Perry, back when she was with Russell Brand
German BG
German BG 5 maanden geleden
iamsh4r10 5 maanden geleden
Is math related to science?
Bogdan 1908
Bogdan 1908 5 maanden geleden
Brett Wilkinson
Brett Wilkinson 5 maanden geleden
I find Graham Nortons celebrity guests extremely boring with no interesting stories to tell. I wish he would concentrate his entire program with the people on the chair telling their story.
joey77 5 maanden geleden
You sound fun
John Edmond
John Edmond 5 maanden geleden
Mr Norton, you make the show very enjoyable, easy watch and good laughs. Hope you run for as long as you feel like.i
Neil C
Neil C 5 maanden geleden
Yes and yes.
Ren 89
Ren 89 5 maanden geleden
If I was Prince Harry I'd have been on the phone in an instant...
Ren 89
Ren 89 4 maanden geleden
@Icy Cold Hands Damn... I think some of us have been breaking the rules... If I'd known I wouldn't have wasted my one chance on that call girl in Tijuana...
Icy Cold Hands
Icy Cold Hands 4 maanden geleden
@Ren 89 Don't you know? You're only allowed to have sex once
Ren 89
Ren 89 4 maanden geleden
@Rad J Are you suggesting he's had sex before, and therefore wouldn't want to sleep with Cheryl?
Rad J
Rad J 4 maanden geleden
He’s had sex before sooooooo....
Marilyn Schmidt
Marilyn Schmidt 5 maanden geleden
How much did they get paid to mention Harry? Orlando is 10/10 compared to Harry lol
Stephanie Kolb
Stephanie Kolb 5 maanden geleden
I’ve clearly become my parents because I haven’t a clue who Cheryl is. 🧐 But she’s very pretty!
Sow AG
Sow AG 5 maanden geleden
Shariq Zamani Hi she was married to an English football player Ashley Cole for some time. And was part of a pop band for a while, girls aloud i think. And did X factor judge for a while. And had a couple of solo singles also.
Josh Leach
Josh Leach 5 maanden geleden
She’s a British pop star she’s alright she’s not that good
id k
id k 5 maanden geleden
I’m not sure either but I’ve seen her a lot on X factor
chiefdancingostriche 5 maanden geleden
i wonder if katy understands just how hot she is.
Hedge hog
Hedge hog 5 maanden geleden
Katy looks like a cross dresser next to Cheryl.
Turbo Lazer
Turbo Lazer 5 maanden geleden
She's got a single digit IQ
Natmanprime 5 maanden geleden
Katy Perry always be looking for a boyfriend...I think she was considering ME at some point lol
Sam 5 maanden geleden
U seem stupid so I leave it at that.
Natmanprime 5 maanden geleden
Sam bout time...she was fishing for comedian Jason manford, David Blaine, married Russell brand for a week, there were a few others...I'm happy for her I didn't want to see her childless
Sam 5 maanden geleden
She’s engaged n pregnant.
Metro7tyFive 5 maanden geleden
she doesn't look very bright
PHILLIP LE BOA 5 maanden geleden
....WE ALL WERE SO YOUNG THEN !!!!!! How time flies.... SADLY !!!
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 5 maanden geleden
I miss hot Katy and got Cheryl. They are both mental and look weird now.
Jane Hallett
Jane Hallett 5 maanden geleden
@Onion Face how do I ask 'em then?
meganshea 5 maanden geleden
Katy is such an idiot
Violet Rain
Violet Rain 5 maanden geleden
I would hate to be stuck in a room with Katy Perry. She's such a biyatch.
Violet Rain
Violet Rain 5 maanden geleden
@Onion Face Definitely. She's even mean to her castmates on American Idol. She told them they aren't invited to her wedding because they're not A-listers.
Krishnakumar Selvaraj
Krishnakumar Selvaraj 5 maanden geleden
Cheryl's dimple ❤
Krishnakumar Selvaraj
Krishnakumar Selvaraj 5 maanden geleden
Katy Perry's cuteness > her glamorous side.
SaltyTubers 5 maanden geleden
Russel Brand looks good here!
Mateo 5 maanden geleden
The first boring clip I've ever seen from graham norton
Thisis Fun
Thisis Fun 5 maanden geleden
I wasn't bored.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 5 maanden geleden
WHO is that BABE next to Katy? ♥.♥ He's hilarious. See wat I did there? \o/
Thisis Fun
Thisis Fun 5 maanden geleden
NO, what did you do?
Brett Yarborough
Brett Yarborough 5 maanden geleden
Yes he should
CoffinEd13 5 maanden geleden
Your joke was bad and you should feel bad
Ranjini 5 maanden geleden
Please bring Chris Evans on the show after Corona Viruse crisis.
Chiyaam Plays
Chiyaam Plays 5 maanden geleden
0:43 how to make women feel awkward
Roshan Nair
Roshan Nair 5 maanden geleden
So true.
opiela .english
opiela .english 5 maanden geleden
Oh, yes, that'll do it
Daniel J Richardson
Daniel J Richardson 5 maanden geleden
I V 5 maanden geleden
Is math related to science
Pantomath 5 maanden geleden
inge görhan
inge görhan 5 maanden geleden
Sympathy "TO"The Devil
danishhald 5 maanden geleden
Miss this show...
Jack Messent
Jack Messent 5 maanden geleden
Cheryl is beautiful.
Maya Kathryn
Maya Kathryn 4 maanden geleden
Jane Hallett does she judge BGT, I thought it was X Factor?
Spicy Calamari
Spicy Calamari 5 maanden geleden
Boxer no briefs SILENCE SIMP
Retr0 5 maanden geleden
@Spicy Calamari how old are you
Jane Hallett
Jane Hallett 5 maanden geleden
@JC1985 if you like her you can find her judging on Britains Got Talent a lot.
Spicy Calamari
Spicy Calamari 5 maanden geleden
Blackwater dd7
Blackwater dd7 5 maanden geleden
Katy Perry fake af yet again... fake British accent.. she's a dirty vagina
Moo Moo
Moo Moo 5 maanden geleden
Katy would have suited him so much better
Sad Kermit
Sad Kermit 5 maanden geleden
Elton Talja
Elton Talja 5 maanden geleden
Katy queen
Brill Jones
Brill Jones 5 maanden geleden
Cheer people?
Rituraaj Datta
Rituraaj Datta 5 maanden geleden
Katy is so hyper
len 5 maanden geleden
she's always high for some reason
Morgan Robinson
Morgan Robinson 5 maanden geleden
Katy is so annoying
Violet Rain
Violet Rain 5 maanden geleden
She's an evil wench. She's so rude to everyone. I wouldn't want to talk to her at all.
Elton Talja
Elton Talja 5 maanden geleden
Thammer Faisal
Thammer Faisal 5 maanden geleden
I miss the show 😢
A CTSD 3 maanden geleden
You mean before Covid??
Aswin Mohan
Aswin Mohan 5 maanden geleden
cheryl barely spoke but she totally upstaged katy perry
Thisis Fun
Thisis Fun 5 maanden geleden
Says who???
Melt 5 maanden geleden
It's edited
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 5 maanden geleden
But when we do it (Men) it's creepy 🤷‍♂️
LetsBeClear 5 maanden geleden
Hermione Granger 😂🤣
Emma S
Emma S 5 maanden geleden
Shut up and go grill something
Lalinda Perera
Lalinda Perera 5 maanden geleden
Cheryl is so gorgeous, and Katy Perry is so cute!
Mic Salve
Mic Salve 5 maanden geleden
and he's now married to someone born in california, like katy perry
Bobby Watson
Bobby Watson 4 maanden geleden
Zero Cool stfu, please
Sultan Salman Aufa
Sultan Salman Aufa 5 maanden geleden
California gurls were unforgettable
Explodingtraps 5 maanden geleden
That loosk like the other one
Stop it Get help
Stop it Get help 5 maanden geleden
@Zero Cool *California
Joeren 5 maanden geleden
@Sheila Blische No prob 😉
psycho ape
psycho ape 5 maanden geleden
When was this
Mr. Perry
Mr. Perry 5 maanden geleden
Like September 2013 because in another clip from this episode, he mentions Prism which released at the end of October, so Katy was probably there to promote it.
Dididixixixi 5 maanden geleden
It was Diamond Jubilee so 2012?
00Billy 5 maanden geleden
Cheryl was single between 2010 and 2014. Soooo.... probably fits for Harry and his vegas pool party was it?
Sarvesh Jojna
Sarvesh Jojna 5 maanden geleden
Yup almost the first man to comment
Spheee 5 maanden geleden
better oof
Vansh 6947
Vansh 6947 5 maanden geleden
nxmb 5 maanden geleden
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