Clips You’ve NEVER SEEN Before From The Graham Norton Show | Part Eight

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The Graham Norton Show

25 dagen geleden

Oh yes. THERE'S MORE. Part eight of clips you've (probably) never seen.
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Phillip Edward Ness
Phillip Edward Ness 9 uur geleden
Did anyone else get an ad at the worst time at 14:21
S Cramer
S Cramer 16 uur geleden
Good grief...this is more gay than I can stand. I feel so unwelcome, I feel so put upon, makes me feel being a straight human being is wrong.
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens Dag geleden
"Ow derr you!"
Free Music Tube
Free Music Tube 3 dagen geleden
From Gillian Anderson to Joe Swash. Says it all really.
Rick 4 dagen geleden
Ugh, why bleep it?
Shaurya Shrivastava
Shaurya Shrivastava 4 dagen geleden
This bathwater lady was living in the future
Celeste Cormier
Celeste Cormier 5 dagen geleden
Knots and crosses?? How cute
Celeste Cormier
Celeste Cormier Dag geleden
@Swiss Kiwi That makes more sense and is even cuter
Swiss Kiwi
Swiss Kiwi 2 dagen geleden
Its actually called “noughts and crosses”
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 5 dagen geleden
10:19 please what is his name he is funny as hell
K S 4 dagen geleden
Michael McIntyre? I don’t know the other guys name
Dad in a reasonably priced car
Dad in a reasonably priced car 7 dagen geleden
Would have loved some random guy in the audience to shout can I buy some lol 5:16
jobbie jabba
jobbie jabba 8 dagen geleden
Gillian Anderson is like a more handsome russel brand
Sarah 8 dagen geleden
Who's the guy on the couch with Gillian Anderson?
Człowiek Maszynka
Człowiek Maszynka 10 dagen geleden
When was it? 10years ago?
Shekinah Thorat
Shekinah Thorat 11 dagen geleden
I love the whole conversation about the toast 😂😂😂😂😂
Jennifer Locklin
Jennifer Locklin 11 dagen geleden
Didn't know what the hell knobs and crosses was until I saw the tic tac toe board. Love USA and Britain name differences 😂
chizzieshark 6 dagen geleden
It's noughts and crosses :)
TicklishCrown 12 dagen geleden
Graham Norton keeps me sane
Bumbie Boo
Bumbie Boo 14 dagen geleden
Gillian is beautiful
1988doka 15 dagen geleden
Tommy Lellan
Tommy Lellan 15 dagen geleden
Why is that scarecrow from the 70’s talking?
Elated 17 dagen geleden
Forgive me but Scully is British?!?!
Tyler Barton
Tyler Barton 17 dagen geleden
I'm so glad she pulled the tic-tac-toe board out of her purse or else I'd still have no idea what the hell "travel noughts and crosses" was. Not a name we're familiar with across the pond. 😂
Matt D
Matt D 17 dagen geleden
I didn't realize that was Gillian Anderson until Graham mentioned the X-Files.
Jawad Bhuiyan
Jawad Bhuiyan 17 dagen geleden
4:46 Is that where Belle Delphine got her bathwater idea from? Lmao! Also, I really hope Graham's just trolling about the moon landing thing. It'd be sad to know that one of my favourite tv personalities believes in a stupid conspiracy like that.
pkmaniac 18 dagen geleden
Love how they joke about jetpacks here, and not too long ago those two LA airplanes reported a guy on one flying around
Sarah Magill
Sarah Magill 18 dagen geleden
Absolutely hilarious how these clips have aged. People LOVE onesies now, she'd have really appreciated that Angel one 😂😂😂
Matthias Marti
Matthias Marti 18 dagen geleden
Just recognised that Gillian Anderson and German actress Maria Furtwängler (google her, if u don‘t know her, she‘s great) could be twins 😱😄
lwaliz 19 dagen geleden
Let me start by saying I adore Graham, he's the best. These clips on the other hand would have been best left unseen, especially the lame gift section.
Nicolas Broszky
Nicolas Broszky 19 dagen geleden
Cheesus fright will you take a look at Gillian and her legs...
daniel barrios
daniel barrios 19 dagen geleden
This was so good
Lauren Bromund
Lauren Bromund 19 dagen geleden
What’s he like?
Vicky Likes This
Vicky Likes This 19 dagen geleden
11:30 Kelly's husband was just ahead of his time
Maria Vlasiou
Maria Vlasiou 19 dagen geleden
I have tears in my eyes!
Žurkulēns 20 dagen geleden
10:11 listen what "husband" is saying and watch how his "wife" is lip syncing of what is telling "husband" and then follows the script ! everything here is fake ! Everything is screipted... Talk shows are not real,the same as kardashians :/
Bob Daniels
Bob Daniels 20 dagen geleden
Why has Graham. A gay man. Got naked dolls behind him..
Nelly Imame
Nelly Imame 20 dagen geleden
Very funny but I hope Neil is a stunt man
Rachel Emmons
Rachel Emmons 20 dagen geleden
I agree with Stephen about kids, and I have four. 😂
Aly selfserendipity
Aly selfserendipity 20 dagen geleden
Tic Tac Toe is called Nots and Crosses in the UK? I LOVE THAT
Aly selfserendipity
Aly selfserendipity 9 dagen geleden
@Emma D Ahh that makes much more sense 😅 I like that better than Tic Tac Toe!
Emma D
Emma D 9 dagen geleden
It's actually spelt naughts and crosses!! I didn't realise that's what tic tac toe is lmao
Adam Cotterill
Adam Cotterill 20 dagen geleden
So no one is going to mention Joe’s fake tan?
Rebel Raccoon
Rebel Raccoon 21 dag geleden
The censoring of swear words is ridiculous. We're all adults here.
bollershad 21 dag geleden
Love Gillian Anderson
IamKnucks 21 dag geleden
Wait.. does graham actually think the moon landing was faked?
Jessica 7 dagen geleden
Nah ... it was just a joke, because they had the technology to do what they did in 1969 but everyday life remains the same if not worse (which is not necessarily true but-)
Ali Pie
Ali Pie 16 dagen geleden
It WAS faked.
MeriLicious 21 dag geleden
Someone please help me... who's the guest in the red sweater in the mango & papaya clip? I cannot think of his name
ian warrington
ian warrington 19 dagen geleden
@MeriLicious you're welcome 😊
MeriLicious 19 dagen geleden
@ian warrington Thank you! Seriously it was on the tip of my tongue and I just couldn't.. Thanks :)
ian warrington
ian warrington 20 dagen geleden
Joe Swash
Vic Coni
Vic Coni 21 dag geleden
The great thing about toast is it can be eaten raw.
Siobhan O'Connor
Siobhan O'Connor 21 dag geleden
12:27 funny how everyone wears onsies now.
Dorothy Incansas
Dorothy Incansas 21 dag geleden
The guy with Mike mackintyre, what's wrong with his face?!! It's clay colour!😂😂😂😂
Deborah Danielson
Deborah Danielson 22 dagen geleden
That onesies is HILARIOUS😂😂😂. I’ve seen this clip several times and I always laugh❤️😂❤️😂
Paul Cole
Paul Cole 22 dagen geleden
Minnie Driver 😍😍😍
Mjgirl55 22 dagen geleden
Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how adorable Fabian and his accent are 🥰
Matty LUFC
Matty LUFC 22 dagen geleden
This didnt age well.. now people wear onesies all the time
S Cramer
S Cramer 16 uur geleden
onesies = means nothing to 99.9999 percent of the planet
melissa thompson
melissa thompson 22 dagen geleden
Graham, darling, I'm WATCHING you on my PHONE. All that technology-- ALL that technology-- went into electronics and the internet....
I Am , I Said
I Am , I Said 22 dagen geleden
i've seen these before.
I Am , I Said
I Am , I Said 22 dagen geleden
toasters *are* getting worse. 100% right. hahahahaha.
Judith Blades
Judith Blades 22 dagen geleden
Gillian Anderson lok so uncomfortable with the goings on
Penny Dutfield
Penny Dutfield 22 dagen geleden
1. It was on the news this week that people can now use a jet pack to get around. 2. Oncies are so popular now.
Crystal Tears
Crystal Tears 22 dagen geleden
2:06 Hahaha like those wives who are married to doctors and they think they know medicine even when they just cook for kids all day 😂😂😂😂.
Lisa Dee
Lisa Dee 22 dagen geleden
2009 Kelly enjoyed it!
WonderWhatHappened 22 dagen geleden
Legend has it that they gave Neil a Onesie to wear for the rest of the show....
Julie Casey
Julie Casey 23 dagen geleden
Swati Narasimhan
Swati Narasimhan 23 dagen geleden
Minnie Driver, you absolute goddess!
Crimson King
Crimson King 23 dagen geleden
Why is Gillian Anderson speaking in that "Irish"(?) accent? She was born in Chicago, Illinois.Not to mention, she has never had an accent in any interviews in talk shows that I've ever seen, other than this one. I have been a huge fan of the X-files since it came out and have seen tons of interviews with her.(no accent...ever) Is this a "Madonna"thing, where she's so full of her self that she adopted the accent, just from living there? If so, it's completely ridiculous!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Crimson King
Crimson King 22 dagen geleden
@Linda C 😁👌 the way Spanish is a language, she's using an accent or "dialect"....two entirely different things....🤔
Linda C
Linda C 22 dagen geleden
@Crimson King It's not always conscious. If someone who I know speaks both English and Spanish walks in the door and greets me in Spanish, I answer in Spanish. If they greet me in English, then English. It's reflex, you do it without thinking. Same with dreaming. And England is where she lives. Makes total sense
Crimson King
Crimson King 22 dagen geleden
@Linda C - then she should speak that way during all her interviews, not jumping back and forth like a schitzo chihuahua... The vast majority of actresses are psycho to one degree or another anyway, just ask one...🤣🤣
Linda C
Linda C 22 dagen geleden
It's English and no, it's not. She lived in England age 2 to 11, so that was her first accent. American was her 2nd
daphne mo
daphne mo 23 dagen geleden
gillian anderson is so prettttyyyy
Johnny R
Johnny R 23 dagen geleden
Also on the craig ferguson show rip
Charlotte Lev
Charlotte Lev 23 dagen geleden
I am a simple woman. I see Gillian Anderson, I click on the video.
Linda Dunn
Linda Dunn 23 dagen geleden
Oh my goodness, I did know Gillian was English! I like her so much better!
Mike 23 dagen geleden
Mmm... Scully water. I'm not surprised
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Channel Dad Bryon Lape 23 dagen geleden
2009...does 11 years really look like that???
xadam2dudex 23 dagen geleden
Good thing that guy didn't have a bad back or something
Silver 23 dagen geleden
I call untoasted bread raw too, Grant. 💗
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres 23 dagen geleden
Not as great as I expected.
Who Fabiana
Who Fabiana 23 dagen geleden
Normal people: I'm in a never ending loop of The Graham Norton show Me: I am in a never ending loop of "mango and papaya" 9:08
Scott Crosby
Scott Crosby 23 dagen geleden
Gillian Anderson is a goddess
doG -the backward goD
doG -the backward goD 23 dagen geleden
Language wasn't bleeped in the U.K. wtf is it bleeped on NLposts??
Inez De Kleine
Inez De Kleine 24 dagen geleden
Jesus Minnie Driver was mean to Stephen! "Where he already keeps her..." She should be called Meanie Driver.
Mike 22 dagen geleden
That's Minnie Driver all over. She has a wicked sense of humor.
sameen fatima
sameen fatima 24 dagen geleden
Damn good 🔥
Magna Marianne Czagany
Magna Marianne Czagany 24 dagen geleden
Very funny when Graham spots a gay person immediately. No benefit of the doubt. He has great timing and “getting” people male or female. Soooo glad series starts again here in the US.
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai 24 dagen geleden
Graham out here doing god's work to make this time period happy
Sandra Hazeltine
Sandra Hazeltine 24 dagen geleden
The ads just about ruined it.
Catrins Tallon
Catrins Tallon 24 dagen geleden
What colour is Joe Swash?????
Ding Dong
Ding Dong 24 dagen geleden
Graham, when he made that statement about the unexpected backward type of technology used in 2009 being the basis of his belief in the conspiracy is embarrassing.
Daniel Boultt
Daniel Boultt 24 dagen geleden
Oh hes done you Steve
Karis Milligan
Karis Milligan 24 dagen geleden
VERY disappointed to hear Graham say he doesn’t believe the moon landings happened!! 😳
Mike 22 dagen geleden
J/K undoubtedly.
Balaji 24 dagen geleden
Stephen Merchant's delivery on that joke was 10/10. What a legend!!
Maryama Ahmed
Maryama Ahmed 24 dagen geleden
The guy gave her a onesie before it was a thing 😩
tetepeb 24 dagen geleden
That one guy was like an unfunny Robin Williams....
perryaugeri 24 dagen geleden
I wish they would somehow ID the guests. These stars are amazing but since the majority are UK stars I have no idea who they are
Neon Rinzla
Neon Rinzla 24 dagen geleden
@wich Joe Swash
wich 24 dagen geleden
L-R, first clip, Minnie Driver, Claire Balding, Stephen Merchant, second clip, Gillian Anderson, Chris Addison, third clip, Michael McIntyre, and no clue, IMDB wasn’t any help for me
Blessing Pamei
Blessing Pamei 24 dagen geleden
Gram u look younger in age🧐🤠hows that possible?? N ur show is the best after conan tbh
Anya Lazorina
Anya Lazorina 24 dagen geleden
Neil is a great actor and seems like a nice person 😂
Crenshaw K
Crenshaw K 24 dagen geleden
5:40 who’s that guy with Gillian
Rosita Carlita
Rosita Carlita 24 dagen geleden
It’s Chris Addison; a British comedian, actor, writer and director.
TaRa0350 24 dagen geleden
Graham's whole moon landing rant had me cackling
Aulia Nurhasanah
Aulia Nurhasanah 24 dagen geleden
The conspiracy is quite good 😂
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 24 dagen geleden
MANGO *AND PAPAYAAAAAAAAAA[goes in to inaudible territory]!* 😂😂😂😂
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 24 dagen geleden
WHOLLY BALLS dude, Scully is a BABE! :O
wich 23 dagen geleden
Iron Fan yes, red and mostly varying between bob cut and shoulder length. She was an absolute babe back then and still is. She’s also excellent in Bleak House and The Fall, still need to check her out in The Crown and Hannibal.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 24 dagen geleden
@wich Yeah, only know her from the X-files, where her hair was just short and (red?). \o/
wich 24 dagen geleden
And you’ve only just noticed this now?
Anna Samson
Anna Samson 24 dagen geleden
shock-proof indeed!
Rebecca McNutt
Rebecca McNutt 24 dagen geleden
Who is the guy on the couch with Gillian Anderson? He is hilarious!
wich 24 dagen geleden
Chris Addison
Ayman Al-ali
Ayman Al-ali 24 dagen geleden
The robot from Portal 2 is so funny.
E 22 dagen geleden
Weatley :)
Jimena Calvo
Jimena Calvo 24 dagen geleden
7.31 holy cannoli! i thought that was EDDIE REDmayne!
Amy Jensen
Amy Jensen 24 dagen geleden
My whole mood turns around when I see another one of these videos
pinkchihua 24 dagen geleden
I think I know why that moon landing conversation was ‘never seen before’ 😬
Jessica 7 dagen geleden
@Pogla The Grate It was just a joke ... because even with the technology that these great institutions and companies have to take man to the moon, everyday life has not changed as much as they promised, just that.. which of cource is not necessarily true...
Pogla The Grate
Pogla The Grate 23 dagen geleden
"Doesn't believe in Moon landing". Uses satellite, phone, and cameras as part of his career
Vihar Shah
Vihar Shah 24 dagen geleden
Gilli Is Sweet Chilli!, ♥️♥️♥️
matthew kühl
matthew kühl 24 dagen geleden
i had to verify that was Gillian Anderson - she's not speaking English 😋
matthew kühl
matthew kühl 23 dagen geleden
@Brains00007 _Whooooosh_
Brains00007 24 dagen geleden
She's not?
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 24 dagen geleden
Minnie’s dress is *amazing*
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