Lewis Hamilton On The Impact Of Being Number 1 In The F1 | The Graham Norton Show

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Huge congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for his 90th win!
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Joeri Yeahsayer
Joeri Yeahsayer Uur geleden
Hamilton, the no.1 douchebag!
Jonathan Sweeney
Jonathan Sweeney 5 uur geleden
I Hope he gets to Beat Michael Schumacher Record
Tattianna Shores
Tattianna Shores 11 uur geleden
He is very cute, very handsome, I must say so I was just staring at him and have no idea who he is only that he is a race car driver! I have to Google him!
Alan Stanley
Alan Stanley 20 uur geleden
Love Lewis great guy
stuart kane
stuart kane Dag geleden
Kylie minogue yum yum
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley Dag geleden
Lewis is so down to earth . . . What an Era he has created in F1. He really has given the Silver Arrows a Legacy to Cherish and Hold on to for generations to come.
Cherios Dag geleden
by the way its going right now, its a 7th
SaleenDriver Dag geleden
Big Hammy fan here. I'd love to see him do a race here in the states. Stick him in a NASCAR Truck from Kyle Busch Motorsports. Let him experience using a shift lever again. Drive a race vehicles without one single computer on it.
jason21jburg Dag geleden
Amazing how earning over 20 million a year can keep your motivation going
It ́s Dominik
It ́s Dominik Dag geleden
He is second oldest on the grid and next year he will by third oldest😳
360 Smart
360 Smart 2 dagen geleden
I can't stand Hamilton a complete DOSSER.
360 Smart
360 Smart Dag geleden
@Derrick Best Yeah he is a batty boy.
Derrick Best
Derrick Best Dag geleden
I know right bro. You know him personally. Thus your comment.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 2 dagen geleden
Kyle needs to sit on my face.
T 2 dagen geleden
As Lewis is aging and facing new young drivers, he's starting to understand how Michael Schumacher felt when he came along in F1.
Minty Roller
Minty Roller 2 dagen geleden
Normal People : Amazing achievement Lewis! Well done! F1 fans : NoO ItZ BeCuZ LeWIZ HaZ BEsT CaR! HeS AvERaGe!
K3YS Dag geleden
bonosbones 3 dagen geleden
Somebody to be proud of!
Siddartha Vedagiri
Siddartha Vedagiri 3 dagen geleden
if it wasnt for mercedes hamilton would be in the dumpster living under cardboard
K3YS Dag geleden
He won a championship in the second best car, max has the second best car, and only nine wins...... in nearly 8 years...... enough said
James Feguson
James Feguson 2 dagen geleden
Oh yea cause he didn't win the championship at mclaren in the 2nd best car, win 20+ races, take 20 poles in the time button and alonso got 2 and beat Alonso in his rookie year
Vincit Omnia Veritas. TAS
Vincit Omnia Veritas. TAS 2 dagen geleden
WTF 😬. Why so much hostility. Misery loves company as they say. Go get your company somewhere else. Knobhead
EA M 3 dagen geleden
How it feels to be in the NUMBER ONE CAR...
Derrick Best
Derrick Best Dag geleden
Lewis Hamilton. Number 1 driver. Number 1 car. Number 1 team. Number 1 paid. Number 1 skills. Number 1 records broken. Number 1 to get under your skin. Number 1 facts.
Squtzy 5 dagen geleden
And now he needs one more win to be the best of all time :) Hurts to be a McLaren fan but huge congrats to Lewis. Get in there Lewis ;)
Gitimus01 5 dagen geleden
Ah Lewis Hamilton. Not a fan, compleate *unt who has turned millions more away from the most boring sport ever.
Gitimus01 3 dagen geleden
@Doug BM No I do dislike the man (right) and with this stunts this year involving a hideous group of violent idiots have turned more people off F1. Which hasn't evolved to make the sport entertaining, just bring out the safety car over and over.
Doug BM
Doug BM 3 dagen geleden
You're all charm... and wrong.
Azhar Shaikh
Azhar Shaikh 5 dagen geleden
Nico Rosberg would have given him a good fight
Doug BM
Doug BM 3 dagen geleden
He did and won but said he could not do it again as it took so much effort to beat Lewis.
pspicer777 6 dagen geleden
Sounds like a reasonable young man.
Roberto Fontiglia
Roberto Fontiglia 15 dagen geleden
The F1 lol
Albert Speer
Albert Speer 2 dagen geleden
I know lmao haha.
MultiJamesman 18 dagen geleden
He should make a point of mentioning that he gets propped up specifically for the #1 spot by Mercedes's second driver Bottas, which is not something the other teams generally do, tie the hands of one of their drivers so they cannot place first.
Darrin Warner
Darrin Warner 27 dagen geleden
It's hilarious people think Hamilton is so humble from one interview. They obviously don't follow the sport.
K3YS Dag geleden
@Toro Loco Schumi, Senna, and Prost all cheated their way to a championship at some point, Lewis never did, surely that’s fact enough for these Lewis haters to realise but apparently not ahaha
K3YS Dag geleden
He is humble? You’re all just mad that he’s the best🤣
Toro Loco
Toro Loco 27 dagen geleden
Another great lie from the anti Lewis brigade. He is one of the nicest least arrogant champions ever. Literally everyone who worked with him have said so. Link me to an interview of him behaving arrogantly.
Christina Mcilwaine
Christina Mcilwaine 27 dagen geleden
Same old boring guests should get Randy Rogel and Rob Paulsen on then it would be worth watching this is rubbish 😒👎👎👎👎
Andrew H
Andrew H 28 dagen geleden
Stands up in a Mercedes with his arm up in the air, now where have we seen that before.
K3YS Dag geleden
You really are pathetic
María Rosa Corrales
María Rosa Corrales 28 dagen geleden
I am fan of McLaren and was very happy when he was there since he was 13 y.o. Then he moved to Mercedes, ok, but I still like him very much.
Jakob Finney
Jakob Finney 28 dagen geleden
talking about being old and theres a point of demand. Kimi laughs in the background
Kozacki 28 dagen geleden
I see majority of most successful people are the most humble ones. I like him when he tries to explain everything and not being cocky.
AffirmedJuggler 28 dagen geleden
jsldbg 29 dagen geleden
Ricky asks a legitimate question, crowd laughs. Cringe
Neo Themba
Neo Themba 15 dagen geleden
you have 44 likes, i cant like this. This is too good of a coincidence
Andy Warrier
Andy Warrier Maand geleden
Graham Norton has still got abundance of innocence and curiosity matched only by a child and yet his sense of humor is anything but Juvenile. Infact its quite the opposite. Its warm and its really funny and all that translates into his show and he brings out the best from his guests and the sincerest laughters from the audience. If there is one person I am going to miss from scene then its GN. I am not looking forward to his retirement!!!!
Andy Warrier
Andy Warrier 26 dagen geleden
@Mobin Kiadeh hear hear
Mobin Kiadeh
Mobin Kiadeh 26 dagen geleden
He probably won't retire for another 20 years, he knows how popular he is.
aydan khaliq
aydan khaliq Maand geleden
Rushing into the comments faster than the sf1000
Yonko Shanks
Yonko Shanks Maand geleden
Never thought lewis is soft spoken omg
karl Rensburg
karl Rensburg 3 dagen geleden
Yes silently spoken but violently driven in f1 and his personal lifestyle.
subhadip sarkhel
subhadip sarkhel Maand geleden
Huge fan of Lewis Hamilton love form India
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Maand geleden
Shyam Chandran
Shyam Chandran Maand geleden
Lewis sounds a lot like cricketer Kevin Pietersen.
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 Maand geleden
Wasn't this guy ( hamilton ) the one wearing a shirt asking for support in the case of the " drug mule " taylor back in the States ? Someone please , tell him to read , investigate before he make a ridicule of himself like many other so called " celebrities " . . . 🥴 Smfh . . .
daniel p
daniel p Maand geleden
King Hamilton
Adam Squibb
Adam Squibb Maand geleden
Lewis Hamilton who has now become a bell end since BLM
Doug BM
Doug BM 3 dagen geleden
jacob harris
jacob harris Maand geleden
Why?, he is mixed and experienced racism
Ava Robinson
Ava Robinson Maand geleden
ShanghaiBelle Maand geleden
excuse me i am still stuck on that nose pin
DaveMcIroy Maand geleden
0:30 - Graham has serious doubts, cause it's true that you can't be the new champion until the season is over. Math doesn't matter, rules do.
DaveMcIroy 10 uur geleden
@Vinnicius Thiago, no. Ever heard of something called rulew?
Vinnicius Thiago
Vinnicius Thiago 14 uur geleden
@DaveMcIroy He literally just told you how the system works. It's something like football. If a team like Liverpool accumulates too many points, they already win the league, even if they lose the nex few games. You can be the winner if the season is still not over
DaveMcIroy Maand geleden
@MwJazie, and your point is what?
MwJazie Maand geleden
@DaveMcIroy You said "its true that you cant be the new champion until the season is over."
DaveMcIroy Maand geleden
@MwJazie, can you read?
Ro Sinchen
Ro Sinchen Maand geleden
Love him, he is the best! I just wonder why he has not yet invited Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan 🤨
Lam rof
Lam rof Maand geleden
Get that record from Michael S. and retire.
Daniel Carneiro
Daniel Carneiro Maand geleden
0:34 it is just me or it seems that lewis doesnt want to say yes
BFSC's Studios
BFSC's Studios Maand geleden
Graham: *So what does F1 stand for exactly?*
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 29 dagen geleden
Param I just now saw that it starts with the word *Graham* not in bold, and all my brain registered was the question, so I thought _you_ were asking the question. My brain isn’t working very well at the moment because my endocrinologist withheld one of my medications for no discernible reason. 😳🤬😯
Param 29 dagen geleden
@Mary Rose Kent well it is bc he sometimes ask silliest questions
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Maand geleden
Param It’s not very funny...
Param Maand geleden
@Mary Rose Kent it's a joke mate🤦🏻‍♂️
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Maand geleden
BFSC's Studios Formula One
Mesjach Maand geleden
I didn't know anything about this guy (apart that's he's really good at driving ofc) but now I'm a fan. Such a good attitude!
slammerf16 3 dagen geleden
@Marianne Kleps Ok, I don't know you but on the law of averages, Lewis Hamilton is smarter, faster, stronger, fitter, tougher, better looking and more charming than you. Sometimes he just gets sick of dumbing down his immense talents for the masses but 99% of the time he stays humble.
UNISTAR 13 dagen geleden
@AzeTyler Exactly.
AzeTyler 18 dagen geleden
@Marianne Kleps butthurt detected
Marianne Kleps
Marianne Kleps 19 dagen geleden
He is polite but also extremly cocky, rude, and selfish
María Rosa Corrales
María Rosa Corrales 28 dagen geleden
McLaren filed him when he was 13 y.o.!!!
typical guy
typical guy Maand geleden
hasnt he break schumakers record for 7 th, or is this an old tape
Patrick Mullins
Patrick Mullins 29 dagen geleden
This is from the end of last season. If he wins this year will be the 7th matching Schumacher. If he wins in Russia this weekend he will match Schumachers 91 wins.
Geoffrey Coulson
Geoffrey Coulson Maand geleden
Oh is that lewis ?? I didn't reconize him without his stupid mask.
Ava Robinson
Ava Robinson Maand geleden
Jerome Hoyle
Jerome Hoyle Maand geleden
Bubba Wallace really needs to learn from this dude. SERIOUSLY.
Beatles Nut
Beatles Nut Maand geleden
Rockin the corn row toupee.
Hass Moomeej
Hass Moomeej Maand geleden
yucks hamilton
Lucas Hood
Lucas Hood Maand geleden
Surprised he didn't decry racism
A Discarded Boot
A Discarded Boot Maand geleden
wait so, decrying racism is a bad thing?
marksapollo Maand geleden
This was last year I believe, but yes funny how he seemed to have had no issue with it last year, or before that or before that etc.. now he is trying to politicise F1 as much as possible and a LOT of people are turning off because of him doing that! Note how F1 is one of the most diverse sports, yet people like Albon don’t ‘take the knee’... IMO he should have been fined for breaching FIA rules the last race by being political on the podium wearing that T Shirt, but the FIA have chickened out.
procrastimania Maand geleden
hamilton is such a class act
CJ and Auntie Yaya
CJ and Auntie Yaya Maand geleden
Lewis has great wisdom and is humble. Love his point of view. Stay with the number 44 and strive each year to be #1.
Tyler Neal
Tyler Neal 22 minuten geleden
Humble? 🤣
karl Rensburg
karl Rensburg 3 dagen geleden
Well said.
M R Maand geleden
Awesome Show ♥
Jane Hallett
Jane Hallett Maand geleden
Kylis likie
Mitchell Weiner
Mitchell Weiner Maand geleden
You can tell Graham isn’t a sports fan but watching him try is still endearing!
John Doe
John Doe Maand geleden
The guy is a complete loser off the track!
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine Maand geleden
KT Maand geleden
Kylie will always be my No. 1
T B Maand geleden
He can win 100 more races and be the number 1 for the next 10 years. Statistics are not all that matters. He'll still never be close to Michael Schumacher as a person or a sportsman.
marksapollo Maand geleden
For me it’s Senna, he will never ever in his dreams match Senna.
NomChompsky Maand geleden
Schumacher was a notorious cheat who, multiple times, almost killed drivers when intentionally crashing into them. He was disqualified from the entire 1997 championship and should've been from at least one more season.
shinybaldy Maand geleden
You’re right. Hamilton is a much cleaner driver than Schumacher who intentionally crashed opponents, parked up in Monaco and would cheat to win when he can’t win on the track.
Dhaval Brahmbhatt
Dhaval Brahmbhatt Maand geleden
Lewis is so well spoken and definitely fun person to have around !
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Maand geleden
I imagine he was born with a driver's licence.
NomChompsky 3 dagen geleden
@Speez71rm He has two sets of parents because his birth parents split up and remarried. So he has dad, mum, step-dad, step-mum. All four parents seem to have raised a polite and well-spoken young man who happens to be the greatest motorsports racer of all time.
Parth 29 dagen geleden
Made me chuckle
MrDjsmooth87 Maand geleden
his birthday suit was a fire suit
Speez71rm Maand geleden
Sounds like he was born with good parents. He's so polite and well spoken. Good on him.
Suburp212 Maand geleden
Hamilton is such a kind guy
Nico_LaBras Maand geleden
I really like Lewis as a person, how he portraits hgimself in interviews, very humble and not at all arrogant. But as a viewer sitting home, none of the races really captue me. Sure, there are some moments here and there where it does get really exciting, but all in all you almost always know that Top 3 will be Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen with usually Hamilton on top. I do not want to downplay Lewis' achievements in any way, it's amazing - almost unbelievable - what he's achieved. I think what I want to say is that, as a viewer watching from home, the races are kinda... boring. With that said I'm stoked for the Season in '22
Juan Acosta
Juan Acosta Maand geleden
The races have been dull, no discussion! But it’s not the drivers fault, it’s the FIA and FOM responsabilty to enhance the competitivebess of the whole field trough a more compelling ruleset.
marksapollo Maand geleden
That why this year has been such an utterly refreshing difference! Crashes left right and centre, Lewis thank God going out, and different people on the podium. When Schumacher kept wi big F1 lost millions of viewers, they say it’s been the same with Lewis, no viewers equals no sponsorship equals no F1. Good! I don’t want to watch my sport when the same arrogant idiot wins year in year out, Mercedes have not built a car that can actually race for years, it’s purely designed to blitz qualifying and then lead a race. If it has to actually race in a pack it overheats more so then other cars. Mercedes don’t believe in actually racing. They are bad for F1 IMO. I was very upset the new rules for next year were pushed back to 2022 as it means another year of constant boring races. I cancelled my Sky sub because they were so boring, stick to Channel 4 now.
PetetheCanuck Maand geleden
@Shadow Heart You can pretty much guess.... although two weeks ago (Italian GP) was probably one of the most memorable and exciting F1 races in recent years.
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Maand geleden
Do you mean it is boring because the results can be guessed (him always wining) or do you mean the new style of races is less exciting than in the past? For example, bodybuilding in the 70's and 80's was different from now. Now, people are bigger, but the culture changed from beauty and the elegance of the silhouette to brute strength. I don't like how modern bodybuilders look (big bellies). So this is a change in culture. Heavyweight boxing is another example of changing themes. The past greats were more exciting to watch and they took more risks than today's heavy weights.
JANX Maand geleden
I know a lot of people are hating on him always being number 1 but we'll all miss him when he retires indefinitely.
y1521t21b5 22 uur geleden
*@JANX* I disagree, but reckon, rather, that it is only after he retires from the sport that many will fully appreciate the staggering enormity of his achievements.
TracerHD Dag geleden
Definitely not!
Ella X
Ella X 2 dagen geleden
@Ben How is that his fault lmao Be upset that everyone else is mediocre and poses no competition. Don't be upset that he is skilled at what he does 🙄
Yeetus Delete
Yeetus Delete 3 dagen geleden
@Ben that's not his fault though
05deeps 3 dagen geleden
People who hate him for his talent , sounds very bitter of them. It’s not his fault no one else is good enough to compare
celt67 Maand geleden
It won't be till a few years after Hamilton retires that we'll all realise we were watching a true great.
marksapollo Maand geleden
Erm no... go and watch Senna if you want to see actual real racing. Not some pompous cry baby who moans when he hasn’t lead a race by a minute for 72 laps.
Adeel A. Ahmad
Adeel A. Ahmad Maand geleden
Definitely one of the GOATs, if you deny this you are are not being honest to yourself.
Jason Maand geleden
dream on
Rudi Maand geleden
To be honest I’m realizing it since Australia 2007. He stunned the F1 world from the very first minutes and still does so over 13 years later.
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard Maand geleden
F1 is boring
her box is rank
her box is rank Maand geleden
shows u can teach any level anything
Cas Reineman
Cas Reineman Maand geleden
Hedge hog
Hedge hog Maand geleden
Fast driving does not equate to an instant nice guy. I ask you all to look up his comments regarding the BLM movement. Then research his driving career. I need say no more.
Hedge hog
Hedge hog Maand geleden
@A Discarded Boot Yes discarded boot i see. Who needs a police force afterall? You absolute cretin.
A Discarded Boot
A Discarded Boot Maand geleden
If anything his support of the BLM movement further accentuates his niceness.
Peter Riis
Peter Riis Maand geleden
​@Hedge hog Hamilton is probably a nice man - seems so - and don't know much about his driving career though, but his support of that murderous and racist marxist movement is despicable. Tells us a bit about his common sense. Not saying anything of his stupid appearance. 😉
​@Hedge hog - And reading a few cherry-picked quotes taken from cherry-picked interviews or Tweets doesn't equate to being a bad guy either. Everyone has good and bad, some more than others, the truly bad people should be acknowledged and shown to be bad, but some people just like to focus on the bad no matter how much good there is. Personally, I think he's done some selfish and obnoxious stuff over the years, so did Schumacher, so did Usain Bolt, Tyson and Ali... because you have to ruthless if you want to be the best. All I can tell you is from my _first-hand_ experience albeit brief, I met him and Rosberg at a charity every in 2015, we all had a short allotted time to spend with the drivers as, of course, they are super busy and in high demand. Rosberg was polite and well mannered, but clearing couldn't be bothered and did the minimum required, he left very quickly and ignored some families asking to have a picture taken with him. Lewis, however, spent hours talking, entertaining the kids, asking *us* questions, was interested in what we were doing, he interacted with everyone and singled out people and small groups to make sure they got some time with him, furthermore, he was even pulled away a couple times by his team/PA but said; _"No, that can wait, I want to stay for a while longer."_ Not one person I saw or spoke to left without commenting on how incredibly humble, friendly, and attentive he was at making everyone feel welcome and special, to the cost of his limited and valuable spare time.
Hedge hog
Hedge hog Maand geleden
@Ian Please do not apologise for a lack of understanding. We all learn if we are open to it,day by day.
PlanB John
PlanB John Maand geleden
Gra-ham enjoy!,
PlanB John
PlanB John Maand geleden
Does he forget those Nazi camps? Of course,show me the money!
No one Someone
No one Someone Maand geleden
I can’t unsee Nicki next to him
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Maand geleden
No one Someone Nicky Lauda or Nicki Minaj? Or some mystery Nicki?
Harsha Ganji
Harsha Ganji Maand geleden
Graham Norton is the best host ever . The feelings and the conversations feel very geniune compared to other show hosts .
Hammer 001
Hammer 001 3 dagen geleden
@Jimmy Gillard Another top legend from these islands we inhabit.
UNISTAR 13 dagen geleden
Because they don't let them talk. They keep interrupting every 10-15 secs.
Jonatan R-K
Jonatan R-K 26 dagen geleden
Mobin Kiadeh
Mobin Kiadeh 26 dagen geleden
@Neptune's Beard yeah he's the worst
Yonko Shanks
Yonko Shanks Maand geleden
I enjoy Conan , other talk host suck , but Graham Norton is more passive so he is good to . Craig ferguson is just legend
chuyernest 2 sicairos
chuyernest 2 sicairos Maand geleden
A great video! NORTON 🤗😎😎 BLESSED!
Jeff Wulf
Jeff Wulf Maand geleden
This was filmed.. when?
NomChompsky Maand geleden
Probably early November 2019, just after Lewis had won the title.
Tom Baines
Tom Baines Maand geleden
I was a fan of him when he started out in F1. Now I can't stand him. I just find him insufferable 🤷‍♂️
Andrea Crewe
Andrea Crewe Maand geleden
He thinks he’s so important and ‘his people’ love him, I’m over it, he may be good a driving a car fast but he’s still a prize Pratt
marksapollo Maand geleden
Couldn’t agree anymore with you. I hate him.
Wisdom Killers
Wisdom Killers Maand geleden
Lewis should advertise on the vehicle he is driving around the track the amount of cash he gets paid compared to the average person, also put up a photo on his vehicle of his abode compared to the average person than we can take his protest serious and not just highlight media conversations around the world
marksapollo Maand geleden
A Discarded Boot I perfectly understand it thank you very much, don’t be so condescending. The message IS racist and millions think so, the message has been purposely designed in that way missing the ‘too’, people also find it incredibly hypocritical for privileged multi millionaire black people to be protesting. Lewis can wear the logo, he can kneel, but he cannot break the rules and the FIA need to grow a lair and punish him for doing so! Sorry but politicising F1 on the podium is against FIA rules.
A Discarded Boot
A Discarded Boot Maand geleden
@Peter Riis Imagine thinking racism is political. While it does have some political objectives (defunding the police, judicial reform, etc..) at it's core it is an anti-racism movement which at best is a human morality issue, not political.
Peter Riis
Peter Riis Maand geleden
@A Discarded Boot It IS an effing political movement, you .... 🤡
A Discarded Boot
A Discarded Boot Maand geleden
@Peter Riis Because this is not a movement created to benefit them. The movement was created to benefit everyone, regardless of their views, which is why the whole thing is so diverse. If they made it a political movement it would not appeal to as many people.
Peter Riis
Peter Riis Maand geleden
@A Discarded Boot Well... What?! If the founders and leaders of a movement are not the ones setting the movements target and ideology - who is?
Silvia Nes
Silvia Nes Maand geleden
Emerald Beauty
Emerald Beauty Maand geleden
He's cute
Emerald Beauty
Emerald Beauty Maand geleden
@buck9393 Obviously. 😌
Emerald Beauty
Emerald Beauty Maand geleden
@Darth Malgus Haha, I admire your confidence! ☺
buck9393 Maand geleden
Darth Malgus
Darth Malgus Maand geleden
Pickle Nick
Pickle Nick Maand geleden
*Came straight to the comments just to see how F1 Fans would appear here faster than the V10.* 💯😂
Sander Lansberg
Sander Lansberg Maand geleden
Kylie Minogue is still looking as hot as ever
Derrick Best
Derrick Best Dag geleden
@Sander Lansberg This... this is why I read YT comments
Dan Shearing
Dan Shearing 2 dagen geleden
Sisters better
Sumit Kaushik
Sumit Kaushik 4 dagen geleden
‘Is that Madonna or Kylie Minogue?’ - Nico Hülkenberg
Sander Lansberg
Sander Lansberg 8 dagen geleden
@Chirag Patel Yet you'd let her "give you" the corona virus every day of the week
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel 9 dagen geleden
Make up & money can do wonders, you see.
Param Maand geleden
Well some legend once said "Vettel's dominance is boring fans of F1"
Nora Brown
Nora Brown Maand geleden
Would have turned over as soon as that Prat came out. What a wankspangle Hamilton is.
Nora Brown
Nora Brown Maand geleden
@Anthony Felix so true.
Anthony Felix
Anthony Felix Maand geleden
@Nora Brown hamilton
Ian Maand geleden
Nora Brown. That was a good chat x
Nora Brown
Nora Brown Maand geleden
@Ian whatever.
Ian Maand geleden
Nora Brown. You literally posted that a complete stranger to you is a “wankspangle” and I’m the one that’s looking to start a row? That’s an interesting perspective. If you’re not looking for an argument, then I’d suggest refraining from posting deliberately provocative and insulting comments on You Tube. Just saying...
TomLynda Tang
TomLynda Tang Maand geleden
Has to be a legend, even as second oldest but the young ones also have no fear and are competitive so even harder to stay in the game! Fair play
c'est la Vie
c'est la Vie Maand geleden
Probably one of the greatest F1 drivers but I can't believe he is the same guy who was complaining that F1 is boring when Seb was dominating with RBR.
Ninja 17 dagen geleden
Jasonsenipor he beat button and rosberg overall. Just lost one year to both
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr Maand geleden
Where did he say that about Seb? I mean I looked youtube for that I found Jackie Stewart saying that in 2013 but I couldn't find a video of Hamilton saying that!!
Juno Jay
Juno Jay Maand geleden
@Bipolar Ronnie O'Sullivan bipolar indeed...
Rudi Maand geleden
@Jason The other way of putting it is that he had the best teammates of all the world champions of the last decades. Alonso (2 championships), Button (1) and Rosberg (1) makes up 4. But lets not start this endless "he's (not) the greatest" debate. There's no way a consensus will be reached and no one's opinion is wrong. The only measurable fact are the stats, and honestly he's smashing them all.
Wraptor _
Wraptor _ Maand geleden
@Rudi Appart from when Albon is next to him, then he'll be really competitive.
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul Maand geleden
Lewis is a legend! ❤️ And to see him on Graham is such a dream. :")
Man Who Says Bagel
Man Who Says Bagel Maand geleden
@Live troublemaker no
Live troublemaker
Live troublemaker Maand geleden
@Man Who Says Bagel Duh! Are you new to the show?
Man Who Says Bagel
Man Who Says Bagel Maand geleden
Graham's gay
the king of cool
the king of cool Maand geleden
Hamilton, Minoque, Banks & Gervais. That couch is awesome...
Black Heartz
Black Heartz Maand geleden
Aaron Hibberd
Aaron Hibberd Maand geleden
I’ll be Bottas and stay at number 2.
Gaming Saint
Gaming Saint Maand geleden
When ever I see Lewis Hamilton , I feel like he is the Raheem Sterling of F1.
oneoldgit 28 dagen geleden
A Ugly Blue Thing it means that Sterling as a footballer, misses a lot of open goals, including one recently in an international match where he hoofed it over the bar from 3 yards out. Lewis Hamilton has screwed up the occasional race earlier in his career but seems to learn from those mistakes. Sterling has been doing it for years. He plays for a team that creates more chances than any other and so, on average, he must score sometimes. At international level England don’t create that many chances and so when you get one you must score
NomChompsky Maand geleden
@Gaming Saint What a stupid race-bating comment. So they moved "for the money"? Did you say that when white players moved to other teams? And in any case, Mercedes were more like Man Utd pre-Fergie. Historic team but no recent success.
Gaming Saint
Gaming Saint Maand geleden
@jer6900 bruv I was saying about how they moved to the big money bags which are mercedes and man City here ! Jeez nothing about race mate , jeez calm🙏🏼
jer6900 Maand geleden
Cus he's a supporter of BLM? 👎
M C Maand geleden
@A Ugly Blue Thing That they look similar what else? They're black so MUST be the same.
samRAWR Maand geleden
im the number 1 on a video about being number 1 in f1. wow
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 22 dagen geleden
🏆🏅🥇 There ya go! Just in case the other one got lost in the mail! ☮️💜
brooklynSYCO Maand geleden
samRAWR already have it 😘
samRAWR Maand geleden
@brooklynSYCO do you want my address?
brooklynSYCO Maand geleden
Your medal is in the mail.
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