The Best Lockdown Moments Of Season 27 On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

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The Graham Norton Show

4 maanden geleden

As season 27 comes to an end, here are the best lockdown moments. Part two will be coming soon!
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Hds Sdt
Hds Sdt 21 dag geleden
Wow only graham norton can pull off an amazing remote chat show sans red couch and sans audience and still make it entertaining and watchable! You go glen coco!
Katie Kuharik
Katie Kuharik 23 dagen geleden
Graham is the best interviewer, he's so polite and actually let's the stars talk and finish there storys.
NarwhalGalaxy 26 dagen geleden
Jesus loves you!
salzkuu Maand geleden
You better have Sandra Oh on when you can have people on the couch again
Erik B. Anderson
Erik B. Anderson Maand geleden
Graham's been doing lockdown shows? I watch clips on youtube every day. First time I've heard of this. Six plus months into the lockdown.
Kafaloto Feao
Kafaloto Feao Maand geleden
Ohhhhh that sample of Chris Hemsworth's voice... Say no more.
aya kreuk
aya kreuk Maand geleden
I choked on an orange I'm eating when Will showed a prosthetic testicles XD
The Fart Of God
The Fart Of God Maand geleden
Oh! Sir Patrick Stewart!
The Fart Of God
The Fart Of God Maand geleden
I don't know why but for some reason it makes me so happy that Will Ferrell's eyebrows are starting to get as wonderfully crazy as he is
A. Crist
A. Crist Maand geleden
Pagan Punk
Pagan Punk Maand geleden
Michael Sheen is a Legend 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Dan Rodrigues
Dan Rodrigues 2 maanden geleden
It sounds like Judi Dench is well on her way of learning all 154 of William Shakespeare's sonnets. Here's to you learning number 7...
Ke Tho
Ke Tho 2 maanden geleden
those g"u"ys that cry about the baby are scary af..
Mr Connor TV
Mr Connor TV 2 maanden geleden
How come, no female reactions of her pregnancy? lol
psychothof 2 maanden geleden
Michael Sheen going batshit for no reason
Indy21 2 maanden geleden
Michael Sheen makes an awesome "who wants to be a millionaire" setting. No detail has been left apart. 😄
Eva Ida
Eva Ida 2 maanden geleden
Just realized that Katy perry and Emily blunt could be twins
antonela bakavic
antonela bakavic 9 dagen geleden
I agree, they really look alike
salzkuu Maand geleden
Eva Ida ummmmm...... No?
Wendy Monette
Wendy Monette 2 maanden geleden
Patrick Stewart. What a romantic. :-)
Anne Margaret
Anne Margaret 3 maanden geleden
Lady Gaga is such a pleasure. I just want to hang out with her, Madonna, and some ridiculous necklace
Margot Gulliford
Margot Gulliford 3 maanden geleden
Judi drench and ian McClellan are in his contacts, l am so jealous.😷🇨🇦
Laura Yost
Laura Yost 3 maanden geleden
.best laugh ever!
Dunja O
Dunja O 3 maanden geleden
Why not call Tom Hiddleston XD
Doctor Kael
Doctor Kael 3 maanden geleden
Jeff Goldblum’s grill. 👍
Tracy Jones
Tracy Jones 3 maanden geleden
Will looks like Willy wonka. Lol
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul 3 maanden geleden
Those reactions to Katy's pregnancy announcement were so wholesome! :')
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul 3 maanden geleden
Can someone tell me where I can get that meditation app?!
shshankk 3 maanden geleden
Everyone reacted to the bump looked......🎉
Pranav Pappu
Pranav Pappu 3 maanden geleden
PROTECT PATRICK STEWART AT ALL COSTS!!!!! What a wholesome human being :)
Autistic Savant
Autistic Savant 3 maanden geleden
I have a huge crush on Michael Sheen
Chris Ho
Chris Ho 4 maanden geleden
Gaga hanging out with Madonna? What happened to “she’s not me?”
Aliya Fatma
Aliya Fatma 4 maanden geleden
I had an intuition to pause before Will showed his second memorabilia. I'm very glad I followed through with that.
MissT 4 maanden geleden
thank you to Chris for that moment of zen- daaaaaaaaaamn
strangererthings 4 maanden geleden
Love it when Graham laughs till his eyes are gone :')
Hoku Nihipali
Hoku Nihipali 4 maanden geleden
Has Lady Gaga seen Ocean's 8? Haha
bob the tomato
bob the tomato 4 maanden geleden
Right at Chris' "soft like jelly" line I got interrupted by a Joe biden ad 😂😬
Ariane Dennison
Ariane Dennison 2 maanden geleden
Lol, mine was for some man's body wash. I'm like, "why is NLposts playing 'just the tip' with me, that is not right!" Nice to see I wasn't the only one 😁
Chaos Burrito
Chaos Burrito 3 maanden geleden
Might I suggest Ad Blocker Plus for NLposts. I haven't seen an ad in years.
al 3 maanden geleden
mine was for Mac n cheese
thebl4ckd0g 4 maanden geleden
I did not realize that Will Ferrel got so old... :o
Belinda Kaysac
Belinda Kaysac 4 maanden geleden
What is that on her nose?
Belinda Kaysac
Belinda Kaysac 4 maanden geleden
That is lady Gaga? She looks so different.. How many personalities does she have?
Belinda Kaysac
Belinda Kaysac 4 maanden geleden
Graham looks good with that beard...
Belinda Kaysac
Belinda Kaysac 4 maanden geleden
Actors are such crazy people 😂😅
Jen Worrall
Jen Worrall 4 maanden geleden
I thought I couldn’t love Michael Sheen any more, then this happens. Omg the highlighter 🤣
Patsy Bailey
Patsy Bailey 4 maanden geleden
Probably never going to forget Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets now. Thanks, goofballs!
Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik 4 maanden geleden
So Gaga and Madonna feud ended?? I did not know that
Isabel Sim
Isabel Sim 4 maanden geleden
Aww that conversation with Judy Dench was so sweet haha 😄
Ed Ding
Ed Ding 4 maanden geleden
Jeff Goldblum is the most fabulous straight man I have ever seen.
kashgarinn 24 dagen geleden
Clothes is a very interesting hobby, but ultimately it’s an incredibly time consuming one as it then must always be on point, and it gets to be a chore and most then abandon it.
CHEEKY MONKEY Maand geleden
Have you seen him on RuPauls Drag Race? I tell ya i've been watching that show since season 1 and he was the best judge EVER! Funny, emotional, caring, present. It's a must watch!
The Fart Of God
The Fart Of God Maand geleden
Yes, I just watched Jurassic Park for the first time recently and discovered that it was he who played the role of the damsel in distress Haha and boy did he nail it
Linda Mc
Linda Mc 4 maanden geleden
I want Judi Dench to be my phone a friend! LOL
Fcutdlady 4 maanden geleden
I'll forgive the lack of Imelda Staunton talking about being in the Downton Abbey film being served a drink by Carson the butler, aka her husband Jim Carter as you have Sir Patrick Stewart reading a Shakespeare sonnet!
Eb B
Eb B 4 maanden geleden
Since the "Lock Down" this show sucks. The primary reason I watched it was because of the guest interactions
Jo Nyu
Jo Nyu 4 maanden geleden
Howling with laughter, Graham youre the best
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! 4 maanden geleden
💘 Graham Norton! 🙇 🎉 🎆
Reggie Ferns
Reggie Ferns 4 maanden geleden
Is it just me or did anyone else think Lady Gaga was wearing spectacles
Pambudi Wardhani
Pambudi Wardhani 4 maanden geleden
How old are these "fans" obsessing celebrities. I'd understand if they were teenagers. Those looks like people in their late 20s up to mid 40s.
j ubelivion
j ubelivion 4 maanden geleden
one day you might grow up and understand that people 20 - 40 and *gasp* practically until the day they die get interested and inspired by celebrities. Why so judgy?
Katia Slinger
Katia Slinger 4 maanden geleden
Sandra Manturzyk
Sandra Manturzyk 4 maanden geleden
Gaga's make up is on point
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 4 maanden geleden
Who is the pregnant woman?
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 4 maanden geleden
Mary Rose Kent. Katy Perry🎙
Jess Cuz
Jess Cuz 4 maanden geleden
Every time Graham giggles I giggle. He's adorable
Muhammad Abdul Malik
Muhammad Abdul Malik 4 maanden geleden
Sheen is such a good host. I want him to host a contest show now 😬
JustAGuyfromLDN 4 maanden geleden
Funny how Alan Carr’s so recognisable just by the back of his head... also funny how Katy Perry sounds more like Adele when she’s impersonating Alan😂how have I never seen any of these clips or shows?? I thought the show kicked it when lockdown happened😭I’ve got some catching up to do!
dizzie337 4 maanden geleden
Always a blast!! So much love from USA 💕 gotta ask... wth is on Gaga’s face?
ultradeadd 4 maanden geleden
Michael Sheen sleeps in a suit
Nicholas Dickens
Nicholas Dickens 4 maanden geleden
Michael Sheen, just the best!
Lorraine Cragan-Sullivan
Lorraine Cragan-Sullivan 4 maanden geleden
Chris Hemsworth meditation...gotta track that down!
Laurie Trumphour
Laurie Trumphour 4 dagen geleden
Need Loki too
Janette Webster
Janette Webster 16 dagen geleden
That was the 1st time I found meditating "arousing"...
acoustic boy
acoustic boy 4 maanden geleden
why is graham the only host that can figure out how to use an hd camera
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz 4 maanden geleden
And Gaga
kachuncamia 4 maanden geleden
I’m obsessed with how Sunny looks at Patrick when he’s reading 😭❤️
Dean - SeNapses
Dean - SeNapses 4 maanden geleden
Patrick Stewart could've been a great James Bond.
Nikolis Iosifidis
Nikolis Iosifidis 4 maanden geleden
In which sky and rainbow?
Analia 4 maanden geleden
Michael sheen is everything!
Elaine Soto
Elaine Soto 4 maanden geleden
Looks like he is the best to party with.
Deborah Pugh
Deborah Pugh 4 maanden geleden
He had me at "Hi Everybody".... Chris Hemsworth, that is.
Noelle Nn
Noelle Nn 4 maanden geleden
I don't understand why the beeb can't get multiple guests to appear together on Zoom the way they would be on the sofa.
Marty E
Marty E 4 maanden geleden
because it's harder, easier to get 10 min. with each guest at a time
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga 4 maanden geleden
we NEED Sandra and Gaga on the red sofa together! please and thank you x
Sweekruthi 3 maanden geleden
Yes sameeee
cals 4 maanden geleden
2 minutes in and Graham just casually rings Dame Judi Dench. nbd.
Jessica 7 dagen geleden
@jimchik they are friends so maybe not, maybe yes -
jimchik 4 maanden geleden
yeah.. because none of this was planned in advance...
Rosalba Díaz
Rosalba Díaz 4 maanden geleden
Michael Sheen is a treasure sdfghjkl
Marjie Hoss
Marjie Hoss 4 maanden geleden
The fact that this show works even in isolation just shows how awesome it is
antonela bakavic
antonela bakavic 9 dagen geleden
Why wouldn't it work?
Susan Gruhlke
Susan Gruhlke 4 maanden geleden
Did anyone notice there was two option “b” on The Who wants to be a millionaire.
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 4 maanden geleden
2:08 So that means Dame Judi Dench has a landline 😯
WeAreLegion 4 maanden geleden
I truly hate to say this but, this GREAT show does not, in any way, work in an isolation format.
Sara-Stina Bergstedt
Sara-Stina Bergstedt 3 maanden geleden
@Jack Hanner That's not really fair. I miss the interaction between Graham and the full couch of guests. That's always been the unique feature of this show, that the interviews are not done one by one but with the guests all together. Doing interviews through Zoom is nice enough, but doesn't create the same magic as the regular show.
suzawilo 4 maanden geleden
I didn't watch without audience.
Brendonmakesmesmile 4 maanden geleden
it's less funny without the guest interaction haha
Jack Hanner
Jack Hanner 4 maanden geleden
I disagree. It's basically an informal chat like you'd have with your mates. Or like any other interview. It doesn't have the audience true but people who don't find the show funny or entertaining like this are feeding off the audiences laughter than anything else.
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 4 maanden geleden
Life as we knew it pre-COVID19 does not, in any way, work well in isolation format. Regardless, the whole world is just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Do you think the show would "work better" if it was just off-air entirely until it is safe again to be on set? If you think about it realistically, they show has obligations and contracts to fulfill just like regular people who are working remotely at home do. You could always put a laugh-track on in a second browser tab if that's what you're missing because the one-on-one interview tone seems the same as it always has.
Eli 4 maanden geleden
That moment when you call Dame Judy Dench for a joker on Shakespeare :D ! Love it!!
แกล้งหมีด้วยมือเปล่า 4 maanden geleden
I love Cristina Yang ... oops Sandra Oh! I love Captain America ... oops Chris Evans! Bring them to real show when things get back to normal,pleaseeeeeee
maria del pilar Fourcade
maria del pilar Fourcade 4 maanden geleden
Extraño este show. De los mejores!
chiefdancingostriche 4 maanden geleden
i can't help being in awe of lady gaga.
wendyjensenmusic 4 maanden geleden
Katy's fans were cringe.
Nelly Imame
Nelly Imame 4 maanden geleden
Omg I didn’t know anything about that app - oooohhhh
Rhonda Mullins
Rhonda Mullins 4 maanden geleden
Really enjoyed this compilation!
live yourlife
live yourlife 4 maanden geleden
I love how every celebrity here give us a brief moment from their lives away from flashes and share with us how genuinely funny and heartwarming they are, that's why we love you Graham! thank you.
Nikki Dee
Nikki Dee 4 maanden geleden
Yes! I am quite enjoying seeing little snippets of rooms in their homes too!
Doudou Ba
Doudou Ba 4 maanden geleden
As much as I love Sandra Oh in killing eve, nothing can top her performance as christina yang in grey's anatomy !!!!!
Budcat101 4 maanden geleden
luv it and um
Hadwin Wolfhard
Hadwin Wolfhard 4 maanden geleden
Relique Oz
Relique Oz 4 maanden geleden
What a pity first time guests like Sandra Oh and Chris Evans can't be on the couch.
Ace C
Ace C 2 maanden geleden
Chris Evans was on Graham for the first during this time - he’s just not in this compilation.
Reyna Machado
Reyna Machado 3 maanden geleden
You know the Chris' always seem to be confused. I think it is Pine. Maybe Pratt?
Gotham Knight
Gotham Knight 3 maanden geleden
Jerkal 4 maanden geleden
A normal Christian
A normal Christian 4 maanden geleden
Why is it that some camp gay men act like 12 year old girls?
Gaurav Vikalp
Gaurav Vikalp 4 maanden geleden
Lol, plot twist- your 12 year old is a camp gay man
sky sands
sky sands 4 maanden geleden
😜nice touch
Shreyas Nayak
Shreyas Nayak 4 maanden geleden
Will ferrell looks like pennywise😂
Betty Smith
Betty Smith 4 maanden geleden
Thanks for this Graham! Love from TN ♥️
André Gamir
André Gamir 4 maanden geleden
Michael Sheen. What a lad. lol
Hanna Young
Hanna Young 4 maanden geleden
Wish All of them on the couch together what a shame such good guests !!!
Me Too
Me Too 4 maanden geleden
Shut up lady.
Iron Boots
Iron Boots 4 maanden geleden
Michael Sheen is a treat 😂
wudip 630
wudip 630 4 maanden geleden
I came here to say the exact same thing!!!😀
ولد يعقوب المنصور
ولد يعقوب المنصور 4 maanden geleden
respect graham
Annika Hausen
Annika Hausen 4 maanden geleden
I love how this video starts with Michael Sheen just going plain mad 😂 a great intro to and recap of how lock down feels 😂
Jason R.Rich
Jason R.Rich 4 maanden geleden
As soon as I saw the start I thought the guy was shaving his head with a torch
Squidbone _
Squidbone _ 4 maanden geleden
Does graham heart your comment of your early
HFC TRUETIC 4 maanden geleden
Hi graham
Curtis Evans
Curtis Evans 4 maanden geleden
Love Graham
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