Sir David Attenborough’s Hilarious Voice Over For A Tortoise Trying To Mate With A Shoe

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The Graham Norton Show

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Who remembers this hilarious moment!? Sir David Attenborough shows off his narrating skills once again!
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Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson 6 uur geleden
He dosent look a Day over 70
Soulless Raven
Soulless Raven 7 uur geleden
PLEASE let this man live forever, our world is a MUCH better place with him in it.
Yakup Sahin
Yakup Sahin 15 uur geleden
Sir David attenborough should narrate for movies also
Tim de Winter
Tim de Winter 16 uur geleden
What a lovely voice to listen to, even watching the tortoise haha
Šoph 19
Šoph 19 18 uur geleden
Sir David is surely a gift of God Almighty to humans n thix earth 👌
Marco Casati
Marco Casati 19 uur geleden
Someone should put iodine in that lady's tap water my gawd...
santoshh Mishh
santoshh Mishh 19 uur geleden
David : " MIGHTY MATING CALL-" Tortoise: ehhnn...
cetterus 20 uur geleden
This old dude is an absolute star. He has done quite a few of these auto parodies.
Aleksi Joensuu
Aleksi Joensuu 20 uur geleden
Also, just look at his body language, his way of sitting. He is one cool cat. 💥
Aleksi Joensuu
Aleksi Joensuu 20 uur geleden
I was waiting for him to reply "I *am* an old perv". (Not saying Dave-O is, just saying I think he has the sense of humour 😄)
Ancient Alien
Ancient Alien 22 uur geleden
Pure Legend sir DA
David McMullan
David McMullan 22 uur geleden
Absolute national treasure. Sir David's not bad either.
Alex Li
Alex Li Dag geleden
Sir David Attenborough can narrate how to make 100 sandwich, and I'd still watch him without skipping a second...
motorcycle enthusiast
motorcycle enthusiast Dag geleden
The most asmr voice of human being
Angela Gillett
Angela Gillett Dag geleden
Colonel Arkham
Colonel Arkham Dag geleden
Sir David Attenborough has still got so much energy and nimbleness to his movement as he gestures. I certainly hope I can say the same for myself when I reach his age.
Ithayaraj Augustine
Ithayaraj Augustine Dag geleden
Great man
Reiss Knell
Reiss Knell Dag geleden
Cameron Diaz is the sexiest person to ever live. FACT
Louise Dag geleden
Shoe tortoise has faster off spring
MillieJay14 Dag geleden
I wish David Attenborough would do my university lectures
Benj Mitchell
Benj Mitchell Dag geleden
Go Tiges!!
Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington Dag geleden
Imagine if you had him as your personal in-head narrator for everything you did every day. Life would be pure poetry. Ofcourse you'd be raving mad if so, but hey, at least it wold be kinda sweet!
Shlok Suman
Shlok Suman 2 dagen geleden
this made my week!!!🙏
Megan Chalkley
Megan Chalkley 2 dagen geleden
Sir David Attenborough is a national treasure and he must be forever protected!!!!!
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed 2 dagen geleden
Can't believe he is 94. Nature must be keeping him alive for some reason.
Baard Ove Kopperud
Baard Ove Kopperud 2 dagen geleden
Wow, that's one very happy and satisfied shoe!
G Young
G Young 3 dagen geleden
What I don’t understand is.. How can people deny climate change after watching Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries?
Ruza Hel
Ruza Hel 3 dagen geleden
I want him to be immortal.
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh 3 dagen geleden
Cameron Diaz the best smile ever ❤️
Dishanthen Varshiv Shivananthan
Dishanthen Varshiv Shivananthan 3 dagen geleden
This man is god in disguise.
Kratika Tiwari
Kratika Tiwari 4 dagen geleden
Low-key I feel bad for that poor little turtle ... Tortoises in dont know but I do feel bad for him.
Suzanne 5 dagen geleden
Hilarious! I love David Attenborough!
TheSponge33 6 dagen geleden
There will never be anyone as good as him, love all his work, committed his life to document nature, without him and his team we wouldn’t know a lot of things that goes on in this world. I salute Sir
Mandy Nicholson
Mandy Nicholson 6 dagen geleden
Sir David Attenborough is just incredible! , if only there was more people like him in this world. 94 years old and he’s still educating us on the earth his recent documentary really put things into perspective for me He’s such a caring loving man with a heart of gold definitely one of Britain’s greatest treasures (The noise of the tortoise was the cutest thing ever, but watching it seemed exhausting and time consuming it was like the noise of giving up lol )
jeroenjoetjoep 6 dagen geleden
Sir David Attenborough: “Have you ever seen birds, mate?” Graham Norton: “I’ve seen pigeons, mate!”
Aleksi Joensuu
Aleksi Joensuu 20 uur geleden
I think pigeons ARE a kind of bird, mate 😆
Umer Sial
Umer Sial 2 dagen geleden
I see whacha did there...
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 6 dagen geleden
Excuse me while I cloacally kiss my wife for an hour.
Tony Algabatz Fischier
Tony Algabatz Fischier 7 dagen geleden
Please never die!
Maria Grant
Maria Grant 7 dagen geleden
So good 😂😂🇦🇺
Ethan K
Ethan K 8 dagen geleden
RIP David
Spectahman 2.0
Spectahman 2.0 8 dagen geleden
Cameron Diaz?
vijju k
vijju k 8 dagen geleden
Sir David Attenborough is one of those people whom you see and stand up with respect and realise after 10mins that you are standing.
Edward Tiangco
Edward Tiangco 9 dagen geleden
A treasure, this man!
Pseudo 9 dagen geleden
I believe Sir David will outlive us all because gods never die.
Atrillo Louis Elago
Atrillo Louis Elago 12 dagen geleden
David: It rears his head and emits the 𝗠𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗧𝗬 𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗚 𝗖𝗔𝗟𝗟.. ᵉʰ
sootywing 12 dagen geleden
Shungabali 15 dagen geleden
Sir David God bless you I wish you a long long life, you're a joy to watch and I'm addicted to your videos ,well sort of❤
Justyna Aleksiejuk
Justyna Aleksiejuk 16 dagen geleden
I absolutley love this man! He is amazing!
Marianne Messer
Marianne Messer 17 dagen geleden
Mortal Clown
Mortal Clown 17 dagen geleden
What a beautiful human he is. America and the world needs him so. Love this post. Thank you! 💙
Daniel George John
Daniel George John 18 dagen geleden
I think he will always be the greatest narrator of all time♥️ His voice is something unique and has a cathartic effect in my life 😊
Kewpie Doll
Kewpie Doll 18 dagen geleden
He's so funny
Zoë Balafoutis
Zoë Balafoutis 18 dagen geleden
Planet bin chicken
Andres M
Andres M 19 dagen geleden
Coital kiss ‐ you learn something everyday.
ChaCha 19 dagen geleden
I can't tell if that's Cameron Diaz or Ellen Barkin
Swastik Biswas
Swastik Biswas 19 dagen geleden
His Wife admits their "Cloacal kiss"😂😂
Armando Marcial
Armando Marcial 19 dagen geleden
Sir David Attenborough is a fundamental part of My Childhood, i grew up watching his documentals!
Akshay Kanojia
Akshay Kanojia 20 dagen geleden
The struggle of little tortoise is humour for a little world. We humans are also entertainment for some unknown world.
O B G 20 dagen geleden
🇨🇴🇨🇴SOS COLOMBIA 🇨🇴🇨🇴🕊️🙏
Scott Cowan
Scott Cowan 20 dagen geleden
It’s a Croc monsieur..
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel 20 dagen geleden
Only Sir David could sit so sweetly next to the smoke show that is Carmon Diaz, talking about cloacal kisses, and outshine her like the beacon of light he is. My god that man is amazing. He's put me to sleep for nearly ten years every night and I couldn't be more grateful.
JustWasted3HoursHere 20 dagen geleden
"Life in the Undergrowth" is still my all-time favorite David Attenborough narrated series. Just fantastically well done (as is all of his stuff, but this was tops for me).
MAQUI CUSTODIO 20 dagen geleden
Such a sport😍
WhatInTheDeepestShadeOfFeck 20 dagen geleden
If it is at all possible, when I am dying, I would like David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman taking turns at telling me stories, and narrating my final moments
omfriend 20 dagen geleden
If Sir Attenborough were the King I’d get my country colonized happily
Eva Loczi
Eva Loczi 20 dagen geleden
One of those times when you talk to low people and no matter how careful you are they get you dirty .
Snuggery 20 dagen geleden
David: Have you ever seen birds, mate? Graham: I've seen pigeons, mate.
Kenny B
Kenny B 20 dagen geleden
I'm pretty sure I've made that noise at some point
Sword Sword
Sword Sword 20 dagen geleden
If i have to choose among the brits to put in my "altar" No second thought..SIR DAVID, and no one else!!!
Boss Leonie
Boss Leonie 21 dag geleden
And the Oscar goes to...
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio 21 dag geleden
Bloody hell, Sir David Attenborough here? Congratulations, Mr. Norton, you've just earned a bloody subscriber!
B. K. Hutterer
B. K. Hutterer 21 dag geleden
That's great for a first take, omg!
RandiPoitras 21 dag geleden
I feel bad for the little turtle. All he wants to do is find someone and this is what he finds instead
dk 21 dag geleden
What a washed-up old hack. At least he's not out pushing walruses off cliffs.
MrEddsteady 21 dag geleden
Followed by a glug of wine. What a man.
Vegan Vocalist
Vegan Vocalist 21 dag geleden
Oh I LOVE Cathy 🤗
Sir Adolf Hitler
Sir Adolf Hitler 21 dag geleden
0:10 when u try to troll a legend but gets trolled instead
APOORV CHOUDHARY 22 dagen geleden
What an absolute LEGEND. 🙏
VIKKI 22 dagen geleden
Turtle porn ....🐢 X 🐊 😂😂😂😂
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Stevens 22 dagen geleden
I'm in my mid 40's now.. I've only ever known nature programs as David Attenborough. This man is a English icon and will be a massive loss to both human and the natural world when his passing eventually occurs. I dread that day. Sir David Attenborough. A true legend.
ErinIona 22 dagen geleden
I love this man 😂
Curan Dero
Curan Dero 22 dagen geleden
All hail the squeak
chulian1819 22 dagen geleden
please 2020 don't take him away
Lyn Ryall
Lyn Ryall 22 dagen geleden
Love D A..a genuine lovely man xxxx
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls 22 dagen geleden
I am glad that Sir David Attenborough has a great sense of humor. The world is a better place with the likes of fine people like him.
SpasticMuse 22 dagen geleden
Thank you Graham, & thank YT for putting this as my first recommended video tonight. I really did need that.
S H 22 dagen geleden
Both Graham and Sir David, two living legends on screen together. I’d love to meet you one day Graham, if you’re reading this please say hi 👋 and how I can come to one of your shows?
matthew Armstrong
matthew Armstrong 22 dagen geleden
0:51 look at his smile
Viv E
Viv E 22 dagen geleden
may Sir Attenborough live 100 more years, he's amazing and there's noone else like him.
1 23
1 23 22 dagen geleden
Breaking down barriers the tortoise and croc found love in a hopeless place. God speed.
Green Oscar
Green Oscar 22 dagen geleden
2:20 I love how the sound plays after he said "And it emits the mighty mating call". Just perfect.
صهيب احمد
صهيب احمد 22 dagen geleden
Sir david attenborough is one of the best narrator in the world ever
Bethany Rachel
Bethany Rachel 22 dagen geleden
Honestly an amazing man! 😂 😂 Surely a treasure who will be greatly missed when his time comes to end.... He was someone I grew up listening to and a voice i love hearing... What a man
Electro 22 dagen geleden
If ever a human were a jewel, this one is it.
Kathi Lees
Kathi Lees 22 dagen geleden
A 🐢 screwing a croc 🐊- hilarious....🦠😷🚶‍♀️
Baraka Ali
Baraka Ali 23 dagen geleden
wolfe1970 23 dagen geleden
What an absolute treasure this world has.....
madmike987655 23 dagen geleden
He should really do funny voice overs for viral clips. It would be amazing.
Hari prasad
Hari prasad 23 dagen geleden
Leonardo Aranas
Leonardo Aranas 23 dagen geleden
Did the tortoise asked for consent?
Angelica Cline
Angelica Cline 23 dagen geleden
One of the best things ever.
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