Chris Hemsworth's Voice Makes Mothers Swoon | The Graham Norton Show

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6 maanden geleden

Chris Hemsworth on his unintentional audience from his bed time story app.
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Largo #
Largo # 3 maanden geleden
Graham looks like he woke up five minutes before the show
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! 3 maanden geleden
😲 👏
Anastasie 4 maanden geleden
His voice is just like Heath Ledger’s
Abigail Famisaran
Abigail Famisaran 4 maanden geleden
is asmr for sex... 😳😏
Orange 222
Orange 222 5 maanden geleden
does anyone else think that graham should invite rebel wilson and chris hemsworth coz they are both auzzies it would be hillarious
Fandom editor
Fandom editor 5 maanden geleden
The end tho 😂
bruce cook
bruce cook 5 maanden geleden
this should have been done with the audience
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 5 maanden geleden
I swear i was waiting for the laughter from the audience and then I realized nope no audience 😕
Keeshia Esguerra
Keeshia Esguerra 5 maanden geleden
petition for Chris to do ASMR
Sp1dre 5 maanden geleden
Im just gonna say fred's voice asmr been doing this for years
Stephen Anna Marydas
Stephen Anna Marydas 5 maanden geleden
Celebrities coming on the show, please laugh out loud widely and acknowledge the jokes. It feels weird without the laughs
Tris Dass
Tris Dass 5 maanden geleden
All Chris needs to do is voice fanfictions. That's a whole new level of downloads 🤣
Mel Qehaja
Mel Qehaja 5 maanden geleden
Godd he’s HOT 🥵.. I just can’tttt
Sweeptheleg !
Sweeptheleg ! 5 maanden geleden
Yes you can! Just breathe! Stay with us! 😂😁
Saguna Siddheshwari
Saguna Siddheshwari 5 maanden geleden
Sounds so weird without people doesn't it? When o when will coronavirus end
Layla Reeves
Layla Reeves 5 maanden geleden
Now mommy is going back to bed and I just got up an hour ago.
Miss Priss
Miss Priss 5 maanden geleden
Damn. I just...OK, so I literally had to fan myself. I actually physically flushed and got warmer during this video. :)
Digital Taye
Digital Taye 5 maanden geleden
This is funny 🤣🤣🤣
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis 5 maanden geleden
Chris Hemsworth unintentionally doing ASMR as Thor.
Jo Barry
Jo Barry 5 maanden geleden
Chris totally got it! 🤣
Gautam Ghai
Gautam Ghai 5 maanden geleden
Who are the 31 peeps who didn't like this?!
tasha19here 5 maanden geleden
Graham nodding responses to Chris’ greeting is 🤣😂
Amaya Lynxx
Amaya Lynxx 5 maanden geleden
That is not for kids! Jaysus! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
MearlyBird 5 maanden geleden
Whoa. I think I’m gay now.
spooky electric
spooky electric 5 maanden geleden
I'm probably late to this, but.. does he have the name "Chris" tattooed on him in Norse runes??? That's.. wow, that's commitment to the role.
dbaa23 5 maanden geleden
You KNOW subscriptions to that app went up after this.
O Fletcher
O Fletcher 5 maanden geleden
Lmao this reminds me of those bed time stories that James McAvoy did. Too sexy for kids.
pudge boyardee
pudge boyardee 5 maanden geleden
Is this why i cant find batteries anywhere? Cmon man, i cant run nerf guns on moisture. Moms already had their fun, thats how they became moms in the first place. And im trying to use stuff intended for children in a non-disgusting kind of way.
Dibils YS
Dibils YS 5 maanden geleden
imagine if this was about a female, cry of sexism would be all over the comments
Fillipi Vieira
Fillipi Vieira 6 maanden geleden
Why so handsome? Why so hot? Why so sexy? Why, God, why?!
Karen M.
Karen M. 6 maanden geleden
Where's the link!?
Preslava Minkova
Preslava Minkova 6 maanden geleden
This just proves how amazing of host is Graham Norton. Man, you make me laugh every time. Thank you for that, that is such a heavenly gift.
2MK 6 maanden geleden
Graham is looking very weird
aya kreuk
aya kreuk 6 maanden geleden
mmmh mmmhhhhh mmmhhhhhhhh Graham stay safe!!!!
Cali Green
Cali Green 6 maanden geleden
I strongly believe that “somewhere (in Chris Hemsworth’s wife’s) youth and childhood, she must have done something good”
AGBEDEYI RUTH 5 maanden geleden
Sound of music ...😁
Desiree Miranda
Desiree Miranda 6 maanden geleden
His wife is one lucky 🍀 lady☺️
Manu Manu
Manu Manu 6 maanden geleden
Ha ha 😂😂😂
Roy Azzurah
Roy Azzurah 6 maanden geleden
Now we can always have an wet dream magical happy ending every night.
noyesno 6 maanden geleden
First word from the meditation audio clip and I just about died laughing help In other news this meditation is the unholy undercover sibling of Tom Hiddleston reading poetry
Lydia Smith
Lydia Smith 6 maanden geleden
Omg he looks so uncomfortable 😂
Candice R
Candice R 6 maanden geleden
Lumber Jack
Lumber Jack 6 maanden geleden
Flicking their dirty beans
Tamara Day
Tamara Day 6 maanden geleden
Hope I’m typong thus Korrestly, ma fone jist bursted into flAmes wen Thor shOwed on screEn
B M-Y 6 maanden geleden
"Honey, I'm going to go rub one in. Brb"
kalle162 6 maanden geleden
Chris Zensworth?
Oliver Hollingdale
Oliver Hollingdale 6 maanden geleden
can we talk about how drastically GN has aged insane amounts like recently!!!
Papa5murf1 5 maanden geleden
I was just thinking the same thing!
Lennarth Anaya
Lennarth Anaya 6 maanden geleden
Hi Mr. Norton, please help to spread what China ia doing to animals due to covid, totally immoral and evil:
Dorothy C
Dorothy C 6 maanden geleden
The man knows exactly what he's doing and the world thanks him. 😂😂😂
Piper Joseph
Piper Joseph 6 maanden geleden
something just tinged inside me while listening to that....i'm in to it.
Monica Helena Helena
Monica Helena Helena 6 maanden geleden
Meu neném❤❤❤❤❤❤
Agavni Ouellette
Agavni Ouellette 6 maanden geleden
Awwww, poor Chris, tries to do something for kids, but can’t help being too damn sexy.
long live
long live 6 maanden geleden
The audience is so vital to the show I didn't even realise
suzawilo 4 maanden geleden
That's why I decided not to watch during lockdown.. 🙄
Ravi 6 maanden geleden
and the interaction between guests!
Sophie Wong
Sophie Wong 6 maanden geleden
Right that’s it I am getting the app - I’m sold
Pierre O. Park
Pierre O. Park 6 maanden geleden
Well, his wife is a mother of three, and she seems happy...🤔😊🤭
Ryan frisella
Ryan frisella 6 maanden geleden
What's up with Graham? He looks really pale with really red lips and eyes
Åsa S
Åsa S 6 maanden geleden
No makeup artist at home.
Riccardo Di Luca
Riccardo Di Luca 6 maanden geleden
So women like deep voices hun
Kristin De Maria
Kristin De Maria 6 maanden geleden
sishir pokharel
sishir pokharel 6 maanden geleden
Chris Hemsworth's smile is magic. It's difficult to have a sad face when you see him smile.
Lady Deadpool
Lady Deadpool 5 maanden geleden
Love the Deadpool profile pic
Alisha Robinson
Alisha Robinson 6 maanden geleden
Well how the hell are we supposed to react to THAT!!😶😅🤤
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris 6 maanden geleden
my body wasn't going soft and wobbly, quite the reverse
Isabelle Martinez
Isabelle Martinez 6 maanden geleden
This is what Thor does in his free time.
Bled Power
Bled Power 6 maanden geleden
App not available in my country? This is BS Son of Odin!
Bled Power
Bled Power 6 maanden geleden
Great looks, Great Voice, Great personality... God bless, I am not jealous just noticing
Marlena Sørensen
Marlena Sørensen 6 maanden geleden
Thank you! Ha ha ha :)
Tethis Nomf
Tethis Nomf 6 maanden geleden
Thank you, Now i have his pics and voice! This Quarantine is getting better finally!
Zoey Kiritu
Zoey Kiritu 6 maanden geleden
That meditation audio is for ME not for kids. That voice😭
Rosie Bargoed
Rosie Bargoed 6 maanden geleden
Such a nice guy. I think he’s brilliant
Mr Amin
Mr Amin 6 maanden geleden
Not just the mothers.. i mean.. what's wrong with me??
Will See
Will See 6 maanden geleden
After seeing this, my wife hasn’t left the spare bedroom in 3 days... should I be worried? EDIT: Plot twist, I haven’t left my bedroom either....
Ranjini 6 maanden geleden
Which app are they talking about ???
hey Lindo!!
hey Lindo!! 6 maanden geleden
That is soft porn!! And women love that.
MarieAnnMarie 6 maanden geleden
Was waiting for the crowd Laughter ! 😂
dtulip1 6 maanden geleden
LMAO...damn...thank God for Graham....and Chris ofc :P
Sachira Erazo
Sachira Erazo 6 maanden geleden
Jay 6 maanden geleden
Chris Hemsworth's voice is just pornographic. I like that.
Niborino9409 6 maanden geleden
Either I have been looking at older videos or Graham suddenly aged ten+ years :(
Kevin B
Kevin B 6 maanden geleden
Worthy AF
M 6 maanden geleden
What app is that ?
Thomas 6 maanden geleden
this makes me uncomfortable
TheElisabethMaria 6 maanden geleden
I want Taika to guide me through mediation 😍 where can I find these meditations?
azilamka 6 maanden geleden
Listening to that app, I guess it will be the closest I get to being in bed with Chris Hemsworth 🤭❤
Marica Cabrusà
Marica Cabrusà 6 maanden geleden
I love graham 😂😂❤️
氵每夕卜 6 maanden geleden
I only knew he has the workout app but too lazy to do that, however I can definitely do... Meditation 😏
Douglas J
Douglas J 6 maanden geleden
Could’ve sworn I was wearing pants starting this clip....
Luis Vegano
Luis Vegano 6 maanden geleden
I can imagine a baby using the app and thinking "jeez! this guy is hitting on me?"
Bhavya Pandit
Bhavya Pandit 6 maanden geleden
Gosh I need this meditation 😭♥️😭😭♥️
SilverBaggins 6 maanden geleden
Now if he could just get Tom Hiddleston to join in on this 👀👀
Jennifer Weakland
Jennifer Weakland 3 maanden geleden
Benedict Cumberbatch😍
Rachael Ferguson
Rachael Ferguson 3 maanden geleden
That would be my dream. 🤤
Jessica E. Hall
Jessica E. Hall 5 maanden geleden
Yes please!
Aleya Artim
Aleya Artim 6 maanden geleden
@Hareka Tysiri Tom needs to read one of his fanfics. But then he might die 😝
Hareka Tysiri
Hareka Tysiri 6 maanden geleden
That would be the day i die..
Ann D.H.
Ann D.H. 6 maanden geleden
This is for kids??
Mᴥāz Kalīm
Mᴥāz Kalīm 6 maanden geleden
Mr Graham's facial-expressions to deliberately interspersed modelling-photos...! 🤣🤣🤣
Jon Adol
Jon Adol 6 maanden geleden
What the heck I miss the laughing audience
lolawhiterabbit 6 maanden geleden
Wait what’s the app, I need to download it to help me zen
lolawhiterabbit 5 maanden geleden
John Daniels thank you 🙏
John Daniels
John Daniels 6 maanden geleden
Alexis Byrd
Alexis Byrd 6 maanden geleden
His Meditation is heaven!!! I'm flying.
Max Morris
Max Morris 6 maanden geleden
Briefly forgot there was no one else in the studio and was waiting for the laughter
sudip rizal
sudip rizal 6 maanden geleden
Graham Norton lives in studio PROVED
sammygirl6910 6 maanden geleden
Ummm, I'll be right back... I think I left something on the burner...
AM Nigma
AM Nigma 6 maanden geleden
"For kids" more like, "for making kids"
Coeus Game
Coeus Game 6 maanden geleden
No offense but I preferred Matthew.
Red Bull
Red Bull 6 maanden geleden
Best human being
RG Blinker
RG Blinker 6 maanden geleden
One of the good guys
ArgChica 6 maanden geleden
Made the mistake of listening to this in a moment I couldn't excuse myself to umm "be alone with myself" Googles that app😎😎😎
Grimwolf512 6 maanden geleden
Thanks to Chris Hemsworth I have found inner peace... lol
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