Emmy Winner Regina King's Endearing Story Of Her Biggest Watchmen Fan | The Graham Norton Show

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OF COURSE we also had to congratulate Regina King too!!
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SidMic Singh
SidMic Singh 21 dag geleden
Ever since I saw her in Big Bang theory... I am a fan of her. She deserves it
Mitchell Weiner
Mitchell Weiner 25 dagen geleden
Could she be more elegant and articulate? I’ve adored her for decades!
TheDude Lebowski
TheDude Lebowski 26 dagen geleden
She is gorgeous! Good grief.
NIRAV 26 dagen geleden
I see everything Red
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja 27 dagen geleden
Love watching this after Regina won an Emmy for Watchmen! :D
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja 27 dagen geleden
She should have taken her mom to Beyonce's party. :)
Vee 10
Vee 10 27 dagen geleden
“…and the Oscar goes to... Regina King, for ‘If Beale Street Could Talk.’” Me: “Little Brenda Jenkins won an Academy Award!”
Olegosaccharide Superpositus
Olegosaccharide Superpositus 28 dagen geleden
The only Watchmen fan?
Ms. Jai
Ms. Jai 28 dagen geleden
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 29 dagen geleden
It's a beautiful thing to have a loving supportive family.
Sita S
Sita S 29 dagen geleden
Can I just - That white dress she wore to the Oscars - so perfect!
mkdfan 29 dagen geleden
First time I saw Regina was in Legally Blonde 2. She always stood out to me. Glad she’s been so successful!
Jessica LeMelle
Jessica LeMelle 23 dagen geleden
I'm going to tell my age but I grew up watching her on 227 in the 80s lol I love how her career has blossomed!
Freeedom4Jox 29 dagen geleden
RK next fm of Scotland please
PalmurcioWorld Maand geleden
I could be listening to her voice for hours, how can you don't love this woman?
Torian Moltane
Torian Moltane Maand geleden
Aww, her uncle Willie seems so sweet.
kepu KEPU
kepu KEPU Maand geleden
Don't wanna be mean but i think she won just cos of her skin
Saurabh Wadhwani
Saurabh Wadhwani 12 dagen geleden
@kepu KEPU your opinion is yours and it's racist.
Sher Maa
Sher Maa 26 dagen geleden
@kepu KEPU yeah and I wanted to let you know that your opinion is a racist stupid opinion, especially when tons of black people lost the emmy
kepu KEPU
kepu KEPU 26 dagen geleden
@Sher Maa yeah so? My opinion is still my opinion not yours
Sher Maa
Sher Maa 26 dagen geleden
And if you are talking about the emmy, did you know how many black people were nominated but actually lost??? So many black people lost, your racist comment, is just that, racist stupid comment
Sher Maa
Sher Maa 26 dagen geleden
She completely deserved that oscar, and it never happened that someone won like that, a lot of black people lost over the years, the oscar win goes by tons of people that vote, so your opinion is wrong and stupid
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine Maand geleden
Jamie Light
Jamie Light Maand geleden
How has Graham Norton not hosted the Oscars yet?!
Olusegun Arigbede
Olusegun Arigbede Maand geleden
‘Deebo! You seen Craig & Smokey?’
MegaAzevedo123 Maand geleden
Regina is just craaaaaaazy talented!!! And so humble. What a Queen ❤️
tornoutlaw Maand geleden
I just thought "Wow, Ana de Armas really looks alot like Emilia Clarke". I'm stupid in a really complicated way.
Krishna Panwar
Krishna Panwar Maand geleden
I can still hear riley
Daniel Melchiorre
Daniel Melchiorre Maand geleden
Four Emmy Awards. One Academy Award. One Golden Globe 35 Years Acting and 49 years being a Queen!! (And fitting that she’s sitting next to another Queen, the Mother of Dragons ☺️)
Daniel Melchiorre
Daniel Melchiorre Maand geleden
Her Name is literally Queen King!! 😁😁
Christine Maand geleden
I've loved her since Poetic Justice and A Cinderella Story. She keeps getting better, so proud of her!
coolnegative Maand geleden
Why am I drawing a blank on the gal sitting next to Regina? I know that I know who she is, but my brain won't tell me! I must be losing all my brain cells.
coolnegative Maand geleden
@Occono OH MAN! I feel like such a dummy! Thank you SO much.
Occono Maand geleden
Daisy Ridley, Rey in Star Wars
is this a prerecorded episode / segment?
Kol Brown
Kol Brown Maand geleden
Who is "Q" you might wonder? nlposts.info/past/oYqc3KjPaIeszY0/video 💪🦁☝💪😇☝Qs plan to save the world.._.___.__.
Arjun Wali
Arjun Wali Maand geleden
Glad to see the Freeman brothers getting the credit they deserve 👏🏽
Janet Brewer
Janet Brewer Maand geleden
I’ve loved Regina for a long time!!
vgt Maand geleden
Man, I really miss her as the voice of Huey and Riley Freeman, but she's gone on to do some really amazing stuff, so kudos to her
LeoVids Maand geleden
That Watchmen poster is one of the coolest.
Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson Maand geleden
Beautiful woman!! Inside and out! We are lucky to have her.
khal flavian
khal flavian Maand geleden
I could not take my eyes off emilia for the entirety of this interview hahhahah
Gallon of Blurple
Gallon of Blurple Maand geleden
Who’s the bridge troll on the right?
WorldMind Maand geleden
Has the production of this show not been affected by corona?
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher Maand geleden
That watchmen show ended up being a disappointment
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher Maand geleden
It had its moments of possibly being good then they just screwed it all up. Just like the new comic Doomsday Clock.
Member Berries
Member Berries Maand geleden
@Iceman ire Makes Sense
Iceman ire
Iceman ire Maand geleden
@Member Berries they claim they only were making one season. Reality it was cancelled because people weren't watching it and the criticism it received was overwhelmingly negative.
Member Berries
Member Berries Maand geleden
@Iceman ire the series was just awful. Should not have ever been made.
Iceman ire
Iceman ire Maand geleden
I'm a make watchmen fan and I couldn't finish it because it was that bad. It didn't go down well with Watchmen fans either.
Ellisa Marie
Ellisa Marie Maand geleden
“I think everyone has a version of Uncle Willie”... my uncles can’t even spell my name correctly
Alec Biswell-Ayres
Alec Biswell-Ayres Maand geleden
Thumbs up for the Huey and Riley fans
justin denney-hall
justin denney-hall Maand geleden
What a good Uncle she has.
Bruins94 Laurent
Bruins94 Laurent Maand geleden
She deserves the world!!
Khevor Maand geleden
I remember Regina King from 227 with Marla Gibbs and to see her now winning - well deserved girl! :)
Yaya’s Living
Yaya’s Living Maand geleden
I’ve been a fan of Regina since 227. So very happy for such a beautiful soul.
naisha khan
naisha khan Maand geleden
who just doesn't love regina. she's so warm
Sher Maa
Sher Maa 26 dagen geleden
@Sean Domhnall O Sullivan you expect black people not to talk about politics..right now?? That's weird cause y'all republicans love to talk about your opinions, just like you did right now, annoying af
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan 29 dagen geleden
Maybe if she stopped shoving her politics down our throats and on social media. Otherwise lovely.
Turbo Lazer
Turbo Lazer Maand geleden
Just a reminder, she was in the first Friday 🔥🔥🔥
Mack Donald
Mack Donald 28 dagen geleden
and Poetic Justice before that.
Shashwat Mahindroo
Shashwat Mahindroo Maand geleden
Petition for bringing Tom Hardy on the sets of Graham Norton Show Like so that Graham can see it
Paulette Moore
Paulette Moore Maand geleden
Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life!
Misophoniq Maand geleden
FOR GOD'S SAKE! Please, Please, PLEASE get someone on your team who can edit/balance volume levels!!! The outtro is always way to loud in comparison with the rest of the video.
Juergun Magerkinsquirter
Juergun Magerkinsquirter Maand geleden
Its exactly as it is for the TV show.
SirVer Maand geleden
I dunno, it's fine for me
DW70 Maand geleden
You just have to love her! 😘
Monsieur Bacteria
Monsieur Bacteria Maand geleden
I know people want a young Storm in the MCU but she would be amazing as that role
Happybidr Maand geleden
I agree with her Mom. I don’t get the thrill. I’m an egalitarian.
Lambent Ichor
Lambent Ichor Maand geleden
A great actor and seems to be a genuinely adorable human being.
Princess Jauregui-Hansen
Princess Jauregui-Hansen Maand geleden
Great actress. Love Regina.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Maand geleden
She’s so sweet!
junior ruiz
junior ruiz Maand geleden
I'm sorry but that watchman show stunk! It was unwatchable.
junior ruiz
junior ruiz Maand geleden
@itsonlysound emmys are pandering garbage borderline condescending the winners should be embarrassed to even accept, and the ratings tells you that more ppl are on my side.
itsonlysound Maand geleden
Plenty of people watched it, then awarded those who participated in it, so its merely your opinion and not one the Emmy voters share :D
Jennifer Rigsby
Jennifer Rigsby Maand geleden
S1L3NT G4M3R Maand geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀 👇🏻
fireflame62 Maand geleden
M L Maand geleden
She has to be one of the most down to earth, humble celebrities there is. And she has every right to be proud and boastful with all the awards she's won in the past five years. I hope it continues and that she is able to bring some of her projects to light. You know she has some stories that she would like to tell.
Buddy Love
Buddy Love 29 dagen geleden
Crazy thing you said that she was in down to earth 😃
Frank Holguín
Frank Holguín Maand geleden
I love this woman, and that’s all I have say 😍
L L Maand geleden
i love her voice
Amanda Jarboe
Amanda Jarboe Maand geleden
The way she talks about her family, well, I have a little something in my eye HUGS and blessings!!
Jaycee Maand geleden
I love her. She’s so charming and likable.
King Zande
King Zande Maand geleden
Regina King has been a roll the last five years, deservedly so.
Kwuan Brinson
Kwuan Brinson 20 dagen geleden
5 years? Nearly 5 decades.
Shakes First
Shakes First Maand geleden
@King Zande Fair enough, I did say if you haven't. I am right about her in the show though.
King Zande
King Zande Maand geleden
@Shakes First Seen it.
Shakes First
Shakes First Maand geleden
If you've never seen Southland give it a go. It's an ensemble cast, but she really shines on that show.
tommykevans3 Maand geleden
My mom is my uncle Willy
Mix /منوعات
Mix /منوعات Maand geleden
Sahir Diesh
Sahir Diesh Maand geleden
What an amazing hairstyle on Regina King
Mishell -
Mishell - Maand geleden
Emilia is so sweet, being all enthralled by Reginas story. And regina seems so cool!
Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo
Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo Maand geleden
@justin denney-hall i know, i still wanted to point out that none of us has a way of knowing who or how she is. i still share your assessment of her character, i just dont think we know her at all, let alone enough to judge whether she is nice. interviews and talkshows always serve as pr for actors, so its kinda obligatory to show your best side, or pretend that way. have a nice day!
justin denney-hall
justin denney-hall Maand geleden
@Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo Relax, I wasn't even talking to you, have a good life my dear.
Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo
Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo Maand geleden
@justin denney-hall and you know that how? Interviews are not a valid source to say whether or not someone is genuinely nice. so if youre not close friends, id be wary of stating smthing like this as fact.
justin denney-hall
justin denney-hall Maand geleden
@Mishell - No, she's a genuinely sweet person.
Mishell -
Mishell - Maand geleden
@N R perhaps, but some don't even have the decency to do that.
The Awesamazing Eden
The Awesamazing Eden Maand geleden
Watchmen is ridiculously good and also the way most people learned about the Tulsa massacre.
Margarida Ferreira
Margarida Ferreira 29 dagen geleden
I was horrified when discovered that part was real!
Declan Roberts
Declan Roberts Maand geleden
Yea I actually thought it was fictitious when I first saw it but I looked it up afterward. Super important part of history that has been totally neglected. But yea great that they educated us on it.
The Awesamazing Eden
The Awesamazing Eden Maand geleden
She deserved the Emmy!
B uppy
B uppy Maand geleden
What a dear uncle!
Joseph McKay
Joseph McKay Maand geleden
The Horror
The Horror Maand geleden
third? Much deserved awards for an amazing series.
SpritWalker 04
SpritWalker 04 Maand geleden
Timothy O'Neil
Timothy O'Neil Maand geleden
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