Colin Farrell Couldn’t Handle Watching An Open Heart Surgery | The Norton Show

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Olivia Quadling
Olivia Quadling 14 dagen geleden
Farrell is the most casually hilarious man alive
rana rahmanfard
rana rahmanfard 16 dagen geleden
"carnivorous inclinations" ... What an wonderful way to say "eats meat" 😂
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
I love how he throws in this euphemism while still describing really confronting biological processes :-D
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan Maand geleden
jesus. what is she pumping into her face?!?!?!!?!
fairyluce20 Maand geleden
Ooft I would hear Colin speak anything, even this and I would appreciate his Irish accent all the moment 😍😍...and just realised something which I love you got: an Australian, an Irish, an American and a British sit together!! Awesome 😎
jmhaces Maand geleden
Colin Farrell is a confusing guy. He seems like he's a huge douche who's somehow at the same time a really cool and chill dude.
chetan khope
chetan khope Maand geleden
That's how people describe me
Pip 1984
Pip 1984 Maand geleden
Love Colin’s accent😍
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall Maand geleden
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Maand geleden
In the thumbnail, the guy on the right looks like Doctor Neo Cortex .
Satya jith
Satya jith Maand geleden
I had dissection as a med student and the smell of fat did make me salivate 🤢
Randa Hayes
Randa Hayes Maand geleden
Am I the only person who thinks all of the guests look extremely uncomfortable on this couch. The back is too low, the seat is too deep. The guests are always fidgeting and looking like the are trying to get comfortable.
TJ Wash
TJ Wash Maand geleden
Colin Ferrell, one of the most handsome men I've ever seen. Those eyes!
Empty Box
Empty Box Maand geleden
Satisfying video in the world 😇😇😇😇
Queenofthegoofballs74 Maand geleden
I always love it when someone makes a noise in the audience lol.
freethrice Maand geleden
Lived across from a funeral home. Stepped out one night and smelled an odor unfamiliar to me. I asked if they creamated people there. Yes. If you've never experienced it before, you know exactly what it is. You will never forget it. I also worked in a hospital. I asked to be taken to the viewing room. Same. The smell of human death never escapes your mind.
BB80Delta Maand geleden
Nicole Kidman’s reactions/ non-reactions are disturbing.
wattlesong Maand geleden
Botox in the brain as well as her face and lips.
Ruth Williams
Ruth Williams Maand geleden
I think they’re in the same film so she had probably already heard the story hundreds of times on the press tour
Zeus Maand geleden
Every year Nicole looks shinier
its nari
its nari Maand geleden
The only talk show that is actually funny and interesting, period
Carol Gail
Carol Gail 5 dagen geleden
Agree with you 1000%!
David S
David S Maand geleden
TravisTrixta85 yea I agree. They both have great interactions with their guests and aren’t full of repetitive bits 👌🏽
TravisTrixta85 Maand geleden
Conan O'Brien's show is too.
Patricia Savage
Patricia Savage Maand geleden
Isn't that the truth!!
Devin Petersen
Devin Petersen Maand geleden
Meanwhile I'm here eating a sausage and cheese burrito. Things like that have never disturbed me. If a person's live is in the balance I ignore everything else.
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
I get this! When the chips are down, I can pull myself together and respond to need. It's after that I struggle - sometimes, long after. As in, a delayed reaction. for some reason, however, I could also have placidly eaten a meal through this story. Weird how minds work.
Loom Born
Loom Born Maand geleden
I wonder if Kidman misses facial expressions.
TJ Wash
TJ Wash Maand geleden
At least she didn't go overboard with puffy lips that look like they'll explode if they get too close to fire.
James Martin
James Martin Maand geleden
You should have PewDiePie on the show.
Dirk Gently
Dirk Gently Maand geleden
I’ll be getting open heart surgery a couple of months from now ... why am I watching this?
Paul Cuomo
Paul Cuomo Maand geleden
Why have you never had Sam Heughan?
Valerie Pagendarm
Valerie Pagendarm Maand geleden
What smells is fatty tissue. But it's nothing like animal meat or fat. It is a terrible smell. And the burnt tissue is aerosolized a little also. That is kind of gross.
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
thanks for letting me know about the trailer (I did not know one was out yet). Also, juicy story - if that's true, wtf is up with Jonah Hill?
Mntdewmania Maand geleden
my husband had to have a quadruple bypass year before last, I could barely look at the scars afterwards, I can't imagine looking at the surgery.........
Stuart K. Seels
Stuart K. Seels Maand geleden
LMAO @ Matt Lucas. It was a single bypass, but they had to do 4 takes.
B D Maand geleden
100th comment
1960markN Maand geleden
What causes the smell is the flesh being burned to cauterize the cut. The electrosurgery scalpel is energized by a high-wattage, high frequency RF signal (in the some number of Megahertz). As the blade makes the cut, the blood vessels are burned shut, greatly reducing bleeding.
John Koldan
John Koldan Maand geleden
My goodness, Kidman needs to stop with the plastic surgeries. She is looking weird as hell. Also, what a snob she is. As soon as Colin began talking she looks put off and barely looks at him. Looks like Mr Cruise dodge a bullet.
Arya Naveen
Arya Naveen Maand geleden
The four takes quadruple bypass line was killer ❤️
Apoorva Chauhan
Apoorva Chauhan Maand geleden
alexander great movie of farell
Roman Auer
Roman Auer Maand geleden
I watched open heart surgery on TV 35 years ago when I was a teen. I cannot watch anything to do with open wounds or operations on any living thing, this includes animals. Paper cuts make me vomit. I hate looking at blood. Smile more people.
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
always remember your sensitivity is no weakness - it is a strength which shows how empathetic and sympathetic you are. Not aiming to preach to you - but I have two kids on the autism spectrum, and I remind them of this frequently. I think, like many people with autism, they aren't lacking in those qualities, but actually feel too much for/with others, sometimes.. We all smile - and laugh - often :-) Good advice.
Shanie Booth
Shanie Booth Maand geleden
Love Colin Farrell, so funny when he says F*&K without even noticing. I do like him as an actor and his accent is lovely.
First Indian Anime
First Indian Anime Maand geleden
bryan was thinking where is my baby blue
Seloy Neyrinck-Duncan
Seloy Neyrinck-Duncan Maand geleden
Ah Colin Farrell, my first love 😍 I was but a wee lass, watching American Outlaws for the first time and I've been in love ever since (to be fair, I love the movie with or without Colin, but still) 😅😂
Ricardo Douglas
Ricardo Douglas Maand geleden
Heisenberg just chilling
Chicago Boy
Chicago Boy Maand geleden
If Elizabeth Taylor thought Colin Farrell was who she felt close to just before her passing then he's *OK* in my book! His telling of their unusual friendship was amazing! Always think about that when I see him now in film or on tv interviews.
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
I had no idea! Now must look up...
Gais Nemri
Gais Nemri Maand geleden
This is a hilarious story. But the "takes" joke is such a great joke. Thought of immediately within the 2 mins or so of Colin telling that story. I love comedy and the ability to write or tell a joke like that so quickly.
Jennifer Baldini
Jennifer Baldini Maand geleden
During my O.R. rotation in nursing school the cardiac surgeon called me to the table. It was a teaching hospital and the surgeon took pity on this lowly nursing student. It was a cardiac bypass, and I was directly across the table from him. He said to cup my hands and then he moved them down right next to the patients beating heart (luckily our instructors insisted that we were always 'scrubbed in' for any surgery we observed). The surgeon reached into the patient's chest, gently lifted the patient's heart, and placed it warm and beating into my 23 year old hands. I stood looking down at it, frozen, realizing I was holding a person's life in my hands, and then the surgeon injected potassium into the heart to stop it so he could operate directly on it, as the patient is put on bypass. I had no idea what was happening and when that heart stopped beating, mine did to. The surgeon talked to me the whole time, teaching and explaining. He carefully took the heart back into his care and began the painstaking operation to reroute blood vessels. Its 30 years later, and I will NEVER forget the moment that I held life AND death in my hands. Amazing.
Jennifer Baldini
Jennifer Baldini 14 dagen geleden
@Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey I was touched by your story...and by what you said, it made me realize that I have come full circle in my nursing career. As you said, I started out holding life and death in my hands in nursing school...10 years later, I was a maternity nurse, helping bring life into this world...and the last 8 years of my career (before I retired) I was a hospice nurse, standing with my patients and families at the time of their passing. In all of the disciplines that I moved through as a nurse, it was as a hospice nurse that I felt the most fulfilled, and considered it an honor and a privilege to be invited to the bedside. Thank you for making me see my life as a nurse through your eyes. I am forever grateful.
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
That's an incredible story, thankyou for sharing it. I've given birth twice - kissed my dead grandfather on the forehead to say goodbye two hours after he passed - and was in the room when my Mum died (I was the one who first ascertained this had actually happened). I've never been present for surgery, though - but at least from the experiences I've had so far, I know how words can often never quite express what goes through your mind and emotions when you face life OR death... and you saw both sides at once. Confronting - and amazing. That surgeon sounds like a marvellous teacher. :-)
Jennifer Baldini
Jennifer Baldini Maand geleden
@ashley bohannon with flying colors!
ashley bohannon
ashley bohannon Maand geleden
Wow!!!! What an amazing story!!!! Did the person make it.
Jennifer Baldini
Jennifer Baldini Maand geleden
To make a comment on fainting, 30 years in nursing I've seen many things and worked many specialties. That being said, I have NEVER witnessed more big tough men hitting the floor in dead faints than being a maternity nurse. We would always tell the guys "if you feel light headed sit down on the floor WHEREVER you are. We will work around you. If we hear a thud, the medical team will glance over and make sure we see you breathing and there's no blood, but we are WAY to busy and focused on mom and baby to stop and check on you". DEAD. FAINT. 😵 Poor things.😉
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb Maand geleden
I was going to suggest that Colin Farrell should do comedy, then I remember In Bruges.
Mil A
Mil A Maand geleden
and Seven Psychopaths, and Lobster, and Horrible Bosses. Seven Psychopaths and Ondine are two of my favourite movies of his.
GunCollector007 Maand geleden
Still has great hair lol.
M169 Maand geleden
Oh man Colin was in Cincinnati? I missed him.
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine Maand geleden
Laura Carrillo
Laura Carrillo Maand geleden
I like the smell actually, just not when Im hungry then I get more hungry
Indomitable T
Indomitable T Maand geleden
Laura Carrillo. Not to be nasty, however, that sounds truly disturbing 😳
Iron Fan
Iron Fan Maand geleden
Farrell needs more roles. Dude's amazing. Also WADDUP CRANSTON BB! 😃
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson Maand geleden
IKR! That was the disappointing part...the video is so short that Brian said nothing 😒 But Colin 😍
Bill Baynes
Bill Baynes Maand geleden
Now they’re the people “The Doctors or Surgeon’s” who deserve big pay packets not Graham Norton and others like him!
S1L3NT G4M3R Maand geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
@S1L3NT G4M3R yet "age shall not weary them/nor the years condemn" (apologies to the armed services and to the spirit of Laurence Binyon specifically, but as with Shakespeare, some ideas can transcend...)
S1L3NT G4M3R 14 dagen geleden
@Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey every clip ive seen... thats i know i seen it
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
we know you are, pet, cause you keep posting this on a number of the clips... ... it's fine. We're mostly in it with you, holding (metaphorical - or at least socially distanced) hands ;-)
fred fredburger
fred fredburger Maand geleden
As someone who had to get some stuff cauterized while conscious...Colin isn't lying about that smell. I can tell you it's even worse when you know it's your own body you're smelling.
Littlebit31 Maand geleden
fred fredburger Yup, mine was only dental but horrific
sadia adil
sadia adil Maand geleden
😳😲😰😢 scary and am sure scarrin in more ways than one 🥴
Jürgen Erhard
Jürgen Erhard Maand geleden
Not long ago I read about someone's PTSD and the associated triggers (not the "trigger warning" BS "triggers"), and how, given his PTSD stems from tours in Afghanistan/Iraq, one of his triggers… well, he told about how he had a flashback episode when going to a BBQ they got invited to. It was the smell… (and smell creates the strongest memory links in general)
Justin Shim
Justin Shim Maand geleden
I've had 2 open heart surgeries. I understand they're pretty gnarly. Of course I wasn't awake to see them, being the patient. I have a *massive* chest scar from them and my collarbone is held together by a wire after being sawed through *twice* . But, its better than dying.
Margot Gulliford
Margot Gulliford Maand geleden
@Debby Pheasant You be careful. So glad you are on the mend😁😷🇨🇦
Debby Pheasant
Debby Pheasant Maand geleden
I had open heart surgery at the beginning of lockdown, so also sporting massive chest scar - wearing it with pride! so much better than dying
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Maand geleden
Margot Gulliford Oh yeah, totally fine. Thank you!
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma Maand geleden
They will turn you into Deadpool.
Margot Gulliford
Margot Gulliford Maand geleden
Hope you are all better now!😷😷😷🇨🇦
Ankeeta Chakravartty
Ankeeta Chakravartty Maand geleden
n for us doctors its ordinary n regular.......
Elisangela Centurion
Elisangela Centurion Maand geleden
George Chiqovani
George Chiqovani Maand geleden
colin farrell on the thumbnail should be new obama meme :D
Sk Maand geleden
Colin Farrell is incredibly annoying.
Robin Patricio
Robin Patricio Maand geleden
decaying animals flesh is NOT MOUTH WATERING!!!!!! NASTY! VEGAN!smells much better!!!
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
I've never eaten a VEGAN personally (dear God - you have?) so cant attest as to whether a decaying vegan actually does smell better (you might want to reword that) but, seriously, my vegan best mate took me to a vegan fast-food takeaway joint in the city recently - the food was hardly healthy, but it was super delicious. If given the option between regular burger-joint and that place? Imma take the vegan option...
Jürgen Erhard
Jürgen Erhard Maand geleden
@Robin Patricio My so conditioned what? (And did and do eat some meat raw. Pork, for example. SO YUMMY!)
Robin Patricio
Robin Patricio Maand geleden
@Jürgen Erhard you eat it raw then, no spices. it's decaying!! your so conditioned
Jürgen Erhard
Jürgen Erhard Maand geleden
But it totally is. So yummy! -- signed, a bloodmouth carnist.
Marcus Johns
Marcus Johns Maand geleden
Having just had a triple bypass myself.. WAAAAY Too Much Informationiiii
Rose Reggie
Rose Reggie Maand geleden
As someone whoes had open heart surgery I love the way Colin describes everything
Gourgandise Maand geleden
I love this actor more and more. He makes great movie choices I find.
Sanjay Thandeeswaran
Sanjay Thandeeswaran Maand geleden
Im "assuming" Colin was more nervous than the patient lol
Jürgen Erhard
Jürgen Erhard Maand geleden
That's a *very* safe bet… since the patient was under general anesthesia ;-)
DoorKnock80 Maand geleden
The eye brows
DoorKnock80 Maand geleden
The best face
123 456
123 456 Maand geleden
When you want to be a doctor and instead of a face of disgust you have a face of fascination wanting to know more and see the surgery hahahaha!
Harsha Ganji
Harsha Ganji Maand geleden
I still can't believe this man is playing the Penguin (he is killing it tho)
Rex Racer
Rex Racer Maand geleden
The best joke is at the end: _”Did you say quadruple bypass? It was only supposed to be a single one, but they had to do four takes!”_ Brilliant!
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
@Eva Fernandez Resels nicely said
Eva Fernandez Resels
Eva Fernandez Resels Maand geleden
@shredderkrang exactly WHY matt lucas' timing is perfect... if he had made that joke when colin farell said it first, it would have completely ruined the story.... that's why it's called comedic timing, it's not about making a joke the moment there is an opportunity to make a joke, it's to know where and when it will best land... matt lucas' joke at the end of the story makes a nice ending to the story and a well placed joke everybody could appreciate
shredderkrang Maand geleden
Eva Fernandez Resels at 0:16 Colin Farrell says it was a quadruple bypass, but Matt Lucas didn’t interject with the joke then, it took him all the way until 1:52 for him to say it, so that’s not “perfect perfect” timing at all, it took him ages to think of that joke!!
Eva Fernandez Resels
Eva Fernandez Resels Maand geleden
yessss!!! matt lucas and his perfect perfect timing!!!
luanllluan Maand geleden
Norton show
Aleeha Alavi
Aleeha Alavi Maand geleden
Love him! ❤️ I can't even imagine seeing that!! 😵😵
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari Maand geleden
Can't believe I saw this guy in "The Batman" tailer!!!
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey Maand geleden
i like it when actors actually do their research
siszam Maand geleden
Nicole looks like she's wearing a hairpiece on the back.
Contraband Maand geleden
What she looks like is wearing a full prosthetic mask over her face. Looks kinda normal when she's expressionless, but when she smiles or emotes, the horror.
Epitome613 Maand geleden
I remember way back when TLC had a series that showed actual surgeries. One of them was an open heart surgery. It is pretty crazy to watch. I can only imagine what it would be like to see it in person.
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
having to be conscious while your brain is operated on - even given some form of anaesthesia? Sorry for a dad-joke sounding moment, but I think that would do my head in...
puirYorick Maand geleden
I used to watch The Operation episodes until one on the eye caused me some issues and the one operating on a child (cleft palate reconstruction) was just a non-starter for me personally. All back in the days when TLC was actually somewhat educational.
Anita Xue
Anita Xue Maand geleden
It’s cooler in person. And after the initial cautery portions, it doesn’t smell at all. Or maybe I’m just too used to it.
Indomitable T
Indomitable T Maand geleden
Epitome613. And smell it 👃🏼🤭
Tom Pepper
Tom Pepper Maand geleden
How about a hand for the unsung hero, the focus puller!
Awa Jobe
Awa Jobe Maand geleden
Lmao. So this is how ''ordinary'' humans feel about surgery. I'm an anesthetist. This is our everyday thing yay!!...
B.b. Gun
B.b. Gun Maand geleden
Lorrie That’s so cute that he loves his daughter that much.
Ankeeta Chakravartty
Ankeeta Chakravartty Maand geleden
@Lorrie with family members its the same for almost many doctors.. but as a proffessional all of those sweep off when there is a patient lying before.... i hope your daughter is doing well now🙂
Lorrie Maand geleden
My poor husband (who was a medic in the army) had to be escorted out of the room when our little girl had stitches in her chin. Everyone is different.
Ankeeta Chakravartty
Ankeeta Chakravartty Maand geleden
Ramzi Nasser
Ramzi Nasser Maand geleden
Honestly for me they kinda keep hyping it up and making me feel like i will faint 100% and the I walked in it was weird but I didn’t feel like I was, I was more stressed to faint than discussed
Johnny Multitasking
Johnny Multitasking Maand geleden
Yikes..that must've sucked
Indomitable T
Indomitable T Maand geleden
Johnny Multitasking. You mean: smelled 👃🏼😉
Ahmed The Stoic
Ahmed The Stoic Maand geleden
He was so good in The Gentlemen. Hats off ser.
inglourious Basterd
inglourious Basterd Maand geleden
The gentleman is trash, such a waste of good actor
Ironically Sardonic
Ironically Sardonic Maand geleden
@Tjd L same, he looks and sounds great
Tjd L
Tjd L Maand geleden
Can’t wait to see him in the batman
Ironically Sardonic
Ironically Sardonic Maand geleden
He's a great actor! He's just had too many bad films :/
David Pirtle
David Pirtle Maand geleden
I don't even like looking at a paper cut. I can't imagine having to watch that whole thing.
Ashwin Rao
Ashwin Rao Maand geleden
Colin Farrell sounds like an irish Ryan Reynolds
A Z 13 dagen geleden
@B. A. Colin Farrell is born/raised, is Irish. Your comment is worded that you sound as if you're saying Colin has Irish ancestry. Which he does, 100%, but he's Irish.
B. A.
B. A. 13 dagen geleden
Ashwin Rao Ryan Reynolds has Irish ancestry too
missmayflower Maand geleden
Ashwin Rao Ryan Reynolds sounds like a Canadian Colin Farrell.
Brian McClendon
Brian McClendon Maand geleden
@Owen Agreed!
Owen Maand geleden
Aaaaaaannnnn he looks like him too!
Ringu Jirie
Ringu Jirie Maand geleden
Theodore Tekkers
Theodore Tekkers Maand geleden
Great story. Sounds horrible though! 😱🤢🤮
Laurie Théberge
Laurie Théberge Maand geleden
Always good for the moral to see clips of the show you've never seen before!
S Bura
S Bura Maand geleden
Love you Graham.
Mr Spuck
Mr Spuck Maand geleden
"I was looking for directions to get out" oh poor Colin
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 14 dagen geleden
Mr Boseman, such a brilliant actor and intelligent guy. A great loss
Iron Fan
Iron Fan Maand geleden
Chadwick forevah. ;'(
Aleksa Kurjakov
Aleksa Kurjakov Maand geleden
The picture man, Wakanda forever!!! Rest in peace Chadwick.
Jordan Hays
Jordan Hays Maand geleden
While I’m first or second or third or forth add my IG Uhhahagoodmorning
Aishwarya S.B.
Aishwarya S.B. Maand geleden
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