Clips You’ve NEVER SEEN Before From The Graham Norton Show | Part Seven

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The Graham Norton Show

23 dagen geleden

There are just TOO MANY MOMENTS. Do you have a favourite moment that gets forgotten?
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Catherine Kantaras
Catherine Kantaras Dag geleden
One foot in the grave
Nikk Land Drum
Nikk Land Drum 2 dagen geleden
Jon Hamm bit was my favorite!
Ryan McCormack
Ryan McCormack 2 dagen geleden
Let’s take a second too see how natural and beautiful Taylor Swift is she’s so beautiful
Sky NightZ
Sky NightZ 3 dagen geleden
Sarah Jessica Parker... all of a sudden family guy pops up and I must say I agree.
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 4 dagen geleden
Whos the funny guy next to charlize theron?
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 4 dagen geleden
Nevermind its jon hamm
13strong 4 dagen geleden
I was working at a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival a long time ago, and Johnny Vegas threw up on stage during a late night gig. It splashed the front row and we had to refund a LOT of tickets that night... oof.
Anna braun
Anna braun 5 dagen geleden
I really hate how annoying Taylor is
eastbackbay 5 dagen geleden
Charlize Theron and John Hamm make such a hot pairing.
eastbackbay 5 dagen geleden
Taylor swift is so out of place
Moses Hongang
Moses Hongang 6 dagen geleden
SJP is so insecure about herself.
Christine Huband
Christine Huband 10 dagen geleden
Graham -This is a vile story. Me turning up the volume
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 11 dagen geleden
I love how Taylor Swift is such a doof.
Eamon Moore
Eamon Moore 12 dagen geleden
They knew I had already gone through every other Graham Norton clip
Clémence C
Clémence C 13 dagen geleden
Between this and the previous video, Sarah Jessica Parker seems like such a sweet person !
Lorraine Griffith
Lorraine Griffith 14 dagen geleden
Johnny Vegas I luv u. From a working class British woman. Know what u’re talking about. Respect!
ThomThom 14 dagen geleden
I love Johnny Vegas. He tells a good story. But when he starts riffing, often enough, each new sentence is funnier than the last... And he waits just long enough to make you think he's done... And he jumps back in with a funnier line... And he wai..... you get my point... Or do you?
Space Man
Space Man 15 dagen geleden
SJP seems cool.
Digital Carboot
Digital Carboot 15 dagen geleden
Be safe, everyone! @yesstyle 🍀10% - JEM10 + 🍀Friend's code 5% off - AMUD2G
Jay Hislordship
Jay Hislordship 15 dagen geleden
Charlize: Do they know we have an oscar? Graham(subtly corrects her although I doubt she got it): Do they not know.
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright 15 dagen geleden
I wish British audiences would not whoop and holler and pretend to be excited like American people.
Ernie Pantuso
Ernie Pantuso 17 dagen geleden
man. sort out the ending music loudness...
Jenna Gilmore
Jenna Gilmore 17 dagen geleden
I’m simple: I see Taylor Swift AND Robert Downey Jr, I click
Only Love is real
Only Love is real 18 dagen geleden
ok ... jon
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 19 dagen geleden
snake swift is rude and fake. always has been. but ppl tend to brush it over just coz she fakes being "awkward". it's so obvious that it's all just an act. she's just creepy if anything. ugh.
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 19 dagen geleden
*sees snake swift* *immediately dislikes and leaves the video* 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 plz never again, i love this show, don't ruin it for me
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 19 dagen geleden
snake swift is the fakest. plz never ruin your clips by adding that snake. she doesn't deserve air time.
Jesse Bajwa
Jesse Bajwa 19 dagen geleden
I’m a simple man, I saw Charlize and I watch
mind explode
mind explode 19 dagen geleden
I've been to see a recording, it's an absolute joy to watch and Graham is great talking to the audience.
Dhruv Raj Singh
Dhruv Raj Singh 20 dagen geleden
Taylor sounds dumb af
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey 20 dagen geleden
Taylor is just so pure😂
InLove Naoko
InLove Naoko 20 dagen geleden
Is that David Tennant? Looks different...
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 20 dagen geleden
How does Graham know all the embarrassing stories? Do they ask the celebs to share in advance??
Penny Dutfield
Penny Dutfield 18 dagen geleden
Pagan Kumar research
Akshay 20 dagen geleden
Looking at Sarah Jessica Parker I can only think of one thing....."The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerBalls"
peteM3rlin 20 dagen geleden
I always call her Charlize THERION (from the band Therion ) (Therion - Theli , what an album !)
Reagan Pramraj
Reagan Pramraj 20 dagen geleden
Anyone else think how adorable Sarah Jessica Parker is in this
Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns 19 dagen geleden
She was so sweet, looking from twin to twin while they were talking, and trying not to look confused. LOL!!! (Makes me want to watch Sex In the City again.) And, Joan, Speechless ... incredible. PEACE to ALL.
Colonel_Klink 20 dagen geleden
That last story is so dang funny. I can picture every moment of that story unfortunately!
Martina Marocchi
Martina Marocchi 20 dagen geleden
What a good show
Just Fine
Just Fine 20 dagen geleden
There's again the inexplicable red flower pin everyone is wearing 🤔
Just Fine
Just Fine 19 dagen geleden
@missWodkas thanks! I've been wondering about that for months now!
missWodkas 19 dagen geleden
It's a memorial poppy for the first World War
FightingTheNoodles 20 dagen geleden
I just love Taylor and RDJ so much. RDJ because you can tell he's just playing a bit when he acts like Tony Stark and is in fact really humble and courteous, Taylor because she is awkward but adorable.
Nicole Laundrie
Nicole Laundrie 20 dagen geleden
gosh Charlize is such a babe, she just is so lovely, like a swan lol. Just elegant
molly t
molly t 20 dagen geleden
taylor looked so beautiful in that clip!!
Harshita Goyal
Harshita Goyal 20 dagen geleden
NLposts = The Graham Norton Show ❤️
Victoria Płowiec
Victoria Płowiec 20 dagen geleden
I know John and I don't know Steve DEAD
Leea Beea
Leea Beea 21 dag geleden
I have watched this show, or at least clips, since the very first seasons. WHAT does that apple / beet / deformed carrot like pin mean??? I have wondered this for years, but never found an answer.
Leea Beea
Leea Beea 19 dagen geleden
@Cuisle Madden Thanks so much!!
Cuisle Madden
Cuisle Madden 19 dagen geleden
It's a Remembrance Poppy worn every November in the UK, in honour of soldiers in WW1! The poppy symbol is taken from a famous war poem called 'In Flanders Fields', in which the poet describes poppies growing out of the graves of soldiers.
lotusssypringa 21 dag geleden
The pringles story was disgusting
Khushi Shah.
Khushi Shah. 21 dag geleden
I’m so grateful.
Tony Haven
Tony Haven 21 dag geleden
Think I just fell in love with SJP all over again
Chetana Khairkar
Chetana Khairkar 21 dag geleden
_"Clips you've never seen before on Graham-"_ Me: oh, that's nonsen- *_THIS IS GOLD!!"_*
Liz Parker
Liz Parker 21 dag geleden
2 of my fave celebs on a coach - Tay and saorise
Feyiz Akil
Feyiz Akil 21 dag geleden
Who's Taylor swift 🤮 why people like her are famous 🧐
Feyiz Akil
Feyiz Akil Dag geleden
@K O'B "great songs" 😂😂😂🤣🤣
K O'B 19 dagen geleden
Because they write great songs that people listen to.
Kelly Sheiffele
Kelly Sheiffele 21 dag geleden
Can I just say one more time how much I loooovvvveee this show!
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson 21 dag geleden
The diverseness of his couches will always shock me. There are people I never in a million years would think of interacting.
Emma S
Emma S 21 dag geleden
His show is sooo funny because his guest's are on at the same time and they bounce of of each other which DOES make it funnier 😂
Nipram Pankhuri
Nipram Pankhuri 21 dag geleden
Fifty shades of blonde (I could see on the thumbnail)
CC Simmer
CC Simmer 21 dag geleden
I don’t know why people can’t understand this guys accent. Also, has anyone else watched Black Books?
mojo 18 dagen geleden
I still to this day love black books
Caspar Herberg
Caspar Herberg 19 dagen geleden
Of course - Bernard is the definition of Irish
U Varddhamaanan Jain
U Varddhamaanan Jain 21 dag geleden
Taylor Swift in talk shows is just a kid embarrassed of the funny stuff they did
Rafi Triwardhana
Rafi Triwardhana 3 dagen geleden
@melissa thompson agree
melissa thompson
melissa thompson 12 dagen geleden
@The Drawist naah, clueless, maybe. Not mean spirited. Not dumb. Just a bit Magoo.
The Drawist
The Drawist 16 dagen geleden
@Anna Neprawskey OK maybe you are right here. But telling she has been fake all the time isn't right too.
Mateusz Kunda
Mateusz Kunda 16 dagen geleden
She doesn't seem very clever...
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 17 dagen geleden
@The Drawist how is she not rude and mean??? she isn't a kid!! and has definitely been in the business long enough to learn BASIC SOCIAL ETIQUETTE on how to be respectful to other celebrities who are more famous, respected and experienced than her !! everything about her is mean spirited and that is a fact !!
NO ONE 21 dag geleden
Graham is the best host. So organic and funny and he LETS the guests talk, especially when the guets start talking with each other he doesnt interrupt them but just let it go with flow. Love The Graham Norton Show. Never cease the videos from coming🖤
Leiflvr 22 dagen geleden
I would love an episode where it is just Graham tossing out snarky responses like when Oliva Coleman said she was contractually obligated to be on the show and Graham was like "She doesn't want to be here ladies and gentlemen..." His quick wit is really underappreciated and is a major reason why the show runs so well.
TobHaz 22 dagen geleden
I like to imagine it’s Graham himself who puts together these clips and pins comments
Susan 22 dagen geleden
Why haven't I seen that episode with Taylor Swift and Richard Gere? Which season and episode? 😃
Susan 17 dagen geleden
badgerssett123 Thank you! 😍
Ha !O
Ha !O 17 dagen geleden
@badgerssett123 thanks
badgerssett123 18 dagen geleden
Amy Jensen
Amy Jensen 22 dagen geleden
Not long enough. 😩
Amy Jensen
Amy Jensen 22 dagen geleden
You look like you’re in a Ferraro rosh-ay 7:30
Usha Sharan Tiwari
Usha Sharan Tiwari 22 dagen geleden
I'm waiting for the day when i can literally say that... I have seen all the clips from this show..... P. S. I don't think that is going to happen🙄🙄
Chel 22 dagen geleden
Charlize and Jon had so much chemistry. I can't believe they haven't been cast in a movie together.
QueenofSnarks 22 dagen geleden
Saoirse looks like she doesn't care what Taylor Swift thinks
M R 22 dagen geleden
AsianMixer 22 dagen geleden
Taylor Swift 🤣💕
nils kanal
nils kanal 22 dagen geleden
Alexandra Hill
Alexandra Hill 22 dagen geleden
A number of years ago I was meandering through a shop in Donegal Town and a woman asked me to pass something to her, I did, it was Sara Jessica Parker, only for I was a huge fan of SATC, I wouldn't have recognised her, dressed in jeans, rain jacket and wellies, she's a nice woman. Friendly and polite.
Sher Maa
Sher Maa 22 dagen geleden
I love how Charlize like to brag about winning an oscar, some actors don't like to talk about it, and then we have Charlize that like to bring it up every time she has a chance to do it, love her
Stella Bella
Stella Bella Dag geleden
i would brag too, especially because before that role she had been written off as just another pretty blonde babe in a romcom
Saguna Siddheshwari
Saguna Siddheshwari 22 dagen geleden
Oh to be called divine looking by Sarah Jessica Parker...
Udit Gor
Udit Gor 22 dagen geleden
I'm still confused. Was Jon Hamm invited or not?
Negan Morgan
Negan Morgan 22 dagen geleden
The title is a lie, I've seen that Robert Downey JR clip loads of times.
W_farah1 H
W_farah1 H 22 dagen geleden
I'm a simple person I see RDJ I click
LFC4LIFEJEDI 22 dagen geleden
God we need Joan Rivers.. She was amazing
Julie capilla
Julie capilla 22 dagen geleden
The poop Pringle’s story really grossed me out
W A 22 dagen geleden
Whatever I understood of the Pringles story was disgusting 🤢
Klaj 3 dagen geleden
@Lukasz Bat they probably love the type of jokes like "One day I lost my pen and I asked my friend for another one. LMAO."
Lukasz Bat
Lukasz Bat 6 dagen geleden
Yeah? Get me someone else who would have enough balls to tell a story like that in public TV and be funny, soo FU** you :)
Imnajungshi jamir
Imnajungshi jamir 22 dagen geleden
Taylor swift ❤️
nightspicer 22 dagen geleden
"wouldn't you like to be in a movie that people will see" Damn, man 😂
Steven Coates
Steven Coates Dag geleden
Only RDJ could get away with that!!!
Soundarya R
Soundarya R 18 dagen geleden
That was just 🔥🔥
Bob Doubter
Bob Doubter 22 dagen geleden
I skipped over Joan Rivers and help yourself and do the same.
Ang Gamhanang Maldita
Ang Gamhanang Maldita 22 dagen geleden
The pretense on that Sarah Jessica Parker is PALPABLE
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta 22 dagen geleden
Robert Downey jr is awesome I love him 3000
Santiago J Herrera 3
Santiago J Herrera 3 22 dagen geleden
You realize that you are famous when you are sitting in that couch. Absolute legend.
Jessica Madere
Jessica Madere 22 dagen geleden
I need unseen clips with Miriam Margolyes!
Lordofthe44 5 dagen geleden
Knowing Miriam, the clips we don't see are the clips the BBC doesn't want to show period
melissa thompson
melissa thompson 12 dagen geleden
They never censor Dame Miriam....
Michelle Avrielle Kalyce
Michelle Avrielle Kalyce 15 dagen geleden
We all do! I would have LOVED to see her and Joan Rivers on a show for an hour
Pambudi Wardhani
Pambudi Wardhani 22 dagen geleden
I'm sure Johnny Vegas is a funny guy. But 80% of the time I can't understand his accent.
Margot Gulliford
Margot Gulliford 21 dag geleden
Watch a lot of Brit Box and it gets easier🤗😷🇨🇦
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 22 dagen geleden
Aww I love RDJ and Jude in Sherlock. Want #3 to happen asap! YESSSSSSS!
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 22 dagen geleden
Dan F
Dan F 22 dagen geleden
My god Charlize Theron is just simply so stunning it's not even fair
daidong pobreng hilas
daidong pobreng hilas 22 dagen geleden
Ride the band wagon with me brother!!!She's always a delight.
Phillip Edward Ness
Phillip Edward Ness 22 dagen geleden
Jon Hamm is so great
Lucinda 22 dagen geleden
❤️ ~✿~❧~🌿~❧~✿~ ❤️
Juergun Magerkinsquirter
Juergun Magerkinsquirter 22 dagen geleden
i wonder how many people are still there trying to figure out what Johnny Vegas is saying. A very funny comedian when you tune into his accent ladies and gents lol
Wood Stock
Wood Stock 22 dagen geleden
The last guy, I really wish I could understand him, the poop in a pringles pack story sounds really funny!
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 18 dagen geleden
@peteM3rlin It's "Still Open All Hours" - a successor to the original series "Open All Hours", which Johnny wasn't in (I think it's a corner store, too, not a drugstore - wouldn't that be a chemist's store? I don't think there's a real equivalent to a US drugstore in the UK - the shop in the show is more like... a bodega?). Anyhoo, last I saw Johnny had lost quite a bit of weight and, although he's now divorced, he's had a couple of gorgeous wives and has a couple of kids... I don't know if he's got too much reason to be a lonely soul, really. :-)
peteM3rlin 20 dagen geleden
Its Johnny Vegas. He takes part some times in the UK comic version of countdown "8 out of then cats does countdown" and you have a lot more histories there. Even him eating is own face in chocolat. He actually writes great poetry. He is a bit of a lonely soul that doesnt like his body...Interesting fellow. Hes also in a few british tv series, one about a drug store "open at all hours" I think. How the hell to I know this? Im Portuguese. I need a life.
Andrea V
Andrea V 22 dagen geleden
In one moment... "I had been very lonely" Then in the next moment..."I pooped in a Pringles can and stuffed it in my back pocket" Haha, well told ;)
David Anderson
David Anderson 22 dagen geleden
You're right! I have NEVER SEEN these videos before... weird... how did you know?
Pique NY
Pique NY 22 dagen geleden
Taylor’s outfits went from Cinderella to stripper lol Lady in the streets freak in the sheets! 0.2secs lol
StarhawkRanger 22 dagen geleden
He's had the most naturally funny people ever on his show.
Riley White
Riley White 18 dagen geleden
@QUAK Tornado sßß say aÀ we can be
Thothali 21 dag geleden
Its Graham - I think I’d suddenly develop a sense of humor if I met with him.
Morgan T
Morgan T 21 dag geleden
Not Nelly
Shakes First
Shakes First 22 dagen geleden
@Delicious Atomic Bomb YOU DON'T KNOW ME! I'm not tipshy. Those 13 drinks were weak pours. Shhhhhhh, nah mate. YOOU DON'T KNOW ME!! Love ya mate. Les find a shop. I want chips. I did WHAT last night?!
Delicious Atomic Bomb
Delicious Atomic Bomb 22 dagen geleden
He makes people comfortable. And tipsy.
NIRAV 22 dagen geleden
I see RED everywhere
Kimiya 22 dagen geleden
jesus christ i got a pringles ad right after that story!!
neverpure20 22 dagen geleden
Wow so there ARE clips I haven't seen 😀
Rajinder Mander
Rajinder Mander 22 dagen geleden
Hope this continues forever
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