Clips You've NEVER SEEN Before From The Graham Norton Show | Part One

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The Graham Norton Show

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Here's a few old clips that you may never have seen before! Did we miss any of your favourites?
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daniel onwueyiagba
daniel onwueyiagba 2 dagen geleden
Graham Norton best night show host ever
OBVIOUSLY IMRIGHT 3 dagen geleden
Joan 😔
Uzo Okezie
Uzo Okezie 3 dagen geleden
Joan Rivers was the OG comedienne! She was hilarious! Any one who can make Johnny Knoxville and Catherine Tate cringe, squirm and laugh out loud constantly is the G O A T!!
john John
john John 4 dagen geleden
Love the clips but we seen them before...
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 8 dagen geleden
what's the back story on the nude Barbies...can't seem to find anything, it gotta be funny
Mikeztarp 11 dagen geleden
I don't know who Katie Price is either. Or Jordan, who apparently doesn't have a last name. -_-
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas 12 dagen geleden
If you can make Johnny Knoxville blush then you have really done something! Leave it to Joan to be able to do it. LOL
ebhappyfeet 13 dagen geleden
#OCaptainMyCaptain, you were too joyfully precious for this world. We did not deserve you.
Chirag Rewariya
Chirag Rewariya 14 dagen geleden
Didn't knew Ozzy had such a good sense of humour...
Mitchell Weiner
Mitchell Weiner 16 dagen geleden
Joan Rivers almost broke Johnny Knoxville! 😄
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 18 dagen geleden
Joan Rivers making Catherine Tate laugh--priceless
Diego M-A
Diego M-A 18 dagen geleden
Aslan T Vorlon
Aslan T Vorlon 19 dagen geleden
Ang Gamhanang Maldita
Ang Gamhanang Maldita 19 dagen geleden
My biggest professional dream in life is to work for Graham. I want to be a part of his research team. 🥺
Khaybar Chauhan
Khaybar Chauhan 20 dagen geleden
Good will humping was one of the greatest jokes of all time and i feel it needs to be stated
Che Anarchist
Che Anarchist 20 dagen geleden
It’s not banana skin it’s the string on the banana fruit itself , & u don’t smoke nutmeg you make ecstasy dip , with avocado 🥑 & sassafras’s there both Aphrodisiac’s 🍌
Che Anarchist
Che Anarchist 20 dagen geleden
Is everyone ignoring the fact there’s a creepy AF naked army off small dolls in the background
reinerca 21 dag geleden
From now on I will be pronouncing Viagra "vee-ahh-grah" 😂
Jiggly Wiggly
Jiggly Wiggly 22 dagen geleden
Robin mentioning RuPaul 😍
Mash709 22 dagen geleden
Joan Rivers was the best at self deprecation.
Who Killed Captain Alex
Who Killed Captain Alex 24 dagen geleden
RIP Rob and Joan.. I love you guys.
Kimi Minor
Kimi Minor 24 dagen geleden
You are medicine for me and my depression
Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy 24 dagen geleden
Half these viewers taking their dogs ear wax this second...
T M 25 dagen geleden
rip Robin
matthew kühl
matthew kühl 26 dagen geleden
Carlton _IS_ better than Alfonso! 😄
Ciocco Banana
Ciocco Banana 28 dagen geleden
omg, Joan Rivers is too funny!! I lost it at the pill vs cream bit. not a native English speaker here, but can someone please explain the 3 Jewish men wanting to rent the uterus bit? I don't really get how it relates to the wet joke..
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 28 dagen geleden
Hahaha the smoking nutmeg myth is still alive today n funny as hell to watch ya mates trying it
Mr Bester
Mr Bester 29 dagen geleden
We need an hour special of Stephen Fry and Bill Bailey just talking about random things.
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us Maand geleden
Joan Rivers was legendary...
Michelle Ross - NOAA Federal
Michelle Ross - NOAA Federal Maand geleden
I miss Joan Rivers so much...
Hannah Kirstin
Hannah Kirstin Maand geleden
Joan Rivers is a riot! RIP
Jernulf Maand geleden
Binge watching Graham compilations is my favourite hobby these days.
Duane Richards II
Duane Richards II Maand geleden
Joe Wilton
Joe Wilton Maand geleden
The world let Robin Willians down. What a man and what a sad end. Still hurts...
Charlotte Elizabeth
Charlotte Elizabeth Maand geleden
Who is the busy guest at 5:51??
Topaz Penguin
Topaz Penguin 21 dag geleden
@Charlotte Elizabeth You're very welcome, Lilly Rose! ☺
Charlotte Elizabeth
Charlotte Elizabeth 24 dagen geleden
Topaz Penguin thank you!! 💕😊
Topaz Penguin
Topaz Penguin 24 dagen geleden
Stephen Fry.
Sascha Rouillon
Sascha Rouillon Maand geleden
Ahhh Ozzy....trashing yourself is evidently the secret to a long life!
Nan S
Nan S Maand geleden
OMG Joan Rivers . The funniest ever.
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart Maand geleden
ridiculous sentiment - the only jobs left for women are commercials....
Sidd S
Sidd S Maand geleden
“Camles follow me home” Joan Rivers!!!😂😂😂😂
Ayla Markkula
Ayla Markkula Maand geleden
PSA: Don't try consuming high amounts of nutmeg: you will feel absolutely poisoned, your room will smell like nutmeg for days from all the incessant burping, no amount of water will quench your thirst, and it will last for AGES.
Dannyce Ann
Dannyce Ann Maand geleden
I miss Robin so much 😭😭😭😭
koigokoro96 Maand geleden
50cent gains millions from vitamin water... losses it all... and rich from bitcoin now
al201103 Maand geleden
Thanks for this series of clips - they are indeed new to me. Hugely appreciated!!!
Law VIP Maand geleden
'So where you from?' 'Bristol' 'Thats great news, isn't it?' Gotta love this man
cross utube
cross utube Maand geleden
I cried and cried when Joan Rivers died, such an incredible woman!
DaLulusMama Maand geleden
Me too 😢
Amsterdam95 Maand geleden
So nobody's going to talk about how the guy from 7:08 has the exact same voice as Jonathan Ross but with a different accent?
ML Feathers
ML Feathers Maand geleden
Chris’ mom was right. I was so shocked and thrilled when there was (apparently) no serious attempt on Obama’s life.
ILaughAtYoda Maand geleden
Johnny Knoxville's reaction is perfect
Ariel Jade
Ariel Jade Maand geleden
Ozzy has the sweetest smile, him and Sharron are my favorite Hollywood couple. Their love seems so true and strong. Regardless of what his rockstar life had brought in, she stood by him no matter what, and you can see he's so appreciative❤️🥰🤘🏻
obi Bomb
obi Bomb Maand geleden
The 3 Jewish men comment just broke me!
Curran Leeds
Curran Leeds Maand geleden
That Joan Rivers bit was HYSTERICAL. Those were proper jokes!
Erik Lehnsherr
Erik Lehnsherr Maand geleden
I've never seen anyone break Johnny Knoxville. And he took police issued bean bags to chest. Well done Joan Rivers! 🤣
Moray Falconer
Moray Falconer Maand geleden
Don’t reckon that Olga line of jokes would have flown today sadly!
Chris Lawton
Chris Lawton Maand geleden
It was good to see an aged Joan Rivers on top of her game.
Karstens Creations
Karstens Creations Maand geleden
"....So where ya from?"
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl Maand geleden
It’s because we watched Fresh Prince every week for years. A movie is just one evening for two hours.
Jessica Madere
Jessica Madere Maand geleden
Joan Rivers was hilarious. I could not stop laughing at her story.
Tom Akeley
Tom Akeley Maand geleden
Fn Joan Rivers! No boundaries with that great woman.. hilarious..
K S Maand geleden
@1:31 mins I’m dying already...what the .... was that sound Robin made? Lemme guess, a dolphin 🐬 🤣🤣🤣
eoghan mooney
eoghan mooney Maand geleden
The word legend is ridiculously overused these days.... but ozzy Osbourne, there’s a legend
Sarah B
Sarah B Maand geleden
What is with the nekkid Barbies behind him
Apocalipsis Ending
Apocalipsis Ending Maand geleden
13:26 Even Johnny Knoxville got blushed and speechless by her comments 😂 She´s something else.
MyKrabi Maand geleden
NLposts: "Clips you've never seen before" Me: Free therapy in 2020!
kba Maand geleden
didn’t love how that overtly transphobic clip was included as a highlight tbh :/ that didn’t need to be rehashed
Benjamin Schulman
Benjamin Schulman Maand geleden
Okay but DON'T smoke/consume large amounts of nutmeg, it is toxic and will actually kill you, not a myth
Imnajungshi jamir
Imnajungshi jamir Maand geleden
Robbie Williams was a gift
Shruti Bhattacharyya
Shruti Bhattacharyya Maand geleden
Graham's saving the quarantine, people
Bodhisattva Sen Roy
Bodhisattva Sen Roy Maand geleden
That Lance Armstrong question hasnt aged well.
Charlotte Wold
Charlotte Wold Maand geleden
There's no one like Graham Norton! He deserves all the glory he gets! Amazing man.
Eberechukwu Ohia
Eberechukwu Ohia Maand geleden
Joan Rivers was a true gem! 💖
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen Maand geleden
We lost Robin William out of sudden
Erika B.
Erika B. Maand geleden
I wish Joan Rivers was still alive to listen to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's song WAP.
AamiSings Maand geleden
the Joan Rivers clip had me wheezing 😂
Domihork Maand geleden
Every country in the world? I dunno, but I'm from Czechia and I don't think there are that many people who have seen Fresh Prince... I don't think it ever aired on our TV. I know Will Smith first from Men in Black.
Jeanne Sullivan Billeci
Jeanne Sullivan Billeci Maand geleden
I first saw Graham on TV while I was traveling in Scotland and fell in love with the him and the show. What a heart and sense of humor. Living in West Cork now and heard he grew up here. Very cool. So nice to have these well produced clips during these crazy times. ❤️🌈🙏😎
Monse Mares Tapia
Monse Mares Tapia Maand geleden
Aaaw I cry
Zan C
Zan C Maand geleden
I never watched this on t.v, not sure why, but I absolutely love it. It's the best talk show. Seems so relaxed and there's such a mix of celebs and none of them act grandiose or up themselves. They all seem to have such a laugh
Sebastián Pardo
Sebastián Pardo Maand geleden
Great... Not now man, not now, can't get out of the Graham infinite loop....
BeastJCL Maand geleden
Graham Norton is the best host/interviewer ever. Everyone else at best imitates and/or jumps from one gimmick to the next. Side note - they don't make them like Joan Rivers or Robin Williams anymore.
shimmieshimmieexobangtan Maand geleden
There is a few I've seen before, that Will Smith and Tom Jones one I saw in that episode lol
Adyasha Nayak
Adyasha Nayak Maand geleden
I was a little sad, and seeing Robin Williams in the clip made happy❤️
CCG Maand geleden
Dont think I've ever seen someone leave Johnny Knoxville literally speechless
Jason Derebel
Jason Derebel Maand geleden
Came here expecting to feel good but all I feel is empty because Robin Williams is no longer with us 😢
Dave Evans
Dave Evans Maand geleden
Giurgot Maand geleden
Those were the days when Ricky Gervais still cared how to dress 😂
Delicious Atomic Bomb
Delicious Atomic Bomb Maand geleden
I'd totally have accidentally downloaded Good Will Humping on Limewire
Chad Gibbish
Chad Gibbish Maand geleden
For a #DamnGoodReason too...
JoyZoneYT Maand geleden
They forgot the subtitles on Ozzy's bit.
Guillermo Alcántara
Guillermo Alcántara Maand geleden
After the words "Dry vagina" were uttered, everybody broke down in tears
Pranav S
Pranav S Maand geleden
Among the biggest, most revered stars in the world and not a hint of arrogance in his tone. He answered every question with such warmth and grace. A true legend Robin is ♥️
Joni Thompson
Joni Thompson Maand geleden
2:39. Can someone talk me through the blonde with a boujee ball gag?
James Dale
James Dale Maand geleden
50 cent seems like an awesome guy, wish he came on graham norton more often
Leiflvr Maand geleden
Joan Rivers was absolutely one of a kind.
bigsis cher
bigsis cher Maand geleden
Johnny and Catherine's reaction to Joan's story!😱🤣😂🤣😂
Zoé S
Zoé S Maand geleden
I feel bad for how they treated Olga. Olga was a very good sport about it but it’s still not OK to laugh at and make jokes about people at their expense. There was no need to make fun of Olga, however, I understand this was many years ago so I’m glad people are gradually becoming more understanding and it’s becoming more normalized to be a transgender individual.
Durham Girl
Durham Girl Maand geleden
Catherine Tate and the other guy feigning shock at Joan Rivers. Come on guys you just look really pathetic pretending to be demure. Just laugh it’s really ok 😂
DR Bass
DR Bass Maand geleden
The only thing better than Joan is Johnny reacting
krazyy Maand geleden
i know this is old, but i hope in the meantime someone explained to olga what actual trans is... lol. old dudes with make up and long hair are NO trans....
CrappyMcDick Maand geleden
How do you know if she/he actually did get boobs and and a vagina? So if she doesn't look like a female, that somehow makes here a male?
lagom Maand geleden
🤣🤣🤣 Wonderful!!!!
Bella Brunton
Bella Brunton Maand geleden
Robin Williams what a legend
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