Arsène Wenger On His Iconic 'Fight' With José Mourinho | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

6 dagen geleden

Arsène Wenger on his more iconic moments.
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Mr P
Mr P 2 uur geleden
I’ve actually never seen him genuinely crack up before! Weird but nice haha
Monster Munch
Monster Munch 2 uur geleden
Classy guy.
Desporto 3 uur geleden
It's pronounced José with "jay", not "Hose" in Portuguese.
Arsene Wenga
Arsene Wenga 5 uur geleden
'ello evrybuddy🎩
Aawhan Kafle
Aawhan Kafle 13 uur geleden
AMD64bitFOD 13 uur geleden
He's like the Arnold Schwarzenegger we don't have on this side of the Atlantic
Andy M
Andy M 13 uur geleden
Never noticed wenger wears a toupee.
Joseph Hickey
Joseph Hickey 14 uur geleden
Arsene beats Mourinho like Fury beat Wilder!
J D 14 uur geleden
Dawn French didn’t forget the mars bars
chris massam
chris massam 15 uur geleden
Arsenal and Manchester united not been the same since these 2 legends left the game.
Anirudh Bharadwaj
Anirudh Bharadwaj 15 uur geleden
Graham should have asked him why he is a specialist in failure.
Riadur Rahman
Riadur Rahman 15 uur geleden
I prefer not to speak
Cavi10 15 uur geleden
Wenger out!
Marnz 15 uur geleden
Arsene wenger low-key sounds like Arnold shwarzenegger 😂
Hey Palindrome
Hey Palindrome 18 uur geleden
Would love to see Mourinho on Graham Norton, that would be fun...or a car crash :p
Mani aspjf
Mani aspjf 19 uur geleden
Wenger is a legend Best arsenal manager and top 5 premier league manager hands down
Mario Gmajner
Mario Gmajner 8 uur geleden
Arsenal made Wenger and he knows it.
Taddy869 Morris
Taddy869 Morris 20 uur geleden
If you don't win the game you have to win the fight lol 😂
Saurabh Chandrakar
Saurabh Chandrakar 22 uur geleden
please upload the full episode
K. p
K. p 23 uur geleden
what a legend arsene wenger
Tedje van Es
Tedje van Es Dag geleden
I just found out that Graham Norton is Irish 😂. I never noticed his accent but 1:15 made me look up his background.
SD Dag geleden
I always liked this guy .....LFC supporter here
Tam Richardson
Tam Richardson Dag geleden
It was sad to watch his decline in the second half of his time at Arsenal, but whenever you listen to him it’s impossible to dislike him.
Renaat Deckers
Renaat Deckers Dag geleden
Very funny, humble& nice man! Great loss as a manager! Come back! Arsene ; as the manager of...... city!
CJ's tube Jack of all trade
CJ's tube Jack of all trade Dag geleden
I still do not understand why he is not "Sir" Arsen Wenger?
Han Skåningen
Han Skåningen 3 minuten geleden
I guess beacuse he is not from britain.
Bappy Siddiquee
Bappy Siddiquee Dag geleden
Besides being a legendary coach Arsene Wenger is a smooth talker too.
N N Dag geleden
Arsenal robbed him, they sell all his good players and he still managed to stay in the big 4 for years. Amazing manager.
Mohit Kashyap
Mohit Kashyap Dag geleden
He didn't wrote anything about MOURINHO in his book 😂. Because he lost every match against him 😂
illuminati Dag geleden
arsène wenger, next doctor who?
Chef Shaun
Chef Shaun Dag geleden
Graham: "Jose Mourinho, I noticed you did not mention him in the book?" Wenger: "I did not see it"
Shawn SQ Zhang
Shawn SQ Zhang Dag geleden
Started supporting Arsenal because of his football philosophy. This was in 2009 when Arsenal were on a drought. The football was too irresistible to support other clubs...
Ed Dag geleden
I swear this is the only in interviewer that actually gives proper futebol interviews, not like Jimmy Kimmel or whoever
Chigz 11 uur geleden
why would Jimmy Kimmel do a proper football interview, he's American
Mads N
Mads N Dag geleden
A true legend. Proud of your service. COYG!
Matin Dag geleden
Hes peng
Felix Sitompul
Felix Sitompul Dag geleden
The only guy who can save Ozil atm :(
jason horn
jason horn Dag geleden
Dammmmmm youuuuuu Jooooossssééé
Donesh Majiedt
Donesh Majiedt Dag geleden
2nd greatest manager in the prem...what a legend man
John Quinn
John Quinn Dag geleden
Arsene Wenger is simply a very special human being who has had a great influence on so many lives both in and outside Football. was great to see him so relaxed ..please name a stand after him
Chingri Mungrei
Chingri Mungrei Dag geleden
Thanks so much..
Gabbz The 1st
Gabbz The 1st Dag geleden
His presence just emits pure class, no other word to describe this man. I will forever love and respect everything he put into Arsenal and the way he revolutionised football as we know it. What a gentleman!
Dr. Debajyoti Bose
Dr. Debajyoti Bose Dag geleden
Social distancing is on mahn !
Laura loli_net
Laura loli_net Dag geleden
Pleeeeease invite Jose now, the Special one will be ttop guest for sure!!!
A.79 Dag geleden
He's by far the greatest man in Arsenal's history! It's shameful that some "Arsenal fans" treat him as if they were winning six titles every year and he came in and got them relegated to Football League 2!
A.79 Dag geleden
Arsenal fans will sing 49 undefeated forever thanks to Arsene Wenger. He won you three leagues in 8 years while you only won three leagues in 44 years before him! Two doubles of which you only ever had one and invincibility that only he achieved in history! He won more FA Cups in his time than Arsenal won in a hundred years before him. And he really overachieved under Kroenke. Some of those squads should've been midtable and he got them Champions League football! He's by far the biggest Arsenal legend ever and some "Arsenal fans" need to stop being ungrateful.
abheejit vijay
abheejit vijay Dag geleden
Such a top man Arsene, massive respect! 😁
Rush B
Rush B Dag geleden
Anyone here ever had their piles checked
John B
John B 2 dagen geleden
He got so much hate, look at arsenal now, they didnt appreciate how much he done for them
Jack L
Jack L 2 dagen geleden
Wow going on Graham Norton... desperately trying to sell his books
TInashe Dennis Immanuel
TInashe Dennis Immanuel Dag geleden
How many invites have you had to Graham’s show?
lxchness 2 dagen geleden
“In competition its real, it’s you and me” wenger was a winner in his prime. The man just drips class and respect.
Makya Kino
Makya Kino 2 uur geleden
@Steven fu 🤣🤣
Steven 5 uur geleden
Yet you were chanting Wenger Out
doucey1992 2 dagen geleden
Anthony Moses
Anthony Moses 2 dagen geleden
Well, you can’t call Jose his biggest rival because you at least have to win some matches against Jose in order to call it as a rivalry. Mourinho literally owned Wenger almost every time they face each other, hence the word rivalry is not suitable
Hamza Orakzai
Hamza Orakzai 2 dagen geleden
Crazy to think how Mourinho still behaves like an edgy teenager all the time but Arsene has always been a man
MarkanVaran7 Dag geleden
Mou is the best though so who cares
Blitz1961 2 dagen geleden
He’ll always be in mourinho’s shadow
ђτ૯¡ท l¡ท
ђτ૯¡ท l¡ท 2 dagen geleden
A true gentleman
karan kapoor
karan kapoor 2 dagen geleden
Wow!! Arsene on Norton show,please bring in Klopp next time..
M & M
M & M 2 dagen geleden
Craig R
Craig R 2 dagen geleden
Charming man. National treasure both to France and the UK.
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis 2 dagen geleden
I will never not love arsene for what he’s done for football. He didn’t only change the culture of Arsenal but also football as a whole, one of the most revolutionary managers in English football, maybe even football in general. Always classy and even a bloody good pundit from what I’ve seen
Shorya Sethi
Shorya Sethi 2 dagen geleden
Fergie is not in the title but Mourinho is. That tells something.
Matthew James
Matthew James 2 dagen geleden
He was on the Late Late Show the day before, respect ✊
Ahsun Ahmed
Ahsun Ahmed 2 dagen geleden
You never see an old man eat a Twix (Maaaaaaaarssss) bar bar bar !!
Shubham A
Shubham A 2 dagen geleden
either you wear a red tie or you dont ~ wenger
San 3 dagen geleden
Good to see him again!
Girouds Brother
Girouds Brother 3 dagen geleden
I'm a simple man. I see Arsene Wenger in the thumbnail, I click.
Macky M
Macky M 3 dagen geleden
Wenger needs his own podcast
Dr Tenma
Dr Tenma 3 dagen geleden
I'd never thought in a million years that Wenger would be on the Graham Norton show.
Jakob 3 dagen geleden
It's 2020 and people still can't say Jose Mourinho's name. Unbelievable.
Archie Polglase
Archie Polglase 2 dagen geleden
José with a j not an h
Manlike Andrey
Manlike Andrey 3 dagen geleden
How Bein got them as pundits at the same time i will never know
Siddharth Choudhary
Siddharth Choudhary 3 dagen geleden
It's Sir Alex Ferguson.
Lester 3 dagen geleden
Such a great man and a great manager, was very harshly treated by some of our ‘fans’ once a gooner always gooner
Thabo Rametsi
Thabo Rametsi 3 dagen geleden
One of the people I'd love to have dinner with and just talk about life. Thank you Arsene.
Khair Owen Sullivan III 'Godless Rathead'
Khair Owen Sullivan III 'Godless Rathead' 3 dagen geleden
Blaugrana fan here, and will say this man is one if the best coaches to ever be in the game.
David D
David D 3 dagen geleden
One of the prems best managers arsene wenger
Sean 3 dagen geleden
Arsene Wenger and Mourinho have done punditry on BT Sport and such like since Wenger retired, they seemed to be getting on really well. Weird.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 3 dagen geleden
Mourinho takes swipes at everyone, that's his way
Chirita Razvan
Chirita Razvan 3 dagen geleden
VDfewds 11
VDfewds 11 3 dagen geleden
This man is just a Legend in every sense of the word! Sheer class from Le Professor
Raja Javed
Raja Javed 3 dagen geleden
I started it , yeah. Crowd: applauds.
Sunil Prajapati
Sunil Prajapati 3 dagen geleden
Might give his book a read. A legend of a manager. Back when United vs Arsenal was the biggest PL fixture.
Cameron l 10 l
Cameron l 10 l 4 dagen geleden
What a legend!
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High 4 dagen geleden
Specialist in failure lmao
Sushant Bhandari
Sushant Bhandari 3 dagen geleden
LMAO. He has won more Premiership titles than your CLUB.
ProducedByFieri 4 dagen geleden
my favorite anime crossover
Lucas Nauan
Lucas Nauan 4 dagen geleden
Wenger is a football treasure. 100% class. What a man.
Patrik Macháč
Patrik Macháč 2 dagen geleden
Yeah he gave a lot to a football and humanity. He is class and everyone should try to reach his values
Siyao Wu
Siyao Wu 4 dagen geleden
Gotta say Mourinho was the only one who can dominate him mentally and mentally( but probably not physically)
Adam Youssef
Adam Youssef 4 dagen geleden
The classiest and most dignified title winning manager was Pellegrini.
Jose Alberto Soto Gonzalez
Jose Alberto Soto Gonzalez 4 dagen geleden
All Cool Names Taken
All Cool Names Taken 4 dagen geleden
I can listen to Wenger talk all day and honestly I would be left wanting more. Growing up as a Man Utd fan and living through the rivalry of Sir Alex Vs Wenger, I hated Wenger a lot. But after their retirements, I started appreciating Wenger and realised how much of a philosopher he is. He isn't some glorified luxury manager unlike some ( you guys know who Im talking about), but a gentleman, a philosopher and an incredible manager. I would pay thousands just to see Sir Alex, Arsene and Jose together in a room talking about football
Gegen press
Gegen press 3 dagen geleden
Jose hates wenger.
Kvlogs 4 dagen geleden
not an arsenal fan but iv always liked Arsene wenger !
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna 4 dagen geleden
They finally replaced that small monitor.....
NO ONE 4 dagen geleden
Me "Isnt subscribed to Graham" NLposts "Recommends every possible Graham video" Me "Subcribes to Graham" NLposts "I wont give you any notifications for new uploads and no more recommended videos" Me "😐"
Gun Puntuhong
Gun Puntuhong 5 dagen geleden
I love you arsene
Barry Lee
Barry Lee 5 dagen geleden
Only one Arsene Wenger, with a packet of sweets and an evil smile.....Wenger is a.....😂🤣
Rajat Singla
Rajat Singla 5 dagen geleden
It would have been perfect if Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger were the guests of the show!
Jeffrey Stevens
Jeffrey Stevens 5 dagen geleden
Left that completely out of his autobiography, what a whimp!
Anand Mahamuni
Anand Mahamuni 5 dagen geleden
Its not Hoze its "Josze".
Harry Bell
Harry Bell 3 dagen geleden
@ponponvinsky I prefer not to speak
Shafkat Mahmood
Shafkat Mahmood 3 dagen geleden
@Harry Bell he's actually referring to one of Jose's quote
ponponvinsky 4 dagen geleden
@Harry Bell Idiot.
Harry Bell
Harry Bell 4 dagen geleden
@Anand Mahamuni well that’s on you innit
Anand Mahamuni
Anand Mahamuni 4 dagen geleden
@Harry Bell I dont understand what are you saying.
Lynnchotoo Cho
Lynnchotoo Cho 5 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for the much-needed smiles & laughter , Graham Nash . love you .
Getfall in
Getfall in 5 dagen geleden
DT in the background - "WHEN IS IT GONNA END ROBBIE???"
Tshepang Khubyana
Tshepang Khubyana 2 uur geleden
I'm sure he misses their toxic relationship
JordanWillpiano Dag geleden
Chisomo Mazyopa
Chisomo Mazyopa Dag geleden
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 2 dagen geleden
Bwahahah 🤣💯
zziicckk01 2 dagen geleden
ahhh yes. DT who I suppose has the right to his opinion, given the fact he's been a season ticket holder for the longest time, but such a toxic and cancerous vitriol towards Arsene. I hope DT gets to experience what it feels like to have people call for his head when DT FC goes south so that in the future he may be a more empathetic human being.
Mr. Bawajee
Mr. Bawajee 5 dagen geleden
Please bring on José next🙏🙏🙏
Supa Copper
Supa Copper 5 dagen geleden
Next, get Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex to the show.. Throwback to about 15-16 years ago, the club managed by Sir Alex, Mourinho and Wenger were really having a very fierce competition in the Premier League..
Afridi Bin Sayed
Afridi Bin Sayed 4 dagen geleden
Those were the days
Grumpy Doctor
Grumpy Doctor 5 dagen geleden
Didn't he look a bit like Mbappe in that picture? Hmm..
Gooner Man
Gooner Man 5 dagen geleden
Wenger does like da sistaz.
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine 5 dagen geleden
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