Jim Carrey Almost Set Steve Carell's Head Alight | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

5 maanden geleden

Steve Carell on Office memes, and his role in Bruce Almighty.
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Zaf Maand geleden
Steve carell is a part of my childhood, and guess why? Despicable Me.
Brytanni Parrett
Brytanni Parrett 2 maanden geleden
That scene is sad as hell anyway. That just made it way sadder.
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming 4 maanden geleden
Y does he look so damn different
James Mainstream
James Mainstream 4 maanden geleden
It was a let down to hear Carrel gave money to bail out rioters.
Courtney Medlin
Courtney Medlin 4 maanden geleden
His glow up is ON POINT.
Kùi Maina
Kùi Maina 4 maanden geleden
He is so hot. Jesus
Aella Lee
Aella Lee 4 maanden geleden
No one watched the outtakes and extras from Bruce Almighty? Or am I one of the few that only got it on DVD?
Alternative Headlines
Alternative Headlines 4 maanden geleden
This stupid show is still on?
Jonathan Matthews
Jonathan Matthews 4 maanden geleden
I need to watch that extra scene now...
KateCast Reviews
KateCast Reviews 4 maanden geleden
I can't imagine the feeling where you need to light your head on fire for a movie, and then it doesn't even make the final cut.
João Schuler
João Schuler 4 maanden geleden
That's the scene, i love it: nlposts.info/past/mJrbqtuvZmie3oU/video Steve is a genius of humor
Disney65Fan 4 maanden geleden
Hilarious actor
R F 4 maanden geleden
Evan Backstabber, B**stard, Baxter, rather
Pia Bandara
Pia Bandara 4 maanden geleden
I just watched Seeking a friend for the end of the world with Steve Carrel and loved it
Kelly Margaret Milne Henry
Kelly Margaret Milne Henry 4 maanden geleden
I was trying to remember that movie title the other day !
Dexter Pristley
Dexter Pristley 4 maanden geleden
Omg Bruce Almighty I'm getting so freaking nostalgic right now send help😂
Chantelle Rose
Chantelle Rose 5 maanden geleden
I’m a simple girl. When I see Steve Carell, I click
LisaBaby 5 maanden geleden
At 37 sec in it was trump 😂😂😂 that was hilarious I shared it on FB as well hahahah.
armouli baloni
armouli baloni 5 maanden geleden
The kaka poopoo bit was hilarious 😂
Steve27775 5 maanden geleden
The human torch was denied a bank loan.
Ganiscol 5 maanden geleden
This man has a frightening range as an actor from a downright dunce in Anchorman to oscillating between funny and dramatic in The Big Short to his Oscar nominated lead in Foxcatcher.
John Johnson
John Johnson 5 maanden geleden
A clickbait title? Really? Jim had nothing to do with the stunt and Steve never said his hair almost caught in fire.
Sonam Bhutia
Sonam Bhutia 5 maanden geleden
Steve Carell is hot in a different way 🔥💥, gets better with age
JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE 5 maanden geleden
Pan Kartofel
Pan Kartofel 5 maanden geleden
He was so funny in '40 year old virgin'. My all time favourite comedy.
Gourgandise 5 maanden geleden
I love this man so much I feel like I'd be extra cringy if I ever saw him in real life. So it's best for the both of us that we never, ever meet.
Om Rana
Om Rana 5 maanden geleden
Office is our religion Steve is our God.
Wesley Insley
Wesley Insley 5 maanden geleden
Lucero R.
Lucero R. 5 maanden geleden
It's here in NLposts! Search it as: "Best of Evan Baxter"
Zuhâl Yilmaz
Zuhâl Yilmaz 5 maanden geleden
I'm afraid of how much i love him.
Oskar Bailey Student
Oskar Bailey Student 5 maanden geleden
Steve carrel the best Actor and human this world has seen yet
K W 5 maanden geleden
only thing that changed in boris’ speech was he cut his hair
Maisie Moo
Maisie Moo 5 maanden geleden
Steve Carrell aged like fine wine
Nikunj Dixit
Nikunj Dixit 5 maanden geleden
That Bruce Almighty scene is a classic. Never fails to make me laugh. Glad they didn''t go overboard in the movie as seen in the extras.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 5 maanden geleden
Imagine agreeing to do that and they don't use it
titus saha
titus saha 5 maanden geleden
John Robichaud
John Robichaud 5 maanden geleden
Bruce Almighty just got a whole lot darker with that one screengrab
mersar ultmit
mersar ultmit Maand geleden
And now I know why Steve had a bald spot/bald patch at the back of his head, when Jim Carrey went to congratulate him on his promotion. It all makes sense now.
NARKISDUDE 5 maanden geleden
My favorite scene that was cut from Bruce Almighty is the Bigfoot scene. Good times
Antique Macabre
Antique Macabre 5 maanden geleden
Thank you for reminding me that I'm still crushing on Steve Carell after all these years. 😂
Karen Acton
Karen Acton 5 maanden geleden
LMAO!!! There is NO AMOUNT OF MONEY I would take sitting in anticipation of this happening! NO! WAY!
marksapollo 5 maanden geleden
I actually prefer the US version of The Office with Steve and I’m British!! Sorry.. Steve is a good funny actor, kudos to letting them set him in fire!!!
Eva Blaker
Eva Blaker 5 maanden geleden
It’s defiantly created for a larger audience
Rory D
Rory D 5 maanden geleden
Same, Steve is an awesome actor
Alan Morrison
Alan Morrison 5 maanden geleden
The office is the best show I’ve ever seen
Paddy 5 maanden geleden
Ricky gervais where u at? Shame.
aquablushgirl 5 maanden geleden
He gets more and more attractive the older he gets.
Hareka Tysiri
Hareka Tysiri 4 maanden geleden
he said that a tip for a long-lasting marriage is a lot of sex, so it might be a contributing factor in looking that good
M L W 5 maanden geleden
Definitely 👍🏻
Betty Smith
Betty Smith 5 maanden geleden
I agree 💯
itsonlysound 5 maanden geleden
The Ted Danson effect
Madao 5 maanden geleden
The moment when Michael realized Toby was back is the most hilarious thing ever
Srinidhi Bharadwaj
Srinidhi Bharadwaj Maand geleden
He doesn't even let Toby finish "Hi Miche.."
A claucliclaudette
A claucliclaudette 5 maanden geleden
Jeannine Fitzsimmons
Jeannine Fitzsimmons 5 maanden geleden
This is so cool , Steve Carell is the funniest human being right beside Jim Carrey. Thankyou Graham Norton your show is the best and always finds the greatness is everybody.
Levi Burling
Levi Burling 5 maanden geleden
Gotta love Steve he just feels so genuine
Frazzy Blue
Frazzy Blue 5 maanden geleden
Why is Steve one of the nicest people on this planet, just his voice and smile gives me hope
231lizard 4 maanden geleden
Right until he supported domestic terrorism...
Aman Manjothi
Aman Manjothi 4 maanden geleden
Keanu Reeves too
Brendan Beckett
Brendan Beckett 4 maanden geleden
Why do people make statements in the form of asking why they are true
KAUSTAV SAHU 5 maanden geleden
Mark Ruffalo too
Mary Barry
Mary Barry 5 maanden geleden
That's because he doesn't take celebrity seriously! Just like Tom Hanks!
Tijana Topalovic
Tijana Topalovic 5 maanden geleden
MrVonzel 5 maanden geleden
Steve Carell is freaking hilarious and Graham Norton is one of the best interviewers!
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor 5 maanden geleden
Reminds me of Scanners. 😂🤯 If you dunno what Scanners is, google Scanners 1981, underrated horror movie about sci-fi telekinetic killers.
GayJew 5 maanden geleden
I'll bing it
HollyBlueAgitated 5 maanden geleden
the world's best boss
tylerpurrden 5 maanden geleden
Underrated comment 😸
Mohammed Meshal
Mohammed Meshal 5 maanden geleden
First Comment
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