The Best of Music Stars on The Graham Norton Show | Part Two

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The Graham Norton Show

2 maanden geleden

We've had SO many talented music stars on the show, here are a few of their best moments. More to come...
Watch Part one here -
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jose gefonser
jose gefonser Maand geleden
best video ever
SevenDeMagnus Maand geleden
Lol, Rihanna taking souveniers.
ethan baldwin
ethan baldwin Maand geleden
i wanna be abile to do the same
z Maand geleden
why hasn’t ariana grande been on the show
Jenny McK
Jenny McK 2 maanden geleden
Ricky Gervais’ face says it all. 😹😹😹😹
mark mo
mark mo 2 maanden geleden
best video ever
helga a
helga a 2 maanden geleden
can you geach me this?
anna ountel
anna ountel 2 maanden geleden
All the stuff is beautiful
Graziela Almeida
Graziela Almeida 2 maanden geleden
3 women that I like together, Elena, Cate and RiRi
Anne Jimenez
Anne Jimenez 2 maanden geleden
Kevin: " Just for Harry there was nobody else? " and " Oh " 😂
the real laura
the real laura 2 maanden geleden
"Not exactly arrested, just taken to jail....." I have never agreed with anyone's logic, more than I did for this 😂😂😂 2 maanden geleden
Incredible Work ✌️
Fabricio da Costa
Fabricio da Costa 2 maanden geleden
Best show ever. U should be in brazil
Emily 2 maanden geleden
I'm crying like the showers that are British...Love you Hazza
Suleman Abdul-Latif
Suleman Abdul-Latif 2 maanden geleden
Lol 😁
roadie3124 2 maanden geleden
Kylie is queen of the universe 😁
Humanimal 2 maanden geleden
Lady GAga and bill is eilish look separated at in mom and daughter
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez 2 maanden geleden
Now with the toxic ellen revealed i wonder if something like that happends in this show
charro028 2 maanden geleden
Cher is so funny!
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh 2 maanden geleden
Kevin: Just.....just for Harry. Nobody else? Me: *oh Kevin*
Erin Phelps
Erin Phelps 2 maanden geleden
They are a british father and son team
Erin Phelps
Erin Phelps 2 maanden geleden
You need to include or invite Jack and Tim Goodacre. They are fabulous and need to perform on stage
Loosin Dontrymee
Loosin Dontrymee 2 maanden geleden
I love yaw-yaw blanhiyet
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen 2 maanden geleden
Playtime OVER..Open your eyes in the last days.. For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul ..
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 maanden geleden
i love Russel Crowe's reaction here 10:09 , you can also hear him say "oh, how low!" at 09:52 !! even in another episode when i believe Henry Cavill was present, they showed a pic of cavill in a photoshoot with female models around him who had their heads cut off from the shot with the focus solely on their chests and the rest of their bodies and he didn't hesitate to speak up about how disgusted and disappointed he was !! i think he said something like "do better" meaning that the entertainment industry needs to improve they way they view women !! he truly is such a decent guy
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma 2 maanden geleden
no lewis capaladi...a bit disappointed...😐😶
Evets Zerimar
Evets Zerimar 2 maanden geleden
What’s Gina lenneti doing on Graham?! Lol
noredine 2 maanden geleden
Thank you for Chering that wild story
NonieMacB 2 maanden geleden
In the 60s people used to own and walk around with wild animals. This was before animal rights activists.
Meera 2 maanden geleden
As some of you may know, there was a big explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, leaving so many people dead, wounded and homeless. I am begging you to help the people of Beirut by donating to the Lebanese Red Cross, a trusted organization powered by volunteers. If you cannot donate, please spread the message in all the ways you can
azroean blueblood
azroean blueblood 2 maanden geleden
10:10 i did the same face as " the gladiator" ( don't know his name)
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 2 maanden geleden
Russell Crowe
Easy Drawing
Easy Drawing 2 maanden geleden
nils kanal
nils kanal 2 maanden geleden
Eric Spangenberg
Eric Spangenberg 2 maanden geleden
Guh-gah's makeup and those jewel thingies make it look like she's wearing invisible glasses.
Sweet Girl***
Sweet Girl*** 2 maanden geleden
super, subscribe guy 🎃
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 2 maanden geleden
Ricky gervais steals the show always
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz 2 maanden geleden
That taxidermy giraffe is a great pet, no cleaning up after it. I hear it died of the sniffles, one giant sneeze and it broke it's neck.
chloë choate
chloë choate 2 maanden geleden
Does Graham respond? 👀
Aravind.R.V. Nair
Aravind.R.V. Nair 2 maanden geleden
Is Lady Gaga wearing glasses or are those something else on either side of her 👃.
Vini Araújo
Vini Araújo 2 maanden geleden
@Dave Garrett a fake one
Dave Garrett
Dave Garrett 2 maanden geleden
It's a piercing
Olivia Anna Carolina
Olivia Anna Carolina 2 maanden geleden
Ricky was not happy with a cheetah being bought. I love Ricky.
The Dreaming Celestial
The Dreaming Celestial 2 maanden geleden
Russel Crowe is not amused with the wax worn down bit. He truly is a classy guy, i reckon.
miraggg 2 maanden geleden
wow!!! a talkshow host who actually lets guests speak! wow!!
Lizzie Hollick
Lizzie Hollick 2 maanden geleden
3:40 Ladies and gentlemen, **that** is a couch full of legends.
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 2 maanden geleden
Indigo W. Do you mean Michael Palin and Jodie Whittaker?🤔🧐🤩
Indigo 2 maanden geleden
Who is the man on the end (nearest graham) and the lady? I know the others just confusing me about who those two are?...
Elinor Slate
Elinor Slate 2 maanden geleden
“Chilling with Madonna “ As you do 😔😂
Audrey 10
Audrey 10 2 maanden geleden
I love this show
Maya Bar-Lev
Maya Bar-Lev 2 maanden geleden
Did I miss part 1? Can't find it... anyone able to share a link?
manomarcelo 2 maanden geleden
its on description.
Maya Bar-Lev
Maya Bar-Lev 2 maanden geleden
@suzawilo That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure I didn't accidentally miss something. I'm addicted... lol. Thanks!
suzawilo 2 maanden geleden
Can't seem to find it on the channels lists or uploads .... Maybe they accidentally mislabeled it?🤔
S1L3NT G4M3R 2 maanden geleden
"A sore throat on a giraffe is serious..." LOL
Establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense
Establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense 2 maanden geleden
Best line of the video
Indigo 2 maanden geleden
It said this as I read it!!😆😂
S1L3NT G4M3R 2 maanden geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀 👇🏻
Max Anderson
Max Anderson Maand geleden
Ayyyy my man
Hypocrite World
Hypocrite World 2 maanden geleden
OMG me !!!
gkm29 2 maanden geleden
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald 2 maanden geleden
2 things 1. Demi Lovato should make an appearance in the next series of the show. 2. If Part 3 of music stars is on the cards, then it should include Coldplay. Pharrell Williams. Justin Timberlake. Little Mix. Katy Perry. Sam Smith. BTS. Bruno Mars. Michael Bublé. Olly Murs. Robbie Williams. Madonna. Elton John. One Direction & Take That.
Orla Faherty
Orla Faherty 2 maanden geleden
What I've learned from this video: Rihanna really likes wine glasses and alcohol ahah
Hungry Bamba
Hungry Bamba 2 maanden geleden
you mean alcohol.. loll
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon 2 maanden geleden
Dean Morrow
Dean Morrow 2 maanden geleden
Who thought a waxwork of Kylie in that position and thought 'That works'. 👀
Explodingtraps 2 maanden geleden
wow lady gaga is pretty full of herself isn't she
Vini Araújo
Vini Araújo 2 maanden geleden
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon 2 maanden geleden
all singers are full of themselves lol.
Kani Navy3
Kani Navy3 2 maanden geleden
I love Rick Gervais 😂
John sweda
John sweda 2 maanden geleden
Old pocket Kylie I remember her well from Regent's Park I'm sure she was giving me the eye
Gautam says
Gautam says 2 maanden geleden
i was not arrested i was taken to jail i like that
Shayar 2 maanden geleden
why does young cher look like jennifer lawrence
Justin Frano
Justin Frano 2 maanden geleden
And we're off for a binge!
Shreedhar Bhandari
Shreedhar Bhandari 2 maanden geleden
my dumbass thought lady gaga was wearing glasses
Max Morris
Max Morris 2 maanden geleden
funny how the lady gaga bit was after the oceans 8 crew bit
Tony Leadholm
Tony Leadholm Maand geleden
I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!! I was like, this is straight out of the plot from the Sandy/Cate/RiRi Oceans 8 movie!!
HollyBlueAgitated 2 maanden geleden
if Robbie Williams ever ends up in any of these compilations good luck trying to pick just one clip
Affan Khokhar
Affan Khokhar 2 maanden geleden
Ricky is well known animal activist. You can tell he’s pretty annoyed at first.
saz19s8 2 maanden geleden
Haha yeah he definitely wasn’t comfortable in that moment
PrynKya 2 maanden geleden
Cher has the best plastic surgeon. If anyone wants surgery find out whom she uses.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 2 maanden geleden
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 2 maanden geleden
@jomozdzynska More of a rhetorical question, but...
jomozdzynska 2 maanden geleden
Sazzad Bin Jahid
Sazzad Bin Jahid 2 maanden geleden
Imagine being the boy at 10:00, congratulations, you are now on TV.
PrynKya 2 maanden geleden
LMAO Rhianna is a glass thief.
Luka Pamić
Luka Pamić 2 maanden geleden
Until now, I always thought Lady Gaga had glasses here
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 2 maanden geleden
Luka Pamić. Indeed, I can see why🤓🧐🤭
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 2 maanden geleden
"...with tweets from... people like them". xD
Marlyn Christian
Marlyn Christian 2 maanden geleden
HS and TH back to back. TS doesn't like that. Me on the other hand, very much appreciates this benevolent gesture
Marlyn Christian
Marlyn Christian 2 maanden geleden
@Indigo I'm thankful that they did this
Indigo 2 maanden geleden
You what
Aron Agmar
Aron Agmar 2 maanden geleden
I'm a simple man. I see Michael Palin, I click.
El-ar Dela Cruz
El-ar Dela Cruz 2 maanden geleden
hi graham! i am from philippines and i wrote this comment with a british accent! love you and your chat show!
chickenfist 2 maanden geleden
Im a simple person: I see Graham Norton Show I click.
Fattah Rambe
Fattah Rambe 2 maanden geleden
Where is the part one though?
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 2 maanden geleden
manomarcelo. Even better spotted🧐👌🏽 However, seriously ... two years ago?! That is quite the gap🤭
manomarcelo 2 maanden geleden
on description...
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 2 maanden geleden
Fattah Rambe. Indeed, well spotted!🤔🤭
Radheni 23
Radheni 23 2 maanden geleden
Omg these compilations are amazing❤
Actor 183
Actor 183 2 maanden geleden
It’s kind of ironic that Harry styles has really good hair because of his name.
Ulysses432 2 maanden geleden
@Actor 183 Okay, but that's not actually irony. And yes - I am that guy
M A 2 maanden geleden
When Graham's YT admin team always uploads their compiled clips every midnight in your country but you have to wake up early the next day because your work starts at six in the morning. I'll just add this to my watch later then. Have a good laugh everyone else 😅
Kyle Palmer
Kyle Palmer 2 maanden geleden
Grahams has a belta show
Mia Van Der Walt
Mia Van Der Walt 2 maanden geleden
I see Harry I CLICK
douae Mellouki
douae Mellouki 2 maanden geleden
I'm a simple girl I see Harry Styles is click ❤
R. S.
R. S. 2 maanden geleden
I'm a simple girl: I see Rihanna, I click.
Kalmanta 18
Kalmanta 18 2 maanden geleden
Lew H
Lew H 2 maanden geleden
Beth Charles
Beth Charles 2 maanden geleden
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