Michaela Coel Still Can't Get Over Being On RuPaul's Drag Race | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

3 maanden geleden

Who's been watching I May Destroy You!?
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M L Maand geleden
Why is this clip so short? Would love and see the whole thing.
Anon 3 maanden geleden
Too bad they couldn't spell her name properly lol
Riva G
Riva G 3 maanden geleden
when will she be on the show? Love her- so real and so talented and such an awesome person!!
Riva G
Riva G 3 maanden geleden
oh she was already on ...my oops
Driving Wreckless
Driving Wreckless 3 maanden geleden
The first day I saw that face. She is charisma.
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 3 maanden geleden
What?! Is that Ru Paul actually standing next to the others? I thought the others took a pic alone and Ru Paul took one alone and they put it together like that for the poster. Is he that tall or is everyone else that short? XD
Iemand 3 maanden geleden
I think he’s like 193 cm, so with heels on probably like 210/220 cm!!
Rossana Fioravanti
Rossana Fioravanti 3 maanden geleden
I love Michaela.
Talklive Film
Talklive Film 3 maanden geleden
Amazing talk show . Who like she ??
Jessica Grace Brooks
Jessica Grace Brooks 3 maanden geleden
I love her so much!
Funkybear !
Funkybear ! 3 maanden geleden
She fine
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 3 maanden geleden
I May Destroy You is excellent. It feels very real and raw.
Questfortruth 3 maanden geleden
Isn't that a black guy in a wig?
kemi7689 3 maanden geleden
Funny 😂 if you had said both, not funny or clever. SD 🪑
Louis Fisher
Louis Fisher 3 maanden geleden
unless you mean Rupaul in which case... Yes ❤️
Louis Fisher
Louis Fisher 3 maanden geleden
No ❤️
4 Paws
4 Paws 3 maanden geleden
Graham is an absolute gem!
franky 3 maanden geleden
I love her
Talklive Film
Talklive Film 3 maanden geleden
I really love her
Ahathithya Thevapalan
Ahathithya Thevapalan 3 maanden geleden
I haven't seen I May Destroy You yet, is it any good? I have seen her in other stuff and she always brings her A-game.
s 97
s 97 10 dagen geleden
Its good
tamir silva
tamir silva 2 maanden geleden
it's her best series imo, I watched 3 time already
Tristan Thomas
Tristan Thomas 3 maanden geleden
OMG I just finished the series. It’s so good you need to watch it
Siobhan O'Connor
Siobhan O'Connor 3 maanden geleden
It's amazing!!!
Bedelia Du Maurier
Bedelia Du Maurier 3 maanden geleden
Ahathithya Thevapalan BEST SHOW ON TV RIGHT NOW!
adil leon
adil leon 3 maanden geleden
The best talk show ever !!!
Jazzie H
Jazzie H 3 maanden geleden
I’ve never been this early to a video!!
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