Clips You’ve NEVER SEEN Before From The Graham Norton Show | Part Five

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The Graham Norton Show

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We can't get enough of the some of the older interviews! Did you have a favourite moment we missed?
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Sean Foley
Sean Foley 6 uur geleden
Joan Rivers. The world didn't deserve you. 💖🥲💖🥲
Maharshi Abhale
Maharshi Abhale 6 uur geleden
bear grylls is like why am i here
No FS 2 dagen geleden
14:39 Who is the creepy guy with Joan?
Petra Lohmeier - Nevelle
Petra Lohmeier - Nevelle 2 dagen geleden
Try selling anything on Facebook as a woman, and you'll have lots of those "close-up" moments...
Danny DP
Danny DP 3 dagen geleden
15:43 Does that not look like Anthony head in the background? Was that him?
Perpetually annoyed
Perpetually annoyed 3 dagen geleden
Joan rivers is just so ... Unfiltered funny...😂
Ryan Court
Ryan Court 5 dagen geleden
2:43 The look on Graham Nortons face while trying to listen to John M. Is priceless...
ric_ clicks
ric_ clicks 6 dagen geleden
11:12 Bears Grylls is like - She doesn't know what she's talking about😏
James Willett
James Willett 6 dagen geleden
BBC does not thinking highly of GN's ratings if these clips were 'never seen'
Steve Regan
Steve Regan 6 dagen geleden
Will someone please tell me what you can't say on British TV.
Kevin Kilgore
Kevin Kilgore 7 dagen geleden
Bear Grylls is the sexiest man to ever walk this Earth.
Melanie Vegan-Dodson
Melanie Vegan-Dodson 8 dagen geleden
I miss Joan Rivers.
skinnylolly 8 dagen geleden
Any idea what word graham said at 12'54''?
khaoula tube
khaoula tube 8 dagen geleden
11:19 this hhhhhhhhhhhh
khaoula tube
khaoula tube 8 dagen geleden
2:24 I love his voice
Alice Hodgkinson
Alice Hodgkinson 9 dagen geleden
Clips You’ve NEVER SEEN Before Clip 1: Already seen it.
goeienacht 10 dagen geleden
Cameron Diaz ruins everything
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson 10 dagen geleden
Anal retentive, religiously obsessed (have nothing to do/believe in GOD), ignorant & intellectually challenged cannot understand, nor appreciate, European humor! I now realize I don't belong in USA because there is no longer a sense of humor. It died with Johnny Carson, Joan Rivers, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, Moms Mably, etc. We have lost the ability to laugh at ourselves & (face it) we do really Stupid things!!
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson 10 dagen geleden
divu gervasis
divu gervasis 11 dagen geleden
John Malkovich is weirder in real life than in the movies.
Kimberlie Cartago
Kimberlie Cartago 11 dagen geleden
Soooooo, has anyone figured out what can't you say in Graham Norton Show yet? -.-
Bumbie Boo
Bumbie Boo 11 dagen geleden
why is there a lot of naked dolls there?
Maria O.W.
Maria O.W. 12 dagen geleden
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 12 dagen geleden
Jon Richardson is so adorable!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 12 dagen geleden
Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood have the same nose, so I can sort of see how they can be mistaken for each other.
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas 12 dagen geleden
How David talks about black socks is how I am about my white socks. I'm insane about them having to match. It drives me crazy!
Nick 12 dagen geleden
12:54 I want to know what Graham said now
hamza nashwati
hamza nashwati 13 dagen geleden
Did they start making kids
Yash Verma
Yash Verma 13 dagen geleden
Who tf uses naked barbies as props
Michael Cain
Michael Cain 14 dagen geleden
Kathy Griffin is about as funny as a school bus fire
Anne Nixda
Anne Nixda 15 dagen geleden
anyone else find it adorable how when John Malkovich mentions the play he did, Graham quietly puts up his hand and goes "I saw it!!!" to Alan or basically no one in particular? He's a genuinely engaged host and always seems truly interested in his guests.
Maria Carlén
Maria Carlén 4 dagen geleden
This is why I find, especially the folks from USA , absolutely charming in their almost disbelief: Can we say anything on this show? No rules? It’s awesome and I love it!!!💞💝💕
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 15 dagen geleden
Why have i never realized how funny dolly parton isss😂😂😂😂😂
Manharjot Singh
Manharjot Singh 16 dagen geleden
omg, the last one, can see why these were cut, but not how people would O.K. their release lol
j.dabalus 16 dagen geleden
Whos the guy with cameron diaz?
Barb Thornell
Barb Thornell 17 dagen geleden
Have you EVER seen Bear Grylls look this uncomfortable before?
Colin Skelding
Colin Skelding 17 dagen geleden
LOL. And 3 days ago, I received a , " I've fallen and I can't get up" buttons. Hahahaha!
Mr Key
Mr Key 18 dagen geleden
Bear grills cameron d without sayin ' nout
True Reflections
True Reflections 18 dagen geleden
Attenborough looked like a Jimmy saville sorta fella there...
stan xavier
stan xavier 19 dagen geleden
What can't you say in English television? 😂
superschmolz 20 dagen geleden
Aww, Joan Rivers.
Sandhaya Samart
Sandhaya Samart 20 dagen geleden
All this is fine and maybe I am new but can someone please explain why are their naked barbie dolls in the background? Just...WHY?
Gabriel 20 dagen geleden
I can see Georgia walking into their bedroom, the bed full of black socks and David standing by a window holding two of them with ruffled hair, ''They're not the same GeORGiA!!!!''
Linda Clark
Linda Clark 21 dag geleden
Sock organisms.
paft 21 dag geleden
The Tate and Tennent clip looked really planned.
Nts'eiseng Matsoso
Nts'eiseng Matsoso 21 dag geleden
Cameron Diaz- where in Africa have you seen women do that with their breasts?
Amena Said
Amena Said 22 dagen geleden
the Cameron Diaz Kathy Griffin one had me a little anxious for a minute there
Kelly Sheiffele
Kelly Sheiffele 22 dagen geleden
I just love Joan rivers quick wit!
Kelly Sheiffele
Kelly Sheiffele 22 dagen geleden
This show only gets better and better! I love it!
Petunia 22 dagen geleden
I wanna know what you can't say .....
Lauren Clack
Lauren Clack 23 dagen geleden
We need much more Malkovich
Terence Dhlamini
Terence Dhlamini 23 dagen geleden
I'm from South Africa and that Cameron Diaz African boobs shxt #smh nxl
123JWJWJW 23 dagen geleden
Awkward silence in an elevator. I'm in a country where they turn their backs to you and then stare at you through the mirror. Well, either at you or they're fixing the make up or the hair the whole time. Kind of freaks me out so I don't dare try to see what they're doing at the mirror. Can't wait to leave this place.
Mélanie Gauthier
Mélanie Gauthier 24 dagen geleden
12:18 Awwww baby Graham! 😚😁
Renaldo Mackay
Renaldo Mackay 24 dagen geleden
I'm from Africa and my mother didn't throw here titties over her shoulders to feed me
NO ONE 24 dagen geleden
Omg its her 12:31
NO ONE 24 dagen geleden
David being excited over the socks is everything
Joseph Kaye
Joseph Kaye 25 dagen geleden
John Malkovich seems to have speech issues
Sam Airth
Sam Airth 25 dagen geleden
Who is the guy who says he'll crack one off? He's being interviewed with john Malkovich
Jennie Norman
Jennie Norman 24 dagen geleden
Alan Davies
Jack Jorgensen
Jack Jorgensen 26 dagen geleden
Clips I’ve never seen, you underestimate my obsession
Ed in Burgh
Ed in Burgh 26 dagen geleden
I've spent a Sunday afternoon sorting out my black/charcoal grey socks!
Kim F.
Kim F. 26 dagen geleden
Ok, I'm the black sock should match girl. LOL Don't judge me.🤣🤣🤣
2019-Androsa Kristabel
2019-Androsa Kristabel 26 dagen geleden
He is more like billie joe than DR
Isabelle dG
Isabelle dG 28 dagen geleden
This video reminded me of how I had a bit of a crush on John Malkovich's character from Johnny English when I was a kid
kaseyi Trizah
kaseyi Trizah 28 dagen geleden
I am still trying to figure out which African country does the breastfeeding technique she says 😂 I know it ain't in Kenya😂
Chevula Munaani
Chevula Munaani 22 dagen geleden
It's none of them. She's just spewing ignorance. 😂
Musical Uprising
Musical Uprising 28 dagen geleden
“What can’t you say here?” “*Bleep*” “🤭😦”
Tristan 23 dagen geleden
@John Tamplin it's definitely the c-bomb. Just imagine it with a Cork accent and you'll be able to lipread it 😂
eriox1224 24 dagen geleden
John Tamplin I read "Boll*cks" but your’s make more sens
Captain Fordo
Captain Fordo 25 dagen geleden
@John Tamplin Keep it up soldier
John Tamplin
John Tamplin 25 dagen geleden
@Captain Fordo Mate, answering these important questions is what defines and progresses our civilisation. #thestruggleisreal
Captain Fordo
Captain Fordo 25 dagen geleden
@John Tamplin You're really getting into it, aren't you?...
julianaayu 29 dagen geleden
The David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Josh Groban and Jon Richardson episode is my first introduction to Graham Norton Show...
María Rosa Corrales
María Rosa Corrales 29 dagen geleden
When will you invite Tom Ellis?????
Angy Octopus
Angy Octopus 29 dagen geleden
12:55 now i REALLY wanna know what can’t you say on the Graham Norton Show
amelia 20 dagen geleden
its super offensive in america and super casual in aus/uk
crazedstargazer Maand geleden
I've seen these
Sharon Mullins
Sharon Mullins Maand geleden
I swear, GN, gets his guests to do things, they would never do on any other show. Love it!
A D Maand geleden
What's the word you can't say?
Psycho Gaming
Psycho Gaming Maand geleden
I have the same fokin socks as David Tenant... I am so happy right now...
Ainslee Cain
Ainslee Cain Maand geleden
Can someone explain, why Gordon has huge collection of nude Barbies on set?
Hiznogood Maand geleden
12:55 Now I’m curious... what can’t you say? I’m gonna wonder all day!🤔 (Edit: typo)
Pete Villarreal
Pete Villarreal Maand geleden
Who is the guy who talks about putters and leavers?
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar Maand geleden
Jon Richardson
Omar Jesus Miranda Ruiz
Omar Jesus Miranda Ruiz Maand geleden
Omg I loved it amazing how many episodes I’ve missed. Damn 😂
Edurne Ace
Edurne Ace Maand geleden
I bought a set of socks like that with the colors and the 7 days of the week, and funnily enough i bought them in Edimburgh xD
faintsignal Maand geleden
It would be great to put David Tennant and Jeff Goldblum beside each other and just let them go nuts with their gleeful enthusiasm for the mundane.
Anna G
Anna G Maand geleden
I loved Meryls Oscar look, she wears that necklace all the time
smalls9852 Maand geleden
David is literally the most incredible person! I wonder if he was actually wearing the correct socks for the day he was there lol
Yuri Maand geleden
Ah Joan Rivers. How I’ve missed that mean-spirited, shriveled, old toad.
Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik Maand geleden
I don't know who the guy at 4:07 is but he is damn funny
Mona Weiler
Mona Weiler Maand geleden
Gee Graham my granny in probably in the 60ies made fun of her 12 yr old grandson for wear white socks.
Wanderer Gabut
Wanderer Gabut Maand geleden
elijah sounds a bit british
afro symphony
afro symphony Maand geleden
yeah if i were john i am never getting rid of those letters lool
PRINCE23062003 Maand geleden
Actually I watched this video yesterday so your title is misleading click bait
Linda Howard
Linda Howard Maand geleden
Does anyone know what Graham said that you couldn’t say on English tv when Julian McMahon asked ??
kapi manen
kapi manen Maand geleden
Wood s better
Wangare Ndirangu
Wangare Ndirangu Maand geleden
Cameron hunni, we do not do that to our boobies in Africa. That is no lesson!
Miguelito Maand geleden
But damn, who puts the toilet roll with the paper to the wall? I think these people need massive help...
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense 8 dagen geleden
It actually unrolls more efficiently.
Luís Santos
Luís Santos Maand geleden
Bear Grylls is not impressed.
Annette Danielle
Annette Danielle Maand geleden
Jon Richardson ❤
Jellyfish Jewel
Jellyfish Jewel Maand geleden
Hey so does anyone know the name of the actor wearing the white suit at 1:26 ? I know that I've seen him in one movie or another I just can't seem to place which one it was.
Friendsfans123 Maand geleden
John Malkovich
AISH Maand geleden
Ugh Joan Rivers was vile.
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby Maand geleden
black socks.. I feel you! 😁
Princess Snide
Princess Snide Maand geleden
My god, everything Cameron Diaz says is so cringeworthy and stupid.
ThomThom Maand geleden
Alan Davies is an awesome physical comedian. And then he'll come out with something so smart and clever.
Serai3 Maand geleden
I've seen the clip with Elijah before.
no or
no or Maand geleden
jon con was on tgns ???
I Z Maand geleden
12:52 what did he say
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