Dakota Johnson's Grandmother Tippi Hedren Owns 14 Lions & Tigers | The Graham Norton Show

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That's a lot of lions and tigers to own!
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Tam Bash
Tam Bash Maand geleden
Dakota is a very private person who only likes to talk about her work in interviews which I commend. But also this is over a online video chat during the pandemic, it would’ve been different with being there in person with a live audience.
K Mcy
K Mcy Maand geleden
She's a horrible interview
M. Ahsan
M. Ahsan 3 maanden geleden
Has The Tiger King taught you nothing? Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sandra L
Sandra L 4 maanden geleden
Serious eye roll. Why do certain people, a specific set of people, think it’s ok to remove animals from their natural habitat. That’s Rhetorical.
mf rmd
mf rmd 4 maanden geleden
dakota is not having it in this interview, she is too smart and knows too well what is up with this interview , she doesn’t want her family to be drag down with the on going issues about crazy people with tigers.
G Clever
G Clever 4 maanden geleden
Dakota's Grandma should be in the next Tiger King season.
MyArtSuckz Tv
MyArtSuckz Tv 4 maanden geleden
This showww is so different without an audience omg😂😂😂
k M
k M 4 maanden geleden
Her voice is so calming
WinstonS84 4 maanden geleden
Tiger Queen.
Edith González
Edith González 4 maanden geleden
I miss the audience! But Graham Is always great 😊😊😊👍
Shelly McKenna
Shelly McKenna 4 maanden geleden
If Graham can't get a rise out of her nobody can...she's boring.
Dougal Mackenzie Smith
Dougal Mackenzie Smith 4 maanden geleden
She's normally far more fun and engaging in interviews, i think she wasn't in the mood today.
Coeus Game
Coeus Game 4 maanden geleden
Graham and Conan via Zoom.
shafhamid83 4 maanden geleden
So her grandma is the Tiger Queen?
Rathika Ramadoss
Rathika Ramadoss 4 maanden geleden
Damn, this story would have killed with the couch and a cast of characters. I can only imagine how much Graham misses it
Cor Gonzaga
Cor Gonzaga 4 maanden geleden
I thought it was just me who finds her boring here.. Good thing I read the comments.. I feel bad for Graham though, such a waste for the production team and him to make a lot of effort to make things interesting, but cannot do wonders for the guest.. especially the last part when she says "snacks". Sounds like she's the one who's bored. 😒
Pirojf Mifhghek
Pirojf Mifhghek 4 maanden geleden
Something something Carole Baskin's husband etc etc.
Giane19h 4 maanden geleden
damn she is soooooo boring
cordelia carstairs
cordelia carstairs 4 maanden geleden
Dakota has an amazingly star studded family 😂
sugabud 4 maanden geleden
The “oo snacks!!” at the end
John Tremmel
John Tremmel 4 maanden geleden
No birds though
T E 4 maanden geleden
Dakota Johnson was great in Suspiria!!
Lena Marie
Lena Marie 4 maanden geleden
I don’t agree with this just sayin
kevin084life 4 maanden geleden
How has nobody made a Tiger King joke yet? I expecting so many lol 😂
Sharon Massey
Sharon Massey 4 maanden geleden
"Own", Graham? I don't think so, although it's a widespread delusion amongst humans that they own animals. Someone forgot to tell the animals, though.
M H 4 maanden geleden
I never knew why Dakota Johnsons face irritated me so much and how the hell she managed to get into films... Turns put shes the daughter of Melanie Griffiths, another vacuous plank of wood.
Flo 4 maanden geleden
Very weird without the audience’s laughter
Charlotte D
Charlotte D 5 maanden geleden
Tiger Queen
Tenesha Anderson
Tenesha Anderson 5 maanden geleden
The original tiger queen
Angie Garcia Renteria
Angie Garcia Renteria 5 maanden geleden
She’s gorgeous! Also, what an amazing grandma.
הגר גדליוביץ'
הגר גדליוביץ' 5 maanden geleden
So she's proud of her grandmother keeping beautiful, rare, endangered, spiritual, unbeliveably smart, kind animals captive as pets? I just want to make sure I got it right. Interesting timing for this interview after tiger King. How about we learned from what happened there instead of legitimizing it...?
Olivia Gellis
Olivia Gellis 5 maanden geleden
They're all rescues. She's been a wild animal advocate since the 80's and regularly speaks out on rescuing and never buying. In TK, Carole Baskin's organization is legit and accredited. The other ones are roadside zoos, not even close to rescues.
Allyson Steward
Allyson Steward 5 maanden geleden
How am I just learning that Tippi Hedren is her grandmother???
Artie Jay
Artie Jay 5 maanden geleden
How difficult is it to get an intern to find out if the interviewee's grandmother is still living? Massive fail, Norton
Melanie Brandt
Melanie Brandt 5 maanden geleden
She has supported abused and endangered big cats for about 55 years. It’s called Shambala Preserve and on the preserve is her “ROAR Foundation,” in Southern California. Each cat was rescued from lives of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Roadside zoos, circuses, the entertainment industry, etc. So, yes these animals are all well cared for and free to live the rest of their lives in a beautiful nature preserve!
Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh 5 maanden geleden
From about 60 cats to 14 lions & tigers huh? Sounds like Tippi decided to upgrade.
Mike Kaatman
Mike Kaatman 4 maanden geleden
They meant big cats...
Jennifer Lopez de Blanchard
Jennifer Lopez de Blanchard 5 maanden geleden
Well, she's kind of boring...
FilimboUK 5 maanden geleden
The Birds still was Jessica Tandy, not Tippi Hedren
Bryan Watt
Bryan Watt 5 maanden geleden
I'd like to do fifty shades of grey with her 😍😍
Mario Grubisic
Mario Grubisic 5 maanden geleden
Most boring guest ever
Disney65Fan 4 maanden geleden
She comes across as a shy person.
Hajira S.
Hajira S. 5 maanden geleden
I just thought of Tiger King lol
Penelope Collett
Penelope Collett 5 maanden geleden
No, don't. If you want to support wildlife at all don't pay netflix. Rather look for Kevin Richardson's yt channel, South Africa. A man in a million.
MJ 5 maanden geleden
And this was the most interesting part of her interview... She is so dry and boring...
MissMidnightSuki 5 maanden geleden
No. The most interesting and funny part of her interview is when she talks how her mother covered her big forehead with her palm during the Got Milk? ad they did when she was a little girl. But that part wasn't uploaded by GN. If you care you can check the instagram account @ johnsonsource. They posted the complete interview.
Conner O'Neill
Conner O'Neill 5 maanden geleden
This is documented in the film “ROAR” in which many people are hurt including Tippi having a bone broken by an elephant. It’s nuts, highly recommend.
Rishika Aggarwal
Rishika Aggarwal 5 maanden geleden
yea she seems uninterested
tabi Choi
tabi Choi 5 maanden geleden
She is talking without be interested about her own story, she seems like she is obligated to do this Lol
opiela .english
opiela .english 5 maanden geleden
Option 1 - She's really introverted and hates having to do this Option 2 - She's channelling her Fifty Shades... character
MissMidnightSuki 5 maanden geleden
She's been sitting in that chair doing countless interviews one after another with different journalists and TV houses which all ask basically the same questions over and over again about her new movie. She's probably just tired.
V B 5 maanden geleden
Is your momma name Carroll
King Zande
King Zande 5 maanden geleden
Well, she's a lively one(!)
drtirtha das
drtirtha das 5 maanden geleden
man she's just so pretty and her voice is so soothing
Alagueesia 5 maanden geleden
I'm really admirative of Graham Norton to be able to conduct interviews with such confidence even if there isn't a public to laugh behind him. He is incredible.
Penelope Collett
Penelope Collett 5 maanden geleden
I know!! Have you tried watching Ellen? So boring. She just phones all her celeb pals and has long-suffering Andy skulking in the plants outside her window. Pfft.
mareir 5 maanden geleden
Tippi's a nutbar. The whole family is nepotism at its finest.
G Rap
G Rap 5 maanden geleden
Did Dakota think she was at a funeral or being interviewed for an entertainment show?
Sharifah Hanizah Syed Hussein
Sharifah Hanizah Syed Hussein 5 maanden geleden
She has been doing interviews the whole day yunno. Wouldn’t you just want to curl up & go to bed?
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad 5 maanden geleden
OMG I would looooove to go to grannies to actually play with tigers and lions what a badass thing to do lol (I hope she is taking care of them appropriately obvs)
Mohammed Nasseif
Mohammed Nasseif 5 maanden geleden
Her sense of humor is just awesome!
Comoane B
Comoane B 5 maanden geleden
Animal abuse.
Olivia Gellis
Olivia Gellis 5 maanden geleden
all rescues, accredited organization for 37 years
Chris Ready
Chris Ready 5 maanden geleden
She just blows it off like it was nothing. There has to be some great stories. Dish dammit!
Bojana Josipovic
Bojana Josipovic 5 maanden geleden
I would love to see Dakota directing video for Rita Ora.
Kenny the Jet Smith
Kenny the Jet Smith 5 maanden geleden
Nobody has made a story this interesting story sound so boring
william joyce
william joyce 4 maanden geleden
Im sure to her the big cats have always been there her whole life,they use to live in the house with them .....when I was a kid a man in the next neighborhood had a female that lived for about 20 years in his house but those were the good old days when you could have a 400 pound predator and nobody said anything
mail me
mail me 4 maanden geleden
throwing shades
הגר גדליוביץ'
הגר גדליוביץ' 5 maanden geleden
It's not interesting it's abusive.
Jovita James
Jovita James 5 maanden geleden
But, only this particular part, in the entire interview, just happens to be a little forced. She's a private person and doesn't talk much about her personal life. There are other parts of the interview where she's being her quirky, cute self. Hope @The Graham Norton Show posts those clips. Watch the rest of the interview here: nlposts.info/past/nKmcmJqdZouLvoU/video
Jason Mistretta
Jason Mistretta 5 maanden geleden
When Dakota smiles, you can 100% see Melanie Griffith's smile circa late 1980s "Working Girl" days.
T E 4 maanden geleden
I think you can see some of Don Johnsons brow and eyebrows structure as well.
STREEEEEET 5 maanden geleden
I can't decide whether Dakota is boring or just doesn't like doing interviews. Amazing photos tho.
Ayushi Raj
Ayushi Raj 2 maanden geleden
I guess she doesn't like interacting freely to people she isn't friends with....look at her Ellen interview... I have seen her comfortable only with those who are her friends or her parents' friends and that too not about her family.... even in her home tour video u can roughly get the same idea with the conversation...and that's why I love her more
MrGenexxx 4 maanden geleden
@Ang some proof of those claims would be nice
M H 4 maanden geleden
Neither shes genetically stupid. Shes the daughter of melanie Griffiths. Also explains how she got roles in films.
Pras Fidelis
Pras Fidelis 5 maanden geleden
i've seen several of her interviews in various outlets. she just doesn't seem comfortable in interview settings, face to face or even remotely apparently.
Olivia Gellis
Olivia Gellis 5 maanden geleden
@Ang And then asked if she was dead! I'd be salty, too.
Emeraldforest 5 maanden geleden
Tippi Hedren did a great interview on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
Gustavo Buquera
Gustavo Buquera 5 maanden geleden
She's so beautiful yet so boring.
Aiden Eugene
Aiden Eugene 5 maanden geleden
I had seen that photograph of tiger jumping through the window years ago and always wondered who and how that happened because it is NOT photoshopped.
zack11993 5 maanden geleden
The first photo shown is not of Tippi; it's a coloured photo of Jessica Tandy in the sparrow invasion scene.
Conner O'Neill
Conner O'Neill 5 maanden geleden
Thank you, Jesus.
tinacris84 5 maanden geleden
I think this digital 1 on 1 format doesn't really work... she was so bland and boring. Even though this is a utterly out-of-the-ordinary and impressive tale to tell, she made it seem she was not interested to engage at all.
MissMidnightSuki 5 maanden geleden
Well countless people ara dragging her 90 year old grandma in the comments calling her an animal abuser. I wouldn't want to talk about my family either.
loveforeignaccents 5 maanden geleden
Dakota is so darling. I just wish the interview were a lot longer!!
MissMidnightSuki 5 maanden geleden
Check @johnsonsource instagram for the full interview. This is only one part of it.
Vesperia 5 maanden geleden
I to want a longer mundane interview
Lulu 5 maanden geleden
Tippi hedren is the definition of iconic.
Luciana Muñoz
Luciana Muñoz 5 maanden geleden
Veo instrumentos detrás de ella..serán de Chris Martin? 😂🤔
Rosângela Antunes Ramos
Rosângela Antunes Ramos 4 maanden geleden
Luciana Munoz também me perguntei isso
sillysheepsky 5 maanden geleden
Isn't that Chris Martin's house?
MissMidnightSuki 5 maanden geleden
It is
Alejandra Rincon
Alejandra Rincon 5 maanden geleden
Claudia Fuentes
Claudia Fuentes 5 maanden geleden
That's someone's piano and guitars in the background 🎹
Vee N
Vee N 5 maanden geleden
Yes girl 🙌🏾 Give Us NOTHING
Delores Rodrigues
Delores Rodrigues 5 maanden geleden
guts dragonslayer
guts dragonslayer 5 maanden geleden
Woooooow 😑
C G 5 maanden geleden
Where to watch live?? Any link?
Alex Gil
Alex Gil 5 maanden geleden
Dakota 😍😍😍
Lazarus Karl
Lazarus Karl 5 maanden geleden
Tlade o
Tlade o 5 maanden geleden
Americans are crazy
Rachel 5 maanden geleden
For those concerned, this is a legitimate sanctuary. It is nothing like Joe Exotic's zoo. Here is the website to learn more: www.shambala.org/about.htm
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 5 maanden geleden
"Oh yeah, with the leg in the mouth"... yeah ok. Also Dakota's attractive af :O
Dana Mckee
Dana Mckee 5 maanden geleden
I wonder if she is as sweet and kind as she comes across??
Ms. Molly
Ms. Molly 5 maanden geleden
Tippis parents were actually swedish immigrants
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan 4 maanden geleden
@Carl James what ? i clicked on like a fool even tho as an Irishman Graham routinely disappoints me *doesnt have to LOVE the royals and British isms quite so much , does he? but what u got against Swedes ? if u mean celebrities then I agree
Peachlover465 5 maanden geleden
She’s so effortlessly beautiful
evancortez2 5 maanden geleden
no birds?
BE C 5 maanden geleden
Tippi Hedren owns 14 Lions & Tigers and is Dakota Johnson's grandmother, oh my!
Ruth Angelee Ignacio
Ruth Angelee Ignacio 5 maanden geleden
@A SH2018 Some kind of a royalty in there ..
A SH2018
A SH2018 5 maanden geleden
It’s getting better.... her father is don johnson. Her stepfather is Antonio banderas. And her mother Melanie Griffith. Chris Martin is her boyfriend.
Natalia Arce
Natalia Arce 5 maanden geleden
Hollywood royalty!!👏🏻❤
danishhald 5 maanden geleden
She is so beautiful.
Robert Morris
Robert Morris 5 maanden geleden
13-14 tigers left isn’t just a couple left
Hero Hamza
Hero Hamza 10 dagen geleden
where the money does rich lady get?!
Penelope Collett
Penelope Collett 5 maanden geleden
@Jo LiMag a LOT. Actually, most big cats in sanctuaries only get fed once a week (a big meal) but it's meat so it's expensive. Also, in sanctuaries they don't get the exercise they get in the wild and the females are (or should be) on birth control or spayed. Altogether this can make them obese in a short amount of time, with all kinds of health problems. And wildlife vets are bl**dy expensive!!
Jo LiMag
Jo LiMag 5 maanden geleden
Well if you start with 60ish it’s just a few... I wonder how much they eat every day
Eda Aydogan
Eda Aydogan 5 maanden geleden
Pretty sure when she said cats specifically she meant domestic cats? That's how I interpreted that anyway 🤷‍♀️
Pals P
Pals P 5 maanden geleden
Dakota Johnson is drop dead gorgeous.
Lancelot Vyruss
Lancelot Vyruss 4 maanden geleden
And boring (at least in the interview)
Amber Shockley
Amber Shockley 5 maanden geleden
Help. Every time I see Dakota Johnson I enter a fugue state of psychosis and think I should get bangs (fringe) again. Note: I should never get bangs (fringe) again.
Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn 4 maanden geleden
ahhaah same happens to me, then I remember how long it takes to regrow and how awkward my hair looks in the process and I try to resist :D
J Kim
J Kim 5 maanden geleden
i actually went to the salon with her picture of bangs. looked cute for the first couple of days but started regretting it till this day :(
Melanie Brandt
Melanie Brandt 5 maanden geleden
Ruth Angelee Ignacio
Ruth Angelee Ignacio 5 maanden geleden
@Amelia J Pitchford Sometimes I think how unfair she can pull of every hair do,... hahahaha
Ruth Angelee Ignacio
Ruth Angelee Ignacio 5 maanden geleden
Lat's get bangs together! Lol
Scott Crosby
Scott Crosby 5 maanden geleden
Can't say I agree with that sort of practice but I'm sure they are looked after
Moni Jay
Moni Jay 4 maanden geleden
Completely agree Scott, They should be in there natural habitat..ROAMING FREE!!! A weird sort of pet, at the end of the day they are wild animals. KEEP SAFE. We all need love and laughter right now.
Penelope Collett
Penelope Collett 5 maanden geleden
puirYorick what a pleasure to read an intelligent, kind comment on NLposts. Thank you so much. I didn't realise that about the Queen's corgis. She is truly common sense personified. I know she adored her dogs, but even with all her wealth, she was wise enough to realise when to stop. I googled William Holden and Stefanie Powers now. William Holden began the elephant project and all power to him for doing that, but sadly, he died relatively young. But what Stefanie Powers has done since then us nothing short of miraculous. Most people these days would take the money and run. Instead, she set up the William Holden Wildlife Foundation (a US based public charity), as well as the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, where a very important part of it is helping educate the local population. I'm a firm proponent that education is key in everything. When you know better you do better. These amazing people: Stefanie Powers is now 77 and Jane Goodall is 86. Kevin Richardson is 45 and has established a foundation which will be his future work once all his lions are gone. He should be around 60 by that time. I just wish these angels and saints amongst us never got old! Wishful thinking I know. Perhaps there are younger ones we haven't heard about, but so many people are focused on their own needs and wealth these days that it's disheartening. The main thing is the human population needs to stabilise. There is not enough space for both animals and people, which is probably why there are pandemics. If climate change isn't the hugest hint to the changing of our ways, then this pandemic certainly is!
הגר גדליוביץ'
הגר גדליוביץ' 5 maanden geleden
But it wasn't her place to decide how they should live so, the hope that they're treated properly doesn't really make things better doesn't it?
puirYorick 5 maanden geleden
@Penelope Collett Yes, even the queen stopped getting more corgis. Her last one passed about a year or so ago and that was all for her personal pet corgis. At a certain age one needs to be realistic. I can understand operating a rescue reserve for animals but not the collector types who just buy large cats to stroke their own egos. There's no good ending for those cats. William Holden began an African elephant reserve as his life's passion then his friend Stephanie Powers looked after his estate interest in it for some time after his death. I don't know what (if any) organized form remains of that reserve anymore.
Penelope Collett
Penelope Collett 5 maanden geleden
The only person I've ever seen looking after big cats properly is Kevin Richardson in South Africa. He's on yt, fb and ig. I would never support anyone else doing this. I have heard about Tippi Hedren and her cats so I'll have a look. I would never ever pay to watch something like Tiger King. Kevin Richardson is only 45 though, so his cats can still run up and greet him, most times knocking him over. He also doesn't breed his cats and as they go he will not be replacing them. He plans to use the land for cats that need care before being released back into the wild. When you're 90 who's gonna look after your cats...
Carla Catalano
Carla Catalano 5 maanden geleden
Naty Jimenez
Naty Jimenez 5 maanden geleden
When you thought Christian Grey had the freaky past here comes Anastasia with her tigers and lions
ElenaM 5 maanden geleden
I do believe that tigers should be free in the wild but i just hope her grandma takes good care of them and that they're not half the day in a cage
Leilani Z
Leilani Z 4 maanden geleden
@Daniel Callahan lol actually not because a slave and slave master would both be human beings with equal capacity to make decisions, whereas humans could actually care for wild animals better than they can care for themselves, create the best environment and provide the best diet. That's why neglect is against the law, you know, because of our ability to do good we are punished for doing bad
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker 5 maanden geleden
@Daniel Callahan True, but take a look at The Lion Whisperer. :) You can find his youtube channel. He has the best home for captive lions (his are rescues who can't be released to the wild) and he fights to preserve wild lion population.
Claudia Fuentes
Claudia Fuentes 5 maanden geleden
@kiarimarie Tippi still lives on the preserve to this day.
Sia Jacobs
Sia Jacobs 5 maanden geleden
They are rescued animals in a large compound safe from circuses, poachers etc. She had elephants also rescued from the circus, Dakota told the story one had passed away because he or she had a heart condition from being electrocuted so much at the circus.
kiarimarie 5 maanden geleden
They make it sound like she just lives with them still but it’s an actual preserve these days (no idea about its history though). www.shambala.org
Xenija Grünschnabel
Xenija Grünschnabel 5 maanden geleden
She's so beautiful, damn.
Claudia Fuentes
Claudia Fuentes 3 maanden geleden
@Ace Nothing wrong with her forehead. She has plenty of pics without bangs and she looks gorgeous.
Claudia Fuentes
Claudia Fuentes 3 maanden geleden
@Xenija Grünschnabel Well coming from someone that calls themselves onion face. Probably ugly as sin.
Claudia Fuentes
Claudia Fuentes 3 maanden geleden
@Tyrone Stupid you can't even see her elbows.
Xenija Grünschnabel
Xenija Grünschnabel 4 maanden geleden
Wow people, I know, there is a different taste etc. But to call her average...
Tyrone 4 maanden geleden
elbows too pointy .. will not bang 3 out of 10
Castellon Zamora
Castellon Zamora 5 maanden geleden
Oh man that sucks
Pao Pao
Pao Pao 5 maanden geleden
@Jessica Grace Brooks yeah and tippi recognized that was absoluty stupid. And after of that movie she dedicated her life rescuing big cats and raise awareness. And so born the shambala preserve foundation.
Jessica Grace Brooks
Jessica Grace Brooks 5 maanden geleden
They made a movie with these big cats called Roar where numerous crew were badly injured including a young Melanie Griffith, (Dakota Johnson’s mother). She was attacked by one of the cats and so badly injured she needed reconstructive surgery on her face. The whole thing is a horror show. Big cats shouldn’t be kept as pets. This family has serious problems.
Pao Pao
Pao Pao 5 maanden geleden
Also she rescued elephants in bad conditions and treated badly from circus and took care of them.
Pao Pao
Pao Pao 5 maanden geleden
She rescued them and take care of them. The shambala preserve
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 5 maanden geleden
Castellon Zamora. Indeed it does‼️😳😢
Tijana Topalovic
Tijana Topalovic 5 maanden geleden
❤️darling ❤️
theo 5 maanden geleden
Dakota queen omg
HollyBlueAgitated 5 maanden geleden
Fifty Shades of Carole Baskin
Penelope Collett
Penelope Collett 5 maanden geleden
Also a no. Kevin Richardson, South Africa on yt - you'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about big cats.
Pao Pao
Pao Pao 5 maanden geleden
No. Carole baskin who? Tippi is an animal's right activist and founded the shambala foundation in 1983.
F.P. Shapes
F.P. Shapes 5 maanden geleden
The first picture would be a great album cover
xpez 4 maanden geleden
for which band? I know SURVIVOR - EYE OF THE TIGER!!!
Mike Kaatman
Mike Kaatman 4 maanden geleden
Damnnnn your right....ha...
Yasmin Olomi
Yasmin Olomi 5 maanden geleden
Joe Exotic, you better watch out. Also, Carole Baskin might be on her case after quarantine.
Sahaal_17 5 maanden geleden
She probably bought them from Joe or Carol
Penelope Collett
Penelope Collett 5 maanden geleden
Watch Kevin Richardson in South Africa. The real deal.
Pao Pao
Pao Pao 5 maanden geleden
kiarimarie 5 maanden geleden
Nah, they have similar stances at this point. www.shambala.org
ThreeRunHomer 5 maanden geleden
Awesome and mental.
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