Try Not To Laugh With The Graham Norton Show | Part One

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The Graham Norton Show

3 maanden geleden

Think you can watch the entire video without laughing?
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Ethan Abelman
Ethan Abelman 19 uur geleden
Hugh Moore
Hugh Moore 22 uur geleden
2:36 - That suit can barely contain The Rock's arms
Hugh Moore
Hugh Moore 22 uur geleden
You're going to have to change your facebook status.
marella castillo
marella castillo Dag geleden
I really want Graham to host the Oscars! It will be so much fun 😂
Katniss Spruce
Katniss Spruce Dag geleden
Tom's Al Pacino impersonation is the best, i already knew from hearing that "so.."
Jai Houghton
Jai Houghton 2 dagen geleden
Emilia clarke is just so adorable
Jenna Andrews
Jenna Andrews 3 dagen geleden
This is probably the best talk-show . Always great guests and seeing celebrities in a room you would never think of being in the same room together, so the vibe is so fun and the show is genius
Joy 4 dagen geleden
Greggs story was the funniest, his mums underwear.... Laughed my head off 😂😂
Josue Cambara
Josue Cambara 4 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who thinks Tom doesn’t sound like anyone he’s impersonating ?
Ramel Mano
Ramel Mano 5 dagen geleden
while he was down there...
v lue
v lue 5 dagen geleden
I have recently started watching this show and this man is such a natural. No other talk show host I’ve seen comes even close to his charisma and respect. Love it.
Sweety Das
Sweety Das 6 dagen geleden
Its been more than a decade of the show and I now realised that they've never invited a Kardashian/Jenner on the show. Never!!!!
Chen Johnson
Chen Johnson 4 dagen geleden
Thank God for that. They're terrible.
Stephen Gault
Stephen Gault 9 dagen geleden
That was a long wait for a terrible De Niro impression.
13strong 9 dagen geleden
I'm impressed that the audience seemed to understand the strong Irish accents.
Aghar Masri
Aghar Masri 9 dagen geleden
4:50 This is the first time that i see a girl dressed reservedly in this show
LegendGoji 10 dagen geleden
Hugh Jackman is crying 🤣😂🤣😂
Sithean 10 dagen geleden
That Greg Davies story (curry, booze, and his mother's knickers) makes me laugh until I see stars because I can't friggin' breathe.
S1L3NT G4M3R 11 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
ViiO_C 12 dagen geleden
I didn't try at all☺
Tyr Westerberg
Tyr Westerberg 12 dagen geleden
"i don't have a cv but i have a bedroom" great line
Natalie. S
Natalie. S 12 dagen geleden
the irish accents had people confused
JeeSingh21 14 dagen geleden
De niro who famously hates impressions of him and Tom decides it'll be a good idea to do an impression 'of' Bob, 'to' Bob's face lol. Awks!
Cameron Branford
Cameron Branford 14 dagen geleden
Tom always steals the show
Fazlay Rabby
Fazlay Rabby 14 dagen geleden
Hugh Jackman ❤️
Alix M
Alix M 15 dagen geleden
Steve coogan’s impression of robert Di niro is far superior than Tom hiddlestones one
timeywimey 21
timeywimey 21 15 dagen geleden
I already lost it at the beginning
khaoula tube
khaoula tube 15 dagen geleden
14:37 tell me why he reminds me of temothie chalamet lol
RavenDNB 17 dagen geleden
0:03 and i lost THE GAME
1214gooner 17 dagen geleden
I hate Emily Clark. I hate her smile.
White Simurgh
White Simurgh 17 dagen geleden
Hugh is too big for the sofa!
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright 18 dagen geleden
Kevin Hart is one of the funniest guys on the planet 😂😂
Dave Montes
Dave Montes 18 dagen geleden
Kevin Hart is so overrated. Not funny.
Asia Jervis
Asia Jervis 18 dagen geleden
Drinking water while watching this was a mistake
Kristiano In The Skies
Kristiano In The Skies 18 dagen geleden
watching Ryan Gosling laugh non stop is quite the beautiful sight
Apoorv Harsh
Apoorv Harsh 18 dagen geleden
Tom Hiddleston is just amazing
skeesaurs 20 dagen geleden
But did sir patrick stewart's mother pay for an operation that didn't happen????
David Hamil
David Hamil 20 dagen geleden
Can't believe Greg Davis had the cheek to take a famous scene/sketch from the movies Clockwise and Naked Gun, to name but a few, along with many a sitcom and comedy show from over the years and tried to pass it off as something that actually happened to him. I bet there are some idiots out there that believe him too. What a chancer!
Jon Silha
Jon Silha 21 dag geleden
I cracked around the 1:44 mark.
William Wilson
William Wilson 21 dag geleden
Sure hit a wall with the blonde.
Ignacio Alvarez
Ignacio Alvarez 22 dagen geleden
Anyone...who is the other actress with emilia clarke?
Faizal Anwar
Faizal Anwar 22 dagen geleden
TBH Tom could play as Thomas Shelby if Cillian Murphy turn down the role
NaturalBornRebel 22 dagen geleden
Wow i now have a different view of TOM HIDDLESTON
danny Ashton
danny Ashton 23 dagen geleden
The rock and Kevin are like a married couple they’re such a funny duo
Emily Red
Emily Red 24 dagen geleden
Greg Davies story with Ryan Gosling cracking up next to him wins every single one of these competitions.
Meg Sequeira
Meg Sequeira 24 dagen geleden
The British do talk shows so much better than Americans. No gimmicks.
Eliza Hamilton
Eliza Hamilton 4 dagen geleden
He’s Irish
Craig McGuinn
Craig McGuinn 23 dagen geleden
I’m an American and I conquer
Tee B
Tee B 26 dagen geleden
Rewatched the Patrick Stewart bit just to see Hugh Jackman's reaction 😂
Wayne 27 dagen geleden
truly a great host not like the americans ones forcing their laugh on the guests
Noah Mata
Noah Mata 27 dagen geleden
I actually laugh-cried every segment.
icysolez23 27 dagen geleden
Already lost @0:02, TF was that🤣🤣
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg 27 dagen geleden
Hugh jackmans facial expressions remind me of Lil Wayne’s
Digital Clinique
Digital Clinique 28 dagen geleden
I genuinely think that norton show are way much entertaining as a talk show compare to the other talk show that I ever watched.
h311 28 dagen geleden
not me watching this compilation again
Aryan NK
Aryan NK 29 dagen geleden
@4:56 what's Ra's Al Ghul's daughter doing there?
BadNojack 29 dagen geleden
6:40 Great Part
hari sankar
hari sankar Maand geleden
Sir Patrick: That facepalm and I have grandsons 😂😂😂😂😂
Zsófia Papp
Zsófia Papp Maand geleden
people talking... graham in the background: agh-agh-agh-agh-agh
Abigail Lennon
Abigail Lennon Maand geleden
I've been binging Graham Norton videos for 6 hours now
Abigail Lennon
Abigail Lennon Maand geleden
Greg Davies always makes me laugh ahahah that story was hilarious
David Alejandro Gómez
David Alejandro Gómez Maand geleden
We all agree that Hiddleston ended making a better Pacino than De Niro, right? He really nailed it!
Donna Robinson
Donna Robinson Maand geleden
LOL! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joel Baer
Joel Baer Maand geleden
I lost it already in the first 10 seconds ahah
Alexia Rondeau
Alexia Rondeau Maand geleden
I never thought I would like a talk show like this! All the guests seem so comfortable talking and listening ... well, having real conversations! I LOVE it so much!
Rabia Ak
Rabia Ak Maand geleden
First i watched the first 2 min. Without knowing what circumcised means. I translated and the whole story was suddenly very different and funny hahahha
Lara Barbará
Lara Barbará Maand geleden
please never stop doing this Graham ! you're the best host of them all !
musiclover KiwiOkka
musiclover KiwiOkka Maand geleden
Absolutely adore Jodie Foster! Each year should have produced another her, for one is never enough. Ms Foster is literally the only actor/ actress - that I have always seen her work in a theatre - first. Obviously several time's on other media releases, but always a picture theatre first. Adore her!
Mansa XX
Mansa XX Maand geleden
That Irish couch. Classic of all time
Tadie Maand geleden
Kevin Hart always makes me laugh😂😂😂
Javier Adrian Gonzalez Ricart
Javier Adrian Gonzalez Ricart Maand geleden
0:06 seconds and I already laughed
Kate Cimini
Kate Cimini Maand geleden
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UncleDraken Maand geleden
What's the beef stew reference about? I don't get it.
Jaffa Maand geleden
As soon as Greg Davis says ‘When I was teaching...’, you know it’s gonna be a glorious few minutes.
Kim Burke
Kim Burke Maand geleden
Those Irish ☘️ rowers. Funny as 🤣
grace bell
grace bell Maand geleden
favourite and best talk show - British humour so much superior to Americans
Miranda Maand geleden
Jesus gave up half way through watching this so many ads.
Mark Olives
Mark Olives Maand geleden
Why does tom Hiddleston's impression of de Niro sound more like some random Mexican, that Robert himself lmao
Sulma Ismailzai
Sulma Ismailzai Maand geleden
Graham: "Do Robert De Niro's impression!" Tom: *Does 9 other impressions before De Niro* Me: *Enjoying all them with the biggest smile on my face* 😀
CrystalizedDawn 27 dagen geleden
I love how Graham just let Tom work up to it (because you know it had to have been nerve wracking) instead of stopping and pressuring him to just do it; I can guarantee that a majority of hosts would have done the latter and it just would have ruined the flow for the rest of the conversation and interactions
Pussycatfeathers Maand geleden
what a horribly innapropriate dress that one woman has on...its a comedy talk show!!!
introvert! at the disco
introvert! at the disco Maand geleden
i love tom hiddleston but i always get secondhand embarrassment watching him do impressions.
zain motiwala
zain motiwala Maand geleden
hugh jackman's knee slaps are as original as they come.
Joana Alves
Joana Alves Maand geleden
7:37 was I the only one who thought the woman was Emma Stone at first?? xD
Oliver Holmes-Gunning
Oliver Holmes-Gunning Maand geleden
5:25 D'ya like dags?
Memo Maand geleden
Tom Hiddlestone's impressions nearly killed my cringe gland. 😫
Malik Malik
Malik Malik Maand geleden
Never knew Tom hiddleston’s rusty voice impersonation would be this sexy🥺❤️
Ranjini Maand geleden
Hey you cant cut the part were Tom did an impression of Graham just because Graham wasn't impressed by that .
Kristian Have Rasmussen
Kristian Have Rasmussen Maand geleden
Can we just talk about how awesome of a host Graham is. He starts the conversation and keeps it going. But He doesn’t interrupt. He knows the focus should be on the guests, and you can see that they know that. And therefore it is much more comfortable for them to speak
nocchi. Maand geleden
The Mighty Sword
The Mighty Sword Maand geleden
Hugh Jackman's laugh is everything!!
Pernell13489 Maand geleden
That is a bizarre story. There's a difference between being circumcised or not.
Menassie Ermias
Menassie Ermias Maand geleden
the one with kevin and the rock had me dying😂😂
Simonio8 Maand geleden
Those 2 Irish rowers are hilarious.....they probably don't mean to be.
RealCosmicBuilds Maand geleden
LIKE - - - if you're stuck on another Graham Norton binge-watch cycle. It's now passed 5h. Somethings terribly wrong! Thank you TGNS!!! :))
Dark Snow
Dark Snow Maand geleden
hugh jackman laughing with an x men cast always looks weird and i love it
cucuy. Maand geleden
Greg Davis' story had me in tears, I had to watch it like four, five times and it was still hilarious. Loved it! "Ah, you fakkin loser!", hahaha
Никита Отдельнов
Никита Отдельнов Maand geleden
I have seen most of these. No worries, always fun to rewatch 🤷‍♂️
Dark Flora69
Dark Flora69 Maand geleden
Dark Flora69
Dark Flora69 Maand geleden
4:33 they are so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
8 BALL Maand geleden
0:02 fur ball mr Norton?
Mr. Pineapple
Mr. Pineapple Maand geleden
0:03 Wheeze Norton
Katie Maand geleden
9:23 I love the way Tom knew exactly what was coming and is already fidgeting getting all nervous
Shot in the Heart
Shot in the Heart Maand geleden
I loooooooove the Graham Norton show because it has the most bizarre stories
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