The Best Of Disney Voices On The Graham Norton Show!

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The Graham Norton Show

3 maanden geleden

We've been fortunate to have so many voice actors for Disney films on the red sofa, which were your favourite?
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Krish Tripathy
Krish Tripathy 6 uur geleden
ay yo wassup
Kumbiraishe Chagonda
Kumbiraishe Chagonda 3 dagen geleden
Lewis kinda slipped up there right?
nr99 6 dagen geleden
How do you not include Robin Williams in this clip?
Christina Marie Hicks
Christina Marie Hicks 10 dagen geleden
Not my problem..hackers urs..
Steph Hulme
Steph Hulme 11 dagen geleden
I thought Jack's agent was male, that is what he says on his tour yet here he says the agent is female, also Jack isn't telling the whole truth. He has his line in the film, it isn't cut out
Aman Saxena
Aman Saxena 12 dagen geleden
Eddie Redmayne looks like Joe Root
Lauren O'keeffe
Lauren O'keeffe 22 dagen geleden
When jack said “Daffy duck” instead of Donald 😂😂
Anna W
Anna W 23 dagen geleden
On a Graham binge for 3 days now Well worth it
Emily Red
Emily Red 24 dagen geleden
I watched this Jack Whitehall clip a million times but I just now noticed how his eyes go dead and glaring at Graham when he says "you were very excited to join Frozen..."
Kinjae 27 dagen geleden
Tom Hanks is a freaking legend bro ✨
Griffin Martin
Griffin Martin Maand geleden
9:58 I have to agree with him, maid Marian was sexy as hell
Griffin Martin
Griffin Martin Maand geleden
9:58 I have to agree with him, maid Marian was sexy as hell
Hypocrite World
Hypocrite World Maand geleden
I wish the rock was my dad
TIM. Maand geleden
Yes Tom Hanks. We know you hate Tim Allen. But, He’s funnier. And more genuine. And doesn’t abuse children.
The Jenna Endeavour
The Jenna Endeavour Maand geleden
We still haven't heard the line Jack. Don't let it go.
High Livin
High Livin Maand geleden
Ewan Mcgregor has never talked to a mexican before we sound nothing like that lmao the accent is way different.
Vanillastump Maand geleden
To be fair, Nala did have "Do me" eyes later in the film. (during Can You Feel The Love Tonight.)
Kelly Straley
Kelly Straley Maand geleden
Jack Whitehall talking about the Disney Hotel: "Yeah, it's for kids . .. ." Me: Jack, there's a Disney kid in all of us. . . . Graham Norton. One of the best shows to binge watch while in quarantine!
Tee Maand geleden
Lewis: "Isn't that for kids though?" Jack: "yeh it is for kids... um..." 😂😂😂
Selene Gomez
Selene Gomez Maand geleden
8:16 is that sophie from howls moving castle? Sounds a lot like her
Ciocco Banana
Ciocco Banana Maand geleden
right?! thank you, I thought I was the only one
Jesper Hedenqvist
Jesper Hedenqvist Maand geleden
The rock, master of trolling
Ashley Moon
Ashley Moon Maand geleden
My daughter had a crush on Yoda when she was young lol
Daniel Sinclair
Daniel Sinclair Maand geleden
I felt sorry for Tom Hanks not getting an appropriate send off after finishing his last voiceover session for Woody.... until I imagined his pay check coming through
Isobel Chater
Isobel Chater Maand geleden
i love that they included jack whitehall in the thumbnail
Isis van Eekelen
Isis van Eekelen Maand geleden
Jacky Chang
Jacky Chang Maand geleden
6:02 _Daffy_ Duck? At Disney?
fefer erfer
fefer erfer Maand geleden
Hah! I was looking to see if anyone else caught that
Pallavi Yadav
Pallavi Yadav Maand geleden
What a genuine person tom hanks is..... Its always a treat to watch tom hanks interviews
Miranda Jarvie
Miranda Jarvie Maand geleden
Asking Mickey to activate the porn 😂😂😂 full stop
SJR71193 2 maanden geleden
Daffy Duck randomly crossing over between Looney Tunes and Disney
WAMBOSHO maryan 2 maanden geleden
most little girls were inlove with Simba
WAMBOSHO maryan 2 maanden geleden
"It was to save money, I'm not a weirdo I promise" A FEW MOMENTS LATER "mickey I need to activate the porn channels"
LoveBug 2 maanden geleden
does anyone know who tom hanks is referring too at the end
Caoimhe Murphy
Caoimhe Murphy 2 maanden geleden
Caltex 2 maanden geleden
"I'm really upset that they removed my line from the movie" Frozen: "Let It Go"
Sarah B
Sarah B 2 maanden geleden
Way too many ads!! Wtf!!!!
Emma Harper
Emma Harper 2 maanden geleden
I've seen every Toy Story from front to back, DO NOT WATCH THE TOY STORY 3 ENDING OR YOU WILL FALL APART!! This is a warning, people!! It is hazardous to those tear ducts!! 😂😭
Karishma H Niazkilam
Karishma H Niazkilam 2 maanden geleden
"Let it go no i wont "
Eager 2 maanden geleden
I watched this video because of Obi-Wan.
Not funny Didn’t laugh
Not funny Didn’t laugh 2 maanden geleden
I think jack Whitehall could play a good candelstick
shreya bhattacharya
shreya bhattacharya 2 maanden geleden
Binge watching Graham Norton videos and coming across new ones everytime
dizzydemeter 2 maanden geleden
Daffy Duck isn’t a Disney character tho... 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
ThoseDaysArePast 2 maanden geleden
10:57 There's class just dripping out of Martin Freeman.
Marion Tinio
Marion Tinio 2 maanden geleden
Daffy Duck is not Disney.
Iain Coughlan
Iain Coughlan 2 maanden geleden
Man just said Robin Hood the fox was packing Lmao
STorMzZ 2 maanden geleden
Who are those 2 at 9:24 ? cant remember their name
lucia b.
lucia b. 2 maanden geleden
I get really happy whenever i rember lewis is in the car movies, love him
Tigernator 2 maanden geleden
0:32 is that Tom Holland ?
Daniel Allum
Daniel Allum 2 maanden geleden
Tom Hanks is the best
Connie Letts
Connie Letts 2 maanden geleden
The fact they put Jack Whitehall in this video is the biggest “troll” - ironically
Crazy VillainFan
Crazy VillainFan 2 maanden geleden
I choked on my drink when Eddie said he was into Nala
Caitlyn Grace
Caitlyn Grace 2 maanden geleden
Omg actually love Emily finding nemo is elite I used to watch for hours on end too lol
MrSham3less 2 maanden geleden
8:57 so cute
Michael Rodríguez
Michael Rodríguez 2 maanden geleden
Lewis Hamilton?
Fortnite Slayer
Fortnite Slayer 2 maanden geleden
Adithyan Vinod
Adithyan Vinod 2 maanden geleden
Did jack Whitehall's kid actually die??
Pragia Minhas
Pragia Minhas 2 maanden geleden
Instantly in love with Jack Whitewall
Explosion studios INC
Explosion studios INC 2 maanden geleden
Yes Daffy Duck the famous Disney character
Anna 2 maanden geleden
Tequilla on the Rock(s)
disney fan
disney fan 2 maanden geleden
He Graham do all best disney acteur actreses on the red sofa part 2 #Disney fan
liam ferns
liam ferns 2 maanden geleden
Lewis Hamilton sounds exactly like David Beckham
Karen Lovett
Karen Lovett 2 maanden geleden
I noticed that no one is getting to close to Gweneth. I've read that while she might be attractive, cleanliness is not very high on her agenda.
Amy Fowler
Amy Fowler 2 maanden geleden
AidenTheSonicFan 2004
AidenTheSonicFan 2004 2 maanden geleden
Aidengreen Gaming
Aidengreen Gaming 2 maanden geleden
8:36 not f*****g Nemo again
KeepinItReal314 2 maanden geleden
I'm sitting here crying listening to Eddie and Anna!!
disney fan
disney fan 2 maanden geleden
10:28 moana🤨 11:52
disney fan
disney fan 2 maanden geleden
6:16 the lion King🦁 Robin hood 🦊 10:28
disney fan
disney fan 2 maanden geleden
6:33 moana cars 2 6:16
disney fan
disney fan 2 maanden geleden
2:07 frozen beauty and the beast (2017) cars 2👈🤨 6:33
disney fan
disney fan 2 maanden geleden
0:00 toy story 2:07
Raven Sorrows
Raven Sorrows 2 maanden geleden
tom hanks seems like the sweetest, most genuine man to talk to. would love to meet him someday.
LeksiTalksALot 2 maanden geleden
In Eddie’s defense, I thought Kovu from Lion King 2 was attractive
ArchieH Maand geleden
Arwen Garraway
Arwen Garraway Maand geleden
@Sibyl Devlin same with me. His hair..... his voice. Lol
Sibyl Devlin
Sibyl Devlin Maand geleden
LeksiTalksALot we watched the Lion King in 5th grade and THE WHOLE CLASS just swooned at the transition from young Simba to grown up Simba (I went to an all girls school)
Daiane Araújo
Daiane Araújo 2 maanden geleden
disney fan
disney fan 2 maanden geleden
0.00 right side marvel actors left side pixar actor 2:06🦸‍♂️👈👍🚀
c a s h m e r e
c a s h m e r e 3 maanden geleden
Always...always hilarious conversation with Graham Norton!
Diana Peterson
Diana Peterson 3 maanden geleden
Paltrow always makes it weird
Parading Bull
Parading Bull 3 maanden geleden
Jack Whitehall's personality is a mood
Tara C
Tara C 3 maanden geleden
"They draw them really sexy!" 10:16 Woah touché, that cleavage
Linda Carmignani
Linda Carmignani 3 maanden geleden
"Look at her face, she's so sweet!" hahaha Eddie is still crushing on Nala
Aryan P Nair
Aryan P Nair 3 maanden geleden
So Anna Kendrick and Eddie Redmayne are furries. Huh. Who knew?!
Abolfazl Talebzadeh
Abolfazl Talebzadeh 3 maanden geleden
Jack Whitehall's shirt's awesome. does anybody have any ideas what brand is it?
Baby Boy
Baby Boy 2 maanden geleden
S1L3NT G4M3R 3 maanden geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Aylla 27 dagen geleden
It's been 84 years
Tina Morey
Tina Morey Maand geleden
HELPPPP.... I'm in my 500th hr. of Graham , just today !
B real
B real 2 maanden geleden
I can't get out I've been looking for an exit but one does not exist. Oh well
Rose Chelangat
Rose Chelangat 2 maanden geleden
@S1L3NT G4M3R Thank you!
Katrin Kroning
Katrin Kroning 2 maanden geleden
Meee‼️‼️‼️I cannot stop...loosing sleep 😂😂😂
M A 3 maanden geleden
Jack Whitewall's experience tho 😂
Sean's Wee World
Sean's Wee World 3 maanden geleden
6:02 "Daffy Duck"🤦🏻‍♂️
Koivu 3 maanden geleden
The Tom Hanks part is actually quite sad😢
Emily Hopper
Emily Hopper 3 maanden geleden
Toy story franchise is my favorite
RandomKK101 3 maanden geleden
They have so many clips but they’ve been using the same ones like the last 10 videos I don’t understand
theRealRindberg 3 maanden geleden
The Rock made me leave a like
Alyssa Smith
Alyssa Smith 3 maanden geleden
I still love that Emily is on Howl's moving castle in the English dub as Sophie
disney fan
disney fan 3 maanden geleden
9:02 Emily blunt yes you are👈🚘
Olivia Brodarick
Olivia Brodarick 3 maanden geleden
I love how they still put jack in the picture even though technically didn’t have a line
Roza R
Roza R 3 maanden geleden
Таксмешно 😂 говорю я не понимая не слова 😆🤦‍♀️
AL Videobricks
AL Videobricks 3 maanden geleden
Isn’t Tom Hank’s voice amazing?!?!?!
Bailey Barnes
Bailey Barnes 3 maanden geleden
“LOki ThE TroLl” Me: *dead*
John Small
John Small 3 maanden geleden
The rock just seems a really nice cool guy.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 3 maanden geleden
Tom Hanks really is a national treasure ❤️
Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts 3 maanden geleden
Tom Hanks voice is so smooth
RosyAfterglow 3 maanden geleden
Biggest crush was on Prince Philip😍😍😍
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb 3 maanden geleden
News flash: They don't draw those cartoon characters to be sexy. Rather it's a little something called neoteny that underpins their design, which is the retention of juvenile features in adults, and it's done with the intent of making them look cute. Think about that the next time you find a cartoon character sexy, particularly a Disney character, such as the Princesses.
Elbek Dulanov
Elbek Dulanov 3 maanden geleden
All of the voices interesting for me,they are very good
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