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We've had such a wonderfully international couch so far, and here are some of the best moments from our Scottish neighbours!
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Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Dag geleden
I almost forgot how good looking Ewan McGregor was back then!
Meghan Helmich
Meghan Helmich 2 dagen geleden
That lightsaber bit SENT me. 😂
K B 2 dagen geleden
8:15 Gerald looks hilarious
SushiSpud Glassford
SushiSpud Glassford 5 dagen geleden
I am 100% using Celebritytastic, thankyou David 😂
Ashley M
Ashley M 6 dagen geleden
Jennifer Lawrence was in a Kid's music video compilation: Cedarmont Kids. She was singing the "Roll Over" song. Such attitude haha
gracol435 12 dagen geleden
My god - Jeff Goldblum looks and sounds like a glam Vincent Price (in the very best way)
Georgia Maurice
Georgia Maurice 16 dagen geleden
Can you do 'best of australia'
imbetterthanyouis 17 dagen geleden
i think you will find that nasal grooming technique is called " the dave lister method "
Lo u
Lo u 18 dagen geleden
ah scottland, the land of sci-fi
olive fitz
olive fitz 18 dagen geleden
I genuinely thought Alan Cummings's friend was obsessed with the opera for half the story and was thoroughly confused.
J M 17 dagen geleden
R Reynda
R Reynda 19 dagen geleden
13:58 of course Ewan had the high ground
Laudon1965 20 dagen geleden
Poor girl, shame on the show staff for not telling her she forgot to put on her dress. They need to do a show where Graham brings back Antonio Banderas and Ewan McGregor. Banderas with his épée, and McGregor with on of the light sabers, and run through their drills.
Thornback 21 dag geleden
Where are the Scottish women?
B C 21 dag geleden
Only the devine Jeff Goldblum could eloquently enthral an audience so sublimely with a tale of his nasal hair
QueenofSnarks 23 dagen geleden
Jeff Goldblum is an international treasure
Salted Coffee
Salted Coffee 24 dagen geleden
I'm with Gerard.. Get a hold of them and rip them out and the roots usually go with them!
Mrs.WasgehtSiedasan 25 dagen geleden
Did i just listen to Jeff Goldblum talking about nose hair for 2 minutes? Yes i did. Why? I have no bloody idea. But it was fun.
manitot 25 dagen geleden
Hahaha fave was the last! Ewan: *happily bangs his lightsaber onto graham's Graham: Ow! Chris and Ewan: *playfighting with the sabers Graham: THEYREAHUNDREDANDFIFTYQUIDEACH! Ewan: How much? Graham: Hundred and fifty quid each. Ewan: *shrugs, continues playfighting
GalvanInk 25 dagen geleden
Jeff Goldblum isn’t Scottish but his nose hairs are
Katie Racklyeft
Katie Racklyeft Maand geleden
“It must send doctor who fans into some kind of frenzy” Well... The 5th Doctors Daughter played the 10th Doctors Daughter who then married the 10th Doctor. So...yep. It does quite.
Erica Rouge Lazarus
Erica Rouge Lazarus Maand geleden
James and Ewan... omg
Richard Keel
Richard Keel Maand geleden
The Scottish what? Scottish is an adjective, not a collective noun. The term you're looking for is The Scots.
Killukawa 2 dagen geleden
The Scottish makes perfect sense what you chatting?
Hey, it's Avi's Random Videos
Hey, it's Avi's Random Videos Maand geleden
My insomnia is kinda became a blessing because I can watch Graham Norton Show😅
benito tommassi
benito tommassi Maand geleden
I want a dinner party with Jeff goldblum.
jewlz lylas
jewlz lylas Maand geleden
i absolutely live for Graham's show!!
H. Ellis
H. Ellis Maand geleden
Jeff Goldblum has aged beautifully
Geert van der Plas
Geert van der Plas Maand geleden
And then suddenly you find yourself listening intently to Jeff Goldblum giving you tips on how to trim nose hair....
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Maand geleden
If you’re throwing underhand, it’s not even baseball, it’s softball.
tiny99990 Maand geleden
I really don't even care that Jeff Goldblum isn't a Scot... I love him to much...
R S Maand geleden
Why did Jennifer Lawrence flinch like that ?
Nily S
Nily S Maand geleden
Bailey Hodges
Bailey Hodges Maand geleden
I had no idea Alan Cummings was Scottish his American accent is insane
Sebastian L.
Sebastian L. Maand geleden
I love Ewan's laugh
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy Maand geleden
Ewins muscle memory is fire. He stands exactly like Obi-wan.
Random Scottish Guy
Random Scottish Guy Maand geleden
Class patter.
The Doctor
The Doctor Maand geleden
we play the circle punch game at school and now i feel amazing the jen also plays it lol
Katie Wenta
Katie Wenta Maand geleden
Okay, the grooming convo is what got me. Hearing nothing but the woes of leg shaving and eyebrow plucking of girls, I was totally fascinated to watch a sofa of grown men talk about trimming their ear and nose hairs. 😆
Gladys Salazar
Gladys Salazar Maand geleden
alan’s story was hilarious, plus his little mannerisms are so cute
wckerybridge Maand geleden
i see david and pcap, i click.
AJ Hubbell
AJ Hubbell Maand geleden
Thank you.
A A Maand geleden
2:08 he’s a massive fan of OUPRRAH.
- - lumisade - -
- - lumisade - - Maand geleden
When Ewan said "Can you hit them together?" Then without even getting the question answered he hit them and he's just like "Okay you can" and gets up and *starts twirling the lightsaber* I absolutely lost it
Shannon Niessink
Shannon Niessink Maand geleden
Discovering that you could wax your nose, was one of the best discoveries of my life🥰
Loony Linn
Loony Linn Maand geleden
Karen Gillan is soooo pretty and beautiful. Love to see her next to Sophie Ellis Bextor
Phoenix St
Phoenix St Maand geleden
I had no idea Capaldi has an Oscar
Åsa S
Åsa S Maand geleden
Couldn´t somebody have told Jennifer Lawrence that she forgot to put her top on so she didn´t have to go on stage in just her bra?
Aaron Alkins
Aaron Alkins Maand geleden
Sunita Fisher
Sunita Fisher Maand geleden
🌸 did he say light sabre cost £150 each 😳 Omg imagine kids bugging parents to buy one, image fathers bugging their wives honey I want to buy one 🤣😂
Michael keaton
Michael keaton Maand geleden
I'm sorry mister McGregor but this isn't Alec Guinness light Saber that anakin's light Saber that Obi-Wan gave to Luke afterwards...
RAGHAD Solom Maand geleden
what is this guy name in 11:27 ??
EvaNicolea 2 maanden geleden
Alan’s story is amazing I’ve rewatched this video at least 20 times just for his story
Artur Artursson
Artur Artursson 2 maanden geleden
The Graham Norton Show. Where the Stars come to Have Fun !!!
daftirishmare j
daftirishmare j 2 maanden geleden
Windswept and celebrity tastic! 😁😁
Laurie Huntley
Laurie Huntley 2 maanden geleden
That was actually creepy show.
David Ibarra
David Ibarra 2 maanden geleden
A day may come when I’ll run out of Graham Norton videos. But that is not this day.
Marcus 2 maanden geleden
Oprah sure loves satanic rituals and all that adrenochrome
Denise B
Denise B 2 maanden geleden
Light saber segment at the end = epic
c unt
c unt 2 maanden geleden
"youre so good at it" graham says as he points to the actual actor for obi-wan twirling his lightsaber
K S 2 maanden geleden
The lightsaber part is the best! I’m sure I’ve said this on another compilation viddy of Graham’s show! The way all three grown men are acting child-like again, with toys, is absolutely hilarious and, to be brutally honest here, I’m jealous...I want one... ...but you have to guess; is it the grown man acting child-like or * is it just because of * the litesaber...or both??? Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔😬😬😬🤣🤣🤣 * edit in *oopsy 😏
Ben Cramer
Ben Cramer 2 maanden geleden
What the hell is this Jeff goldblum bit
Jack Wright
Jack Wright 2 maanden geleden
I'm scottish
Violator 2 maanden geleden
If you give those to most 40+ year old men with desk jobs, they’ll be Jedis in about 2 seconds.
Caitlyn Grace
Caitlyn Grace 2 maanden geleden
I like Karen gillan omg I can’t believe how long it’s been since doctor who
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176 2 maanden geleden
We did it but it's not a punching game.. It's a matter of being ridiculed.. A matter of pride..
Ace K
Ace K 2 maanden geleden
I have no idea who that guy next to Ewan McGregor is but I love whatever he says and does.
James 2 maanden geleden
Well it's a good thing they cut Jeff Goldblum short before he started oversharing
Carmen Sebastianelli
Carmen Sebastianelli 2 maanden geleden
I do now, but it took me 5 years of listening first.🤪
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 2 maanden geleden
God i love the Scottish
Justin Frano
Justin Frano 2 maanden geleden
Richard Hammond and David Tennant are the same person acting differently change my mind
Sim Sam
Sim Sam 2 maanden geleden
Graham, Chris and Ewan with the lightsabers make them seem like exited 8 year olds 😂😂
Paul 2 maanden geleden
Look at their gaze as he turns to retrieve the sabers, like little boys at Xmas!
Random content guy
Random content guy 2 maanden geleden
Not only was Karen Gillian born in Inverness but she went to the same high-school I did... that's cool
echi echi
echi echi 2 maanden geleden
I actually understand Scottish more than Irish...
Paul 2 maanden geleden
@Raizanwal Nimal 😁😁
Raizanwal Nimal
Raizanwal Nimal 2 maanden geleden
@Paul WHAAAAAAAT?!!!!!! 🤯😱 hehe.....too much? I know😝
Paul 2 maanden geleden
It's actually English they're speaking. Lol
Raizanwal Nimal
Raizanwal Nimal 2 maanden geleden
Yeah......I mean Irish is just like a bunch of babies having a conversation.😂😅 Meaning it's gibberish.
mysterioso 100
mysterioso 100 2 maanden geleden
Amy Pond.....mmmmmmh
amara 2 maanden geleden
Chris o'dowd 😍
Gezzy94 2 maanden geleden
Throwing a Scottish person in an American bash on doesn't count. But what would I know...being Scottish and all.
John Nicolson
John Nicolson 2 maanden geleden
The union has long been broken Scotland wants out, N Ireland wants reunification with Ireland Wales wants out if you believe Plaid Cymru so the English nationalists will get what they want.
Larissa 2 maanden geleden
The Oprah story has me in tears every time.
Valerie Pagendarm
Valerie Pagendarm 2 maanden geleden
Boys and their toys😂
Eoghan 2 maanden geleden
Can't believe that Alan is sitting beside JLO
Danielle Dolipas
Danielle Dolipas 2 maanden geleden
No Lewis Capaldi? Really? That's your funniest Scot! he stole the show in the couple of minutes he was there!
Maisie Gregg
Maisie Gregg 2 maanden geleden
Being Scottish is great. But being from here means that I know these are all pretty light accents. They should've put the Kevin bridges episode in
emma 2 maanden geleden
YES!! the strongest here is probably james’ and that says a lot lol
Armina Vafaei
Armina Vafaei 2 maanden geleden
David Tennant and Peter Capaldi ; I just love their lovely accent ♥️
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 2 maanden geleden
Jack Whitehall is always there 😂
Kabluey_ Louie
Kabluey_ Louie 2 maanden geleden
I wanna be just famous enough to meet Mr. Graham Norton
TheShaleco 2 maanden geleden
Who was the guy who told the Oprah story?
William Lynn Roden
William Lynn Roden 2 maanden geleden
@TheShaleco. Alan Cummings
samuraikitty 2 maanden geleden
My day was kinda crappy until Ewan with the lightsaber. Much better now!
jimmyolsenblues 2 maanden geleden
1:47 who is the lady? Me thirsty.
Gus Parkwood
Gus Parkwood 2 maanden geleden
Karen Gillian…I'm American but…Blimey, She's lovely.😍
Gus Stone
Gus Stone 2 maanden geleden
New title:3 adult men playing with toy lightsabers
Margaret Gust
Margaret Gust 2 maanden geleden
OMG - Jeff Goldblum is hilarious with his grooming hints! LOL.
Massabielle 2 maanden geleden
Lawrence is in need of attention, some strong coffee, and a sweater to help keep the girls from flying out. Just sayin’.
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara 2 maanden geleden
When will you all realise enough is enough,and how selfish you all are,get out of my life,one day maybe God will do the same torture you aswell,you dont know how much dignity you all took,hates you all end of,just wants you to have your karma now.
Certain Person
Certain Person 2 maanden geleden
Alan Cumming's story was SO funny, haha
grahamt19781 2 maanden geleden
Came for the boobs then left
farida mohamed
farida mohamed 2 maanden geleden
2 actors bummed me out with their ‘normal’ accents... House & now The Good Wife 😩
Eoghan 2 maanden geleden
@Mrs.Northern Minnesota Sasquatch Everyone has an accent
Mrs.Northern Minnesota Sasquatch
Mrs.Northern Minnesota Sasquatch 2 maanden geleden
That always throws me off when your expecting no accent or an accent and then they surprise you because youve never heard them talk before!lol happened the first time i heard lewis capaldi talk
BlankCanvas88 2 maanden geleden
Gerard Butler is so red! Sorry, but he gives off the impression of someone who drinks a lot, high blood pressure.
Eoghan 2 maanden geleden
An average Scotsman then
CiA 2 maanden geleden
Looks perfectly Scottish to me.
Kris Ryan
Kris Ryan 2 maanden geleden
The guests know what they're going to be asked but it still seems more natural than the yank shows.
richard gornalle
richard gornalle 3 maanden geleden
Absolutely the best show of its type. Although having seen every show, I am loving these clips. Wonderful entertainment.
Paul 2 maanden geleden
@richard gornalle no worries mate. It's his earlier shows. Best presenter ever.
richard gornalle
richard gornalle 2 maanden geleden
@Paul No I Haven't. Thanks for the information. Definitely will now. Again, thanks.
Paul 2 maanden geleden
Have you watched all the V Graham Norton, or the SO Graham Norton shows? Loads of them to watch 😂
Vincent Barrera
Vincent Barrera 3 maanden geleden
God damn, Jeff Goldblum melts me butter.
Hampton Ivy
Hampton Ivy 3 maanden geleden
Jack: How do I get unloaded on? James: You bat your eyelashes 😏
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