Samuel L. Jackson Hilariously Recalls Not Proposing To LaTanya Richardson Jackson

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The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show

6 dagen geleden

Did Samuel propose?!
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BronnStar 3 uur geleden
brings me to Incredibles 2, Frozone Wife "you better get back ASAP.".
Celtic Highlander&AHook
Celtic Highlander&AHook 5 uur geleden
Jen _29
Jen _29 13 uur geleden
loved that
AEHathorslove 13 uur geleden
Too cute😍!!
renee angele
renee angele 20 uur geleden
Too funny. I could see her thinking like wait til I'm off this camera. You are gonna hear it lol
Gareth Tichauer
Gareth Tichauer 22 uur geleden
That's brilliant
Londa1027 Dag geleden
I remember her from US Marshals, but Iook at her credits and ive obviously seen her in lots. She is a great [character] actress.
L B Dag geleden
He was stuttering and trying tonot say the wrong thing. His wife was not impressed.
JK JK Dag geleden
It doesn't matter.
Bobby Hood
Bobby Hood Dag geleden
I was told we was getting married and when I was to be there!! Ha ha ha ha ☺️ it was very romantic 😜
John Galt
John Galt Dag geleden
Good god that is funny.
krazyy Dag geleden
oh boy when they are at home even samuel l jackson seems like a totally regular person talking nonsense with his wife, awesome.
Novak Kavon
Novak Kavon 2 dagen geleden
You can see it in Samuel's face ...we all laughed but he knew he faked later on 😂
Leslie Traveler
Leslie Traveler 2 dagen geleden
This show is my Happy Place 😍😍
Jona Run Dadadottir
Jona Run Dadadottir 2 dagen geleden
so cute
Lewellyn Crunkmeyer
Lewellyn Crunkmeyer 2 dagen geleden
Samuel isn't such a tough guy in the presence of his wife!
MegaKapo12 2 dagen geleden
Now you know the inspiration for the "say what again scene" was 🤣🤣🤣
Wesam Mansour
Wesam Mansour 3 dagen geleden
Renée J
Renée J 3 dagen geleden
LMAO!!!!🤣🤣🤣 Would love to hear how SLJ cleared that up with LaTanya.
Oral Ogarro
Oral Ogarro 3 dagen geleden
I love Mrs Jackson ❣️
Budji Tresvalles
Budji Tresvalles 3 dagen geleden
I’d watch a Samuel and LaTanya Show anytime! That’ll be better than the other reality shows on TV right now. 😂
Jo LiMag
Jo LiMag 3 dagen geleden
Its clear who’s the boss...
FreaquedeMusique 4 dagen geleden
LaTanya is hysterical! I wanna see more of them!
K Mo
K Mo 4 dagen geleden
And he didn't say muthafucka not even once! Wife woulda backhanded him if he had. Love you Samuel!
Ashwin Kakumanu
Ashwin Kakumanu 4 dagen geleden
First time seeing SLJ tongue tied.
TL;DR 4 dagen geleden
LaTanya: "I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!" if only... 😂
hobyboy07 4 dagen geleden
Nick Fury and Mama Mabel. Gotta love it
Pamela Poblete
Pamela Poblete 4 dagen geleden
SLJ: ..."i didn't say semantical, i said romantical ..." Me: ... ooooohhh Dear ...
crazydougfam 4 dagen geleden
Graham is savage! I love it!
Darin Singleton
Darin Singleton 4 dagen geleden
I absolutely and completely loathe reality-TV. The Samuel L. Jackson & LaTanya Richardson Jackson show, is something I would consider watching.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 4 dagen geleden
"I did?" - Samuel L. Jackson to his wife, about proposing to HER, 2020. 🤣
Ahmad Muhaimin Wan
Ahmad Muhaimin Wan 4 dagen geleden
that winning smile @1:23 ....
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna 4 dagen geleden
Now that this shows back on TV, where can I watch full episodes?
Casey Demers
Casey Demers 4 dagen geleden
I love him. Yes the acting, but him 👨🏿‍🦲
Chad Publicover
Chad Publicover 4 dagen geleden
Samuel Jackson, one of the funniest people. Samuel Jackson's wife: hold my drink
tracyx11 5 dagen geleden
ughhh i love old married couples, :')
Pamela Bonaparte
Pamela Bonaparte 5 dagen geleden
This man 🤪😂
Tyyger r1
Tyyger r1 5 dagen geleden
Asee MICHAEL 5 dagen geleden
" Did I" S Jackson is in TROUBLE lmao
Vinay Pandey
Vinay Pandey 5 dagen geleden
Freddie got his wrinkles
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! 5 dagen geleden
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android 5 dagen geleden
If people with the lowest self worth don't get star struck. The simple people with magnificent famous people wouldn't be in awe to these party people simply coz off cam, life is just like a Podcast & Vlog. There are no Cameraman & Directors that feature the MBJacks like where are the McLa.
Brotha in Beijing
Brotha in Beijing 5 dagen geleden
That look. Dayum!!!! That look would have scared Jules Winnfield.
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly 5 dagen geleden
Someone that out Samuel L Jacksons Samuel L Jackson🤔🤫
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
tiny99990 5 dagen geleden
I have seen Samuel in quite a few interviews but I have never seen him so lively and funny (not saying he isn't usually, just saying he is *particularly* lively and funny in this clip.) I think it may have to do with LaTanya sitting next to him, the love of your life can have that affect on people, perhaps going so far as to say a soulmate.
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds 5 dagen geleden
"I did?" 🤣
miggy_oohbee 5 dagen geleden
And Samuel L. Jackson was sent to sleep on the couch later that night.
Cameron Assing
Cameron Assing 3 dagen geleden
He went the f**k to sleep.
Sandrine Anterrion
Sandrine Anterrion 4 dagen geleden
In the dog house
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 5 dagen geleden
so.....that's what 40 years be like......I got 24 more years ta go......
itsthevoiceman 5 dagen geleden
Will they adopt a 39 year old man, please?
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
Tua Parulian
Tua Parulian 5 dagen geleden
you won't believe me. l watched this like 5 times. this couple would be great on their own tv show.
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
:) I miss all my friends, but the people who have the same NLposts algorithms I have are actually more aligned with my tastes than my friends. In this case, though... I think EVERYONE would love this.
Ilang Ilang
Ilang Ilang 5 dagen geleden
I did 3
Patti White
Patti White 5 dagen geleden
LOL Now I know who he got his tough guy act from. I think she is much tougher than he is. She lays down the rules.
waalex11 5 dagen geleden
Mattias Jansson
Mattias Jansson 5 dagen geleden
Samuel seems quite different to his normal talkshow persona. More relaxed and gentle, not so overly confident and almost arrogant as usual.
Mattias Jansson
Mattias Jansson 5 dagen geleden
@michael hartman He’s been on this show many times over the years, always being his usual tough guy. Only a bit more relaxed and happy as all Graham Norton guests are, due to the drinks and atmosphere. But this time he was at home, not in the studio, so the credit to his gentleness goes to having his wife by his side.
michael hartman
michael hartman 5 dagen geleden
It's the Graham Norton show. It's a booze driven version of Ellen here in the US
studiowendy15 5 dagen geleden
This would have been a prime Red Chair story, then when LaTanya pulls the lever, says in her best Samuel impression "How'd you like that flip, motherf*****?!" Such a great couple!
aranphor 5 dagen geleden
love it. 😂
Danny R
Danny R 5 dagen geleden
"Say 'No' again. I dare you, I double-dare you!"
Deathlygunn 5 dagen geleden
We've watched The Osbornes, we've kept up with Kardashians, after this, I think we need to join the Jacksons.
Siobhan O'Connor
Siobhan O'Connor 3 dagen geleden
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
I love this marriage so much.
Who Asked?
Who Asked? 4 dagen geleden
I think you need to get out more..
Tanweer Majid
Tanweer Majid 5 dagen geleden
Is there a live audience??
Gourgandise 5 dagen geleden
Awww they are too cute!! Too cute they crack me up!
James II Ravelo
James II Ravelo 5 dagen geleden
Hahaha he was probably so dead after that segment :D
S1L3NT G4M3R 5 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
I am OK with it. I get Craig Ferguson, too.
Ingvar Hallström
Ingvar Hallström 5 dagen geleden
I don't know what's with the algorithm, but I got it all over my feed...
Louise Bacchus-Brown
Louise Bacchus-Brown 5 dagen geleden
Hippie’s Hive
Hippie’s Hive 5 dagen geleden
These two are a riot!
Sung-ahn Choi
Sung-ahn Choi 5 dagen geleden
Wow, is Samuel L. Jackson afraid of someone?
ClassicAdden 2 dagen geleden
@Unquiet Grave Dated concept. Wake up.
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
@Jason Patterson That was his real wife? That is awesome.
Jason Patterson
Jason Patterson 4 dagen geleden
In The Incredibles, LaTanya actually voiced Frozone's (Samuel's) wife. I'm just thinking of that, "Honey, where's my super suit?" scene. "You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!" "Greater good?! I am your WIFE! I'm the greatest good you are ever gonna get!"
Unquiet Grave
Unquiet Grave 5 dagen geleden
Every man is afraid of their mom or partner.
Manuel P
Manuel P 5 dagen geleden
It’s called marriage
Sanie Isleam
Sanie Isleam 5 dagen geleden
He’s awesome!!!! 💐
Gabriel Matthews
Gabriel Matthews 5 dagen geleden
I love his shirt.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 dagen geleden
Graham, the next time you have SLJ on, you *absolutely must* invite LaTanya as well! I need to see more of this.
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
We need this ALL THE TIME.
marksapollo 5 dagen geleden
Great sense of humour, brilliant! 40 years of marriage wow! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jackson.
Jack Messent
Jack Messent 5 dagen geleden
Samuel L Jackson is such a great actor!
danam0228 5 dagen geleden
so funny had to watch this twice was even more funny the secomd time they need to do a comedy together, don't matter if it is movie, sitcom, reality tv, maybe reality tv would be best
Alexandra McLean
Alexandra McLean 4 dagen geleden
I felt "re-parented."
Leiloni4712 5 dagen geleden
Wow I'm actually watching a Graham Norton clip that isn't months if not years old.
4shys2 2 dagen geleden
@Rita Matias They are social distancing !
Rita Matias
Rita Matias 4 dagen geleden
Is this real 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Sir Yolo
Sir Yolo 5 dagen geleden
Testing comment
David Dehorta
David Dehorta 5 dagen geleden
Omg for real its always like 3 years ago 6 months ago..
Wolfgang VonGash
Wolfgang VonGash 5 dagen geleden
They need their own show.
HollyBlueAgitated 5 dagen geleden
I love that Samuel's been on the show so much that this is kind of the "let me introduce you to my wife" part of the relationship
LB CoasterMom
LB CoasterMom 5 dagen geleden
I needed that issue to deal with later today😂
Harigovind SR
Harigovind SR 5 dagen geleden
Oooh my god 😂😂😂
BE C 5 dagen geleden
It's nice to see Samuel and LaTanya together for an interview. They seem like a great couple.
V A 5 dagen geleden
How long have I been on youtube that means I'm early for a Graham Norton clip
B uppy
B uppy 5 dagen geleden
Need to see more of this couple. Love them!
Sky Gerspacher
Sky Gerspacher 5 dagen geleden
those guys are adorable together
Dackson Darlien
Dackson Darlien 5 dagen geleden
Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
silver fox
silver fox 5 dagen geleden
I love Samuel " I don't think he was on epstein's island either..😁 i hope.....🇮🇪🦊
Peterson Oliveira
Peterson Oliveira 5 dagen geleden
Boa tarde congrats vai amém bom
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family 5 dagen geleden
Samuel Jackson is like everyone cool uncle lol😂👌
Siobhan O'Connor
Siobhan O'Connor 3 dagen geleden
I swear I see you commenting everywhere!
K 5 dagen geleden
That would be dope.
Hassan Haddad
Hassan Haddad 5 dagen geleden
Damn I’m early as hell 😂
Dutch 90's Kid
Dutch 90's Kid 5 dagen geleden
That's what she said 🤓
Anthony Godin
Anthony Godin 5 dagen geleden
me 2
Muhammod Fahim
Muhammod Fahim 5 dagen geleden
James lahey
James lahey 5 dagen geleden
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