How President Donald Trump Inspired Steve Carell's 'Space Force' | The Graham Norton Show

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Steve Carell on how his new show 'Space Force' came to be.
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Cathleen Rocco
Cathleen Rocco 26 dagen geleden
anyone know if Carell is still a trump supporter? I was so disappointed to hear that he was.
Radhika Khatri
Radhika Khatri 2 maanden geleden
Steve Carell is so hot
sir rom
sir rom 2 maanden geleden
the only thing they underscore is their own idiocy.
Luis R.
Luis R. 3 maanden geleden
Star trek literally took inspiration from Nasa. Compare all space agencies logos from other countries and you find that they also you use the delta.
Steve D
Steve D 3 maanden geleden
It is funny how things mirror each other... And, even John Malkovich gets thin skinned now and again...
Rickz Zhere
Rickz Zhere 3 maanden geleden
Steve Carrel the foxcatcher ๐Ÿฅฐ
nick golo
nick golo 3 maanden geleden
Love how it didnโ€™t make it political. Steveโ€™s the man
CybreSmee 4 maanden geleden
My god Graham Norton sucks without a canned laugh track.
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell 4 maanden geleden
They just dont care who they hurt. They seem to forget that trump won 2649 counties to Hillary's 503. The only reason she got that many is cause they control the large cities which coincidentally is where all the sanctuary counties are full of illegals and blacks and planned parenthood. Funny how the only cities in turnoil pushing their anti American narrative are dem controlled cities. Funny huh. Sad so many Americans are so brainwashed. They are unable to even see how racist they are. Planned parenthood killed more than 19,000,000 black babies since white supremacist Margaret Sanger created planned parenthood. By far more than any other race.
Karen Jang
Karen Jang 4 maanden geleden
Hot damn. Silver fox.
Luke O'Reilly
Luke O'Reilly 4 maanden geleden
Carell is cool but space force is dreadful, couldnt get past the first 5 episodes. Surprisingly bad
Tick Talk
Tick Talk 4 maanden geleden
Watched a little of the Space Force. Thought it was terrible. Only something poorly educated college students would think was funny enough too watch a full episode, and not switch to something else. Kelp farming, for example. Maybe a NLposts video of 101 uses for Kale?
Linda Muvic
Linda Muvic 4 maanden geleden
Great cast, great stories, Iโ€™m just concerned Trump is watching this thinking itโ€™s real, and is ready to take credit for the fictional moon base.
Hu Mann
Hu Mann 4 maanden geleden
Anyone else love Graham Norton but kind've wish he would stop doing this format of a show until he gets an audience back? It's just awkward and weird.
David Wise
David Wise 4 maanden geleden
In the late 1990's, before the military realized that it needed to be much more circumspect about what they would post, all kinds of departments within the military academies would each have their own web pages. And almost every single department's insignia would have that exact-same Starfleet-like "arrow head". Basically, I was seeing a helluva lot of Star Trek envy in play. And then in the USAF-inspired series, "StarGate SG-1", as the USAF was making use of advanced alien tech, Col Jack O'Neill (with "two l's" while displaying three in a standard visual joke) always wanted to hear that they had phasers now and was always so disappointed.
Angeluss Blade
Angeluss Blade 4 maanden geleden
He looks super hot with a beard and eyeglasses.
Mei po
Mei po 4 maanden geleden
Space Force got such bad reviews it breaks my heart, I think itโ€™s really nice and has a lot of potential, GIVE THEM MORE SEASONS
Curtainfall 3 maanden geleden
I saw the trailer and I honestly thought it was a movie.
Sayak Choudhury
Sayak Choudhury 3 maanden geleden
I think it's the type of show that will get it's footing in the second season
Stefano Paci
Stefano Paci 4 maanden geleden
I Agree, they should expand, show more of the base. More quirky characters, more absurd projects. There is so much inexpressed potential there.
tsns1 4 maanden geleden
USSF is just re-designated from a 1943 14th Air Force and 1982 Air Force Space Command, been here a long time.
Luis R.
Luis R. 4 maanden geleden
And its time it became its own branch. Space should and will be our future.
Lakshmi G
Lakshmi G 4 maanden geleden
Iโ€™m so glad Graham and the show are still thriving and producing content! Stay safe everyone! Hopefully this shitestorm will be over soon ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Shaun Craig Parkinson
Shaun Craig Parkinson 4 maanden geleden
I wish talk shows would take a break, We'll survive without for a few months. The format makes me want to throw my tv through a window.
tsns1 4 maanden geleden
Throw it โ—๏ธ
Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva 4 maanden geleden
Dummy did you not know that the Army Airforce used that symbol before Star Trek since the 1940's. If anything Star Trek took that symbol off the US Airforce at the time.
tsns1 4 maanden geleden
It's from the 1940 36th Operations Group and 1952 USAF 36th Wing, the 1917 36th Aero Squadron command by President Roosevelt's son became 36th Fighter Group United States Army Pacific Air Forces "Prepare to Prevail" had a 12 O'clock red triangle, 1942 22nd AF Domestic Wing Air Corps Ferrying Command had a yellow open triangle on a Globe.1963 Third Air Force 39th Bombardment Wing had a Globe. Russian Space Forces has a blue 12 0'clock triangle. Since Chekov died they will not be making anymore Star Treks~ see you at the launch MS๐Ÿ‘ฃ.
Jason J Mitchell
Jason J Mitchell 4 maanden geleden
You do realize that the StarFleet logo from Star Trek is based upon the NASA logo? So the Space Force logo was also based upon the same. Since it's been the basis of all the military space emblems.
tsns1 4 maanden geleden
Star Trek is telling us something here, NASA followed Russia's ROSCOSMOS "open V" insignia pointed at the Two O'clock position and Japans JAXA "open V" at the Three O'clock position with our "open V" insignia, seal and flag at the 2 O'clock position. Similar to Russian Space Forces the US Space Force insignia has a "full Triangle" at the Twelve O'clock position, very important, Bigly differences, Huge similarities.
Malala Lalala
Malala Lalala 4 maanden geleden
Star Trek logo got it from the government actually
tsns1 4 maanden geleden
@Jason J Mitchell NASA copied the 1941 and 1948 US Army Air Forces 36th Fighter Wing, the 36th Operations Group and the 1952 USAF 36th Wing.
Jason J Mitchell
Jason J Mitchell 4 maanden geleden
Copied NASA, just like Space Force
Paul Greene
Paul Greene 4 maanden geleden
Mabye he can get his staff that he put on furloe job's there as he can't afford to pay them
SWISSPOWERJET 4 maanden geleden
Tharun Kumar
Tharun Kumar 4 maanden geleden
Micheal Scott is damn cool and stylish.
Jesus Loves you
Jesus Loves you 4 maanden geleden
In the Bible God speaking through his prophet - For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,โ€ declares the LORD. โ€œAs the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.โ€ (Isaiah 55:8-9) So if we are only tiny particles in the universe, where does forgiveness, tolerance, love, compassion, happiness from a child being born come from ? If you want to find out why God allows evil go to Genesis. God intended this earth to be perfect in all ways. However God has a rule that he always follows. Its called ( freedom of choice. ) Every precious life he creates he gives them freedom to choose. Because he doesn't force anyone to love him. Its his wisdom. God gave Adam and Eve 2 options - Ignore that tree and live in my love and peace. OR - eat from that cursed tree and you will be like God and you will know what evil is. Then death will be part of life. Eve chose that 2nd option. Thats why we live in a cursed world, where Satan decieves as many as he can. The way Satan decieves is by distractions. Movies, games, drugs, money, sex and music. Satan blindfolds eyes of the people so they can't experience the love of God. However there is good news for you and me. JESUS CHRIST. He came to bring you back to himself. He shed his blood for people who realize they need forgiveness. These people will be saved from hell and will inherit Gods kingdom. God gave us a promise that one day Jesus will come back to rule and all Evil will stop. Bad people will be judged and will go to Hell and followers of Christ who were forgiven will be rewarded. God has a plan. The question is are you on his side? All it takes is to open your heart and call on him. ;) God wants to be personally FOR YOU He desires relationship with you. What do you choose, Pride before God or Humility before God ? He knows everything about you. Jesus still wants you. :)
Saukingalpha 4 maanden geleden
It's so wierd not hearing audience laughter on every joke they're sharing
sir rom
sir rom 2 maanden geleden
it really showcases how truly unfunny these maggots are.
Phil 4 maanden geleden
The Morning Show was fantastic
A.I. the SIGNAL 4 maanden geleden
*SPACE ALIEN BACKS TRUMP:* "I want to put our military in space so that we can defend the world from potential alien invaders." ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘ฝ
Laurie G.
Laurie G. 4 maanden geleden
I love Steve. I love the recent work on SGN! Please interview John Krasinski and Emily about thier recent sale of SGN. I would really like to hear their side of the coin and get their side of the story. I am sure there is humour in it somewhere. This channel is always my go to for great shows and a good laugh. Graham you are wonderful!!
Natalie J Walker
Natalie J Walker 4 maanden geleden
What?!!! John sold SGN??? Awe man, I was hoping he'd keep it authentic. That makes me sad.
DT 4 maanden geleden
Revisit the movie "Wag The Dog".
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 4 maanden geleden
what a pointless clip
Iva Sativa
Iva Sativa 4 maanden geleden
It's a teaser of the show.then you buy a monthly subscription for BBC and watch it online. So i wouldn't call it pointless in no way
Sharp Design
Sharp Design 4 maanden geleden
I saw a commercial for the "actual" space force. It's just a silly name no matter how you put it.
sir rom
sir rom 2 maanden geleden
b/c djt has a history of not making catchy phrases. i mean, the most prolific person to do so in history, arguably,, but who's counting.
Johnny 4 maanden geleden
I donโ€™t understand why people think the concept of a Space Force is a joke? This is a natural military progression. As for the likeness to Star Trek, thats just a coincidence. The symbolism was adapted from Space Command. Space is the final frontier and the US is ahead of the world. Once upon a time flight was considered a foolโ€™s errand.
Johnny 4 maanden geleden
Jimmy Logan Probably the biggest problem for some.
Jimmy Logan
Jimmy Logan 4 maanden geleden
True They hate it becz trump started it๐Ÿ˜‚
Jay 4 maanden geleden
The donald is the worst president in the history of The USA... he is so ridiculous that it doesn't even take any effort to make fun of him. We live in surreal times.
Malala Lalala
Malala Lalala 4 maanden geleden
Nope. Space Force is his best move. Neil Degras Tyson agrees
Chris M.
Chris M. 4 maanden geleden
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell 4 maanden geleden
The DOD, Air Force and NASA already monitor activity in space. If we need more than what they are already doing, why not just expand on one of their programs? Wouldn't it be cheaper and more effective anyway? Airmen are already military-trained but would have to be trained on new weapons. Weapons, by the way, that don't exist yet! So what's the point of creating a new armed service branch that won't be armed? It's also been suggested that creating a new branch of the military could cost as much as 13 billion dollars. Where is that money going to come from? That's an easy answer. Tax money. Where everything comes from ๐Ÿ˜ . With Trump's history, it'll probably bankrupt the country.
tsns1 4 maanden geleden
@Teri Sampedro-Cantrell He re-designated two existing Space Commands into the new space force, shuffling things around with the necessary updates ๐Ÿคฟ.
tsns1 4 maanden geleden
@Karen Brown i accidentally tuned it out to but then it got scrubbed for Saturday YEAH ๐Ÿ‘“. Checked out your cooking baking list~ Cmon ๐Ÿ‘ฃ.
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell 4 maanden geleden
@Karen Brown I, too, tend to tune him out. including when he first started talking about Space Force. I thought it was just more of the nonsense he likes to babble about. I even laughed at it when he unveiled the Space Force emblem which strongly resembles the patch on tv's Star Trek Starfleet uniforms. But then, they made a recruitment commercial. Check it out. It's on NLposts. I just wonder how much money he and his cronies are making on the deal. Trump doesn't do anything that's not in his best interest.
Karen Brown
Karen Brown 4 maanden geleden
Agreed! I live on the Space Coast (where tomorrow, we are having our first manned launch in 10 years!), but I had NO idea this was an actual thing! Then again, whenever I hear or see 45's name, I tune it all out, so I probably missed the announcement.
HawkingRegime 4 maanden geleden
They had to include Trump in the title to stir some attention lol, pretty misleading title.
Vidar 710
Vidar 710 4 maanden geleden
Emblem "Arrowhead" has been in the Air Force symbology since the '50s. I love this show, but disappointed they followed a fake narrative. Space Force has been in the works ever since Space Command became a reality within the Air Force in the early to mid 80's. Space Command is headquartered in my home town of Colorado Springs. This isn't a Trump invention... He just had the balls to make it happen.
SMA2343 4 maanden geleden
Man, I don't know how all of these comedians are gonna survive when Trump is OUT of office.
Malala Lalala
Malala Lalala 4 maanden geleden
Space Force is a good thing though. Pushing humanity to space
LUCIANO FERRAZ 4 maanden geleden
tlopes 4 maanden geleden
Ricos roughnecks!
Jo Molololo
Jo Molololo 4 maanden geleden
Just better not be all bs about space force , cause Sat warfare is real and so are orbiting Nukes .
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell
Teri Sampedro-Cantrell 4 maanden geleden
I feel the same. After all, part of what NASA does is monitor activity in space. So how is "space force" different or better? Why not just expand on NASA? Wouldn't that be cheaper and more efficient?
Vader 4 maanden geleden
1:15 Looks like Dean Norris from the pic
Rudolf de Lang
Rudolf de Lang 4 maanden geleden
The president wants his entrepreneur crony to get contracts even though her technology is unproven. He makes reckless demands for quicker results in the race against the Chinese to dominate the moon. He is also obsessed with what the new branchโ€™s uniforms should look like, empowering the first lady to oversee the designs, conscripting Nairdโ€™s headquarters staff into service as runway models.
Jo Molololo
Jo Molololo 4 maanden geleden
Have you heard of SpaceX idiot ?
whutzat 4 maanden geleden
TDS: Find A Cure
Albus D
Albus D 4 maanden geleden
Steve Carell is like wine.. The older he gets, the more attractive he becomes.
Andre Wynn
Andre Wynn Maand geleden
Yu gay
Andre Wynn
Andre Wynn Maand geleden
@angrykulla maybe hes drinkin blood from screaming babies lol
angrykulla Maand geleden
@KoalaFication or maybe as he got incredibly healthy he hired a world class dietician, fitness coach and chef who prepares all his meals. I'd go with that before believing lunatic conspiracy theories.
KoalaFication 2 maanden geleden
Maybe drinking "Adrenochrome"
Isaac De Paula
Isaac De Paula 4 maanden geleden
You know, i know it's funny, but a "Space Force" is not an "ABSURD" idea at all if you think about it I mean, since the 50s the technology on this field involve a war, and many equipments that they sent to space have a military use. What surprises me is that, this wasn't created during the 60s, on the atmosphere of the space war during the Cold War, so if you really think about it, it's not so weird at all
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 4 maanden geleden
@Malala Lalala For sure. I can't disagree with you on that.
Malala Lalala
Malala Lalala 4 maanden geleden
@Mark Johnson Same thing with creation of the Air force from the Navy. That's how all new branches get made when technology increases.
Malala Lalala
Malala Lalala 4 maanden geleden
@HollyBlueAgitated How is that different than Air Force
WaffleEBay12 4 maanden geleden
Having a brand new branch of the US military and calling it the Space Force when funds going towards space efforts have been dropping for so long and having the branch be in charge of a total of 88 members is just ridiculous. It would make more sense to just make a TV show about it and just say we made the branch.
Warwick Walton
Warwick Walton 4 maanden geleden
Warfare in space or from space is prohibited under international law that the US helped develop. We don't want guns in space.
Troy Hilario
Troy Hilario 4 maanden geleden
Uh hi Norton , did you know , my Finals/DSE was talking about you on your idea of loneliness, depression and fear of failure. The entire time I was reading it at in your voice which was hilarious and also made it a breeze to do
JCrules 4 maanden geleden
Go infinity and beyond
whutzat 4 maanden geleden
He will...and leave the losers behind. Like a BOSS.
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 4 maanden geleden
N o
Jayne Sargent
Jayne Sargent 4 maanden geleden
Live long and prosper, Graham, You too, Steve. Love ya both!
sir rom
sir rom 2 maanden geleden
idk, by the looks of it....
I AM TROLL 4 maanden geleden
NASA confirmed a meteor to hit earth in 2029 then space force was announced looks like they are trying to do a real armageddon movie
andrew miller
andrew miller 4 maanden geleden
Aside from verbatim saying space force?
b camp
b camp 4 maanden geleden
Steve should be embarrassed, this movie is awful
nitramyar 4 maanden geleden
@b camp That's your completely unqualified opinion, is it? You haven't watched it, you don't know if it's a movie or a TV series, but "it's dogshit"? You're just another trolling imbecile without a single original thought in your tiny little pointy head.
b camp
b camp 4 maanden geleden
@Mjgirl55 whatever it is, it's dogshit
HollyBlueAgitated 4 maanden geleden
@Mjgirl55 these people don't watch things
Mjgirl55 4 maanden geleden
It's not a movie...its a series
Kimara3_3 4 maanden geleden
Steve Carell is a gem ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan 4 maanden geleden
@WaffleEBay12 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
WaffleEBay12 4 maanden geleden
Uncut Gems. Now available on Netflix.
whoabundy33 4 maanden geleden
whoabundy33 4 maanden geleden
@HollyBlueAgitated then how did u end up in Prison? Prison Mike?๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
HollyBlueAgitated 4 maanden geleden
S King
S King 4 maanden geleden
What people suffering from TDS (trump derangement syndrome) fail to realise is that there has been space forces ever since sputnik went up
drzerogi 4 maanden geleden
@Sasageyo looks like someone hasn't made it to the first step yet.
Jamin Shanti
Jamin Shanti 4 maanden geleden
Debra Johnson go read a history book. NASA has been filling out forms for 30 years. Hasnโ€™t donโ€™t S#1T
whutzat 4 maanden geleden
@James Fonda Go hug a tree.
James Fonda
James Fonda 4 maanden geleden
@Debra Johnson politicizing climate change? You mean using evidence and facts to talk about a growing global issue is just an opinion? Get over yourself lady, it's a problem that will affect every living thing on this planet
whutzat 4 maanden geleden
TDS: Find A Cure
eddie harcourt
eddie harcourt 4 maanden geleden
This show is way better with a live in-studio audience.
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 4 maanden geleden
The world is way better with an *alive* population some lose some.
Jennyfisch 4 maanden geleden
I think what's missing even more is the dynamic of having all the guests on the sofa all at once. But I'm glad they're keeping the show going anyway.
HollyBlueAgitated 4 maanden geleden
well unfortunately it's impossible to have that right now
sienna grace
sienna grace 4 maanden geleden
Love the voice cracks though
A claucliclaudette
A claucliclaudette 4 maanden geleden
NOOOOO do you have the reference ?
Jamin Shanti
Jamin Shanti 4 maanden geleden
I am gonna check it out. If itโ€™s a Orange Man Bad show, Iโ€™ll be disappointed.
Jamin Shanti
Jamin Shanti 4 maanden geleden
The Left Review sites donโ€™t like the show, so itโ€™s good! Fans win.
Guess My Name
Guess My Name 4 maanden geleden
He's not orange
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan 4 maanden geleden
Trump 2๐Ÿ˜2๐Ÿ˜
whutzat 4 maanden geleden
K K 4 maanden geleden
Steve Carell is a top 5 actor
Small Shaq
Small Shaq 4 maanden geleden
Current actors? my top 5 is Joaquin Phoenix Christian Bale Michael Fassbender Jake Gyllenhaal Matthew McConaughey
mecongberlin 4 maanden geleden
K K top 5 maybe a bit too high but he is much better than many people would believe
Penny Wells
Penny Wells 4 maanden geleden
@Callum Macleod HAHAHAHA. If you could think rationally, you might have a thought worth sharing
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan 4 maanden geleden
@Callum Macleod Trump 2๐Ÿ˜‡2๐Ÿ˜‡
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan 4 maanden geleden
@Callum Macleod ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ
Ronny 4 maanden geleden
whutzat 4 maanden geleden
Ur mom
Devanshu Shah
Devanshu Shah 4 maanden geleden
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson 4 maanden geleden
@Stock Holm u
Stock Holm
Stock Holm 4 maanden geleden
@Mr. Krabs Bro
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 4 maanden geleden
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