The Best Feel Good Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part Three

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The Graham Norton Show

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Part three of the best feel good moments! Did we miss any of your favourites?
Watch part one here -
Watch part two here -
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Joanna Georgie
Joanna Georgie 2 uur geleden
What actually did Mark Ruffalo say?? I really couldn’t get it😔
GenFox 1G
GenFox 1G 14 uur geleden
i hate explaining the difference between shepherds and cottage pie for some reason it is very rare for someone to know.
Anjali kumari
Anjali kumari 4 dagen geleden
How on earth can one not want to be friends with Eddie
Adinda Thalia
Adinda Thalia 6 dagen geleden
What did mark said ? A lot changed in the last 5 years for u ?
josh mcglenn
josh mcglenn 10 dagen geleden
I love it when actors show their nerd side, margo's reaction was so real it hurt lol
Bumbie Boo
Bumbie Boo 10 dagen geleden
Nic 11 dagen geleden
Oh the surgery! Plastic surgery is so 2010.
Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson 14 dagen geleden
Am i the only one that saw colours when eddie was flipping the 2nd time?!
Asia Jervis
Asia Jervis 14 dagen geleden
I'm a simple girl. I see Ed Sheeran, I click
Chgrand Klim
Chgrand Klim 21 dag geleden
et en france on se coltine laurent ruquier .. quelle honte
Alexicia moore
Alexicia moore 26 dagen geleden
I hate that I’ve never seen friends and get their theme song is stuck in my head. I don’t know it word for word but the “I’ll be there for you” is like annoyingly playing over and over on an endless loop in my head. I guess that’s my brain saying “it’s about that time. Everyone everywhere said watch it.”
Maiahs life
Maiahs life Maand geleden
Omg Ed Sheeran haha 😆
Maiahs life
Maiahs life Maand geleden
Mark Ruffalo‘s face when he kissed Meryl streep was just gold😂👌🏽
Meg Dent
Meg Dent Maand geleden
but I'm a WiZarD *grins*
✨Ndidi1st✨ Maand geleden
It’s actually.... “So no one told you ‘ Life!’ was gonna be this way 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾”
Sharon O'Neill
Sharon O'Neill Maand geleden
Margot Robbie's reaction to not reading the last Harry Potter is the reaction all Harry Fans would have to hearing such news! Who like doesn't read the last book? So unnatural!
Özgün Özden
Özgün Özden Maand geleden
Better than any other American late night shows. It's the best basically.
chris` Ormisher
chris` Ormisher Maand geleden
10:10 "i'd like you to put your hand up if you know the answer" Jennifer straight away "Yes Sir", thats respect right there :)
Joseph Seed
Joseph Seed Maand geleden
I just Cannot stop appreciating Ed Sheeran's Simplicity. What a gentleman.
Vikas Maand geleden
Ed Sheeran: Put him on the couch, that’s friendship.
Hans Meulenkamp
Hans Meulenkamp Maand geleden
Is it just me or does James in the red chair (old friend of Ed) look a lot like Henry Cavil?
Fashion Diva
Fashion Diva Maand geleden
But Rachel’s shepherds pie was layered with beef sautéed with peas and onions. “She made half an English trifle and half a shepherds pie!”
Fashion Diva
Fashion Diva Maand geleden
I’m SO sorry I brought this up 😂
André Schneider
André Schneider Maand geleden
Meryl Streep: kisses Mark MarkRuffalo.exe has stopped working
christianefbowiefan 27 dagen geleden
Hahaha “can i smell it can i smell it
The Jenna Endeavour
The Jenna Endeavour Maand geleden
I love Margot, she's legit.
The Jenna Endeavour
The Jenna Endeavour Maand geleden
James fully corrupted Ed. Detoured him off his path. Thank God. Dunno if that was legit or set up, seriously love a good blast from the past though. I got mind blown goose bumps.
Phoebe Davies
Phoebe Davies Maand geleden
Shouto Kushiha
Shouto Kushiha Maand geleden
Benedict meet eddie where wizard meet wizard
Vinz Quitain
Vinz Quitain Maand geleden
Ann Jose
Ann Jose Maand geleden
But nothing compared to Graham's .... Ahehahah laugher😂
Sascha Popwell
Sascha Popwell Maand geleden
I've seen the Friends clip so many times and only noticed this time around that Jennifer Aniston knocked her poppy out of her jacket when she threw her hand into the air
Charlotte McElroy
Charlotte McElroy Maand geleden
I’m so happy to find more compilation videos
James W
James W Maand geleden
What about when Sam Jackson gave away his lightsaber
Tan S
Tan S Maand geleden
6:33 Margot Robbie
Naby Lad
Naby Lad Maand geleden
Will these adverts get off my screen Harry and hermione keep giving me evils
Francis Cruz
Francis Cruz Maand geleden
I wonder why British people get their faces so close to each other when talking to each other? It's so interesting!
Azra Hodzic
Azra Hodzic Maand geleden
Eddie always looking like hes in pain while being on this Show 😂 hes such a sweetheart!
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange Maand geleden
Margot getting anxiety over reading 6 HP books and not the 7th is totally me... I am Margot... Margot is me................................. Now i just want this to be true... 😕😕😕
JD Maand geleden
He won’t read the last one because he can’t bear for it to end
JD Maand geleden
Mark Ruffalo actually died when she did that as I would have
ren Maand geleden
American Shepard's Pie is MADE WITH BEEF!!!
dimitris triantafillidis
dimitris triantafillidis Maand geleden
They actually singed the song to make ema smile, not to stop her from crying
Sidharth Ramesh
Sidharth Ramesh Maand geleden
Eddie Redmayne is the male version of Emilia Clarke! 🤣
Sidharth Ramesh
Sidharth Ramesh 7 dagen geleden
oh ya i meant male, i’m sorry i mixed it up 🤣 😬 😁 edited it! 😬 😁 😅
Mohit kumar
Mohit kumar 8 dagen geleden
U mean male version
Aayushee 18 dagen geleden
Sidharth Ramesh 😂😂 yeah i totally agree
siragoylas Maand geleden
two wizards doing magic on tv with a brilliant chemist
Kian Oliver
Kian Oliver Maand geleden
Margot Robbie got the number of books wrong, oof
Abby Swannell
Abby Swannell Maand geleden
no? there’s seven books
COOKIEZ Maand geleden
jennifer anniston hates it when people bring up can tell everytime
Naomi Morris
Naomi Morris Maand geleden
Eddie calling Benedict Ben is so sweet
Adrianna Palmer
Adrianna Palmer 2 maanden geleden
All the reactions to Eddie’s magic trick was the best part😂
Lancerllott 2 maanden geleden
Didn't the song lyrics go "so no one told you life was gonna be this way?" And where's the claps?!? 0.0
Michael Cheung
Michael Cheung 2 maanden geleden
i feel guilty lollll i read harry potter book 1-6, but i missed book 7 as well 🙈🙈
Castelar Garcia
Castelar Garcia 2 maanden geleden
Enjoy these written tales with music videos. Have a safe 2020.
Sridhar C
Sridhar C 2 maanden geleden
Daniel hasn't read Book 7?!!!
u83rh4xor 2 maanden geleden
We need Benedict Cumberbatch in the Potterverse!!
vicky ince
vicky ince 2 maanden geleden
gerry salvador
gerry salvador 2 maanden geleden
Ella Valaskatzis
Ella Valaskatzis 2 maanden geleden
"We might get sued for this" lmao
Guess Who
Guess Who 2 maanden geleden
Can he really be counted as a wizard when he wasnt even on wizards of waverly place...
Sarai Isaza
Sarai Isaza 2 maanden geleden
Graham looks like a proud supportive mother when Eddie is doing his "magic"😂😂😂 I love it!
Shane Christenson
Shane Christenson 2 maanden geleden
Arvin Kamberi
Arvin Kamberi 2 maanden geleden
Well, you know how thay say nowdays... 15 minutes of Graham show a day, keeps the doctor away! Thank you Graham!
Madhav Krishna
Madhav Krishna 2 maanden geleden
Eddy the Magnificent!
12nunchaku 2 maanden geleden
The Graham Norton show got me to watch Friends for the first time in my life. I’m on season 3 right now and love it 😊
S1L3NT G4M3R 2 maanden geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀 👇🏻
selenarocksnaturally 2 maanden geleden
I know how eddie did that trick lol: Flip the book from down --> nothing, Flip the book from up --> drawing appear Flip the book from the middle--> coloured drawings appear You're welcome :v
Stéphane Riopel
Stéphane Riopel 2 maanden geleden
the Harry Potter part was the best. Omg. she's a potter head!!!
drateR Nun
drateR Nun 2 maanden geleden
This show is the gayest thing on tv.
Lawson Russell
Lawson Russell 2 maanden geleden
Jennifer Aniston is better now than when she was 20. As the good wine.
suzawilo 2 maanden geleden
I wish they'd be able to upload older clips from Graham's earlier shows.
Kimberly Puspus
Kimberly Puspus 2 maanden geleden
This show is the only thing that makes me happy
Iratefiend 2 maanden geleden
Margot getting mad that he hasn't finished the Harry Potter books, is true nerdism. I'm the same way when ppl tell me they haven't seen or read LOTR, and that they haven't seen Star Wars.
SamanthaPanther 2 dagen geleden
@J M Harry Potter maybe. Lord of the Rings is a classic.
J M 11 dagen geleden
I haven't seen LOTR or Harry Potter. Sorry, aren't those just "kid" movies?
John Mathew
John Mathew Maand geleden
@Cody Vaiphei Haven't seen Star Trek. You're definitely missing out on LOTR. GoT and Star Wars, not really.
Kylo4Ever Maand geleden
@Cody Vaiphei you're missing out lol
Dorothy Jasokie
Dorothy Jasokie 2 maanden geleden
I like you already. 😅
Gaby Neyret
Gaby Neyret 2 maanden geleden
Dear Graham, there is a whole audience in Latin America that cannot enjoy your excellent work because they do not have subtitles in Spanish. In these difficult times, it would be appreciated to be able to enjoy all the great interviews that you have achieved. Thank you very much in advance and warm greetings from Argentina.
Sascha Rouillon
Sascha Rouillon Maand geleden
Gaby Neyret That is a sorry situation...surely someone fluent in English/Spanish could spend a little time adding subtitles! I hate that anyone misses out on the brilliant Graham Norton and his fantastic show! ♥️
Gaby Neyret
Gaby Neyret 2 maanden geleden
Subtitulos en ESPAÑOL!!! Pleace!!! Saludos desde Argentina.
Harrison Holzer
Harrison Holzer 2 maanden geleden
7:29 Every Harry Potter fan 😂
T Gev
T Gev 2 maanden geleden
Eddie Redmayne is so adorably charismatic
Happybidr 2 maanden geleden
I just realized one of the reasons why this show is so good is because, by having all the guests on the couch at the same time, they all can take more time answering Graham’s questions or doing their little routine and show their weird skill, etc., (like Eddie Redmayne’s magic trick), and the other guests still get to interact so they don’t have to sit their silently, like other shows. It’s the interaction that is part of the magic of GNS, as well as the ability to take more time telling their story, etc. In US shows they have limited time and they often feel very rushed, get in, get out, leave.
rhonda graybiel
rhonda graybiel Maand geleden’s the booze
Anna-Leigh T
Anna-Leigh T 2 maanden geleden
Reese got the line wrong and it’s really bugging me
gfear24 2 maanden geleden
Traditional Shepherds Pis is made with lamb. Here in Canada, it's made with ground beef, or pork, or turkey or chicken. We're not exactly "traditionalists" over here.
irene broadley
irene broadley Maand geleden
I think the meat is in the title shepherds (sheep/lamb)pie
Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson 2 maanden geleden
I'm from Scotland and it's also made with ground lamb . If it's made with ground beef it's known as cottage pie (shape of the thatched crofts - cottages - in the highlands)
Deborah Barnes
Deborah Barnes 2 maanden geleden
Mark is soo sweet,love him
Ona Taka
Ona Taka 2 maanden geleden
What did Mark say to Maryl?
Mattie Asems
Mattie Asems 2 maanden geleden
So much has changed in the Last five years for you
Kariné Poghosyan
Kariné Poghosyan 2 maanden geleden
Bless you, Graham, for bringing joy & good vibes into 2020 with these videos 🙏🏻❤️
Sree Pillai
Sree Pillai 2 maanden geleden
Jen is right about the "beef" bit!!!!
Ash Rose
Ash Rose 2 maanden geleden
''NO" ''OH"
Joe Groves
Joe Groves 2 maanden geleden
Janith Perera
Janith Perera 2 maanden geleden
Oh Mark that line, you stud muffin XD
Romulus The Maine Coon
Romulus The Maine Coon 2 maanden geleden
What about Hugh Bonneville's favorite wolly jumper?!
Margarita Tzaneti
Margarita Tzaneti Maand geleden
Or his red lipstick? That should have been here!
enor fin
enor fin 2 maanden geleden
after Meryl Streep kissed mark Ruffalo, James McAvoy also leaned to kiss him it was funny and awkward for James how Mark ignored him. For me, it was very awkward.
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 2 maanden geleden
@enor fin Ewwww! That never occurred to ME!
enor fin
enor fin 2 maanden geleden
@Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson I thought by asking to smell it James was leaning to kiss.
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 2 maanden geleden
No he didn't! He asked to smell it! 😂😂😂
Worldwide Gamer
Worldwide Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Who in the comments wants to tell me how Eddie did the magic trick. Asking for a friend here
amara 2 maanden geleden
it's all in the position of where he flips from!!! position your thumb at the bottom and flip - no pictures position your thumb at the top and flip - pictures without colors position your thumb in the middle and flip - pictures with colors (at least I think so lol)
Christopher Bret-Harte
Christopher Bret-Harte 2 maanden geleden
Me to youtube: you know why I’m here
James .K
James .K 2 maanden geleden
So many times ill see a celebrity tell a joke/anecdote on some american show like with fallon/ellen/kimmel and ill just wish they told it on Graham Norton instead because it would have been so much better. dude is goated.
Dezarae Michelle
Dezarae Michelle 2 maanden geleden
*Mark Ruffalo came in his pants && we know it 😂*
J J Smith
J J Smith 2 maanden geleden
Ok, so... Rachel's trifle "recipe" had BEEF. I have seen that episode at least 6 times, and she got the cookbook pages stuck together and accidentally added layers of peas, mashed potatoes and BEEF. Joey loved it.
Alice B.
Alice B. 9 dagen geleden
Yes, Rachel put beef in the trifle and it was obviously from a Sheperd's Pie recipe. But in the original or traditional Sheperd's Pie there is no beef but lamb as Sir Ian McKellen rightfully pointed out. Since the answer on the card seemed to be Sheperd's Pie and assuming that he didn't see the episode, he couldn't have known that they'd messed up the recipe in the cook book and that's why he told her she was wrong. So they were both right in a way😊
Pussycatfeathers Maand geleden
and nobody should be eating little lambs! :-((((
Alicia Navarrete Alonso
Alicia Navarrete Alonso Maand geleden
@Analena30 It was Sir Ian MacKellen who said it was wrong and no one dared contradict him, but yeah, I'm surprised people get annoyed by Reese Witherspoon messing up the song lyrics but not this injustice, lol
Avatar N
Avatar N 2 maanden geleden
What's not to like? Custard, good Jam, good Beef, GOOD
Analena30 2 maanden geleden
Ive seen it 600 times and it was beef! She knew it, we all know it....Graham is wrong!
Maria Sancioni
Maria Sancioni 2 maanden geleden
I love the way Eddie was sitting on his foot: that's how I do it too. It's just natural.
Katrin Kroning
Katrin Kroning 2 maanden geleden
Meryl Streep is fabulous and Mark is adorable 🥰🥰
DON _ALD 2 maanden geleden
I didn't understand the Ruffalo bit, someone please fill me in!
Ksp Jh
Ksp Jh 2 maanden geleden
She is probably 60 here but when she was saying she rejected the witches blah blah she was 40 so he asked what happened passed 5 years means you look 45😁
Grace 2 maanden geleden
No talk show host will ever beat Graham. Simple as. I find so much joy in watching new episodes that air on TV as well as repeteadly watching the same clips from however many years ago on NLposts. Such a fun atmosphere.
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien 2 maanden geleden
These 13 minutes went by so fast 🙄✌️thanks for the video. 👍Stay safe ✌️
Crystal Tears
Crystal Tears 2 maanden geleden
Who's the black woman talking with Robbie? Her skin colour is like sooo beautifully amazing. Perfect for a impressionist or hyper realist painting...
Sad Kermit
Sad Kermit 2 maanden geleden
samwestonuk thank you for giving her name I couldn’t remember it for the life of me lol
Sad Kermit
Sad Kermit 2 maanden geleden
samwestonuk it is her, I had to look it up to make sure but she and Daniel were on the show to promote the movie at the time
samwestonuk 2 maanden geleden
Sad Kermit is it Jodie Turner-Smith you’re thinking of?
Sad Kermit
Sad Kermit 2 maanden geleden
I can’t remember her name but she’s in the movie queen and slim
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 2 maanden geleden
I think I’ve officially seen every graham norton episode
Trooperandcooper Ale
Trooperandcooper Ale 2 maanden geleden
Gf are always surprised when the "On a Break" rule that their man can still sleep with another woman so easily. Probably more than that they Did but they Can.
Yasmin Shaheen
Yasmin Shaheen 2 maanden geleden
I see that your editor has a lot of fun with the saturation tool, doesn't he?
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