The Funniest Unexpected Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

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The Graham Norton Show

2 maanden geleden

Part one of the most unbelievable moments on the show! What were your favourites?
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Diatriber Diatriber
Diatriber Diatriber 5 uur geleden
That Ellenesque prank was super cruel Graham :( At least a cupboard cutout to hug & counter her grief, or Something
Tammie A
Tammie A 6 uur geleden
No matter how bad I'm feeling, there's nothing like Graham Norton to cher me up. Greetings from the Ohio, U.S!
kshamwhizzle Dag geleden
Mark "I Wanted To Be A Clown" Ruffalo James "Define 'Can'" McAvoy
Iwo Gross
Iwo Gross 2 dagen geleden
Andrew Garfield needs to stop
Margrit Kämpf
Margrit Kämpf 7 dagen geleden
Oh boy, every one is better than the other. Graham Norton makes me laugh every time. Thanks for all the uploads.
Natalie. S
Natalie. S 8 dagen geleden
I wanted to be a clown
Hannavosart Vlog
Hannavosart Vlog 12 dagen geleden
This show is wild
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez 12 dagen geleden
I love those two guys un unicycle 💞
Sarah George-Ashiru
Sarah George-Ashiru 15 dagen geleden
" James McAvoy saying "The sword of the Lord is filled with blood"..... When I say I'm in tears Y'all 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
slashdisco 18 dagen geleden
Graham Norton is the best chat show host on the planet - seriously, no exaggeration. US hosts only interview one at a time and make it all about themselves. Graham can have five megastar A-listers on his couch at once and get the very best out of all of them. Alcohol helps!
CanUDigItSuckaaaaa 18 dagen geleden
That was so mean.
Margarita Tzaneti
Margarita Tzaneti 19 dagen geleden
Mark and James are two hot guys on wheels! God give me strength!
Alyssa Fischer
Alyssa Fischer 20 dagen geleden
he has mark ruffalo on the show a lot, and i love how he always says his full name mark ruffalo mark ruffalo
Abhigya srivastava
Abhigya srivastava 21 dag geleden
Great reaction to a fork..
Dav Bj
Dav Bj 21 dag geleden
Well done the unicycle...ive got more respect for them now
Tanuja G
Tanuja G 21 dag geleden
He turned red!😂
S1L3NT G4M3R 22 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Cameron V.
Cameron V. 24 dagen geleden
Just imagine if a middle aged average looking man made a life sized cake of Dakota Johnson complete with whips.
Mike Choe
Mike Choe 25 dagen geleden
8:54 Jamie picks up a piece of cake off the floor and tries to offer it to the other guests
R M Z 25 dagen geleden
So they are not here 😂
John Galt
John Galt 25 dagen geleden
Always Aishy
Always Aishy 25 dagen geleden
2 hot men just got hotter!!!
limyohwan 26 dagen geleden
Jamie picking up that cake off the floor and trying to feed it to julie before eating it himself will never not hurt me.
Cal Aylmer
Cal Aylmer 26 dagen geleden
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salvadoroars 26 dagen geleden
So the hulk and professor x walked into a bar. Err. Unibiked
Jannative 26 dagen geleden
Why is James Mcavoy sooooo cute?
c unt
c unt 27 dagen geleden
the unicycling part was incredible
ck sinan
ck sinan 28 dagen geleden
"i dont know yours was big" Title of your sex tape james macvoy
Wal Ford
Wal Ford 28 dagen geleden
This is the only late night talk show that is watchable these days.
lovey 28 dagen geleden
i love margot sm!!
Evelyn X
Evelyn X 28 dagen geleden
The spice girls prank stays hilarious no matter how many times you watch it😂
Levitate High
Levitate High 28 dagen geleden
I’d easily get that tattoo, especially if she did it
antonela bakavic
antonela bakavic 20 dagen geleden
Sure, but on the bottom of your toe or some other hidden place. I am sure you wouldn't let her to tatoo your arms
fire34fly 29 dagen geleden
If you're a fan of Jamie Dornan, I ask that you please play and pause at 7:54.. His look nearly killed me.
Sidhanta Mahadevan
Sidhanta Mahadevan 29 dagen geleden
Feel so bad for Emma 😭😭
subhanshu sj _ jha
subhanshu sj _ jha Maand geleden
4:49 what the hell is she doing
Kiara Maand geleden
After Graham said the spice girls weren't actually there, he should have waited a few mins then nonchalantly just brought them out.
Aaron Hangshing
Aaron Hangshing Maand geleden
the first guy is so cute
Laiba Kausar
Laiba Kausar Maand geleden
Poor Emma 🤣
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh Maand geleden
"Has it got cream in it?"
StovePipe Battleaxe
StovePipe Battleaxe Maand geleden
How incredibly sad to learn about girl power from the Spice Girls.
Moaaz A.
Moaaz A. Maand geleden
They have like 10 million Chris in hollywood and she changed her name because it was taken...
Astara O’neill
Astara O’neill Maand geleden
Reese Witherspoon was horrified.
Vivek Sarvaiya
Vivek Sarvaiya Maand geleden
he should've let that lady cut her cake
Inosi Colavanua
Inosi Colavanua Maand geleden
Was looking for Chris O’Dowd drinking the fly 😂
TeaGamingPanda Maand geleden
Harrison Ford’s hand coming into frame is so funny to me idk why 😂
Gladys Salazar
Gladys Salazar Maand geleden
i never got why women love jason mamoa, but the more i watch clips with him, i can’t help myself to not blush when i see him
Isthisjustfantasy 75
Isthisjustfantasy 75 Maand geleden
He's rather yummy :)
Eva Ida
Eva Ida Maand geleden
Those 12 minutes just made my entire day :)
Arvill Villamor
Arvill Villamor Maand geleden
This channel has been my theraphy npw for my depressing life
Dylan Newgate
Dylan Newgate Maand geleden
The best showww eva
Jennifer Rigsby
Jennifer Rigsby Maand geleden
Poor Jamie. Poor Emma.
Jibby Beast
Jibby Beast Maand geleden
Next time u gotta bring her on and get them on too looool up the anty
Sarah Venable
Sarah Venable Maand geleden
If Moana got a live-action film adaptation, Jason Momoa would KILL it as Maui!!!
Brian Walley
Brian Walley Maand geleden
....why are the best late night comedy shows with these guys from Europe? I.e. Craig Ferguson, James Corden and Graham Norton (the U.S. has enough great ones, which I also like and are great) but I just love Americans interacting with the Brits and other actors/performers. Too good....
Pushkar Lakshmanan
Pushkar Lakshmanan Maand geleden
"the sword of the lord is filled with blood"
Lillie Gibson
Lillie Gibson Maand geleden
I would literally die for Margot Robbie to give a tat.. damn lucky dude!!
Rhetoricalmuse Maand geleden
Margo seemed uncomfortable (I'll assume she thought he maybe 'creepy'), then a good looking fella came out and she was fine.
lecameleon123 Maand geleden
Graham Norton is a heartless moster just you can’t hate him 😂😂
Keo Teapot
Keo Teapot Maand geleden
He got MORE scottish when he failed. That's literally how every scot works. I'm dying.
Camilo García
Camilo García Maand geleden
Right when I thought Mark Ruffalo couldn't get any sexier.
Viji Raju
Viji Raju Maand geleden
The most unexpected for me always will Mark Ruffalo's "Girls over 12" 😂😂😂
Acura TL GTLM Maand geleden
First clip I thought was gonna be cringe but then I got jealous because DUDE JUST GOT HANDED A DRINK BY HARRISON FORD. Oh, and he got inked by Margot Robbie, that also happened.
Safwan Ayman
Safwan Ayman Maand geleden
Graham is more scared than the guy getting the tattoo
My new motto, "I'm not particularly good at doing it but I like it"...👌👌
Swan Dive
Swan Dive Maand geleden
Now I can make sushi quicker 😁😁😁
Alejandra Salas TUMIarte
Alejandra Salas TUMIarte Maand geleden
Great moment!!!!!!
Brigid Farelly
Brigid Farelly Maand geleden
Things not to say when giving someone a tattoo: 1: My hands are shaking. 2: I'm more nervous than you are. 3: I'm not very good at it but I like doing it
Mafalda Caneira
Mafalda Caneira Maand geleden
Secret Agent
Secret Agent Maand geleden
V K A Parker
V K A Parker Maand geleden
Am I the only one that wants to become famous, just to get on The Graham Norton Show?
Jessica 3 dagen geleden
@THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY same... craig and Graham are my favorite hosts...for different reasons, but i love both shows 💙
Alise Versella
Alise Versella 7 dagen geleden
You are most definitely not the only one lol
Kathy Hines
Kathy Hines Maand geleden
I was THIS close to being on his ALL TO BRIEF show in the US several years ago! We were scheduled to have them come out to film a skit with my mom, but the damn show got canceled! 🤬 I think I was more upset about that fact than not being on the show! cool would that have been! 😂
Happybidr Maand geleden
Hell no.
Erika Helms
Erika Helms Maand geleden
Don't give me fame or money, just give me a spot on that big red couch!
- AG17 -
- AG17 - Maand geleden
The last one was pure evil 😂
LunacyDraws Maand geleden
"Can I ask you question?" "Sure" "...wwwhy?" I love Jamie Dornan
Havana Quinzel
Havana Quinzel Maand geleden
I would have been the first to have volunteered for a tattoo off Margot Robbie 😂 I'm covered in them anyway 😂
Sarah Lynn Sovilla
Sarah Lynn Sovilla Maand geleden
The reason this so is the best "talk" show on the face of the planet is cause it's not a talk show at all, it just famous people hanging out, being chill and there happen to be cameras recording
Adrita Biswas
Adrita Biswas Maand geleden
Okay Toemoji Adam is hella cute
jmatt4life Maand geleden
AWESOME Compilation!!!
freak of nature
freak of nature Maand geleden
Has there ever been someone from "Torchwood" on the Graham Norton Show ? Would love to see it !
Darth Thomarius
Darth Thomarius Maand geleden
Margot and Resse on same o' man.
Kate Odonoghue
Kate Odonoghue Maand geleden
At least they had a good looking guy for Margo
emmanuel kidero
emmanuel kidero Maand geleden
12:02 that was brutal😂😂
Niya Mangfi
Niya Mangfi Maand geleden
I thought the first guy was Jack Whitehall
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal Maand geleden
Awww Emma it was so funny but I felt so bad for her at the same time 😂😂😂🙏🏻
Dayna Morris
Dayna Morris Maand geleden
Jamie Doran getting freaked out by that super lifelike cake of himself is weirdly relatable
Rob Elliott
Rob Elliott 2 maanden geleden
"hun why do you have a dead face on your big toe?" "Well I was on a couch with Margot Robbie, Reese Witherspoon, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gossling. So I let Margot tattoo a face on my toe and Harrison was so amused he gave me his drink" "Fine don't tell me what happened then"
MONSTERaider 20 dagen geleden
This comment is so underrated 🤣🤣
Lilredxx00 Maand geleden
So many dreams coming true at once...
Wsurfergirl 2 maanden geleden
Andrew Garfield’s reaction during the Spice Girls’ prank cracks me up 😂
potterpotty01 2 maanden geleden
Please make sure next time Emma Stone has a film out, one of the spices are making a new album.
Charles Ndung'u
Charles Ndung'u 2 maanden geleden
Based on their body language, Jamie and Emma like each other .. Garfield doesn't like Emma. People sometimes forget and the subconscious kicks in then they lean in or out.
Sonia Joy
Sonia Joy 2 maanden geleden
Saw Jamie dordan and I came here so fast ... He really did said some really funny shot in this show
Pirre 2 maanden geleden
That spice girl joke he did to Emma is still so cruel 😱😂😭 I'd be raging tbh 😅
Just Fine
Just Fine 2 maanden geleden
Aquaman's movie was do bad... 🤦🤦‍♂️
Randall Trussell
Randall Trussell 2 maanden geleden
"The Sword of the Lord is filled with blood." (@4:27) Awesome line. I am stealing it!
Randall Trussell
Randall Trussell Maand geleden
@Loaded Alli They might not have, but I did.
Loaded Alli
Loaded Alli Maand geleden
I thought no one noticed that it was said
J C 2 maanden geleden
Jason M. is so handsome and still so down to earth even though he is so famous now. Nice.
Ana Farias
Ana Farias 2 maanden geleden
Learned something new today.. tomoji.. oh, millennial people!
Amorphis Bob
Amorphis Bob 2 maanden geleden
If you were to make a list of things you don't want to hear a tattoo artist say, she wen't down the list and ticked off each one.
Charlie Bingaman
Charlie Bingaman 2 maanden geleden
Judi Dench just chowing down there is hilarious😂😂
Blow Me
Blow Me 2 maanden geleden
This is false energy. You will not find eternal life by watching this show, it will take it away from you.
SEBWAX SEBWAX Maand geleden
@Pallavi Pandey specially with his user name
Pallavi Pandey
Pallavi Pandey Maand geleden
If only your comment made any sense.
SEBWAX SEBWAX 2 maanden geleden
um.. what?
RIXRADvidz 2 maanden geleden
Millican and Momoa on the same couch!!! that wet spot there is me.
그림자808 2 maanden geleden
The ending was funny but mean. Lol!!!
SaGe OwL
SaGe OwL 2 maanden geleden
This Is good
Brett Greene
Brett Greene 2 maanden geleden
sat in the middle between Miss Witherspoon AND Miss Robbie 😲 #THEluckiestguyEVRR
Burentsu 2 maanden geleden
The first "is it cake" challenge.
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