Ralph Fiennes Gets Confused With Liam Neeson | The Graham Norton Show

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3 maanden geleden

Who's excited for The Kings Man!?
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Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! 14 dagen geleden
😄 👏
BFSC's Studios
BFSC's Studios 29 dagen geleden
When did Liam Neeson grow a beard like that?
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange Maand geleden
I have to say I confused them during all my childhood
B Bodziak
B Bodziak 3 maanden geleden
I actually thought he was John Hanna. We don't have many films in the US with either of them (without prosthetics).
Eddie Camacho
Eddie Camacho 3 maanden geleden
Fiennes doesn't look like Neeson at all. Good sofa there though.
Robert Arcidiacono
Robert Arcidiacono 3 maanden geleden
Liam was awesome as Voldemort 😂
Roma Therapy
Roma Therapy 3 maanden geleden
I love watching these clips. I think the music swells just a bit too loud at the very end though
Leia Khaleesi
Leia Khaleesi 3 maanden geleden
Lord Voldemort and Qui Gon Jinn
Hannah Dunne
Hannah Dunne 3 maanden geleden
Part of me really likes Ralph Feinnes and the other part of me can only see him as all of the super evil, horrible characters he’s played. It’s a battle, he seems like a really lovely person 😂😂
Chris Rands
Chris Rands 3 maanden geleden
I was confused because I was expecting to see ranulph fiennes, the explorer
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson 3 maanden geleden
I swear I walked past Ralph Fiennes in New York one time. Just walking on the street. I texted my friend and she says, “What was it like? What was he like? THE DARK LORD!”
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson 2 maanden geleden
Jenn Stokes HEY!!!
Jenn Stokes
Jenn Stokes 3 maanden geleden
Funny seeing you here...
FringedWig46 3 maanden geleden
what are them odds that i came here searching for ralph fiennes thinking he was liam neeson
kongorikishi 3 maanden geleden
Jim sounds like Irish Ewan McGregor
Rolyat Neek
Rolyat Neek 3 maanden geleden
Tracey Uhlman looks like if Belatrix LaStrange never died and just got old.
Kai McCook
Kai McCook 2 maanden geleden
i don't see it. she looks more like emily watson
Evangelime Quintana
Evangelime Quintana 3 maanden geleden
Rolyat Neek omg😂😂
andreea valdrost
andreea valdrost 3 maanden geleden
My mom always confuse them both "the movie with the tall handsome english man".
Paiger 3 maanden geleden
Liam Neeson is Irish
Michael McNamara
Michael McNamara 3 maanden geleden
Amon Goeth Gets Confused With Oskar Schindler? Nah
Adithya Adithya
Adithya Adithya 3 maanden geleden
Ralph Fiennes looks like Voldemort with a nose
Walter S.
Walter S. 3 maanden geleden
truth hurts, whites cannot tell each other apart.
Maura Garofalo
Maura Garofalo 3 maanden geleden
Annelda Morris
Annelda Morris 3 maanden geleden
I can see how they can be mistaken for each other
CJ Cox
CJ Cox 3 maanden geleden
The only difference is Ralph Fiennes isn't a foreign racist living in my country.
Maura Garofalo
Maura Garofalo 3 maanden geleden
I don't understand, please explain🤔
TheStockwell 3 maanden geleden
Here's how I keep them straight: Liam Neeson is a fella who would win a bar fight with a withdrawn, soft-spoken, shy Englishman. Feinnes is a withdrawn, soft-spoken, shy Englishman would lose a bar fight with Liam Neeson.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
TheStockwell Also, Liam Neeson has a lovely Irish accent.
salsaman06 3 maanden geleden
Hmmm it's those shy soft-spoken ones you have to watch out for.
Theresa Chiorazzi
Theresa Chiorazzi 3 maanden geleden
I kinda think Ralph and Liam do look somewhat alike they almost look related to eachoyh
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
Theresa Chiorazzi Liam Neeson is a tower of a man.
Cedelin -
Cedelin - 3 maanden geleden
The woman look like Roman Polanski if he was a female.🤨
Diego M-A
Diego M-A 3 maanden geleden
Gary Telford
Gary Telford 3 maanden geleden
Yes. I see it. Very similar eyes.
Mr J W
Mr J W 3 maanden geleden
That’s Tracy Ullman.
shouvik 3 maanden geleden
F.P. Shapes
F.P. Shapes 3 maanden geleden
Thanks to Andy Cohen I now know this stud is a high quality performer in the sheets
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
FashionPanda AndTheShapes Link, *please!*
Zeynep Üngörmüş
Zeynep Üngörmüş 3 maanden geleden
More than half of the video isn't about the similarity between Ralph fiennes and Liam neeson wtf
Tony Costelow
Tony Costelow 3 maanden geleden
I get confused with tony curtis
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
Zztop Costelow I assume you’re still alive.
Rose Belle314
Rose Belle314 3 maanden geleden
dt07 3 maanden geleden
He looks exactly like John Han... (?) 😂
wookidoo 3 maanden geleden
John Hannah
Pierce Through Heart
Pierce Through Heart 3 maanden geleden
As long as I remember.. i think they were brothers on Clash Of The Titans.. Zeus and Hades.🤔
Kate 3 maanden geleden
"Everything sounds rude" Welcome to the Graham Norton Show XD
Paul Fitzpatrick-Lowrie
Paul Fitzpatrick-Lowrie 3 maanden geleden
Just had to check to make sure 'extonishing' isn't actually a word. Thank god
Starkiller100 3 maanden geleden
Ralph fiennes diddles kids. Google it. Disgusting man
MT MF 3 maanden geleden
You are a troll - google it. Disgusting.
Gino Aldeguer
Gino Aldeguer 3 maanden geleden
I mean, if you look like Molly Weasley, then you're sitting right next to Voldy.
fusionaut23 3 maanden geleden
Liam Neeson is the same guy in every movie and is not even in the same league of an actor that Ralph Fiennes is.
HEMANT SHINDE 3 maanden geleden
Voldemort is such a nice person!!!!
Emma-Louise Campbell
Emma-Louise Campbell 3 maanden geleden
No the person who plays him is a nice person, his name is Ralph Fiennes
Bovaryser 3 maanden geleden
Meanwhile actresses spend 3+ hrs to look more like themselves aka put their faces on!
edo morales silva
edo morales silva 3 maanden geleden
Am i the only that want to be really successful in their lifes only for being in that couch
Kai McCook
Kai McCook 2 maanden geleden
no, a lot of people also want to be successful enough to make it onto the couch where the cameras point at them at they're asked questions and they play around with their fellow stars on the couch :)
Ross Shepherd
Ross Shepherd 3 maanden geleden
And on the couch.
WeAreLegion 3 maanden geleden
Nothing ends the way you expect it to if Tracey Ullmen is in the room.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
WeAreLegion She’s absolutely brilliant...and I mean this literally.
gimmemoremusic 3 maanden geleden
It's easy to tell them apart - he's the mighty Fienne one.
jaxsun72 3 maanden geleden
I get confused by any guy with the last name Fiennes. How many are there in movies?
MT MF 3 maanden geleden
Ralph has five other siblings but only Joseph (actor)and Martha (director) are in the "business".
TubenIt83 3 maanden geleden
I know of Ralph and his brother Joseph...
Justice Andrew
Justice Andrew 3 maanden geleden
Both are sexy as heck
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 3 maanden geleden
I'm guilty of it.
Rex Racer
Rex Racer 3 maanden geleden
Liam: I pardon you Ralph: I pardon you
L M 3 maanden geleden
I honestly thought Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes were the same person until I was like... 14.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
L M In my personal experience, Dutch people have the most amazing language skills.
L M 3 maanden geleden
@Mary Rose Kent I am Dutch and watched Schindler's list as a kid. Didn't speak English yet so I just didn't notice.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
L M They don’t sound anything alike.
Samantha Mourao
Samantha Mourao 3 maanden geleden
schindler's list was quite confusing for a big portion of the film. at least for my 12 yo self
Amane Kabbaj
Amane Kabbaj 3 maanden geleden
At least they were in the same film once. But still they didn’t look like each other even without Fiennes’ beard
jim slater
jim slater 3 maanden geleden
@Amane Kabbaj and Clash of the Titans(2010)
Amane Kabbaj
Amane Kabbaj 3 maanden geleden
Jennifer Malone Schindler’s list
Jennifer Malone
Jennifer Malone 3 maanden geleden
Which movie
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 3 maanden geleden
It's funny to me how a snake-man like Voldemort would have sure canine/feral looking teeth IRL. XD
Alexandros Rose
Alexandros Rose 3 maanden geleden
2:28 out of 3:28 of someone else talking. Title for the rest 1’.... 😩
Mays Painting
Mays Painting 3 maanden geleden
Makes no difference how ridiculous the clown show gets, the audience is blinded. Fascinating.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
Mays Painting Whatever are you on about?
0roseable 3 maanden geleden
I don't understand your meaning. Could you explain?
Aurox etc.
Aurox etc. 3 maanden geleden
2:54 What exactly James Nesbitt was talking about?
Gary Telford
Gary Telford 3 maanden geleden
The fact that they were both in Schindler's List.
TheresaR 3 maanden geleden
Their (balding) hair line, right? 'Scratches his head...'
Jennifer Malone
Jennifer Malone 3 maanden geleden
I was wondering the same thing
r1c0r1c0 3 maanden geleden
Big dingdong
Dean Corso
Dean Corso 3 maanden geleden
Maybe their academy award nominations
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 3 maanden geleden
Is he drunk!?
Bryan8329 3 maanden geleden
Nesbitt is a dead ringer for Titus Welliver
dma69nyc 3 maanden geleden
Now that you mention it, he does look like Bosch.
scarlet butler
scarlet butler 3 maanden geleden
Both Nesson & Fiennez have some kind of connection ,but both are so adorable each in his own way , but for me RALPH IS FOREVER AWESOME 😍❤
scarlet butler
scarlet butler 3 maanden geleden
@Ross Shepherd 😏
Emma-Louise Campbell
Emma-Louise Campbell 3 maanden geleden
Do you mean Fiennes
Ross Shepherd
Ross Shepherd 3 maanden geleden
Neeson and who? Haha.
D S.B 3 maanden geleden
Oh my god Ralph 😍😍😍
Lisa Dee
Lisa Dee 3 maanden geleden
i miss Graham show so so much
Rimi Paul
Rimi Paul 3 maanden geleden
Salok Singh
Salok Singh 3 maanden geleden
Tom Riddle looks healthy WTF
Sabrina Zanoletti
Sabrina Zanoletti 3 maanden geleden
Where is nagini?
Nathan Bell
Nathan Bell 3 maanden geleden
Slain by the legendary Longbottom.
naisha khan
naisha khan 3 maanden geleden
well glad to know I wasn't the only one
laween hamza
laween hamza 3 maanden geleden
"Liam Neeson"
OTG1988 3 maanden geleden
James Nesbitt with hair still unsettles me.
FunkNatives 3 maanden geleden
“He Who Must Not Be Named.”
ゴミクズ人Violet 3 dagen geleden
He who cannot be named correctly.
Daisy May
Daisy May 3 maanden geleden
Can’t see Tracy as Julie Walters ahah but meh who knows
Tamta Pataridze
Tamta Pataridze 3 maanden geleden
I think they have similar mannerisms and also their voice sounds a bit similar but definitely not physically
ab prathap
ab prathap 3 maanden geleden
It's only bad when they got confused about who's who in Schindler's list
Joey Montgomery
Joey Montgomery 3 maanden geleden
What about the “Clash of the Titans” remake?
heyyou20121221 3 maanden geleden
I was super confused watching that as a kid
Jeedy Jay
Jeedy Jay 3 maanden geleden
So, Schindler's List, but it's also a Face/Off scenario?
Adora Belle
Adora Belle 3 maanden geleden
Sameee. Both sexy AF
hfaith81 3 maanden geleden
I always thought Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Day-Lewis resembled one another. :)
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 3 maanden geleden
hfaith81 Both so gorgeous when they were young, but have grown out of their looks.
Aurora 3 maanden geleden
Ive always thought that too, especially when they were young! early 90s
VGNSK8RQU33N 3 maanden geleden
I heart James Nesbitt in Bosch
Lurking Crass Zero
Lurking Crass Zero 3 maanden geleden
Theres an undeniable resemblance.
Inconsistent Content
Inconsistent Content 3 maanden geleden
Yes haha
M S 3 maanden geleden
In his 30 secs of speaking, how much charisma does Ralph have?? Drooling
mirabai 3 maanden geleden
Sitting next to Tracey Ullman, talking about costuming. Hilarious.
Lisa Melroy
Lisa Melroy 3 maanden geleden
Sitting on the red sofa with Ralph Fiennes, talking about makeup, too!
Karin Allen
Karin Allen 3 maanden geleden
OMG, I swear I thought that was Samantha Morton! XD
Jay's Movie Review
Jay's Movie Review 3 maanden geleden
The Dark Lord
MikeMJPMUNCH 3 maanden geleden
That must get awkward if someone recognises one of them from Schindler's List but get them mixed up. I am just imagining someone coming up to Ralph Fiennes now saying "I loved you in Schindler's List you are a hero" and then someone saying to Liam Neeson "I hated you in Schindler's List your character was one of the most evil people in history"
Marc Shake
Marc Shake 3 maanden geleden
I think I am not allowed to laugh, but sorry: this is too good.
aya. 3 maanden geleden
@The Sunshine is Grae lmao
i love french fries
i love french fries 3 maanden geleden
underrated comment .
Emma-Louise Campbell
Emma-Louise Campbell 3 maanden geleden
Samantha Mourao
Samantha Mourao 3 maanden geleden
@The Sunshine is Grae same. swear to god
Antique Macabre
Antique Macabre 3 maanden geleden
Ok, I seriously thought that was Steven Tyler in the middle until she spoke. Oops. I wonder if Steven Tyler ever gets complimented on "The Simpsons."😂
Tharaka Hettiarachchi
Tharaka Hettiarachchi 3 maanden geleden
THANK YOU! i was so blooming confused for awhile!
Alik 3 maanden geleden
Lord Voldemort
Piotr C
Piotr C 3 maanden geleden
waka waka heee he he
Moushumi Maharaj
Moushumi Maharaj 3 maanden geleden
Been bingjng 😂 from South Africa ❤️
Marissa Seagal
Marissa Seagal 3 maanden geleden
Didn't even pick it up that "his English patient" could be taken rude til Graham said so.... well spotted!!
Kai McCook
Kai McCook 2 maanden geleden
@tobywatcher he's irish though
tobywatcher 3 maanden geleden
Liam Neeson is rumored to have a huge... uhm...English Patient 😂
Emma-Louise Campbell
Emma-Louise Campbell 3 maanden geleden
@Sarah Richardson 😂😂😂😂😂😂, aw bless ya, never mind
Emma-Louise Campbell
Emma-Louise Campbell 3 maanden geleden
@GlitzyPandora 😂😂😂😂😂, oh dear
Emma-Louise Campbell
Emma-Louise Campbell 3 maanden geleden
@Ali Al-Timimy 😂😂😂😂😂
S Bura
S Bura 3 maanden geleden
Love this show! Hello from the big apple.
suzawilo 3 maanden geleden
@Aleck Gardner Love this show. Hello from Finland🇫🇮🙋🏽‍♀️ Satisfied?
Tachu Mapoo
Tachu Mapoo 3 maanden geleden
Eyyy good morning
Lukas Beck
Lukas Beck 3 maanden geleden
@Tachu Mapoo and 6 PM in Germany
Tachu Mapoo
Tachu Mapoo 3 maanden geleden
@Lukas Beck it was about 2am over here in aus
Shahariar Shahed
Shahariar Shahed 3 maanden geleden
It's dark here
Lukas Beck
Lukas Beck 3 maanden geleden
Depends on where you live
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