Tom Cruise Bruised His Foot By Kicking Someone In The Balls 50 Times | The Graham Norton Show

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So who's excited to see Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible!?
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M 13 dagen geleden
Ok so no ones gonna talk about how Nellie Bertram is there?
Yuvaraj Basu
Yuvaraj Basu 17 dagen geleden
Cobie smulders was totally invisible in the episode
Sarah 19 dagen geleden
why do we all pretend like he's not in a cult and haven't seen his daughter for years cuz she's shunned alonside her mother?
Tushar Sharma
Tushar Sharma 13 dagen geleden
Cause not everyone invades someone else's privacy to judge them on random opinions?
Girl With Koka
Girl With Koka 13 dagen geleden
Because it's his personal life and nothing to do with us
Étienne Boulerice
Étienne Boulerice 15 dagen geleden
Because it's not of your business that's why
Boggy Stefy
Boggy Stefy 24 dagen geleden
I do not know why this show feels so much better and more funnier than the other ones.
iteobesta 26 dagen geleden
did Tom cruise really just say that they brought back bushido into the culture and Japanese people rediscovered it bc they didn't really know about it and that they then proceeded to start teaching it at school. like, did 👏🏽 he 👏🏽 just 👏🏽 say 👏🏽 that 👏🏽 with 👏🏽 a 👏🏽 straight 👏🏽 face? it's the delusion for me.
Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer 24 dagen geleden
Inazo Nitobe's published Bushido: The Soul of Japan in English for western audiences. Nitobe subverted fact for an idealized imagining of Japan's culture and past, infusing Japan's samurai class with Christian values in hopes of shaping western interpretations of Japan. The book itself in Japan was rejected and critised, however the ideology was adopted by the Japanese extreme nationalist goverment in the lead up to WW2. So as consequence to the humiliating surrender and defeat in WW2 and the following Japanese economic miracle post-war to cold war making Japan the second largest economy after the USA.... The country was preoccupied in all things capitalism and not looking backward. So yes, Tom Cruise is right, the film last samurai reintroduced the "culture", which isn't really the culture, because its mostly sensationalised, but... whatever.
Majbritt castrup Jørgensen
Majbritt castrup Jørgensen Maand geleden
Hi from Denmark! I love your humor! And you......
Daniel Maand geleden
Sería genial que alguien pusiera subtítulos en español como hacen en otros vídeos.
Lawbringer Jack
Lawbringer Jack Maand geleden
This show has such a great environment, the guests get comfortable on the show. It's more like a real talk instead of the interrogation that happens on american ones
1210 equals RIO
1210 equals RIO Maand geleden
I just kept kicking him in the balls... 😅👍🏻
Horse Renoir
Horse Renoir Maand geleden
Was Tom cruise in this clip? I was too busy appreciating Coby Smulders existence.
Angela Pandolfo
Angela Pandolfo Maand geleden
Tom Cruise is still good looking and i love his laugh 💜🇦🇺🇮🇹
Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé Maand geleden
Tom Cruise is 35 years old.
Lynn Gilil
Lynn Gilil Maand geleden
Graham Norton is on the BBC channel.
Lynn Gilil
Lynn Gilil Maand geleden
Graham Norton is one talk show that is actually intertaining! He has guests that are well known no matter where they are from.
Sr Phill
Sr Phill Maand geleden
Is it me, or is Mr. Cruise looking like Paul Mcartney?
Pizza Maand geleden
Yo when was this shot?
T Moon
T Moon Maand geleden
Was that when he was shooting the movie "Balls of Steel "?
Bammonb Maand geleden
Can someone tell me how to get this show in the US? How to watch it live on your TV?
Dya Awat
Dya Awat Maand geleden
Tom cruise 🧡
speedyspooley Maand geleden
Cobie Smulders is absolutely beautiful.
Anastasia Favaron
Anastasia Favaron Maand geleden
"we brought Bushido back into their culture" what a Western Imperialist thing to say. You sure did, dude, you sure did.
iteobesta 26 dagen geleden
I rewatched that part 5 times to make sure it wasn't me. I have no words.
Trooperandcooper Ale
Trooperandcooper Ale Maand geleden
I believe it was Chuck Norris he was kicking. "Oh that explains it then".
The Shadow
The Shadow Maand geleden
Normally it’s the other way around
_ skyguy _
_ skyguy _ Maand geleden
everythin is funny until you remember this guy is part of a very dangerous cult ...
Dennis LePorte
Dennis LePorte Maand geleden
tom Cruise makes me nervous.
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis Maand geleden
If i was that stunt guy, I would be telling every person that would listen that Tom Cruise kicked me in the balls and his foot hurt more than my balls.
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob Maand geleden
Tom Cruise’s leg hurt? Imagine how the dude’s balls mustve felt...
David Coleman
David Coleman Maand geleden
Who's the lady sitting next to Tom Cruise?
LarS1963 Maand geleden
I was wondering that too.
Josh Blancher
Josh Blancher Maand geleden
This is my favourite show
Der Fledermausmann
Der Fledermausmann Maand geleden
Booze, that's Graham Norton's secret I'm sure... That and you know probably good research, a natural inclination towards putting people at ease and maybe twenty years in this business But getting all the celeb boozed up certainly helps!!
Aaura Maand geleden
Too bad someone doesn't kick Tom Cruise in the balls!!! Tell that idiot to smarten the fawk up and get out of that Scientology cult!!!
Michael Here!
Michael Here! Maand geleden
Tom could use some facial filler and botox! His face is sagging and is all distorted. Is that a hairpiece? Yikes, not aging well.
Giovanni Fiore
Giovanni Fiore Maand geleden
I feel so bad for Tom Cruise
Back in 2009 i was coming back from LAX to Bakersfield. while getting gas i noticed a pump hose and pump gone from the machine. I looked over at one Tom Cruise who looked at me and said "you just know there is a car driving down the freeway with the hose sticking out of their gas tank" I laughed. I was thinking the same thing. Tom is a wonderful person.
Amreshwar Naidu
Amreshwar Naidu Maand geleden
Kids, today I will tell you about the day when your aunt Robin went to Graham Norton Show with Tom Cruise
Vinayaka Halemane
Vinayaka Halemane Maand geleden
I think Tom Cruise doing crazy stunts is a cry for help and none of us are hearing him.
Mohamed Mubeen
Mohamed Mubeen Maand geleden
Guys.. Is this an old video or new??
Doug J
Doug J Maand geleden
The last samurai, cinema, TV, watch 8 times for me a great 5-star film great interview Graham.
brett todd
brett todd Maand geleden
Yeah.... Tom Cruise brought Bushido back to Japan. I wonder if he knows about Nitobe?
The Immortal LEGO
The Immortal LEGO Maand geleden
I need a reel of Tom Cruise absolutely pounding that guy with his foot XD
Aishani Bhattacharya
Aishani Bhattacharya Maand geleden
Tom Cruise is my favourite actor.... He is sooo hot🔥 it doesn't look like he has aged at all
Claudia Camarena
Claudia Camarena Maand geleden
Oh movie had Japanese people look intro their own culture....hahahha pls so full of himself
Paul Orr
Paul Orr Maand geleden
Why did the thumbnail get changed from crazy Tom face?
Sister Numpsie
Sister Numpsie Maand geleden
so i guess tom cruise knows krav maga now ;)
Aivarioha Maand geleden
Tom Cruise taught Japanese what it's like being a Samurai.
Holbytatown Maand geleden
Then he came here in Italy and we've been so grateful since, 'cause we forgot how to cook pizza... I hear he's headed to Russia next, to teach them how to properly showel snow away from their roads🤣
pev Maand geleden
That someone must have balls of steel.
Sanjeev Bravo
Sanjeev Bravo Maand geleden
who is that women on right
gem361 Maand geleden
Colbie Smulders
HaRvin_ JOhN
HaRvin_ JOhN Maand geleden
deborah DeborahR
deborah DeborahR Maand geleden
tom cruise is an overpaid idiot.
Aditya KP
Aditya KP Maand geleden
That someone really had a 'ball of steel"
EyesOfByes Maand geleden
I'm not saying anything...
T L Maand geleden
Tom Cruise always has funny stories to tell. Love this man.
deborah DeborahR
deborah DeborahR Maand geleden
🥴. I’m sure he’d love to indoctrinate you into his cult.
thenewmiLONNIEum Maand geleden
Tom Cruise teaching the Japanese about their own culture is the second most white supremacist thing I've heard today. And I just came back from a protest against police violence where police tear gassed children and people in wheelchairs.
Ryan Cote
Ryan Cote Maand geleden
so because he said something stupid and he's white makes him a white supremacist?? the dude is just completely delusional, it has nothing to do with race, just straight up ignorance.
Nayara Araujo
Nayara Araujo Maand geleden
Ana Paula eu jovem via muito seus filmes
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation Maand geleden
My dyslexia read the title as "Tom Cruise Bruised His Balls By Kicking Someone In The Foot" 😐
Teal'c 4107
Teal'c 4107 Maand geleden
Adit Maand geleden
This is one hell of a video title.
Andy Simmons
Andy Simmons Maand geleden
You should see his tongue! 😝😝😝
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android Maand geleden
X Scene.
Harsha Ganji
Harsha Ganji Maand geleden
"Tom Cruise" and "Kicking someone in the balls 50 times" are not phrases seen together very often on the as soon as I saw it I clicked as fast as i can
daddydojang Maand geleden
carolyn thompson
carolyn thompson Maand geleden
This was very funny to watch, seeing Tom Cruise relaxed talking about that movie experience. It was also enjoyable to see Jude Law on the panel. It's nice to see smiles on everyone! Love The Graham Norton Show.
j r
j r Maand geleden
Graham is so underrated. People like to call Johnny Carson the greatest straight man ever, but Graham Norton is waaaaay better.
Lisa Burton
Lisa Burton Maand geleden
He’s a horrible actor who is hot.
TheJapanChannelDcom Maand geleden
"we brought bushido back into their culture and it was something they didn't really know about". Total nonsense, sorry Tom.
Mickey Pye
Mickey Pye 9 dagen geleden
@TheJapanChannelDcom Well explain it for all us gaijin then my condescending pal :) ... what part of Nippon does Sir or Madam hail from ?
TheJapanChannelDcom 9 dagen geleden
@Mickey Pye You speak more nonsense than Tom. Impressive! :-D
Mickey Pye
Mickey Pye 9 dagen geleden
- yes the Japanese may be aware of Bushido but surely that was a discipline followed only by "those who serve" to somewhat paraphrase? The national religion being Shinto and a form of the old caste system still in place, why would the everyday person be as aware as others with Samurai ancestry of Bushido ?
Ádám Hornung
Ádám Hornung 12 dagen geleden
I'm not japanese but the last samurai really inspired me to look into the culture of samurai more and into bushido. I guess what he was trying to say is that they awakened people's interest about their history and made them look into it more.
Jane Macintyre
Jane Macintyre 17 dagen geleden
MAHKAR SINGH Maand geleden
Graham Norton is really one of the few nice people left in this world
A K Maand geleden
Cody Brown
Cody Brown Maand geleden
Interviewer: So... Which life achievement are you most proud of? Titanium Testicles: My balls broke Tom Cruise's foot. He kicked me 50 times before giving up. Interviewer: (To Camera) That mission was truly, Impossible. Back to you Jim.
Kani 3
Kani 3 Maand geleden
“There’s more to this story I’m guessing” 😂
Saber Sight
Saber Sight Maand geleden
what the ? Mission: Impossible Released 1996 what even is this ?
Emma Maand geleden
The title of this video was too wild not to click on and boy did it deliver
M. G.
M. G. Maand geleden
When I read the title I was like.. yeah.. another one of Tom's stories. mehhh. After watching it is still interesting haha. How he tells the story, Tom's a legend!
Phillip Blevins
Phillip Blevins Maand geleden
He still has that amazing smile
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson Maand geleden
Given his role in Scientology, he is the one that deserves that treatment.
Apocalipsis Ending
Apocalipsis Ending Maand geleden
Now, THOSE are balls of steel.
HMat Maand geleden
Say what you want about Tom Cruise, his dedication and passion for his art is inspirational and impressive :O
Logicat Maand geleden
Tom Cruise creeps me out like no one else.
Jes smith732
Jes smith732 Maand geleden
Was this the same foot he hurt in the last MI movie with that jump?
Indomitable T
Indomitable T Maand geleden
Jes smith732. Indeed, it was his right foot I believe🦶🏼🤩
meme GOD
meme GOD Maand geleden
Without Covid19 I would watch Top Gun 2 in every cinema near my home 😓
sabria sabrin
sabria sabrin Maand geleden
I am very passionate about it and who is not
Fin Reid
Fin Reid Maand geleden
OHHH THAT’S why he runs so fast in all his movies; his feet are trying to flee him so they don’t get hurt again
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate Maand geleden
*Balls of steel.*
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta Maand geleden
I'm curious what happened to the other man's balls... Unfortunately we won't hear that side of the story... 😅😂
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers Maand geleden
I like tom cruise. He's one of the last true movie stars in hollywood. 🇺🇲❤️
S1L3NT G4M3R Maand geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
S1L3NT G4M3R Maand geleden
@Karen Brown I am caught... can't get out...
Karen Brown
Karen Brown Maand geleden
Not stuck though. Happy to be immersed. 😉
neverpure20 Maand geleden
Seen it -_-
David Dranka
David Dranka Maand geleden
Tom Cruise is a leading member of a highly abusive cult. Stop having him on your show and posting videos of him please. Thank you
Parabalani Maand geleden
More TC please
Ebrodmann Maand geleden
Best show! Know why? Because everyone is relaxed and Graham
Lanar Korras
Lanar Korras Maand geleden
Sounds like his foot was... ballen after this.
Arizona Lady
Arizona Lady Maand geleden
I don't like this guy. Tom cruise. Too much he seems like he has a few screws loose but them movies are great! Great stunt dude , just probably not the greatest person if you talk serious
POWERFUL dankwrasslin experience
POWERFUL dankwrasslin experience Maand geleden
tom bruise cruised his foot
Remember the 3rd of November
Remember the 3rd of November Maand geleden
suppressive person?
varma Chintu
varma Chintu Maand geleden
Who wanna see tom cruis and Leonardo DiCaprio in one movie 👇Tell me here
Dungaree Kogi
Dungaree Kogi Maand geleden
"I'm sure there's more to the story." A taciturn American, lol.
Harry Pierce
Harry Pierce Maand geleden
Personally I think Tom Cruise's life goal is to do everything he physically can. I reckon he wrote a list at some point and is slowly checking them off. And for some reason I doubt making a movie in space is the most bizarre one.
Aaura Maand geleden
A movie in space??? HE BELIEVES IN XENU.....he is a scientologist!! Of course he would do one, he'd be hoping the xenu would come get him as the righteous one. The man is a wacko! A brick short of a full load! Xenu (/ˈziːnuː/), also called Xemu, was, according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who brought billions of his people to Earth (then known as "Teegeeack") in DC-8-like spacecraft 75 million years ago, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs.
don ice
don ice Maand geleden
Its a hobby for him. Like wall climbing for some people. Some of his stunts doesnt even translate well on screen (installing the chip underwater and helicopter aerobatic scened).
Vincent Pelletier
Vincent Pelletier Maand geleden
"do everything he physically can" and then some of the impossible ones too. Because why not? Who is going to stop him? Reality? Good luck with that!
Rage Quit Productions
Rage Quit Productions Maand geleden
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna Maand geleden
Tom Cruise kicked someone, *That soul is Blessed*
Bhagyaa Dev
Bhagyaa Dev Maand geleden
Everyone seems so relaxed and chill in this show unlike the American ones.
Wen Diesel
Wen Diesel Maand geleden
Because most Americans are sooo basic.
Geemail mailbox
Geemail mailbox Maand geleden
Because they get to drink Alcohol. 🤗
syriana 95
syriana 95 Maand geleden
Bhagyaa Dev its cuz no one gets interrupted🤷🏻‍♀️
Steffi D
Steffi D Maand geleden
yes! those just make everyone feel uncomfortable or sometimes even insult the guest like with ariana or billie and it's such a shame.
akAsha6E6D Maand geleden
GRAHAM IS THE BEST TALK SHOW & HOST EVER.(7 i mean on a global scale)
Rob _
Rob _ Maand geleden
It would be funnier if someone kicked Tom Cruise in the nuts 50 times.
shin chan
shin chan Maand geleden
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