Why Lewis Hamilton Relates To ‘Cool Runnings’ | The Graham Norton Show

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3 maanden geleden

Lewis Hamilton opens up about how he got to where he is today.
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Fizz Pop
Fizz Pop 21 dag geleden
I'm starting to really like this dude. I never disliked him, but he just wasn't in my sphere as it were. I aint watched F1 since I was a teen..think the Schumacher days. Seems like such a top bloke.
Adam Kołodziejczyk
Adam Kołodziejczyk Maand geleden
Respect to Lewis father and to Lewis. Robert Kubica starter simillar way, gokart made in home by Dad. Regards
rose191991 2 maanden geleden
his story is so heart warming ♡
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey 2 maanden geleden
Fernando Alonso is also from a working class family
1111 1111
1111 1111 3 maanden geleden
I always believed I was put on earth to race and I always wanted to become a F1 driver but I’m from a low income family and knew there was no way for me to reach my dreams
Uday Dabas
Uday Dabas 3 maanden geleden
He and Seb are still the biggest inspiration on the grid. I will miss these two specifically a lot when they retire
Luis Fanor Maturana Arias.
Luis Fanor Maturana Arias. 3 maanden geleden
pude ser subtitulado castellano....
Certain Person
Certain Person 3 maanden geleden
Kudos to Lewis. Hope to see more people like him.
King Zande
King Zande 3 maanden geleden
Love this dude.
Astro Kid
Astro Kid 3 maanden geleden
Very nice Lewis, very nice. You deserve it all
Geof Ingram
Geof Ingram 3 maanden geleden
Dude you need to have a biopic movie and now
Davide Simonetti
Davide Simonetti 3 maanden geleden
A true working class hero
C H 3 maanden geleden
He’s a fraud. He was a rich kid and lived in absolute luxury all his life. The characters in Cool Runnings came from poor backgrounds.
Jack Magnell
Jack Magnell 3 maanden geleden
No :)
noemie cansier
noemie cansier 3 maanden geleden
Cool runnings is my favourite comfort movie.
Ahmed Weshow
Ahmed Weshow 3 maanden geleden
Am I the only one who is wondering how they shot this with social distancing?
Lara Mylly
Lara Mylly 3 maanden geleden
He is one class act Lewis Hamilton.
watson956 3 maanden geleden
2:29 "My Dad's the real hero..." what a beautiful quote
Dave Barker
Dave Barker 3 maanden geleden
BLM, being black didnt hold him back, because he is good at what he does!
LEO 3 maanden geleden
Cool Runnings was cool Hamilton is a joke.
Jack Magnell
Jack Magnell 3 maanden geleden
No :)
Jen 3 maanden geleden
Gotta say graham and the people behind this talk show are really exceptional. Graham always encourage the guests to speak as much as they can and rather than explicitly steering them towards a desired result he just facilitates genuine conversation
lola 3 maanden geleden
Rich people wants poor to stay poor and that is a fact. Well done Lewis for wanting to help and make a change.
AlloyMetal50 29 dagen geleden
Wouldn't you say it's a bit ironic to make that statement when Lewis Hamilton , who is now rich, (worth $285 Mill) wants to help the poorer classes? I will agree that there is definitely a group of rich folks that believe in this but there are also more rich than you are aware of trying to change the unbalanced system but you cant out right say all rich folks want the poor to stay poor. It's never black and white like that.
Abhishek Patel
Abhishek Patel 2 maanden geleden
That is what capitalism is. The other way around is that the wealth is distributed equally among the masses and that is what communism is. Comes down to what you prefer, the American way or the Chinese way.
LetsBeClear 3 maanden geleden
Karver Dobson get real q-anon trolling is too goofy there’s an apocalypse on if u haven’t heard maybe be less useless if possible
Karver Dobson
Karver Dobson 3 maanden geleden
that's not really true get used to the real world heard of bill gates
J Potter
J Potter 3 maanden geleden
"i was born to do what I do..." Yes, ruining Alex Albon's race, every time I can
srikar saireddy
srikar saireddy Maand geleden
Yeah exactly xD relax mate.
Ironmaaid inn
Ironmaaid inn 2 maanden geleden
Dude two times that happened... relax
Vanessa G
Vanessa G 3 maanden geleden
❤️ love Lewis
BigGato Story
BigGato Story 3 maanden geleden
I love Raheem Sterling... No, wait. I love Theo Walcott...
coolnegative 3 maanden geleden
When he smiles a certain way, he kinda looks like James Franco, especially around the eyes.
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 3 maanden geleden
wow a guest who can actually speak without being interrupted ! would u look at that
def 3 maanden geleden
@Anna Neprawskey Because it's not American.
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 3 maanden geleden
@Mubashir A. which is exactly why i like his show!
Mubashir A.
Mubashir A. 3 maanden geleden
It is common on Graham Norton. Churchill out other clips and you'll see. There's a clip with Michael McIntyre, Chris Martin, and Rosamund Pike where Graham talks for all of 4 or 5 seconds.
Sophie June
Sophie June 3 maanden geleden
I can say from my experience as a kid it's true about tennis. My school didn't have money, and we were all middle class or lower, but they got space donated to practice one of the teachers volunteered to teach lessons and we all got rackets donated too. I still have mine 20 years later. I appreciate it. I would be wonderful if other sports could do that too.
Ícaro 3 maanden geleden
Damn, that's was intense
Magdalena Galvez
Magdalena Galvez 3 maanden geleden
Me encanta oirlo hablar. Siempre escucho algo inteligente de él. Sea sobre la F1, sobre alimentación, sobre igualdad o sobre la gente. Trato de no idearzalo por todo lo que lo admiro. En general admiro a todos los deportistas, son con mis héroes de carne y hueso. Aunque se que son personas. Pero Lewis nunca me decepciona, gracias por eso.
Syed Fareed
Syed Fareed 3 maanden geleden
cool story.. great dad!..
Brianna Nechelle
Brianna Nechelle 3 maanden geleden
We Stan.
B. Africa
B. Africa 3 maanden geleden
Gawd he's gorgeous.
wesley290 3 maanden geleden
Lewis Hamilton. Meh.
Aakash Vadher
Aakash Vadher 3 maanden geleden
Need to make a film about Lewis Hamilton asap
Frank Tibbitts
Frank Tibbitts 2 maanden geleden
Cool Runnings 2 - Get in There Lewis! How about a musical.. "Hamilton", no wait that won't work.
CW2TRH 3 maanden geleden
Now at $320,000,000 net worth he is the "rich kid". So I guess my question is "what have you done for the poor go cart racing children lately?" (just a thought)
Ian Turner
Ian Turner 3 maanden geleden
Did he get all that from that company he works for that used Jewish slaves during the war?
Kigoz4Life 3 maanden geleden
Nahadoth 3 maanden geleden
Hamilton spends significant amounts of money and time on charities focussed on children either through his own foundation or with Unicef, both in developing countries and in the UK. All of that information is easily found with minimal effort. Maybe try that next time instead of making asinine comments on NLposts. (just a thought).
rosita reeder
rosita reeder 3 maanden geleden
doctor: “you have 3 minutes and 45 seconds left to live” me:
Frustratid 3 maanden geleden
@Patrick Mundhenk-Koch Yeah it does you mong.
Patrick Mundhenk-Koch
Patrick Mundhenk-Koch 3 maanden geleden
That does not make any sense at all...
Two Ravens Three Kettles
Two Ravens Three Kettles 3 maanden geleden
Why is Hamilton supporting a facist and racist organisation ? And why is he still working in slave states such as Qatar ?
Summer Ferrett
Summer Ferrett 3 maanden geleden
Love this show. Love this host. Love the guests and love cool runnings!
Laurie Huntley
Laurie Huntley 3 maanden geleden
I’m from Calgary! Cool Runnings was filmed here! Loved that show!
The_Doctor -
The_Doctor - 3 maanden geleden
"This guy is such a sore loser!" - Alex Albon 2020
Frank Tibbitts
Frank Tibbitts 2 maanden geleden
Listen to Grahams opening question here, think about it. Top drivers often come across as arrogant with "must win" attitudes. I'm sure that can come across as being a sore loser sometimes. It's just how they're wired. Look at Senna, Shumacher, Vettel, Alonso when they're losing - it's never pretty! These guys are programmed to win so losing never sits well with them.
Aaron Oneill
Aaron Oneill 3 maanden geleden
U sound bitter ha
Damian 2000
Damian 2000 3 maanden geleden
No but you're clearly bitter
The_Doctor -
The_Doctor - 3 maanden geleden
@BVBene Evil? Bro you high?
BVBene 3 maanden geleden
Context matters. Misleading and actually quite evil to post this quote out of nowhere.
McLovin 3 maanden geleden
Shame he can't relate to someone with a good hair cut
Damian 2000
Damian 2000 3 maanden geleden
Ibn racist
AzeTyler 3 maanden geleden
idk why he braids his hair he had decent hair before lol now its all receding hairlines xD
Ibn Ra Noir
Ibn Ra Noir 3 maanden geleden
stfu he is the most stylish one on that couch of white people
Jon K.
Jon K. 3 maanden geleden
The childishness of the rich is similar to the enabled child. Once things are not at disposal they can't cope. Always prone to breakdowns and tantrums. Reflects the current situation. The negative truth offends the negative guilty.
Jon K.
Jon K. 3 maanden geleden
Cheers to his father. Made me tear up. Struggles for success are real. Poverty is the real problem. Doesn't have to be. Be sadly it is. A few want to control the many. Exclusivity is the leverage. Goes beyond race/racing. F1 even uses this to select a driver after they've made it. How capitol do they bring?can they bring? And we all miss out on seeing talent.
B uppy
B uppy 3 maanden geleden
Love this. Glad his dad was supportive and that the child used it well.
Hedge hog
Hedge hog 3 maanden geleden
Take a long balanced look into what Lewis has said about blm and his views on his upbringing. I can not respect this man at all. Ditto Anthony Joshua.
T BZ 3 maanden geleden
John Candy is way cooler than Lewis's dad.
burnzy3210 3 maanden geleden
so uh lewis, how about those races and sponsors in china and the middle east where they have modern day slaves
burnzy3210 3 maanden geleden
@Velocita then he has weak morals and shouldn't be trusted on what he's promoting with BLM either
Velocita 3 maanden geleden
He doesn't have any influence over that stuff and money talks. That's just how the modern world works.
El Pennywise
El Pennywise 3 maanden geleden
I wonder how much talent is plainly ignored in F1 just because very few people can afford racing. And how better the discipline would be if it were more affordable. Lewis is unique in that regard, great inspiration.
Abhishek Patel
Abhishek Patel 2 maanden geleden
Esteban Ocon has a similar story.
Nicola Mulholland
Nicola Mulholland 3 maanden geleden
Check out Tommy Byrne, an Irish driver from the 1980s who raced the lower formulas against Senna and was believed to be as good if not better but he came from a very poor background and was very rough round the edges. Very interesting to see how different it was for him. There's a documentary about him called Crash & Byrne
T BZ 3 maanden geleden
Make F1 more affordable? Um...ridiculous statement. How about, make F1 more accessible? It's not going to become more affordable to race...ever.
eko eva
eko eva 3 maanden geleden
If you say Namo Amitabhaya Buddhaya 10x times you will spawn in the best heaven in the universe after you die and also attain enlightenment which is infinite peace and bliss and gain freedom from rebirths
James Young
James Young 3 maanden geleden
Keegan Thorpe
Keegan Thorpe 3 maanden geleden
Lewis is so beautiful!
Mark David
Mark David 3 maanden geleden
Cool Runnings is such a great film.
AL- BOT 3 maanden geleden
Jamaica we have a bobsled team....
Edel Ureta
Edel Ureta 3 maanden geleden
To me, it is one of the best, and inspirational. They are legends.
Christipher Vargas
Christipher Vargas 3 maanden geleden
Mark David sanka you dead mon?
Q Will
Q Will 3 maanden geleden
It is
Adam Cang
Adam Cang 3 maanden geleden
Goat film imo
Annie Allen
Annie Allen 3 maanden geleden
What the fcuk has he done to his barnet!?!?!?!?!
Mark 3 maanden geleden
All lives matter Hamilton After watching it in full though man it was a touching story and you are so lucky to have the dad you had
Mark 3 maanden geleden
@Bryan :-/ yes all houses matter just like all lives matter. Black lives is not helpful by spreading a racial devide. All lives include black lives so is not exclusionary. Don't really understand about prioritising houses that are not on fire yet. Let's just all get smoke alarms
Bryan :-/
Bryan :-/ 3 maanden geleden
saying all lives matter is taking away focus from people who need the support and it's counter productive right now. it's the burning house analogy. when a house is burning you focus on that house. it's pointless to say; but all houses matter. yes, they do, but one of them is on fire. we need to focus on extinguishing that fire.
X thee Kamy z arT xX
X thee Kamy z arT xX 3 maanden geleden
Loved this guy until he started being weird about the blm stuff on Instagram. Basically saying anyone who doesn't support a (fake) movement is racist. His naivity and rudeness has wasted him. He should have stayed out of it and stayed professional. Gutted
X thee Kamy z arT xX
X thee Kamy z arT xX 3 maanden geleden
@Vicky Lane researched yet?
X thee Kamy z arT xX
X thee Kamy z arT xX 3 maanden geleden
You must be actual complete super idiots
X thee Kamy z arT xX
X thee Kamy z arT xX 3 maanden geleden
@Bryan :-/ ??
X thee Kamy z arT xX
X thee Kamy z arT xX 3 maanden geleden
@Rebecca ?
X thee Kamy z arT xX
X thee Kamy z arT xX 3 maanden geleden
@Vicky Lane ?
Anon Nymous
Anon Nymous 3 maanden geleden
Hamilton is, literally, the most boring, personality-less person on earth! What happened to the days when racing drivers had personalities? Guys like Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna, or, Niki Lauda, all of whom could drive circles around this tedious, little twerp. Even Graham is struggling not to fall asleep when he talks.
Aaron Oneill
Aaron Oneill 3 maanden geleden
Boring guy indeed
thinkpadx60 3 maanden geleden
Stf up u zombie
Andrea Wood
Andrea Wood 3 maanden geleden
I think that you are spot on . He would send a glass eye to sleep 😴
Bryan :-/
Bryan :-/ 3 maanden geleden
stay mad
Louis Robinson
Louis Robinson 3 maanden geleden
I mean he certainly has the money to make a difference if he feels strongly about it.
Jack Magnell
Jack Magnell 3 maanden geleden
Not really
Rayan Khan
Rayan Khan 3 maanden geleden
@Louis Robinson Having seem some of the comments, it seems he has used his influence for chsnge. But my point still stands, big changes come when the people at the top implement them, or at least embrace the change. It seems as though Lewis has used his considerable influence to do just this. I guess it's somewhere in the middle; Long term changes happen when the largest bodies have some involvement, but it's also the responsibility of individuals with influence to instigate the changes.
Louis Robinson
Louis Robinson 3 maanden geleden
@Rayan Khan I completely agree with this for most things, and even to an extent for racing. But I was more trying to say that if wanted/would enjoy doing that he certainly has the money/ influence to set up a program. It's just depends on what he wants to do.
Engineer 3 maanden geleden
Tothemoon Read the first comment by Rayan Khan. The sponsoring of individual kids is not the answer. If the issue is to be resolved, organising bodies need to look at the way motor racing is organised, from karting to F1. He’s working on it. What he needs is support, not criticism.
Juan Acosta
Juan Acosta 3 maanden geleden
aaaand he did say in this video that he is working with the FIA to make some kind of change.
amerik556 3 maanden geleden
Ppl dont really understand what and who Lewis is this guy is a living legend n he is only getting better
Zulqarnain Aidil
Zulqarnain Aidil 3 maanden geleden
Such a huge inspiration. And huge props to his dad for supporting his journey into being one of the most impressive drivers in formula one
Brandon007 3 maanden geleden
Spheee you know Luis Hamilton? Otherwise how would you know his personality, he’s extraordinarily competitive though for sure, like most F1 drivers lol
Tina Moore
Tina Moore 3 maanden geleden
Spheee 3 maanden geleden
Shame his personality is so terrible compared to his skill.
Kirra Adams
Kirra Adams 3 maanden geleden
Absolutely! And that he raised such a humble son who recognizes the strength and sacrifice of his father. So beautiful.
Deɴɴy Olɨver࿓
Deɴɴy Olɨver࿓ 3 maanden geleden
very good!
Sayak Chakraborty
Sayak Chakraborty 3 maanden geleden
The dislikers are Alex Albon's fans. #justiceforAlex
T BZ 3 maanden geleden
If he had waited he could have won the race, show patience.
Jaye R
Jaye R 3 maanden geleden
At 3:23 I bet that wealthy kid is Lance Stroll "Dad's Racing point"
Abhishek Patel
Abhishek Patel 2 maanden geleden
People seem to forget that Lando Norris also comes from good money. He is an incredible driver but also a pay driver. Just like stroll, latifi etc.
Diogo B. Anjos
Diogo B. Anjos 3 maanden geleden
I think he is talking when António Félix da Costa was replaced at the last minute by Daniil Kvyat!
ronald reegan
ronald reegan 3 maanden geleden
@Jaye R I mean you're right, speaking of justice we can't bring Latifi into the conversation as he's from Williams 😆... Dude's already lost the moment he stepped into Williams 😂
Jaye R
Jaye R 3 maanden geleden
Max's hierarchy is also from racing, I'm not sure about the part whether he got in with the help of Jos but at least he is doing justice to it unlike stroll or latifi
Marc Clermont
Marc Clermont 3 maanden geleden
survivingwilderniss I think you might forget that everyone starts off and most of the time they aren’t great. Did you also forgot that stroll and Latifi started on Williams arguably the worst team by a long shot. Oh and stroll got a podium within his first year. Just wait and give them time. You can already see how stroll is improving and just last weekend he made it to q3 and didn’t finish because technical problems
cyprus wong
cyprus wong 3 maanden geleden
Rithul Rakesh
Rithul Rakesh 3 maanden geleden
The best talk show host. No doubt
Abhaya Ganashree
Abhaya Ganashree 2 maanden geleden
No doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt
Gondola 3 maanden geleden
@anto Conan O'Brien? Have you flipped your lid?! He's insufferable. There's literally no one on Graham's level in making guests comfortable, interacting with each other in ways that's touching and hilarious. Like how the woman next to Lewis gave such a genuine smile when he spoke of his dad made my day.
wctrqn 3 maanden geleden
I like both Graham and Conan.
anto 3 maanden geleden
I like him, but i have to give my trophee to O'Brien :D #letthedebatebegin
haydn cooper
haydn cooper 3 maanden geleden
ThisLadWayne 3 maanden geleden
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