The Best Lockdown Moments Of Season 27 On The Graham Norton Show | Part Two

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The Graham Norton Show

4 maanden geleden

Part two of the best lockdown moments! What were your favourites?
Watch part one here-
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Ang Gamhanang Maldita
Ang Gamhanang Maldita 26 dagen geleden
Graham, please please keep going on! My dream has always been to come see you live. I’ve lost Jezza, Capt Slow, and the Hamster. 😔 All the health and blessing to you! I hope to see you soon!
fun Maand geleden
Goodwill hunting through the process 😂
fun Maand geleden
Tue first part is really weird .. just why 😕
ls yt
ls yt 2 maanden geleden
Wes Ley
Wes Ley 2 maanden geleden
Steve Is Daddy AF!
Alejandro Leyva
Alejandro Leyva 2 maanden geleden
Not gonna lie but I geeked out when I saw stormbreaker!!! 😅😅
Dani & Jenn Spaulding
Dani & Jenn Spaulding 3 maanden geleden
Stanley Tucci is such an amazingly handsome man, and is it just me or did his role in The Devil Wears Prada make him even more sexy!!!!! Gotta love a good looking guy with intelligence
Tanya Casey
Tanya Casey 3 maanden geleden
Louis Theroux just gets better with age. Oof 😍😍
Heba Helal
Heba Helal 3 maanden geleden
I think Graham is the only one pulling off the online interviews.
อําพอนภํามะวง อําพอย
อําพอนภํามะวง อําพอย 3 maanden geleden
Tania Battiau
Tania Battiau 4 maanden geleden
Avatar is an amazing movie , yet we don’t talk about it much, why is that ?
agilegrrl 3 maanden geleden
Because it was basically Pocahontas in space. 😆🤣
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes 4 maanden geleden
I love the Graham Norton show!
MissT 4 maanden geleden
5:22 basically the first time I (steve carrell) was in a movie- I REMEMBER HIS 2MIN APPEARANCE ON CURLY SUE! 1991!!! HE WAS A WAITER- TESIO LOL love that movie
Karl Heinrich Marx
Karl Heinrich Marx 4 maanden geleden
What if... Stanley in Jeff Bezos biography movie?
Hypocrite World
Hypocrite World 4 maanden geleden
am I the only one thinking that chris did something to his face ? botox or something help me out guys
jo 3 maanden geleden
Hypocrite World not sure which Chris you’re referring to, but it could be the facial hair and the way they have their hair styled🤷🏼‍♀️
Vincent Martinez
Vincent Martinez 4 maanden geleden
All very creative home entertainment....🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️😈
Certain Person
Certain Person 4 maanden geleden
Graham Norton is such a good host. He can bring out the funny side from anyone.
Max Xandubar
Max Xandubar 2 maanden geleden
Even over webcam😀
Delsin charles
Delsin charles 4 maanden geleden
With the crisis going on in the stock market bitcoin/Forex should be the only investment one could engage currently
Twisha Prasad
Twisha Prasad 4 maanden geleden
did you click because of the Chrises or are you abnormal?
Aella Lee
Aella Lee 4 maanden geleden
I remember her being teachers in Princess Diaries and Big Fat Liar
Belinda Kaysac
Belinda Kaysac 4 maanden geleden
That was art?..omg!
Belinda Kaysac
Belinda Kaysac 4 maanden geleden
So gross..
Wade D McGinnis
Wade D McGinnis 4 maanden geleden
4:27 Lighting is hinting at Graham finally taking over the world...
Radha P
Radha P 4 maanden geleden
Oooooo.... I Love Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
N 4 maanden geleden
“It’s art. Never apologise for art.” Lol
Linda Acheampong
Linda Acheampong 4 maanden geleden
Here for #chrisevans and #chrishemworth
Ritrisha RC
Ritrisha RC 4 maanden geleden
How did I not realise Stanley Tucci was the Scientist/Doctor from Captain America till now!!
M A 2 maanden geleden
Because the man's versatility is insane ✨
The Dunya done ya
The Dunya done ya 4 maanden geleden
Here because of last nights interruption on the gastank...
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 4 maanden geleden
Bella Lagosi 🦹‍♂️ Frankenstein 🧟‍♂️ 🕯️👀
slowed 4 maanden geleden
Graham’s a gem
Luke Cornwell
Luke Cornwell 4 maanden geleden
There’s no better talk show than this. Not one
James Dyrin
James Dyrin 4 maanden geleden
Thank god you finally had Chris Evans on your show, whether it was virtually.
Chiu This
Chiu This 4 maanden geleden
I’ve been dying to see Chris Evans on the couch... so close!
Ha !O
Ha !O 4 maanden geleden
Renata Pontes
Renata Pontes 4 maanden geleden
Chris Evans!!! Ai ai ai ❤ I waited so long to see him on your show. I like you very much, Graham. Too bad this pandemic happened. I wish I could have heard you and Chris Evans laughing out loud about the stories from the red chair. I hope one day to be able to go to your show and of course see Mr. Evans there too. I hope that until the day that happens it will be possible to give hugs. Greetings from Brazil.
Janet Gomez
Janet Gomez 4 maanden geleden
Chris Evans is just so damn 😍🤤
Eoin Burke
Eoin Burke 4 maanden geleden
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Olivia Brennan
Olivia Brennan 4 maanden geleden
As a Brit, where can I watch the American office? I don’t like the uk version
xbdandix 4 maanden geleden
Amazon Prime
jess shep
jess shep 4 maanden geleden
amazon !
gusy629 4 maanden geleden
Please do not touch the art.
Eb B
Eb B 4 maanden geleden
Since the Lock Down this show sucks, the primary reason I watch Grahm Norton is for the guest interaction.
Jeri Hewitt56
Jeri Hewitt56 4 maanden geleden
oh I am such a fan . Thanks Graham. You and your guests make me truly laugh Thank you . Love Canada
Cara Cahill
Cara Cahill 4 maanden geleden
Chris hemsworth is just something else
Annisa Rianti
Annisa Rianti 4 maanden geleden
I am sure the delivery guys is often working for art exhibition
Sbrostian Sbrosorpitorps
Sbrostian Sbrosorpitorps 4 maanden geleden
Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the best.
Betty Smith
Betty Smith 4 maanden geleden
I'm hoping when you get back in the studio Graham, could you please have Samantha Morton on your show 🤞
An Ra
An Ra 4 maanden geleden
Love Graham
Tamsyn Brown
Tamsyn Brown 4 maanden geleden
He bluffs. He could still be Cap, back in the day, after he goes back to his lady, maybe when he has aged more because he ages- so that's a giveaway. They will Def do an older Cap with Chris. They have to. They better! Hahahaha
Mani Ranjan
Mani Ranjan 4 maanden geleden
Finally,Chris Evans made it,now I can die in peace.!
Melissa Hammer
Melissa Hammer 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone else think Stanley Tucci reminds them of Mr. Howell from Gilligan's Island?
Ange Maidment
Ange Maidment 4 maanden geleden
You’ve just ruined Stanley Tucci for me 🤮🤮🤮
carol perry
carol perry 4 maanden geleden
Graham should wear the light coloured trousers more often. Hot.
Ranjini 4 maanden geleden
I have been asking Graham to bring Chris Evans on the show for while then he invited Chris for 2: 43 minutes 🙄 That Orange couch and me will be delighted to see him in your full show. I hope to see that.
subhashini dayakar
subhashini dayakar 4 maanden geleden
A wise. Guy disliked. This video
Charley 4 maanden geleden
Ah the first video in my graham norton marathon. These videos are so addicting😆
TheoDora Keravnou
TheoDora Keravnou 4 maanden geleden
do you use those them often @@@
Anonymous 4 maanden geleden
Ok love we get it. we already know you've tried all 12.
darhvander 4 maanden geleden
Hello from latín América.
Brill Jones
Brill Jones 4 maanden geleden
I just like watching this show
raspycellist 4 maanden geleden
Yes, let a man do the same thing, a wall of vaginas, and see how many people say it's art. It would be, " you pervert, how sick are you?" What's wrong with you, that sort of thing.
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor 4 maanden geleden
Chris: “Murder mystery is one of those genres that hasn’t been explored that much.” Agatha Christie: “You what mate?”
Flammington Studios
Flammington Studios 24 dagen geleden
That might be the point though, Outside of Agatha Christie, there's not as much, and most others are also adapted from famous books.
DarkRedman31 3 maanden geleden
She's a writer, not a filmmaker.
Ha !O
Ha !O 4 maanden geleden
@ginniesoh same.
ginniesoh 4 maanden geleden
@Jack Mellor the only one I could think of in recent movies is murder on the orient express too. I think that is the last movie in this genre that did well at the box-office.....
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor 4 maanden geleden
ginniesoh Even in movie form too. A lot of Agatha Christie’s books were turned into films, like recently Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, and a whole host of various TV movies Fair play though, it’s a genre not perhaps thought about much in modern film, sorta left behind a bit in favour of other genres but, examples are still out there.
Hcneyed 4 maanden geleden
I’m sorry a wall of what?
Hcneyed 4 maanden geleden
Detective Loki oh thanks
Aditi Chandila
Aditi Chandila 4 maanden geleden
Lol its a prop from her show Fleabag. You should give it a watch, it's AWESOME
sienna grace
sienna grace 4 maanden geleden
I loved this video your making quarantine better thanks Graham Norton show ❤️
Jo Nyu
Jo Nyu 4 maanden geleden
Tucci's Matisse.. if he werent a celeb i wldnt be wondering if its real
An Ra
An Ra 4 maanden geleden
He should not have shown it... Its dangeours
love sweetness
love sweetness 4 maanden geleden
I see Chris Evans, I click
rahul c
rahul c 4 maanden geleden
aye. you're a man of culture as well
A claucliclaudette
A claucliclaudette 4 maanden geleden
we all agree that the best moments of confinement were to watch the graham norton show 😉
A claucliclaudette
A claucliclaudette 4 maanden geleden
@Marlien Oh I am not the only one 😂
Marlien 4 maanden geleden
Or me beeing here hoping that any actor of the marvel movies in it because I've literally watched all the interviews with them
GG Tube
GG Tube 4 maanden geleden
I like your channel hMXJ
Jay 4 maanden geleden
The wall of penises make me kind of self-conscious... some of those dongs are Huge. FML.
Jay 4 maanden geleden
Ok... 02:57 I've just seen Chris Hemsworth up close and now I feel like a worm. I need a drink!
Vikram j
Vikram j 4 maanden geleden
"It's art, don't apologise for an art"- DELIVERY GUY
mezalong 4 maanden geleden
Nearly got it right, mate.
Gavin Anthony
Gavin Anthony 4 maanden geleden
First comment
Gavin Anthony
Gavin Anthony 4 maanden geleden
I said this as a joke cuz people think other people care if there first
Yash Thacker
Yash Thacker 4 maanden geleden
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