Justin Beiber Keeps Prank Calling Miley Cyrus at 3am | The Graham Norton Show

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14 dagen geleden

Miley Cyrus will be back this week!
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Trevon Womack
Trevon Womack 2 dagen geleden
I hate pop music, and I hate Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber as people
CK101 2 dagen geleden
That Jack Whitehall is forever on your show. Either you have a serious crush on him so you keep bringing him back or he just has nothing better to do than sit on your show while you talk to the other guests 😂😂😂😂😂😂
snowy•moonlight•gacha 2 dagen geleden
I was so confused...I thought she had gone back to her Disney channel look
caribbeanchild 4 dagen geleden
justin beiber still around...wow
Garrett Gardner
Garrett Gardner 4 dagen geleden
I moved to Amsterdam when I was 18 for a year. Later figured out that I am indeed an alcoholic. That joke made me laugh more than I should’ve 😂
R B 6 dagen geleden
did they just forget to upload this 10 years ago?
bujing kujing
bujing kujing 7 dagen geleden
Usher lowkey telling us to blame NLposts :D
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna 11 dagen geleden
Jack Whitehall is my favourite returning character in this show
soundingsea 11 dagen geleden
what? this is a decade ago? like graham said "2 years for me it's nothing", i feel u man.. i feels like 10 years is just like yesterday
sootywing 11 dagen geleden
Omg the Scotsman looks sooo uncomfortable and omg Miley seems so normal
Jahin Akhyar
Jahin Akhyar 12 dagen geleden
This is so old, before I was born
Gablil Valt
Gablil Valt 12 dagen geleden
Go miley
Gablil Valt
Gablil Valt 12 dagen geleden
Go miley
Gablil Valt
Gablil Valt 12 dagen geleden
Stream #MileyCyrusMidnightsky
Gablil Valt
Gablil Valt 12 dagen geleden
I'm here because of miley
Gablil Valt
Gablil Valt 12 dagen geleden
Blooming miley
Gablil Valt
Gablil Valt 12 dagen geleden
Beautiful miley
RobloxianPanda101 12 dagen geleden
Ok, can we just talk about how much younger Miley looked in this than she is now, like...
Camilla Madsen
Camilla Madsen 12 dagen geleden
How old is this clip?
Marilyn Oliva
Marilyn Oliva 12 dagen geleden
Bro. What Justin Bieber if u want Ariana Grande bro what or tayler
Deniz Bircan
Deniz Bircan 12 dagen geleden
just for info this is like 9 year old or so
Amisha Naik
Amisha Naik 12 dagen geleden
Bieber not beiber
allmotorkp61 12 dagen geleden
Hannah Montana vibes lol
Wahwahmels 12 dagen geleden
damn her and bieber go wway back
Nida Samad!
Nida Samad! 12 dagen geleden
How embarrassed are you right now Graham, after the misspell?
InvincibleU 12 dagen geleden
When is she coming back, at your show?
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey 12 dagen geleden
miley cyrus
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey 12 dagen geleden
happy birthday nashville tennessee
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft 12 dagen geleden
Her voice has dropped 2 octaves and become raspy due to too many smokes. Shocking difference if you compare back to back.
Iva Gianna
Iva Gianna 12 dagen geleden
Finally new content😁
pooja singh
pooja singh 12 dagen geleden
What’s with Usher wearing glasses all the time?! Why? Style, every time?! Why?
Flenif2247 12 dagen geleden
Usher is so gay. Girl you can give him your number. Boys? Not so much
Evelyne 13 dagen geleden
Yellow Space
Yellow Space 13 dagen geleden
huh is this literally from 22 hours ago? like not 20 years ago or sumn
Federico Leone
Federico Leone 13 dagen geleden
I was quite confused when i saw it was published today! i was like: "man miley cirus still looks like she' s 18" ....
Ece Z
Ece Z 13 dagen geleden
i feel like its 2010 all over again with the misspelling of bieber and all lol
Jackal Matlou
Jackal Matlou 13 dagen geleden
I have a Guns N Roses tshirt just like Jack's
Home Device
Home Device 13 dagen geleden
Geezus now if only Miley remained sweet and normal 🤷‍♀️
Mathew Peters
Mathew Peters 13 dagen geleden
This is old right guys? Or have I time travelled?
Froe 6 dagen geleden
Yeah you can tell it’s old because Usher is relevant in this clip
Nic Walpole
Nic Walpole 13 dagen geleden
This Clip is bloody 9yrs old... she's 27 atm, not 18??
aleahy299 13 dagen geleden
This is the most unrelatable interview ever 😂
John Doe
John Doe 13 dagen geleden
Are we gonna ignore the fact the title of this video is "Justin Beiber" and not "Justin Bieber"?
daisy howard
daisy howard Dag geleden
cikstalker ASMR
cikstalker ASMR 10 dagen geleden
Yes just ignore
NagroM 13 dagen geleden
JayStation be like
Digital Carboot
Digital Carboot 13 dagen geleden
Be safe, everyone! @yesstyle 🍀10% - JEM10 + 🍀Friend's code 5% off - AMUD2G
Kate Gratil
Kate Gratil 13 dagen geleden
Who else is here because they saw that Bieber’s name is spelled wrong? Lol
Aishwarya S.B.
Aishwarya S.B. 13 dagen geleden
Miley's current hairstyle is inspired by jake's hair in this video
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation 13 dagen geleden
Stark difference between then and now 😳
ABOOD Albloshe
ABOOD Albloshe 13 dagen geleden
When she was clean 🧼
gammelhund 13 dagen geleden
Jack is indistinguishable from 2020
Aaron Nazzy
Aaron Nazzy 13 dagen geleden
why did they post this like it happened today but this is clearly like 10 years ago
fabs 13 dagen geleden
Did... did i just time travel? I’m not mad about it
Peter Riis
Peter Riis 13 dagen geleden
Who's the secret agent in black? Or is it black Bono?
Shilpa D
Shilpa D 12 dagen geleden
nitramyar 13 dagen geleden
Epilogue: Miley and Justin grew up, and turned out just fine .
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 11 dagen geleden
L 13 dagen geleden
Justin bEiBeR
Keine Werbung-Bitte
Keine Werbung-Bitte 13 dagen geleden
It´s Bieber .... not Beiber^^ And iám from Germany to notice that ^^
John Johnson
John Johnson 13 dagen geleden
This is Hannah Montana. Her alter ego, Miley, came later.
Lachie Ferguson
Lachie Ferguson 13 dagen geleden
I love miley so much can’t wait to see her on Friday
Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson 13 dagen geleden
How long ago was this?
LeeAnne Taylor
LeeAnne Taylor 13 dagen geleden
This aired June 2010 :)
Kyle Riles
Kyle Riles 13 dagen geleden
Uh what is this 2010?
TimSchnitzel 13 dagen geleden
I don’t like Justin Beiber very much, but I love the Graham Nroton Show!
Platinum Patience
Platinum Patience 13 dagen geleden
They can't spell Justin's last name😂
Ren 13 dagen geleden
Is this a re-upload??
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster 13 dagen geleden
She couldn’t sound more annoying
Mibuk Desjarlais
Mibuk Desjarlais 13 dagen geleden
What do you sound like?
Debs15 58
Debs15 58 13 dagen geleden
Gosh she's changed so much! Haha
S1L3NT G4M3R 13 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
S1L3NT G4M3R 13 dagen geleden
@Deanoo M Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Deanoo M
Deanoo M 13 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
#BIDEN2020! trump sucks!
#BIDEN2020! trump sucks! 13 dagen geleden
" HA HA HA! it's Beiber call me back!" we all might hate that dude but he has gotten a lot better!
Aaron Nazzy
Aaron Nazzy 13 dagen geleden
i love who he is today, he lives for God
Eldon Phukuile
Eldon Phukuile 13 dagen geleden
So old.... stop it
Parabalani 13 dagen geleden
Producer: so Graham, I'm uploading this video to NLposts Graham: Nah, let's wait for a decade
Aladin Msallem
Aladin Msallem 7 dagen geleden
They predicted covid-19
Under the Surface
Under the Surface 9 dagen geleden
It's because i l e y was an embarrassment in her latest graham appearance' So he put up a substitute for her 'fans'
J.Jones 12 dagen geleden
DevyanshBahri 13 dagen geleden
Peter Paul
Peter Paul 13 dagen geleden
Master Debater
Master Debater 13 dagen geleden
Miley is an entirely different person today. Usher, Graham, and Jack haven’t changed at all.
Master Debater
Master Debater 7 dagen geleden
Vixikie entirely different =/= change. Come on. Just read before you decide to have an opinion maybe?
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo 11 dagen geleden
She was 17 in this video, she's almost 28 nowadays, come on now...
Master Debater
Master Debater 12 dagen geleden
Gablil Valt yes she did. Google “Miley Cyrus change”
Gablil Valt
Gablil Valt 12 dagen geleden
MILEY CYRUS didn't change!
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob 12 dagen geleden
Well almost everybody changes completely after they leave their teens.
fioré 13 dagen geleden
"Who the fvck is Justin Bieber"
Olga Moskvina
Olga Moskvina 13 dagen geleden
What is Graham mouthing at 2:45?😃
Frances 13 dagen geleden
I think he was saying "Awkward, very awkward"
little star
little star 13 dagen geleden
Can we get a best of jack whitehall
ebonyonce 13 dagen geleden
this is .....weird
Bane159 13 dagen geleden
Where can I see the full episodes in germany?
Mike Lytou
Mike Lytou 13 dagen geleden
Title is wrong. It's spelled B-i-e-b-e-r. Even I know that, and I'm not even a fan.
Peter Riis
Peter Riis 13 dagen geleden
@Zingy Stardust 👍
Zingy Stardust
Zingy Stardust 13 dagen geleden
Either spelling will do.....he just doesn't matter.
jay reacts
jay reacts 13 dagen geleden
Jack isn't aging
Gonzalo Paolo Villanueva Cenisario
Gonzalo Paolo Villanueva Cenisario 13 dagen geleden
from what year is this episode?
Jreis Jreisat
Jreis Jreisat 11 dagen geleden
June 2010
Tom Baines
Tom Baines 13 dagen geleden
If anyone else called someone repeatedly at 3am it would be considered stalking.
Dwboy14 13 dagen geleden
Life before the wreaking ball
Danny R
Danny R 13 dagen geleden
Just going by the thumbnail, Miley and Bieber could be related.
Leg end
Leg end 12 dagen geleden
Craig 13 dagen geleden
No ody cares about these spoled brats anymore. Let them fade into obscurity
Michael Buck
Michael Buck 13 dagen geleden
This was like 10 years ago, she is WAY different and totally messed up now, I mean, I wouldn't call her grown-up, she still has a long way to go before that happens, LOL. The unfortunate thing is she thinks being grown-up means to smoke weed, have sex on stage, and yell obscenities around like they were cough drops. Maturity, wisdom, intelligence, CLASS, and being a lady and role model she is not, it's to bad she didn't get better advice and upbringing from her parents. Sad really, as she started out with so much promise. Meanwhile, Justin seems to have matured, grown-up, decided that all that childish stuff doesn't bring peace to his Soul. He is married, has a stable relationship, and family and is enjoying his life. A stark comparison to Miley's disjointed unfulfilled soul. Justin made the right choice to stop calling her. I am sure he is breathing a big sigh of relief every day he is with his wife and family, WOW!!!!
Michael Buck
Michael Buck 13 dagen geleden
@Mibuk Desjarlais I understand the sentiment, however, saying "only God can Judge us" is biblically incorrect. We must make SOUND and MORAL judgments every day, we must judge SIN, with the biblical judgment we can discern right from wrong, we also make judgments every day of our lives, so judging is not the issue. The issue is whether or not we are making SOUND and MORAL judgments or not. And the only way to do that is to have the TRUTH in you. WIth TRUTH comes good sound judgment.
Mibuk Desjarlais
Mibuk Desjarlais 13 dagen geleden
@Michael Buck Remember only God can judge us forget the haters cause somebody loves ya. ^_^
Sow AG
Sow AG 13 dagen geleden
very sorry to hear that
Nwoke Ideato
Nwoke Ideato 13 dagen geleden
@Michael Buck live and let live, mate. Peace out.
Michael Buck
Michael Buck 13 dagen geleden
@Nwoke Ideato And what's wrong with having an opinion? Apparently you judged my opinion in a negative way. Your prerogative even if I disagree. So yes, my opinion, my judgments, and that's my story and I am sticking to it, lol!!!
Sajjana Baijnath
Sajjana Baijnath 13 dagen geleden
What year is this?
Soso S
Soso S 13 dagen geleden
pretty sure it's 2010 since she was born in November 1992
Ewan Keddie
Ewan Keddie 13 dagen geleden
Sajjana Baijnath it was 9 years ago bc she is nearly 18 here and she’s 27 now
HOLDONFANKS 13 dagen geleden
not this saying beiber
meme GOD
meme GOD 13 dagen geleden
oh, she was so innocent here. What happened? 😨😱😲😂😎
Nikita Das
Nikita Das 13 dagen geleden
Okay when was this interview? Doesn't look recent at all
Ewan Keddie
Ewan Keddie 13 dagen geleden
Nikita Das 9 years ago
BRYCE,CHRIS,IZZY FAN 13 dagen geleden
i luv wrecking ball so much i was just listening to it she has great talent
Lord_Falcon 13 dagen geleden
Is this old or new? I’m confused🤔
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 13 dagen geleden
Lord_Falcon. That answer is in the description 😉👆
Lord_Falcon 13 dagen geleden
Marco Daltoé but why did they re-upload it..?
Marco Daltoé
Marco Daltoé 13 dagen geleden
bro, she is in her late 20's rn hahaha
Pearl Sheridan
Pearl Sheridan 13 dagen geleden
Jack Whitehall doesn’t seem to have aged since this clip
CK101 2 dagen geleden
And all the other million times he has been on the show. He is forever there.
Pawel X.
Pawel X. 4 dagen geleden
@Peter Riis Fair enough...
Peter Riis
Peter Riis 4 dagen geleden
@Pawel X. At that age, yes. But seeing him now - ten years after - he seems to have mellowed out a fair bit.
Pawel X.
Pawel X. 4 dagen geleden
He's still a tool...
ML Feathers
ML Feathers 7 dagen geleden
Just watched his show with his dad on Netflix. Hilarious!
Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect 13 dagen geleden
Bruno Mars- mash up cover nlposts.info/past/noO0l9y1bq-S040/video
180 Pasta
180 Pasta 14 dagen geleden
They look related
Danny R
Danny R 13 dagen geleden
That's what I thought!
greenstarlight0 14 dagen geleden
Jack Whitehalls hair is atrocious.
Ran Tk
Ran Tk 14 dagen geleden
Blast from the past!
Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect 13 dagen geleden
Bruno Mars- mash up cover nlposts.info/past/noO0l9y1bq-S040/video
Big Jimi James
Big Jimi James 14 dagen geleden
Someone I don’t care about being pranked by someone I don’t care about = I don’t care
Hannah 14 dagen geleden
Ludiks 14 dagen geleden
You should add timestamp for videos. When does this was recorded?
Ludiks Dag geleden
@daisy howard oh ok sorry ^^, edited.
daisy howard
daisy howard Dag geleden
'When did this was recorded?' Cute. 👍
Vixikie 7 dagen geleden
It must have been in 2009 or 2010 in the beginning of his fame and not 2011 because I was 15 that year and I'm only two years younger than Justin. I remember that he looked much older in 2011 lol. I can't believe it was 10 years ago his first song came out. I was 13 / 14 years old back in 2009 omfg.
HellzJanitor 13 dagen geleden
Probably Winter 2011 my guess.
Michael Buck
Michael Buck 13 dagen geleden
9 or 10 years ago, LOL
Brisingr48 14 dagen geleden
Anybody else catch they misspelled Bieber lol
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 11 dagen geleden
Only 1/2 the commenters so far.... The other 1/2 don't care.
Jen Fox
Jen Fox 14 dagen geleden
16th 😛 omg I have no life... help me!
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