Mark Ruffalo Could Work From Home Forever | The Graham Norton Show

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5 maanden geleden

Mark Ruffalo is loving working from home.
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Cheri 23 dagen geleden
G-D I'm in love with Mark. I wish I could meet this guy. I want to have one opportunity to run my hands threw his hair. Maybe one kiss. The kind of kiss he got from Meryl Streep
mistyblueeyes Maand geleden
He's adooorable!!
Renee Kerner
Renee Kerner 2 maanden geleden
Would love to be quarantined with him.
Twisha Prasad
Twisha Prasad 4 maanden geleden
I don't know what it is, but hes just so sweet, i mean look at his face and that soothing voice. HES JUST SO NICE. THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!!!
S P 4 maanden geleden
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie 4 maanden geleden
The most likable and one of the best actors toda, what a nice guy he always is
Carlita E.
Carlita E. 4 maanden geleden
shreyasi datta
shreyasi datta 4 maanden geleden
Why doesn't Tom Hiddleston come on Graham Norton show any more? :(
Pernille Hjort
Pernille Hjort 4 maanden geleden
Cody Ham
Cody Ham 4 maanden geleden
GrahamNORTON!!! looks like the murderer, why then; do I still love him and lil show? Oh! Yeah! never have to meet him, cus I'm a celeb, Sup Bruh!!!
Kickex 5 maanden geleden
We're in covid
Ranjini 5 maanden geleden
Please bring Chris Evans on the show after Corona Viruse crisis
Sara De Jesus
Sara De Jesus 5 maanden geleden
He is soo sweet. 🙄
wendyjensenmusic 5 maanden geleden
Can we have longer than 2 minute interviews please?
Judi Roth
Judi Roth 5 maanden geleden
Love this man - he is so darn kool❤️❤️
bernadette barbee
bernadette barbee 5 maanden geleden
What is this “disposable travel” - is that a thing now? I agree. No more disposable travel. I love working from home. And now I can credibly snuggle up in pillows and a down comforter during my next Zoom meeting and say it is for sound quality. Only vacation travel for me now too! 😀
Our Fantasy Life
Our Fantasy Life 5 maanden geleden
Do we deserve Mark Ruffalo? I contend we do not lol he's too pure for show business.
Magnum Medic
Magnum Medic 5 maanden geleden
Studio recording in the 20th century: Walk into a building Studio recording in the 21st century: Cover your head with pillows and a blanket
Arolf Isaiah Mora
Arolf Isaiah Mora 5 maanden geleden
I thought this was a 2012 Mark Ruffalo with that hair
ReegFlix 5 maanden geleden
He’s dressed as Bruce Banner from The Avengers
Bernardette A
Bernardette A 5 maanden geleden
He's so adorable. I feel like if he came to your house, he would be an awesome dinner guest, super sweet, charming... Etc. Almost apologetic for his game 😆🤩
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta 5 maanden geleden
I mean, they can definitely shoot marvel movies from home now with all that CGI
Lakshmi G
Lakshmi G 5 maanden geleden
Ahaha gotta love Mark
tigergreene 5 maanden geleden
I love this guy.
Erik Stjernholm
Erik Stjernholm 5 maanden geleden
Am I the only one that thinks he sounds a lot like Ashton Kutcher?
Sabrina C
Sabrina C 5 maanden geleden
Why is this man so precious???
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
I always thought ADR was _Additional_ Dialogue Recording.
Zarkow 5 maanden geleden
It used to be - but it is used more and more as he described it, i.e. full dialog is replaced in post.
Ninja Glider
Ninja Glider 5 maanden geleden
What's the hulk's favourite food? Mark buffalo wings
Vincent Martinez
Vincent Martinez 5 maanden geleden
Y'all Hilarious....🤣💙
ALB 5 maanden geleden
Mark Ruffalo is the best Bruce Banner and Hulk
cDayz 5 maanden geleden
I actually like the way the show is being done now as I couldn't stand all of them on the settee talking over each other.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
cDayz I love having them all out there together-you learn all sorts of unexpected things.
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez 5 maanden geleden
I know hes getting blazed while indoors 😎😎😎😎
Mich W
Mich W 5 maanden geleden
There's just a little something, something about Mark Ruffalo
Mehedi Amin
Mehedi Amin 5 maanden geleden
I just realized Mark could even play hulk from from with his man-cancelling mocap suit.
Aurelia's Swing
Aurelia's Swing 5 maanden geleden
ADR stands for Additional Dialogue recording
lillithdv8 5 maanden geleden
Daww he works from a pillow fort! Every kid’s dream
Sonya Graves
Sonya Graves 5 maanden geleden
lillithdv8 😂
POYNTERR 5 maanden geleden
Ahh you gotta love the Ruffalo ☀️♥️
Thomas Engel
Thomas Engel 5 maanden geleden
Adr? Automatic Dialogue Replacement?? I’ve always understood it to be Additional Dialogue Recording.
B uppy
B uppy 5 maanden geleden
So how does he feel about allowing other people to go back to work???
Helen Lingard
Helen Lingard 5 maanden geleden
Love Mark Ruffalo :)
Runyararo Manjala
Runyararo Manjala 5 maanden geleden
mark ruffalo is one of the best graham norton guests
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
Runyararo Manjala I always get the impression that Graham has a massive crush.
Ferdiyan Surya
Ferdiyan Surya 5 maanden geleden
The new normal!
loveforeignaccents 5 maanden geleden
Such a doll!
Ben Cummings
Ben Cummings 5 maanden geleden
He has his Avengers 1 hair for some reason
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
Ben Cummings Can’t get haircuts because of social distancing lockdown?
Fet Gucked
Fet Gucked 5 maanden geleden
Lol. Rich people smugly happy about lockdown. Charmingly tone deaf.
Fet Gucked
Fet Gucked 5 maanden geleden
@Eter Puralis Either you miss understand or wilfully misinterpret. Either is quite sad.
Eter Puralis
Eter Puralis 5 maanden geleden
If you're going to call all introverts "rich" people 🙄
History_Loves_Anime 5 maanden geleden
Welcome to anime!
Jeffrey Galie
Jeffrey Galie 5 maanden geleden
Multi-millionaire says he can work from home forever? Wow interesting...
Hawsrule Begin
Hawsrule Begin 5 maanden geleden
Just relax will you.
Nikki Lane
Nikki Lane 5 maanden geleden
Lots of people who aren't multi millionaires can also work from home. Money is irrelevant, he seems like a nice bloke.
Cailan Cook
Cailan Cook 5 maanden geleden
This is peak out of touch-ness during a pandemic and looming economic recession. "I know you're struggling to feed your kids right now, and navigate this new paradigm laid out in front of us all, but look at Mark! He can do this all day! We're in this together guys!"
Lakshmi G
Lakshmi G 5 maanden geleden
This pandemic has already taken so much away from everybody. Can’t we have a little entertainment smh
emile enightoola
emile enightoola 5 maanden geleden
You know, not everything is about YOU.
Řæívöñ 5 maanden geleden
we all in covid. corona hit the apps.
nandy x
nandy x 5 maanden geleden
Hahaha Mark is unique 🌞
Raquel Dobson
Raquel Dobson 5 maanden geleden
Couldn’t agree with Mark more - I don’t miss travelling for work or anything & I can compare it to the days before the boom of population which made it so much worse... Give me digital WFH & VR to visit abroad now... 😊
Naty Jimenez
Naty Jimenez 5 maanden geleden
I feel like marvel it’s gonna drop something hulk related out of nowhere
GiantSandles 5 maanden geleden
I would've thought being a movie star would be one of the few rich people jobs you couldn't do from home
Ganiscol 5 maanden geleden
You just know that hackers are itching to sneak into these kind of Zoom conferences to get the scoop on the film they make. 😄 Just a matter of time...
Rain 5 maanden geleden
Oh Boy ! Mark Ruffalo is the perfect mixture of Class and Hotness. Can watch him all day...
Cheri 23 dagen geleden
@Rain. I purchased I Know This Much Is True and I watch it over and over again just to see my fantasy soulmate Mark R
TAPPED L 4 maanden geleden
Me too 😳
Anna Clinch
Anna Clinch 5 maanden geleden
i love how he gets all dressed up just for the interview :)
Lord Shrimp Ramen
Lord Shrimp Ramen 4 maanden geleden
Probably wearing pj pants
Anna Clinch
Anna Clinch 5 maanden geleden
Lynn Turman bro chill
Lynn Turman
Lynn Turman 5 maanden geleden
yeah, I think he's only the 113,589,476,232nd actor to ever do that.
029 Deeksha Rao
029 Deeksha Rao 5 maanden geleden
I'm binge watching Graham's vids. Life is good.
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton 5 maanden geleden
If you can't vote Chris Evans or RDJ into the White House, surely Ruffalo has to be a candidate.
Jeremy Newman
Jeremy Newman 5 maanden geleden
President Hulk, hell yeah ✌
Nikki Lane
Nikki Lane 5 maanden geleden
@whutzat can't be worse than the bloke running things now😀
whutzat 5 maanden geleden
You. Are. Nuts.
HollyBlueAgitated 5 maanden geleden
girls over twelve?
mrfr0st7 5 maanden geleden
"I never would have suspected YOU, Ruffalo!" :-)
Susanne Collins
Susanne Collins 5 maanden geleden
Mark seems like such a nice guy but someone who likes to have fun too, when he said that I did a spit take cuz it seems so out of left field and so out of character for him. Even he seemed a little surprised that he’d said it
Sound Guy
Sound Guy 5 maanden geleden
@Donna Hogan The red couch hid the blood well, but we know there was a murder that night.
Donna Hogan
Donna Hogan 5 maanden geleden
I get that reference.
Tphelan100 5 maanden geleden
Hey, Mark! From one AN survivor to another. Life throws lots of curves. Now this. But, it’s great to see you laughing, working. Rock on! ❤️ Love love love that Graham Norton!
Tphelan100 4 maanden geleden
Lynn Turman Hehehe. No. Acoustic Neuroma. A type of benign brain tumor.
Lynn Turman
Lynn Turman 4 maanden geleden
AN? Alcoholics aNonymous?
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil 5 maanden geleden
I was watching videos of him right now kdndndndn
Chris 5 maanden geleden
Am i the only genius who thought the studio had all those pillows coz the production peeps were being nice to him?
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
youtube user I’m not offended-I can definitely see how it comes across as creepy. Take care!
Chris 5 maanden geleden
@Mary Rose Kent oh I'm sorry if I offended u ma'am. There are a lot of creepy people online and one grows to be sceptical abt everyone.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
I’m old and my vision isn’t great, so I pressed on your profile photo to see what it was, and the info was there. I’m not stalking you or anything, I was just trying to get a better sense of who was posting.
Chris 5 maanden geleden
@Mary Rose Kent did u check what channels I subscribe to? What even? That's creepy okay...
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
youtube user Hey, I also subscribe to Food Wishes. Chef John takes some getting used to with the funny sing-songy voice
Funky Pie
Funky Pie 5 maanden geleden
*Work From Home Forever? Uh i mean we became familiar with this quarantine stuff so we all can 😁*
LamZL1 5 maanden geleden
It's confirmed then! Spiderman: Work From Home .. with a cameo from the Hulk
Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly 5 maanden geleden
LOL Brilliant!
Shan Wickremesinghe
Shan Wickremesinghe 5 maanden geleden
@Sebastián Anguiano Well, there's actually no reason why the Iron Man suits can't be run remotely most of the time, we've already seen it done before!
Sebastián Anguiano
Sebastián Anguiano 5 maanden geleden
we kinda already have thor, hulk and ironman
Sebastián Anguiano
Sebastián Anguiano 5 maanden geleden
i would actually love to see a short of some quaratined superheroes
Donna Hogan
Donna Hogan 5 maanden geleden
The Avengers
The Avengers 5 maanden geleden
So no one can see him get angry
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 5 maanden geleden
Mark Ruffalo just elevated the level of studio recording!!
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence 5 maanden geleden
Indeed. In one swoop, travel has been decimated!
Daan Van Deelen
Daan Van Deelen 5 maanden geleden
He has a cool set up 😋
Sundus Mohammed
Sundus Mohammed 5 maanden geleden
Finally first to something!! Saw mark and that was all the reasons i need to click this vid 💕
tree trunx
tree trunx 5 maanden geleden
Very innovative Mr. Ruffalo 😂
Андрэ Импрувед
Андрэ Импрувед 5 maanden geleden
Me and Mark Ruffalo are totally alike in this case
Gustavo Mendoza
Gustavo Mendoza 5 maanden geleden
And every single voice over worker around the world that works from home. I kneel in front of my couch to record. 😁
Rawad Talib
Rawad Talib 5 maanden geleden
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