Ed Sheeran’s Horrific Volcano Accident | The Graham Norton Show

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Ed Sheeran recalls the time he missed the Northern Lights due to a horrific accident.
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jmatt4life 5 dagen geleden
Matthew McConaughey can’t grow a beard. It looks sparse and ratty and it makes look dirty!
florian mies
florian mies 17 dagen geleden
Ed has his shoes on the sofa. My gf would kill me for that
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Ed Sheeran's story, but most comments are about Matthew McConnaughey, hey, hey :) Well, he is PRESENT. It's funny he's at the same time so laid back, and so keenly listening.
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Ed Shearedman!
Shelsea Rivera
Shelsea Rivera 17 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who thinks Ed looks nothing like Rupert Grint like the dont really look alike apart from being redheads!! And they’re both charming in their own way too but anyways love them both Sm
Jeremy Szczepanski
Jeremy Szczepanski 18 dagen geleden
The two guests to Ed's left: total disgust and freakout. Matthew McConaughey: doesn't even flinch.
Gorderado 19 dagen geleden
Matthew is the John Abraham of hollywood.
Savannah Realynne
Savannah Realynne 20 dagen geleden
Lmfao you can tell that Matthew grew up country! Or “punchy” as we call it in the south 😂 ya get hurt and you’re just like ‘oh cool okay’ I can’t even count the times I’ve been hurt but kept working horses lol
Jaycee 27 dagen geleden
I love Mathew.
Angelina Heaton
Angelina Heaton 27 dagen geleden
Christina Ricci’s outfit is awesome 😎
Guilain Bohineust
Guilain Bohineust 29 dagen geleden
The funniest part it Matthew's face during the story ahahah.
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch Maand geleden
Ed Sheeran and Donald Trump go to the same barber.
Dan M
Dan M Maand geleden
Love the fact Matthew was more surprised that he didn’t have a phone than he stepped in a volcano.
James Maand geleden
need matt and ed in one of them unlikely friendships compilations on graham norton (if they're not already). feel like matt was really vibing with what ed was saying
veronikah K
veronikah K Maand geleden
so ED was one of the dumbest famous person 3 times in like 5 minutes.
TravelWell Maand geleden
Last time he was on Graham Norton he was saying about being cut in a sword accident.
Miha Dajcman
Miha Dajcman Maand geleden
Wow, Graham is the coolest. He's funny as hell, but also knows when to be quiet. Not a lot of funny people have that ability. Case in point: letting Matthew and Ed have that interesting exchange at the end. Which would have been ruined if the host interrupted them. What a class act.
timomastosalo 16 dagen geleden
@Miha Dajcman Alright, alright, alright
Miha Dajcman
Miha Dajcman 16 dagen geleden
@timomastosalo Pfft, Matthew is always the coolest, goes without saying! ;)
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Can you not say that Matthew was the coolest? Or is chillest better? :)
Lyenta Maand geleden
Everyone: Ed NO!! Ed: Ed YES!
AGW1983 Maand geleden
Who is the woman?
Eddie 5
Eddie 5 Maand geleden
You don't need to get rid of the phone - just get rid of the Social Media apps. Weirdly extreme.
Ivy Hoss
Ivy Hoss Maand geleden
Don't know why, but I found it really endearing that McConaughey was so understanding of Sheeran's need for time off.
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Touching the lonely spot in a celeb's life. If you go some place where you're known, you can't make friends, you'll only meet fans. People are not made to be worshipped - that belong to our maker, God. Who's life itself. We people need brotherhood from each other, empathy. Even if we were famous.
Niamh Lord
Niamh Lord Maand geleden
www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/what-gods-kingdom-will-do/ ..
Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson Maand geleden
What did Matthew smoke before this interview? I need some 😂
timomastosalo 16 dagen geleden
@Hannah Robinson Me too :) Coz he has evidently gone through some rough bumps too, the skin peeling didn't shiver him.
Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson 16 dagen geleden
@timomastosalo huh? I'm talking about matt being chilled 😂
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
He has had heavier bumps, is clearly evident, so he's genuinely not shaken by the skin ripping off. But he's full-hearted, compassionately present when Ed speaks about the need to get off the grid, to get some own time.
LaviniaVeiled Maand geleden
I love how incredibly nonchalant Ed is about his experience. Also, why didn’t he listen to them?!?! 😂
PrincesStabbity Maand geleden
People "Don't do that." Ed Sheeran "Why?" *does it*
Michael Kane
Michael Kane Maand geleden
Celebrity hardships. WAAAAAA
Mehtab Rai
Mehtab Rai Maand geleden
Best episodes when the guests interview each other.
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus Maand geleden
why arent there more shows with multiple guests where they just chill on a couch and chat :) all of the other shows like colbert, conan, kimmel fallon are very formal, 1 guest getting quizzed from behind a desk.
arun kumar
arun kumar Maand geleden
the only person missing here is Bill Burr.
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma Maand geleden
Does nothing bother MM?
Wendy's World
Wendy's World Maand geleden
Got something to show for it now. Congrats on baby girl, Ed
Javsco Maand geleden
Matthew has been to space, blown up helicopters with Dreadnought guns, and was the father of a woman fifty years older than he... Skin peeling matters not to him.
Aiden Kane
Aiden Kane Maand geleden
Notice around 1:35 how the other three get grossed out but McConaughey just blank faced... he's no man nor human he's his own being.
Londa1027 Maand geleden
How's having no mobile going now that he has a kid?😂😂😂😂
ratau tuku
ratau tuku Maand geleden
Don't be sloppy, Ed. You're a father now.
Owen 99
Owen 99 Maand geleden
Oh god Josh in a suit😍😍😍
Sarah Maand geleden
Ed kinda sounds like Robert Pattinson.I mean they're both british but they've got like "similar" manners if that makes sense...
Laura Clement
Laura Clement Maand geleden
All I’m thinking is why Ed sheeren didn’t listen to those people who probably new what they were doing. That’s just my opinion. Plz don’t yell at me!
Dib Yayan
Dib Yayan Maand geleden
Mattew not amused 1:34
FergalCanada Maand geleden
2:28 - Shut up, bottom of the barrel comedian, 2 professionals are talking
Kim Morley
Kim Morley Maand geleden
Takes sock off, skin slews off. Everyone urgg ahhh ooohh except mcconaughey who is still slouched and just nods head. Gotta love that guy
Etigress Maand geleden
Ed is a rebel child. Told not to do something, asks why, he's told its dangerous, he does it anyway.
Navajo Auckland
Navajo Auckland Maand geleden
What a idiot . Keep off the grass
Mustafa Taslim
Mustafa Taslim Maand geleden
Every one's trying to be Tom Cruise and still that's imprudence.
Mustafa Taslim
Mustafa Taslim Maand geleden
@SEBWAX SEBWAX Well, that Death Wish thing Tom Cruise has in his MI sequels. BTW, stop being so reactive, it's bad for your health.
SEBWAX SEBWAX Maand geleden
...What do you mean? (You lost me, what?..)
deborah DeborahR
deborah DeborahR Maand geleden
Well, Ed....you properly fekked that up, didn’t you ?! Ed Sheeran on ‘Buzzcock’s’ was pure gold, too. His stories are hilarious.
Megan Christine
Megan Christine Maand geleden
“I can manage a couple more if I haven’t had too much of a heavy day” 😂 “When you say two bottles of wine deep ... “ 😂
Mạnh Hùng Nguyễn
Mạnh Hùng Nguyễn Maand geleden
Matthew McConaughey must have had a huge drag backstage...
Ben Hewitt
Ben Hewitt Maand geleden
Matthew just needs to chill a bit
Clo Chu
Clo Chu Maand geleden
randomguestobserving Maand geleden
Sheeran is a really good singer, no doubt, but without that fancy haircut (wherever the wind blows :D) he could even be a clerk
J R Maand geleden
Josh get a deeper voice cuz, jeez
J WC Maand geleden
Funny how everything Widdicombe says is either funny, cringey af or just unasked for lol
Nitish Parab
Nitish Parab Maand geleden
Hathaway was right. McConaughey isn't a person. He's a personality.
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce Maand geleden
matthew maccounaughey wasnt impressed
The patten Slice9900
The patten Slice9900 Maand geleden
Mark Ruffalo destroyed That British guy
ajaysurya mohan
ajaysurya mohan Maand geleden
Ed : I got rid of my phone completely and got an iPad Matthew : what's an iPad?
Piyush Lahekar
Piyush Lahekar Maand geleden
🎶When your legs don't work like they used to before, And you take the skin off of your feet...🎶
day movies
day movies Maand geleden
😂😂😂now we know the inspiration for those lyrics
ApocalypseYT Maand geleden
make a Chadwick Bozeman tribute
TomG Gabin
TomG Gabin Maand geleden
Who's the homeless guy next to Ed?
GayJew Maand geleden
Is this old or are y'all like done with covid/lockdown?
Veronica M
Veronica M Maand geleden
maybe Feb 2017
ohmyafy Maand geleden
“Medic, medic we need a chopper. Another celebrity walked into a volcano pool.”
day movies
day movies Maand geleden
Who else did
Get Kiosk
Get Kiosk Maand geleden
Who's the woman?
Zoe C.
Zoe C. Maand geleden
I take it Sahara (2005) wasn’t a hit in Africa
_ Besty _
_ Besty _ Maand geleden
1:36 can we just appreciate Matthew McConaughey not cringing 😂
Megan Christine
Megan Christine Maand geleden
Ed and his accidents. Can you imagine Cherry just having to call Ed’s parents like “you’ll never believe what he’s done now” 😂
Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen Maand geleden
I can see Ed trying to lean as back as he can but still doesn't come close to the master of back leaning, Matthew Mcconaughey
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Did start with that deep lounge. But I read there more he's getting up and up in the couch, kind of leading the story towards the climax, but the couch just doesn't go high enough - he bounces down to 'lift' the story again and again
rydmerlin Maand geleden
I’m surprised nobody asked him where the skin for the graft came from.
Pras Fidelis
Pras Fidelis Maand geleden
you dont need to get rid of your phone. if you want to avoid socmed altogether, just buy a candybar phone, they still exist. OR just remove socmed apps on your smartphone, i did that and it was a big relief... i dont feel the need to constantly check FB to see what other people are posting.
Danny Klimt Art
Danny Klimt Art Maand geleden
You can tell a story as cool as Iceland, but nothing beats Matthew McConaughey.
Fefa Maand geleden
Ed is to ahead of us.
Debra M
Debra M Maand geleden
He sounds like anybody's kid: "Don't do that." "Why??" as he's doing it 😆
Epicdankmemesenpaisan chandonosama
Epicdankmemesenpaisan chandonosama Maand geleden
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Shashank D
Shashank D Maand geleden
There it is folks ed sheeran with a burnt foot was the worst forced joke 😐
Justin Kalman
Justin Kalman Maand geleden
1:37 - "Uh-huh. Been there. Next time stop asking 'why' so much. It ain't philosophy class."
Kate McCann
Kate McCann Maand geleden
Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran ❤️
Niklas 1
Niklas 1 Maand geleden
We need a Podcast with Matthew and ed
Kathi Maand geleden
*Oh, man up!* 😂😂😂
Guðrún Petrea Gunnarsdóttir
Guðrún Petrea Gunnarsdóttir Maand geleden
Geysir 😉
Peeyoosh Bhatt
Peeyoosh Bhatt Maand geleden
Matthew McConaughey had no reaction 😂😂
Peeyoosh Bhatt
Peeyoosh Bhatt 16 dagen geleden
@timomastosalo ohhh ohky then I would say he's wise too haha
timomastosalo 16 dagen geleden
@Peeyoosh Bhatt Saw a comment hinting that way, then I had a recollection how he had been staring Ed intently, plus then his comment in the end. It's kinda I isolated his bahaviour with Ed from the other listeners. And I've experienced that kind of behaviour, even sometimes reacted to some story like that myself (I'm past 50). Not 'quite' as laid back - but silent and focused. After my comment I was thinking he could also be aiming to take the focus, like ruling the room with that behaviour. Ed telling his story doesn't make him a 'fanboy'. He's kind of challenging Ed with that Why? Yet gives compassion in the end. Both 'boss moves'.
Peeyoosh Bhatt
Peeyoosh Bhatt 17 dagen geleden
@timomastosalo I don't know how you got that much from it haha and I second what you said also simply speaking I think he is just like that
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
On the contrary - he felt deeply the need to get off the rat wheel that Ed had faced. His voice was genuinely compassionate and sad, from experience. He just took it calmly like someone who has had bumps and bruises, maybe fractured bones even, so he wasn't fidgeting hysterically. But notice his intense gaze - he was listening intensely, as his answer told.
Andrea Maand geleden
What a day! I just wake up to ed sheeran in a show how i miss this talented man❤️❤️❤️😎
Anti Something
Anti Something Maand geleden
Explains why he went traveling Matthew: because ???
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Well he understood the reason for it precisely in the end. Could be he asked because he hunched that was the reason. He has been there too. There was the compassion and sadness of experience in his voice.
Anti Something
Anti Something Maand geleden
Squish that would be great but I don’t think so In this situation
peu importe
peu importe Maand geleden
The parent in him came out .
Squish Maand geleden
I feel like he was trying to dig for a deeper answer. He needed to ask at a pub over a beer with just the two of them and maybe then Ed would have something more to say about it.
Javiera Figueroa
Javiera Figueroa Maand geleden
Anti Something because he can lmao
Said Toshimaru
Said Toshimaru Maand geleden
Wow, I didn't know gingers had any skin to begin with.
Veronica M
Veronica M Maand geleden
Ed's new baby daughter is called 'Lyra', and named after a character in one of his favourite book series 'His Dark Material' by philip pullman, 1 book is called Northern Lights (golden compass in usa) and set in the Arctic. Ed and Cherry also went to Antarctica where she was conceived, so her name is Lyra Antarctica :)
Veronica M
Veronica M Maand geleden
@Alaina Callahan yeah initials also make up to L.A.S.S, which Ed and Cherry thought was great
Alaina Callahan
Alaina Callahan Maand geleden
Everybody is missing the point. His daughter's name is L.A.S.S. How cool is that? Just a wee lass.
Endeavours Radio
Endeavours Radio Maand geleden
McConaughey looking like some Hawaiian Cowboy LSD Philosopher who speaks in incoherent metaphors and proverbs about the beauty of the soul.
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Yet when he finally speaks, see how keenly he had been listening. People get fooled by his laid back posture. He was listening intensely.
SASI KUMAR Maand geleden
Matthew 'Becauseee' Mcconaughey
Morgoth Maand geleden
Got rid of his phone? So he's the kind of moron you can't count on because you can never reach him, how selfish lol
Sara Elisabeth
Sara Elisabeth Maand geleden
@Morgoth he has also said he'd have a phone if he has kids. Which he does now. Doesn't mean he'll put social media apps on it though.
Morgoth Maand geleden
@Veronica M Yeah right, if you need someone to reply quickly, you won't ever send an email. By the time he reads it, you probably would have found someone else to help you out. That's what I mean by the fact that you can't count on him.
Veronica M
Veronica M Maand geleden
Hornslet Gaming
Hornslet Gaming Maand geleden
Dam, Matthew just showed mad respect for Ed in this clip...
CHEEKY MONKEY Maand geleden
i kinda wanted to see how his leg is doing right now
Elizabeth Harttley
Elizabeth Harttley Maand geleden
I realized the MM wanted ES to be able to share, he'd been to that place of too much also. Sometimes one needs to lax and relax to find balance.
Stonebubble Maand geleden
When your legs don’t work like they used to before.....
Rochelle Gomes
Rochelle Gomes 10 dagen geleden
Eliza Plaku
Eliza Plaku 22 dagen geleden
@NO ONE and baby those scars forever in my feet like memory Im thinking about hooow . Could i be sp careless to fall so down, maybe just a slip a foot ....
SwedishGamerGirl 23 dagen geleden
Hahahahahahahhahaha xD Im dead!
NO ONE 23 dagen geleden
@Connor baby I wont be going there anyytiimee sooon
Connor 24 dagen geleden
@Aayan Jain All I can feel is pain and tears on my cheeks
Lukie Skywalker
Lukie Skywalker Maand geleden
I get the impression Ed Sheeran is not very good at listening.
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
He is, but not orders :)
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! Maand geleden
I 💕 Graham Norton! 👏
weaveroflaurel Maand geleden
"thAT's NOt thE eND of tHe stORY?!" I felt that voice crack in my bones lmao.
Autumn Sunflower
Autumn Sunflower Maand geleden
Ed is not good at following instructions, that’s what I learned from this
This Guy
This Guy Maand geleden
So, we learned that Ed Sheeran doesn't follow instructions well.
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Not used to take orders, it appears :)
S1L3NT G4M3R Maand geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀 👇🏻
S1L3NT G4M3R 16 dagen geleden
@timomastosalo Thanks...
S1L3NT G4M3R 16 dagen geleden
@timomastosalo yes
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
@X III Need? How about just... like? Or not. Don't look at us: we'll like you anyway, whichever you choose. Well, some won't, whatever you do. So relax, and like if you, like, - like :)
timomastosalo 17 dagen geleden
Are you still here?
S1L3NT G4M3R Maand geleden
@X III you don't... just move on...
Kamal LB
Kamal LB Maand geleden
He's a dad now... We a little ginger now😁
Veronica M
Veronica M Maand geleden
Ed's new baby daughter is called 'Lyra', and named after a character in one of his favourite book series 'His Dark Material' by philip pullman, 1 book is called Northern Lights (golden compass in usa), and Ed and Cherry also went to Antarctica where she was conceived, so her name is Lyra Antarctica :)
BigBroCol Maand geleden
Ed’s that one kid with ADHD that hears something and then gets distracted by a butterfly before it can fully process
Zingy Stardust
Zingy Stardust Maand geleden
As an aside, Christina Ricci is stunning.
Zingy Stardust
Zingy Stardust Maand geleden
@PandaFromM@rs No you, I insist.
Ariplaygames Maand geleden
I somehow read that "as an asian" and was like wot
Alexander B
Alexander B Maand geleden
No simp September bro
PandaFromM@rs Maand geleden
No you.
Yash verma
Yash verma Maand geleden
Everyone else: "Cringes" matthew mcconaughey: Alright Alright Alright.
Murtaza Shabbir
Murtaza Shabbir Maand geleden
I really don't wanna like the comment and ruin it coz it is at 666!
Ms G
Ms G Maand geleden
He's probably high as a kite
Emil Johansson
Emil Johansson Maand geleden
ha ha ha beat me to it... :)
Jane Palmer
Jane Palmer Maand geleden
@Rolmodel 12 look
Blackbeard Maand geleden
Dude had some encounters with wildlife, like that time he went into a cage with a bobcat.
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