Happy Father’s Day From The Graham Norton Show!

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The Graham Norton Show

4 maanden geleden

Happy Father's Fay from Graham Norton! Here are some of the funniest father moments so far!
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Dee Gibson
Dee Gibson 2 dagen geleden
Chris Pratt has the best story and then Matthew McConaughey's and then Ryan gosling.
maddog 543692
maddog 543692 7 dagen geleden
Jeff goldblooms kid is only 3??? He's gonna be in a retirement home when his kid is 12
Yomunga 17 dagen geleden
10:09 down to earth. That is super super cute. Even tho I wont have kids of my own , thats how I want to feel like with my kids ...
NaturalBornRebel 18 dagen geleden
2:25 ryan gosling cellophane school
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 20 dagen geleden
House’s speech made ice cube a bit emotional there
ridhay97 21 dag geleden
Hugh Laurie got too real for TV there
Manuelita Guido
Manuelita Guido 22 dagen geleden
What Hugh said I think is totally true (or mostly true). My grandpa told my dad to see his future wife’s dynamic with her mum because most likely a mother would resemble her mother, and a son his father.... or try to be the complete opposite of them if they despise them.
Gavril Puskas
Gavril Puskas 22 dagen geleden
Okay, this is the last one I'm watching, I promise.
Deborah Barnes
Deborah Barnes 28 dagen geleden
Love Hugh Laurie
german banegas
german banegas Maand geleden
12:01 after you gave birth 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
Pranav Ss
Pranav Ss Maand geleden
Bryce Dallas Howard looks like a weird robot trying to fake enjoyment
Vesta Maand geleden
I love how Hugh Laurie went deep 👍
AJ Maand geleden
Jason Momoa is what every Dad should aspire to be
Frikkin Penguin
Frikkin Penguin Maand geleden
Imagine one of Hugh Laurie's children became a doctor and watched Dr House and just tells him everytime they see him, what was medically wrong
Just Some Guy with a Hat
Just Some Guy with a Hat Maand geleden
Whenever I see the guy on the right , i can only think of one thing... "Girls over 12" loool damn u mark ruffalo xD
Happybidr Maand geleden
He thinks the entertainment industry is “one of the greatest industries in the world”! Not even close. I could never consider going into that because it just seems so superfluous. I mean, when 9/11 happened, it was the first thing to go. Compare it to medicine, teaching, the law, a thousand other fields, and they all are more important than that.
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd Maand geleden
Thank God for Graham Norton. Saving my sanity during the pandemic.
emily flores
emily flores Maand geleden
Where the heck does graham get all these stories from lol
The Jenna Endeavour
The Jenna Endeavour Maand geleden
Find a florest
Creatip Maand geleden
7:15 I bet there are people out there that don't believe that that's House MD. He's so different....
Elias Bogdo
Elias Bogdo Maand geleden
That bass story got me good!
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna Maand geleden
How to lower your child's self esteem in a second? Author -David Beckham
Sunita Fisher
Sunita Fisher Maand geleden
🌸 it makes sense a little boy can pee that high, little babies when you are changing nappies they can pee right over their fathers head & right between the eye of their mother standing a metre behind 😳
Liciy Maand geleden
Was not expecting David Beckham’s voice to be so ..... light
Sean Carilus
Sean Carilus Maand geleden
I can't imagine being Brooklyn Beckham, such pressure😂😂😂
Prodige L.
Prodige L. Maand geleden
The french comment on the post of Brooklyn Beckam got me kinda shoook 😂😂😂😂
Loony Linn
Loony Linn Maand geleden
70’s and 80’s cartoons were banned for its violent nature but hey they made a movie (not banned) and hit big.
Peter Senior
Peter Senior Maand geleden
Harrison ford saying "what are the uses of cellophane" in a soft voice is just the best
ABHYUDAY SINGH Maand geleden
"Ewww!No one is buying that."
Troy Daniel
Troy Daniel Maand geleden
Funny, I always think of Patrick Duffey when I think of Aqua Man (Man From Atlantis).
WAMBOSHO maryan Maand geleden
Ryan Gosling being a bit condescending to Indie who else wanted to slap him in that moment?
Kola Sunset
Kola Sunset 2 maanden geleden
Ice Cube was really taking what Hugh was saying to heart. It was beautiful to see.
MyKrabi Maand geleden
I know right? Only on GN - a deep conversation on parenting between Ice Cube and Hugh Laurie!
Sandy Frank
Sandy Frank 2 maanden geleden
Ryan G IS as funny as Ryan R...just in a different way. Hilarious!
liviusss 2 maanden geleden
To be honest, Aquaman is the coolest out of all the DC superheroes...
Wayward Goddess
Wayward Goddess 2 maanden geleden
Harrison Ford is so friggin adorable 😂😂
Bjon Troy
Bjon Troy 2 maanden geleden
Is it me or does Cube's son look like Denzel? 5:55
lordrick a.kahinga
lordrick a.kahinga 2 maanden geleden
Gosling is so effortlessly funny you would think he doesn't know he's being funny
Akshay Bhagwat
Akshay Bhagwat 2 maanden geleden
and now Brooklyn is engaged wtf
righteousgroove 2 maanden geleden
9:16 I know it wasn’t supposed to be funny, but I died when Jason Momoa was talking about Aquaman’s origin story and then said “I think a lot of people will relate to it”. How many people can relate to Aquaman’s origin story?!
MrSham3less 2 maanden geleden
Beckham has 64 mn now
Revelationsman 2 maanden geleden
Why does josh widdecombe always get bullied on this show.
Flora R
Flora R 2 maanden geleden
Fun fact You did n't search for this It came up in your endless graham loop =)
Apocalipsis Ending
Apocalipsis Ending 2 maanden geleden
DAY 74: Stuck in a Graham Norton Binge-watch. Please send help.
Tina Morey
Tina Morey Maand geleden
Day 101...HELPPPP ME !
richard petty
richard petty 2 maanden geleden
I am upset its deeply depressing i had no idea we were Welsh lol classic
Kamryn Lincoln
Kamryn Lincoln 2 maanden geleden
I died when Chris Pratt was talking about his kid 😂😂😂🥱
Kamryn Lincoln
Kamryn Lincoln 2 maanden geleden
Sruthy Hareesh 13:38
Sruthy Hareesh
Sruthy Hareesh 2 maanden geleden
Kamryn Lincoln when is it?
xX Birdie Wings Xx
xX Birdie Wings Xx 2 maanden geleden
McConaughey’s story... are boys often like this? 😂
Dahlia Herrod
Dahlia Herrod 2 maanden geleden
Yes. Yes they are. I have 4 brothers and they just get bigger but not necessarily better.
Dan Cope
Dan Cope 2 maanden geleden
Jason Momoa flirts without even realising. Guy’s a got it going on
Ash the Viking
Ash the Viking 3 maanden geleden
Lol David Beckham is such a regular guy. Good on ya.
ledgendsrus 3 maanden geleden
Ir ghâd
KTMD 3 maanden geleden
Harrison Ford not knowing what cellophane is, is just...it's effing ridiculous.
KTMD 10 dagen geleden
@QuasiRot That is true, but for an English speaker not to know--even when it's explained--, is ridiculous. Obviously, someone else is wrapping his leftovers. 🤣
QuasiRot 11 dagen geleden
I was so glad he asked that question ! English isn't my first language and I had no idea what he was talking about 😂
James Dale
James Dale 25 dagen geleden
It’s called something different in America - so it’s possible he hasn’t heard that term before
Anime World_
Anime World_ 3 maanden geleden
Ryan has that pause before doing a punch line 🤣🤣🤣.
DeMarco Macklin
DeMarco Macklin 3 maanden geleden
Who’s the hot White girl
Ranja Ranja
Ranja Ranja 3 maanden geleden
I miss Carrie Fisher
The dark knight Is rising up
The dark knight Is rising up 3 maanden geleden
"You know,you have got kids and none of them have followed your footstep" "No ( •_• )"
Tanmay Agarwal
Tanmay Agarwal 3 maanden geleden
Absolutely wise words from Hugh Laurie
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh 3 maanden geleden
Josh steals the insults wherever he goes😂😂😂
V Gene
V Gene 3 maanden geleden
The voice of david beckham 😐
Linguistics Pundit
Linguistics Pundit 3 maanden geleden
Ryan Gosling was boring in this clip !
YoSoyPanchy 3 maanden geleden
I never met my father. -Bruce the shark
slade-joseph- Wilson
slade-joseph- Wilson 3 maanden geleden
Matthew is to me the coolest guy on the planet it used to be jhonny depp But man this man is so layed back his voice is master and his acting is marvelous
Christopher Colson
Christopher Colson 3 maanden geleden
I got an hour long ad before this video started and I was just like- why
Karen Lovett
Karen Lovett 3 maanden geleden
I wish I could find this show on US television.
alex robledo
alex robledo 3 maanden geleden
I love Chris Pratt his story was jisy hilarious cause i wasnt expecting the ending
DRealSwiftyIce 3 maanden geleden
Chris Pratt’s face as he realises he had raised his kid well
Tae kwon-Fox
Tae kwon-Fox 3 maanden geleden
Thankyou for being one of the few media outlets to actually CELEBRATE fathers day. Mad respect.
Krypticular 123
Krypticular 123 3 maanden geleden
Graham: None of your children have followed in your footsteps. House: No Fucken classic😂😂
Abraham Aguilar
Abraham Aguilar 3 maanden geleden
Wtf is celafine!? Lmao im wichu Solo
BarryAllen 3 maanden geleden
I am really liking Graham Norton...
Zombie'sOpinion 3 maanden geleden
Careful, next thing we know Graham will be canceled for daring to even talk about Father's day 🤣
fausti00 2 maanden geleden
Lol Graham Norton being cancelled good luck with that. There will be riots from all sides.
Kyle, Lord of the Memes
Kyle, Lord of the Memes 3 maanden geleden
15:47 I knew that was going to happen but it still got me
sk Fatima
sk Fatima 3 maanden geleden
David beckham 5:11 "I've got 52"😹😹
Anees Khan
Anees Khan 3 maanden geleden
There should be a certain time in which one can sware infront of his/her father. It will be sort of cathartic moment.
Ivailo Filipov
Ivailo Filipov 3 maanden geleden
The Beckham video is one of my favorites :)
Kable Carter
Kable Carter 3 maanden geleden
Harrison Ford's "oh, okay" was kind of adorable?
Kable Carter
Kable Carter 2 maanden geleden
@KTMD me? Haha I just commented for fun lord
Rashed Fahad
Rashed Fahad 2 maanden geleden
KTMD I wonder if anyone else knows you’re quoting hermione🧐🧐
KTMD 3 maanden geleden
What. an. idiot.
Jodie 3 maanden geleden
Yeah I thought so too 😭
Audrey Martinez
Audrey Martinez 3 maanden geleden
they really saved the best for last 😂
Debra Jenkins
Debra Jenkins 3 maanden geleden
So fun
DTroy Sylar
DTroy Sylar 3 maanden geleden
10:54 to 11:54 actually killed me 🤣
Mirza Kovacevic
Mirza Kovacevic 3 maanden geleden
Ryan Gosling is low key funny AF
Gift Eduga
Gift Eduga 3 maanden geleden
"I just reached a million followers, I've got 52" 4:57 Lol, David Beckham the ultimate troll 😂
Thepeacemaker6342 19 dagen geleden
Legolas and Gimly
slade-joseph- Wilson
slade-joseph- Wilson 3 maanden geleden
The ultimate troll is ricky gervais to his wife in my opinion 😂
Robert Lord
Robert Lord 3 maanden geleden
Where is Ben affleck
Jo O Reilly
Jo O Reilly 3 maanden geleden
Funny But all rehearsed
João Ribeiro
João Ribeiro 3 maanden geleden
I love Harrison pretending he's senile.
kcbh24 3 maanden geleden
Gobias SomeCoffee
Gobias SomeCoffee 3 maanden geleden
David Beckham, greatest troll in the history of trolling.
Christian Andersen
Christian Andersen 3 maanden geleden
I’m down to be friends with that Man! .. David’s son ofc
Miss Myra
Miss Myra 3 maanden geleden
How interesting: Jason Momoa reaches for his drink and Graham immediately reaches for his. That's a superior level of social skills.
DriveThru 2 maanden geleden
@KTMD Exactly, and it helps relax the couch because he affirms that having a drink on the show is okay by doing the same action along with his guests. It's the little things he does too that make him a good host!
KTMD 3 maanden geleden
Mimicking makes people like you more.
Senofane di Colofone
Senofane di Colofone 3 maanden geleden
That Ford-Gosling sofa Best ever
Tom Frost
Tom Frost 3 maanden geleden
Ben Affleck's story about him and deliver guy pretended Batman and Joker fight in front of his kid would fit in.
Noor 3 maanden geleden
Ryan Gosling's comedic timing is reallllllllly good
liviusss 2 maanden geleden
And his deadpan delivery, with that straight face...
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 maanden geleden
"I got 52 " 😆😆😆😆
Juergun Magerkinsquirter
Juergun Magerkinsquirter 3 maanden geleden
Thanks for the new upload of goodness Graham :D....keep them coming...much love from Australia
Amelia 3 maanden geleden
I see Jack Whitehall I click
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 maanden geleden
Not so happy fathers day for some of us.. Who doesn't have him beside you growing up..
Courtney Kasch
Courtney Kasch 3 maanden geleden
McConaughey’s story is so aggressively Texan I love it
Noel A
Noel A 19 dagen geleden
@LeighAna Saunders oh now I need to hear your stories😂
R B Maand geleden
it's Missourian too lol
LeighAna Saunders
LeighAna Saunders Maand geleden
Matthew is from my hometown. He just sounds normal to me. That story isn’t all that crazy either. 😂😂
David Burke
David Burke 2 maanden geleden
The rest of the couch were all thinking - "Yup, sounds like Texas alright"
righteousgroove 2 maanden geleden
I love the phrase “aggressively Texan”
Cassie 3 maanden geleden
Most Tv shows have celebrites which make it better, but the host of this show makes it better every time
Senga Brockerhoff
Senga Brockerhoff 3 maanden geleden
Pratts story sounds like a never-happened one.
Sara 4 maanden geleden
Cassie 3 maanden geleden
A S 4 maanden geleden
Can someone explain what the woman left to Jeff Goldblum smoked ???? I mean...WTF 😂😂😂
Maria Cowle
Maria Cowle 4 maanden geleden
Omg I almost choked on that last one! 😂
emercycrite 4 maanden geleden
Happy Father's Fay? LOL
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI 4 maanden geleden
Poor Josh is more famous for getting insulted than he is for his comedy.
Kabeer Ahmed
Kabeer Ahmed 21 dag geleden
@꧁ ?꧂ Time for you to log off buddy
꧁ ?꧂
꧁ ?꧂ Maand geleden
@Leo I'm not your buddy, but I could be your daddy if you want *Wink*.
Leo Maand geleden
@꧁ ?꧂ I think you're projecting a little buddy.
꧁ ?꧂
꧁ ?꧂ Maand geleden
Sorry i don't speak stupid. But nice try josh
Leo Maand geleden
@꧁ ?꧂ Well you seem miserable
v f
v f 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone else start feeling a bit of a celebrity themselves after watching some Graham Norton?..
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