Stanley Tucci Made Chris Evans Martinis On Captain America | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

5 maanden geleden

Chris Evans, and some keen Twitter uses react to Stanley Tucci making cocktails
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Bere18 Random
Bere18 Random 4 maanden geleden
I could imagine S him giving a martini to optimus prime
Alex A
Alex A 5 maanden geleden
A great actor Stanley Tucci, a great presenter, Graham Norton. No more to say.
Todd Moss
Todd Moss 5 maanden geleden
Very civilized!
debbiedoodiedandi 5 maanden geleden
Oh boy - I feel a Buzzfeed Thirst Tweets segment coming up soon for Stanley.
PirateArwen 5 maanden geleden
I love how Graham is unphased by the quarantine and still has the same exact energy in video calls. Not all talk show hosts can do it, as we have been seeing...
Leonie Van Niekerk
Leonie Van Niekerk 5 maanden geleden
I love this version of the Graham Norton show, ie without audience, because now I can hear every word he says. Yes, I agree, it lacks the vibe and the inter action of Graham and his guests, but sometimes everyone wants to talk and laugh at the same time and then you don't haar a single word that's being said. So, well done Graham, guests and production team!
Leonie Van Niekerk
Leonie Van Niekerk 5 maanden geleden
Hear, not haar
Justin Kidding
Justin Kidding 5 maanden geleden
Stanley Tucci is Zaddy AF. No further questions please.
Cucumamacacapipi 5 maanden geleden
Stanley looking a little less celebrity and a little more human
MichaelAury Mashups
MichaelAury Mashups 5 maanden geleden
I thought he made them ON Captain America, like on his abs or something and got hot and bothered
Johnny Gadget
Johnny Gadget 5 maanden geleden
Makes me want to become an actor and work on a movie with him so we can have Martinis and chat... Too bad I can't act and I like rocks to much, guess I'll stick with geology lol.
M.D. F
M.D. F 5 maanden geleden
If you think Stanley Tucci cocktail making is cool, wait till you go and see the youtube videos of japanese bartender from 88rising channel. Bartending porn I tell you. Bar tending porn, literally. Including the sexy music.
Amanda Jarboe
Amanda Jarboe 5 maanden geleden
"It's civilized" I literally just got full body chills! I mean it's such a novelty nowadays that hearing someone BE civilized is the equivalent to a sexual thrill . . . who knew?
Jeanne Amato
Jeanne Amato 5 maanden geleden
Stanley Tucci is one of the best actors period! He’s a joy to watch. Please stay healthy.
BunNy B
BunNy B 5 maanden geleden
Stanley tucci is so sexy
aqoela channel
aqoela channel 5 maanden geleden
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fusionaut23 5 maanden geleden
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Carlos Rodrigues Rodrigues
Carlos Rodrigues Rodrigues 5 maanden geleden
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77 77
77 77 5 maanden geleden
Love Stanley Tucci!!
Akai Seigo
Akai Seigo 5 maanden geleden
Love him since Murder One and he was really creepy in Lovely Bones.
Joey Montgomery
Joey Montgomery 5 maanden geleden
PLEASE get Hayley Atwell on the show, as well!
Keren icehand
Keren icehand 5 maanden geleden
Stanley is awesome💜👍
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 5 maanden geleden
That is indeed a very cool thing to do for others, and he is fit doing it too!
Tamara R.
Tamara R. 5 maanden geleden
What a man. 🍸🧡
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 5 maanden geleden
I think Stanley Tucci is the most urbane American alive today. Also, he has the dreamiest eyes I’ve ever seen, even out-dreaminessing George Clooney.
Noelle Nn
Noelle Nn 5 maanden geleden
Stanley's got a nice Tucci. Sorry, I'll show myself out.
campkira 5 maanden geleden
@Karen Acton in front of camera... when he drunk not so much...
Karen Acton
Karen Acton 5 maanden geleden
Wait! What? You too? He is so sweet, cute and funny!
Joel Thompson
Joel Thompson 5 maanden geleden
I want to be an actor. I don’t care, really, about getting paid. I just want to chill with Stanley and drink some martinis. Is that too much to ask?
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie 5 maanden geleden
Sorry were looking for somebody taller
Reilly 5 maanden geleden
Become a waiter in hollywood.
Ricardo Bezerra
Ricardo Bezerra 5 maanden geleden
Stanley Tucci in The Pelican Brief was one of my first crushs ever.
itsflowerside 5 maanden geleden
oh my god is that a REAL matisse collage on his right?
junior ruiz
junior ruiz 5 maanden geleden
He was prob trying to get him drunk so he could pipe him.
AzeTyler 5 maanden geleden
Thought this was Patrick Stewart again, from the thumbnail
Michaela Azure
Michaela Azure 5 maanden geleden
Stanley Tucci is an icon 🔥
Pierce 5 maanden geleden
He was great in that first Captain America flick, i forgot it was him playing the character cause of the accent.
leporello7 5 maanden geleden
And he absolutely nails that accent. I could not believe it was trained and not somehow inherited by family background. Totally believable accent for a Geman who speaks English.
Thanos Dursley
Thanos Dursley 5 maanden geleden
It'S fIvE o'ClOcK sOmEwHeRe
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 5 maanden geleden
Portable cocktail set. lol.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 5 maanden geleden
Southern Gentleman
Southern Gentleman 5 maanden geleden
He’s hilarious
Parsman 5 maanden geleden
"I don't have procedure tomorrow. Drink it after. Drink it now."
HollyBlueAgitated 5 maanden geleden
laavanya ramakanth
laavanya ramakanth 5 maanden geleden
Get chris evans on the show! Please!!!!!
Joey Montgomery
Joey Montgomery 5 maanden geleden
Also get Hayley Atwell on the show! If James D’arcy can get an appearance on that show, so can she!
Ranjini 5 maanden geleden
Would you please bring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson in your show after Corona virus crisis???
Ranjini 5 maanden geleden
@HollyBlueAgitated confirmed???? How do you know that??
HollyBlueAgitated 5 maanden geleden
Ranjini 5 maanden geleden
@De St I don't want Chris Evans to die. I love him
Ranjini 5 maanden geleden
@De St during corona virus crisis???
Mariam Abuokada
Mariam Abuokada 5 maanden geleden
@Ranjini I just don't really like her. I feel like she is so full of herself. But I don't want to hate on her so much, she is still a person and deserves happiness. But she's just not my favorite.
Annhelen Sjostrom
Annhelen Sjostrom 5 maanden geleden
Stanley is so cute!!!
BE C 5 maanden geleden
Stanley Tucci is the martini master.
Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill 5 maanden geleden
I wpuld like have a drink with Stanley Tucci in a steakhouse.
bobina05 5 maanden geleden
I'm sorry I first read that as "I would like to drink Stanley Tucci" and I'm all for that.
Metal Rooster
Metal Rooster 5 maanden geleden
Now I'm thirsty. Civilisedly thirsty, of course.
kellishere 5 maanden geleden
The Tuch 😍
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