Everyone Guesses How Much Ewan McGregor’s Obi Wan Kenobi Braid Sold For | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

9 dagen geleden

So how much was everyone guessing?!
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Juanpi Jimenez
Juanpi Jimenez 3 dagen geleden
$3.000? How uncivilized
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! 4 dagen geleden
I 💗💞💕 Graham Norton!
Kevin Behr
Kevin Behr 7 dagen geleden
Bloody hell, what happened to Frank Skinner, he looks terrible.
Andrea Carelli
Andrea Carelli 7 dagen geleden
Awful teeth like most English !!!!!
Ladioz 7 dagen geleden
Even socially distanced.... still the best talk show on tv
T L 7 dagen geleden
I wouldn't touch anything that has to do with that Douche.
Tomasz Skowroński
Tomasz Skowroński 7 dagen geleden
Personally i was betting really high, since Star Wars nerds are paying insane amounts of money for this kind of stuff, but then i remembered its the praquels (still, Ewan was one of the great things about them). Then again, a lock of hair from sequels would probably go for 3 bucks.
Kristopher Lee
Kristopher Lee 7 dagen geleden
“I find its lack of intrinsic value disturbing”
AtotehZ 7 dagen geleden
His reaction from the first bid should've been a clue to the 2nd. Way too high... but they're right that it's almost impossible to guess since it has no real value except what those bidding put into it.
JustMyOpinion 7 dagen geleden
Why was Jesus on the graham norton show?
fucker mcfuckface
fucker mcfuckface 7 dagen geleden
I accidentally called you lol. I'm so sorry
clive edwards
clive edwards 8 dagen geleden
What’s wrong with Frank Skinner - he looks 100 years old
M R 8 dagen geleden
সুন্দর / অসাধারন
playermartin286 8 dagen geleden
The whole vibe of this show is completely busted because of covid
Orange Freak
Orange Freak 8 dagen geleden
the fact that he isn‘t aging at all is kinda creepy....
Insert Name
Insert Name 3 dagen geleden
Force is strong with this one
loudboy317 6 dagen geleden
Meanwhile, in the original Star Wars, Obi-wan did age very horribly.
Andrea Carelli
Andrea Carelli 7 dagen geleden
Awful teeth. Like most English ...
James Kwan
James Kwan 7 dagen geleden
It's all the drugs
Patti Mercer
Patti Mercer 8 dagen geleden
Oh my....... Frank, please get a hair cut.
SolarFan Wings
SolarFan Wings 8 dagen geleden
Hello there
JL Bravette
JL Bravette 8 dagen geleden
I like how he's just chillin' on the floor. Love Ewan!
Madison Tock
Madison Tock 8 dagen geleden
Ewan McGregor is my favorite actor in the world😍😍😍 and Obi Wan Kenobi is my favorite Star Wars character ever😍😍😍 It is my dream to meet Ewan McGregor and I want it to come true!!!!
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 8 dagen geleden
"Yeah I'm going for 3". LMFAO.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 8 dagen geleden
Who is this handsome “Ewan McGregor”?
Back2Life 3 dagen geleden
@Ahab Duennschitz so uncivilised.
Mohnish Dhangar
Mohnish Dhangar 7 dagen geleden
Of course you know him. He is you.
KrimetT StarKiller
KrimetT StarKiller 7 dagen geleden
Well, aren't you far far away from home.
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen 7 dagen geleden
@Izzy LWHDF You are a bold one!
Izzy LWHDF 7 dagen geleden
General Kenobi!
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine 8 dagen geleden
Ricky Nichols
Ricky Nichols 8 dagen geleden
R J 8 dagen geleden
franks looking really old
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 8 dagen geleden
why did they reupload this clip? what did i miss?
Abdihamid 114
Abdihamid 114 8 dagen geleden
Ok so why didn’t anyone tell me that the annoying person in birds of pray was The Obi Wan Kenobi? I would’ve hated him much less or even like him the most while I was watching!
Geeta Dhumane
Geeta Dhumane 8 dagen geleden
He is the only thing I loved in Birds of prey
Peter Riis
Peter Riis 8 dagen geleden
What are they praying for?
Pearl Sheridan
Pearl Sheridan 8 dagen geleden
I can’t believe he’s playing Obi-Wan again 🙏🏻
Lord Sidious
Lord Sidious 8 dagen geleden
I'd pay with a simple "hello there"
Southern Gentleman
Southern Gentleman 8 dagen geleden
3,000 dollars for hair? It’s not worth $5
Aunt Vesuvi
Aunt Vesuvi 8 dagen geleden
😊 #TheGrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton #EwanMcGregor #StarWars #ObiWanKenobi
Julian Pettifer
Julian Pettifer 8 dagen geleden
What the heck happened to Frank Skinner?
Christine 8 dagen geleden
Julian Pettifer The same thing that will happen to you and everyone.
Nick 8 dagen geleden
This puts into perspective how rich these people are. They think that sort of movie prop would sell for the price of a brand new car.
Zarkow 8 dagen geleden
Their estimates isn't off when it comes to OG memorabilia (i.e. first 3 movies). But episodes 1-3 is lower. And Episodes 7-9 has cooled down the market for non OG items. Disney managed to ruin their new brand.
Tom 8 dagen geleden
Eh, I'd have guessed in a similar range, maybe a tad lower, and I'm by no means rich. Some of these movie props really sell for insane amounts.
SilverEye 8 dagen geleden
To be fair, they could also know that there a lot of rich fanatics out there.
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate 8 dagen geleden
Huh. The negotiations were short.
MsBlulucky 8 dagen geleden
When he said 3 I thought million, not thousand 😂
TheSilentGamer 8 dagen geleden
Hello there
S1L3NT G4M3R 8 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Rachel Schubert
Rachel Schubert 7 dagen geleden
Me... totally me... he is the very best!!!
Ahab Duennschitz
Ahab Duennschitz 7 dagen geleden
@S1L3NT G4M3R your mother
S1L3NT G4M3R 8 dagen geleden
@Ahab Duennschitz your mother
Ahab Duennschitz
Ahab Duennschitz 8 dagen geleden
your mother
Xxxartsy DrawxxX
Xxxartsy DrawxxX 8 dagen geleden
Nicholas Domitraschuk
Nicholas Domitraschuk 8 dagen geleden
Its a few strands of Hair. 3000. Was Fair. Now if it was his light Saber or Costume, i can see up to 15 - 20 000 dolars. P.S. I guessed 3000.
Clément Soullard
Clément Soullard 8 dagen geleden
Lightsaber would go for at least a million
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen 8 dagen geleden
That’s a short video. I guess we can say... The Negotiations were short!
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 8 dagen geleden
But not very aggressive, might I add. ... well cept for that dude Price is Righting the lady. lmao.
Lizzie Hollick
Lizzie Hollick 8 dagen geleden
paxamericanafilms 8 dagen geleden
Phantom Menace memorabilia though - who’d even want it?
James Fonda
James Fonda 7 dagen geleden
@paxamericanafilms its 20 years old, get over it
paxamericanafilms 8 dagen geleden
James Fonda No, it really isn’t, and neither John Williams nor Ray Park could save it no matter how much they tried - the script was just too awful
James Fonda
James Fonda 8 dagen geleden
It's a very fun movie
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen 8 dagen geleden
Jar Jar Binks fanboy maybe
David Pirtle
David Pirtle 8 dagen geleden
I kind of like that movie. Still wouldn't want the braid, though.
George Chiqovani
George Chiqovani 8 dagen geleden
well 3 dollars are fair price for me :P
Unchained Films
Unchained Films 8 dagen geleden
Wait they don’t say what it actually went for
Peter Riis
Peter Riis 8 dagen geleden
@Deathlygunn Rather clearly, I'd say.
Deathlygunn 8 dagen geleden
Yes they do. Graham mentions it went for $3000
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 8 dagen geleden
This is outrageous, it's unfair! How can it be this low?
Mohnish Dhangar
Mohnish Dhangar 7 dagen geleden
@I'm Batman Ah yes the negotiater.
Scott 7 dagen geleden
Perhaps the archives are incomplete
I'm Batman
I'm Batman 8 dagen geleden
Because Disney damaged the brand so badly with the recent Star Wars movies that the value of Star Wars memorabilia has plummeted greatly.
william lee
william lee 8 dagen geleden
You can always raise the price by offering the buyer more. If he doesn’t sell, well you get to do more. Eventually it’ll be on the news when it seems fair.
alicia 8 dagen geleden
Didn’t he say that they had a new one everyday lol
william lee
william lee 7 dagen geleden
Its brother is still on sale for 2.
Laurie Théberge
Laurie Théberge 8 dagen geleden
Ewan McGregor is aging so well. Such a talented actor. Still my favorite in Moulin Rouge!
Lauren 5 dagen geleden
my favorite movie!
T L 7 dagen geleden
Too much plastic surgery for someone who can't act.
Not Today
Not Today 8 dagen geleden
Frank Skinner looks more like the grown up Mark Renton than McGregor
Laurie Théberge
Laurie Théberge 8 dagen geleden
Ace C same here! Been watching with my parents and sister since maybe 8-9 yld. Still a classic for me :)
Ace C
Ace C 8 dagen geleden
Laurie Théberge i saw that movie when I was 14 and fell madly in love with him lol. Still my favorite actor.
GrandMaster-D 8 dagen geleden
Only 3000?? Impossible! Perhaps the archives are incomplete
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna 3 dagen geleden
@william lee I meant Kamino, stupid autocorrect!
william lee
william lee 3 dagen geleden
@Kishor Kanna People don’t know what you’re talking about, kimono is the traditional Japanese formal wear for women.
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna 4 dagen geleden
Go to kamino by yourself, you must
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen 8 dagen geleden
If it doesn’t show up on our records, it doesn’t exist. *walks away*
Tarun T
Tarun T 8 dagen geleden
This will make a fine addition to my collection
pixxlated 8 dagen geleden
man's a vampire
Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ 8 dagen geleden
Hello there
WookieMaster 8 dagen geleden
Hello there
WookieMaster 8 dagen geleden
@DarkElf7345 You are a bold one
DarkElf7345 8 dagen geleden
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