The Funniest Unexpected Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part Two

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The Graham Norton Show

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jana nandakumar
jana nandakumar 19 uur geleden
M R 21 uur geleden
Honestly I’d take a Big Willy style album at this point
Yani Dag geleden
Okay but flushed away is my favorite. 😂😂
Andi Dreyes
Andi Dreyes 3 dagen geleden
Seeing the original X-men together, Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Jaden Smith wildin 'n out! Awesome perfection! And Emma Stone being heartbroken was mean and funny at the same time.
ObzTicle 3 dagen geleden
To be honest, the guy at the start should of got the hint to begin with and you could tell she wasn't really interested :P I bet she didn't like him putting her on the spot aha
ObzTicle 3 dagen geleden
Also, she high fives her friend who I bet was saying flip him off the chair, as she's probably told them she doesn't like him
King Zande
King Zande 5 dagen geleden
Poor Thomas. Never gets old.
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 7 dagen geleden
Global00Vintage 7 dagen geleden
omg. why am I crying when Ian McKellen pops out and hugs his friends. gahhhh.
Xbox SaltyDinosaurs
Xbox SaltyDinosaurs 9 dagen geleden
McKellen and Stewart are just so happy together and they deserve all the happiness they give to others
Ashley Cole
Ashley Cole 10 dagen geleden
The way Ian and Patrick hold hands 🥺😍 I want a friend like that
Erik B. Anderson
Erik B. Anderson 14 dagen geleden
I don't understand that first one. Is there more that was edited out?
littlemissmello 14 dagen geleden
"Gordon-eh, uh..?" "Ramsey?"
Ossie Mc
Ossie Mc 4 dagen geleden
I was rolling on the floor at that 🤣
Andrew watt
Andrew watt 16 dagen geleden
am g
am g 16 dagen geleden
The best talk show ever!
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 18 dagen geleden
Gotta love The Carleton!
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 18 dagen geleden
Magneto feeling up Wolverine--priceless
Emma Shuffle
Emma Shuffle 18 dagen geleden
The will smith performance was amazing but her dancing in the background makes me cringe everytime 😂 But hey she’s living her best life atleast 🤷🏻‍♀️
Mr-bradstar 378
Mr-bradstar 378 18 dagen geleden
She fat an would eat the nun chucks 😂😂😂
Nathan 18 dagen geleden
I wish I knew how to use nunchucks and was married to a billionaire
gló 101
gló 101 18 dagen geleden
I remember that animated movie
Lisa Dee
Lisa Dee 20 dagen geleden
this why i love so much about Graham
B C 21 dag geleden
Ian McKellen walking into a room like a hero returning home. Now that’s star quality
Emma Harper
Emma Harper 21 dag geleden
Did I mention my undying love for Ian McKellen? 😂😂😂
Amo Amo
Amo Amo 22 dagen geleden
DJ Jazzy Jeff, Alphonso Romero, Will Smith and his boy....I just about died!
yo listen up kids
yo listen up kids 23 dagen geleden
No one can do the Carlton quite like Carlton ❤️
Hailey Bollinger
Hailey Bollinger 23 dagen geleden
this is the best interview show ever.
Jac 23 dagen geleden
Dude, Rebel works those nunchucks so effortlessly it’s amazing. What a freakin ICON!
Andrew Ralte
Andrew Ralte 23 dagen geleden
This ones for Rebel Wilson.
Isabella Mencevski
Isabella Mencevski 24 dagen geleden
flushed away is so underrated #iconic
miranda f
miranda f 24 dagen geleden
that first one was kinda uncomfortable ngl
Mehtab Rai
Mehtab Rai 25 dagen geleden
Charlotte Mertens
Charlotte Mertens 25 dagen geleden
pearl jam
AL_N3imy النعيمي
AL_N3imy النعيمي 26 dagen geleden
0:59 someone is tilling her what to say
Curtis Lindsey
Curtis Lindsey 26 dagen geleden
I need some of those shoe laces Sir Ian was rocking!
Lucy Davila
Lucy Davila 27 dagen geleden
I'm over here yelling and clapping at the screen like I'm actually in that Will Smith mini concert..
Sabina Ansari
Sabina Ansari 27 dagen geleden
3:13 keeping it here so I can rewatch
Major Mash
Major Mash 28 dagen geleden
wait!? will smith knows the actual Karate kid :o
justdanadane 28 dagen geleden
Will, Jeff & Alfonso NEVER gets old. When Graham joins, it's just icing on a delicious cake!
glenn fallon
glenn fallon 29 dagen geleden
three of my favourite men ever love them.xxxx
Mr Jee
Mr Jee 29 dagen geleden
There isn´t anything more cringe than Will and Jaden dancing....and nothing lovelier than Steward /McKellen
Sebaizen Maand geleden
Rose Cruz
Rose Cruz Maand geleden
It doesn't matter how many times Ive seen the clip of Rebel Wilson using the nun-chucks it still blows me away and makes me laugh every time.
Donna Robinson
Donna Robinson Maand geleden
So uplifting Just the funniest show around!! Funny but harmless fun! Love every episode!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
shubham tomer
shubham tomer Maand geleden
Wow the nunchuks
klefdnb Maand geleden
The part with Will smith (AGAIN) promoting his son it's a bit embarrassing. I needed to forward that.
klefdnb 23 dagen geleden
@Phil Graham can you please be my friend?
Phil Graham
Phil Graham 23 dagen geleden
What'd you mean?, Jaden Smith stole the whole show (in HIS mind) .... I forwarded it to the end too.
Helen Mary
Helen Mary Maand geleden
Sent help I'm in the loop and I'm lost
Sascha Rouillon
Sascha Rouillon Maand geleden
I’d actually forgotten how big Rebel had never seemed startling at the time, but now it’s “oh my goodness!” She is a remarkable person.
Alessandro Ollivierre
Alessandro Ollivierre Maand geleden
The first girl belongs to the streets
amaani rizvi
amaani rizvi Maand geleden
Musical Phoenix
Musical Phoenix Maand geleden
I had to rewatch the Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman bit multiple times. 🥰
Caner Butuş
Caner Butuş Maand geleden
Which song is this 9:40
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday Maand geleden
best talk show host ever
Joseph Schuerch
Joseph Schuerch Maand geleden
Jaden Smith is the saddest kid. It's gotta be tough to have a father whose charisma score is roughly ten times your own.
Rockyy 8 dagen geleden
Jaden Smith is actually pretty cool in my opinion. People need to stop comparing to him to his father it makes his life and career constantly shadowed by Wills.
Tommaso Chiesa
Tommaso Chiesa 22 dagen geleden
He's just a very strange kid. Nothing like is father
Ed Ding
Ed Ding 23 dagen geleden
I sometimes think that that's why he decided to sell bottled water. xD
RegularCobra76 Maand geleden
I like how In the fresh Prince bit jaden is just there
Linda C
Linda C 18 dagen geleden
The irony...
Shashank C
Shashank C Maand geleden
The red girl belong to the streets 😂
Brian Ultreras
Brian Ultreras Maand geleden
I mean I really appreciate and love Ian and Patrick’s friendship and all but is nobody gonna talk about Will Smiths full on concert
Pxxx Bxxx
Pxxx Bxxx Maand geleden
Will Smith is an amazing performer who really engages the audience but even he cannot do the Carlton like our beloved Alfonso!
Rheubie Maand geleden
I'm just a bit put out by the fact that the Will Smith segment didn't feature more of Heather Graham dancing. 👀 👀 👀
Angelina Niccole
Angelina Niccole Maand geleden
Why did the will Smith segment make me cry?! 🥺😭
theTruthLife&Way Maand geleden
Best Chat Show Ever Best Guests Ever Best Dynamics Ever Best Chat Show Format Ever And the Cherry on top of that Beautiful Cake.......... The Best Chat Show Interviewer and Presenter Ever The Best there's ever been
Tango Azzurri
Tango Azzurri Maand geleden
you all know all of them are celebrities in a talk show right?
Restless Bear
Restless Bear Maand geleden
Levina Christy
Levina Christy Maand geleden
That scene with rebel was so cringe... I couldn't watch it for a second time just skipped right passed it
Shogun Maand geleden
Why is 1 episode of Graham Norton more entertaining than most full seasons of other talk shows
Troy Street
Troy Street Maand geleden
The love between Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart is magnetic
Dead Daniel looks like the bad guy from The Warriors. Almost expected him to say, "Warriors, come out and play."
Kitty Maand geleden
Flushed Away is amazing tbh
PLABAN PRATIM Maand geleden
Hugh Jackman still fanboying. His expressions are gold.🤤🤤🤤
Taka Etono
Taka Etono Maand geleden
09:25 is what you came here for. all the other stuff is just appetizer
Amanda Watt
Amanda Watt Maand geleden
The world isn’t good enough for Ian and Patrick. 💛
Mandisa Zwane
Mandisa Zwane Maand geleden
Will Smith son should have sat this one out, and left it to the legends to perform. Kind of messed it up for me 😒
Judi Morningstar
Judi Morningstar Maand geleden
You go, Rebel!
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon Maand geleden
Is DJ Jazzy Jeff going to get chucked out the door by Uncle Phil?
Totally Bored
Totally Bored Maand geleden
Nah, he was wearing the wrong shirt
Monika Jukic
Monika Jukic Maand geleden
No one talking about that first girl doing the best choice ever. That guy might‘ve thought that he is being romantic, but it‘s kinda very weird to do this.
Juls Maand geleden
I always get nostalgic when I see the prince of bellaire gang. I know all the words and dances! ❤️
no, i don't want no slugs
no, i don't want no slugs Maand geleden
I have a friend who I hope, in 40 years, will still be the Patrick to my Ian.
Jessica 6 dagen geleden
I would love to have this kind of friendship
Big Lion
Big Lion Maand geleden
Don’t we all
liviusss Maand geleden
How cool would it have been if Sir Tom Jones would also have been there with Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro...
liviusss Maand geleden
Sir Patrick, Sir Ian and Hugh Jackman are three of the most lovely, adorable men ever! I love how Hugh's mom blew a kiss to Sir Ian...
MJ J Maand geleden
Best show on TV.....We all miss the Graham Norton show.
Lorraine Fraser
Lorraine Fraser Maand geleden
Why have I only just discovered this channel? Joyous! 😀 Come back soon to our TV team Graham Norton. X
Jerry Traveler
Jerry Traveler Maand geleden
Will SMith..One Born In The Getto The Other Born With A Sliver Spoon in his mouth.
Linda C
Linda C 18 dagen geleden
I feel like his spoon was gold or platinum, lol
Danni SN
Danni SN Maand geleden
The friendship between sir Ian Mckellen and sir Patrick Stewart is the most precious thing ever
Tahsin Janib
Tahsin Janib Maand geleden
That fresh prince treat was really spectacular and nostalgic ❤️
Endemo Maand geleden
OMG Daniel Radcliffe is so funny! 😂
Martijn van Gelderen
Martijn van Gelderen Maand geleden
At 12:09 when Graham joins, you can see the biggest difference between black and white. Black can dance, white can’t.
Amanda Rebello
Amanda Rebello Maand geleden
What I love about the Graham Norton Show is that the guests actually get to talk and it's just hilarious. I've been obsessed with Graham Norton Show and it really always seems to be so full of joy. I've been binge watching it for years and the stories never get old. Best TV host ever!!
Mark Galassini
Mark Galassini Maand geleden
I agree! It's comfortable and always funny!
Sushrut Khajuria
Sushrut Khajuria Maand geleden
Bradley Cooper wanted to join also 😭
xbox627 Maand geleden
that girl isnt even that good looking...if she blows you off the first time then any chance is trash
Selene Castro
Selene Castro Maand geleden
Could anyone please tell me the title of the last song when Will, Alfonso and Graham are dancing ?
Mobin Kiadeh
Mobin Kiadeh Maand geleden
Apache (Jump on It) by The Sugarhill Gang, which sampled Apache by The Shadows.
Mario Mario
Mario Mario Maand geleden
The Graham Norton show 🙋🙌🙆👍
Nefeli Christogoula
Nefeli Christogoula Maand geleden
I love these two sirs so much.
Sridhar C
Sridhar C Maand geleden
Forget Hugh, Sir Ian and Sir Patrick. It was Rebel Wilson with the numchucks that got me! Fascinating! I was wrong. It was actually Will Smith and 'Carlton'.That was definitely a treat.
Iain Covenant
Iain Covenant Maand geleden
Pure witch with a B that first creature.
Margot Gulliford
Margot Gulliford Maand geleden
I adore hugh
Drift Prime
Drift Prime Maand geleden
I love how Anna Kendrick is creeped out yet she just made a movie about a real life "doll" called DUMMY
S Studio
S Studio Maand geleden
I believe I am not only one who forget jackman met mcallen in x men before
Alfonso is a total legend
Steven Adams
Steven Adams Maand geleden
Shame about Jaden, desperately trying to be cool and the centre of attention. You are neither son, you're tolerated because of who your Dad is.
Holly Q
Holly Q Maand geleden
Who’s the ‘white dude dancing’ next to Heather Graham? 😆
Linda C
Linda C 18 dagen geleden
Isn't it Bradley Cooper?
Joey Tagz
Joey Tagz Maand geleden
This is the best talk show in the world. Graham is the boss
1rkhachatryan Maand geleden
That last clip would be so much better if Jaden wasn't there smh.
Linda C
Linda C 18 dagen geleden
Yeah, but a good Dad isn't going to leave his kid hanging
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