Clips You’ve NEVER SEEN Before From The Graham Norton Show | Part Four

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The Graham Norton Show

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Even more clips you've (probably) never seen! Did we miss any of your favourite lesser-known moments?
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Uzo Okezie
Uzo Okezie 3 dagen geleden
Awwww I love Robin Williams! He was the absolute best!! He’s beyond hilarious! May his sweet soul rest in perfect peace!!
Raynnus Vettmore
Raynnus Vettmore 4 dagen geleden
I love Robin so much. sigh again.
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 7 dagen geleden
omg....the feeling the guy playing the genie...."I made the great Robin Williams lol"......a life time memory.....
Sunny Bear
Sunny Bear 8 dagen geleden
Sunny Bear
Sunny Bear 8 dagen geleden
The takeaway here is that Graham invented Tinder
Nick Quenville
Nick Quenville 9 dagen geleden
13:49 "No you tit, the jingle!" - The Best
Prometheus 11 dagen geleden
Rest easy Robin, clips like this make us miss you more
Alicja Mikołajczak
Alicja Mikołajczak 11 dagen geleden
Robin Williams was extraordinary and one and only! Ps at least dozen people in one person.. Epic!
littlemissmello 12 dagen geleden
I love the third nipple guy. Corrected everyone's behaviour AND was a good sport
justPlainOl'CommonSense 14 dagen geleden
Awww, I miss him so much!
autumnatic 14 dagen geleden
3:21 Peeing John Malkovich
Rhys Nelson
Rhys Nelson 14 dagen geleden
Eddy izzard: I believe men dressing as women is just bizzare Proceeds to dress as a women on stage for his comedy career
Boom Douglas
Boom Douglas 15 dagen geleden
I really really miss Robin Williams.
V A 15 dagen geleden
Is the speed dating how tinder started?
Mat SiR
Mat SiR 17 dagen geleden
For a moment I forgot his tragedy, what an unforgettable icon Robin!!!
Scrax 18 dagen geleden
Aw, Robin Williams. My heart.
Shaun Bryan
Shaun Bryan 18 dagen geleden
Rest in salatud Robin Williams knowing that you have broken people's ribs around the world with laughter.
emily ilott
emily ilott 18 dagen geleden
I almost spat out my tea every time Robin Williams said something
Sai kiran
Sai kiran 18 dagen geleden
Love the effort of the collection and ofcourse the rarest artists we all love ❤️❤️🎉🎉
Daniël Moolenburgh
Daniël Moolenburgh 18 dagen geleden
Come on, little mutant boy! Brilliant :)
VanessaFiji 19 dagen geleden
RIP Robin Williams, a true legend
Sujata Khadka
Sujata Khadka 19 dagen geleden
I started checking these never seen clips thinking I will get some TC videos but... anyways I am happy at least I got RDJ's :D
Noel A
Noel A 19 dagen geleden
😂😂😂oh Robin 😢😢
Chaos Burrito
Chaos Burrito 20 dagen geleden
There should be no such thing as NEVER SEEN Robin Williams footage. That just implies someone's been hoarding it and the world needs more robin right now, not less!
Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz 20 dagen geleden
Good Nick went to that show prepared 😂
Jeanette221B 20 dagen geleden
I wonder how Andy is doing now
NO ONE 20 dagen geleden
I wonder how they did the Genie thing with Robin Williams
Christine C. R.
Christine C. R. 20 dagen geleden
"No, you tit! The Jingle" I'm crying this is gold :'D
Lucy Loose
Lucy Loose 22 dagen geleden
We miss you Robin so much
Craftistic 22 dagen geleden
That girl on the date 😘 yowza. Stunner!
Celtic Highlander&AHook
Celtic Highlander&AHook 22 dagen geleden
haha the speed dating
QueenofSnarks 22 dagen geleden
We didn't deserve Robin Williams 💔
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 23 dagen geleden
Oh Robin.. You'll be missed forever.
Otaibey Bruh \m/
Otaibey Bruh \m/ 23 dagen geleden
1:30 thats the word i was looking for! Caitlyn Jenner is a sickeningly bizarre looking man.
Maggie 23 dagen geleden
So funny
Emily Red
Emily Red 23 dagen geleden
you know any other actor is like "oh no I'm alone having to carry this waiting for whoever else to show up" but Robin Williams is like "YAS LET'S DO THIS."
Korben Boombastik
Korben Boombastik 23 dagen geleden
Dude put a lot in that Allakazam and gets a "No you tit, the jingle" lmao
arctichare1 25 dagen geleden
Robin willams is GOLD.
Asikur Rahman
Asikur Rahman 25 dagen geleden
Seriously i must say: Robin is living Legend
J Fox
J Fox 26 dagen geleden
I loved Robin Wiliams he was so very funny!
Mikey Moon
Mikey Moon 27 dagen geleden
oh captain, my captain. you are missed.
Maeguk 28 dagen geleden
G-Nick the blue dude was pretty good too
Leonie B
Leonie B 28 dagen geleden
Gosh I miss Robin Williams... 🥺
Bob M
Bob M 29 dagen geleden
Robin's death was like losing a family member. I just loved him and all his work. Just a wonderful human being!
David Murray
David Murray 29 dagen geleden
River dance River riiver dance Riverd
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 29 dagen geleden
That kiss was so awkward 😂 his tongue poking out
Daniel Georgiev
Daniel Georgiev 29 dagen geleden
Thank you Graham for making Robin so happy in your show
Maria Rodrigues
Maria Rodrigues Maand geleden
The awkward kiss should go viral!
Caolan Kelly
Caolan Kelly Maand geleden
My lord that second clip is old
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us Maand geleden
Its a sad realization that we wouldn't be able to see Robin Williams doing that again. The Master of Entertainment that man. RIP Robin.
Norberto D. Pineda
Norberto D. Pineda Maand geleden
Rest in peace, Robin Williams.
✨Ndidi1st✨ Maand geleden
That speed dating segment was HYSTERICAL 🤣🤣🤣
marcy Maand geleden
Good on Nick! Not many people can say they made Robin William's laugh.
weeliano Maand geleden
I miss Robin, he was the greatest of them all!
Joe Bloker
Joe Bloker Maand geleden
And with one line Izzard stole the first clip
André Machado
André Machado Maand geleden
This show just knew how to fuel Mr. Williams natural fire!! What a show! What a show!
Ry Man
Ry Man Maand geleden
Robin Williams rip sad day for entertainment when we lost that genius 💔
Musik NoCopyright
Musik NoCopyright Maand geleden
Odading mang oleh 🤣🤣🤣
Emily Villegas
Emily Villegas Maand geleden
There will never be anyone like Robin Williams
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner Maand geleden
Nick went DEEP into character, you gotta appreciate that.
kArT kN
kArT kN Maand geleden
8:14 That was the man taking an opportunity when it's given 😂😂
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby Maand geleden
missing Robin Williams
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby Maand geleden
missing Robin Williams
Dave Martin
Dave Martin Maand geleden
Speed Dating Emily is cute..
Saintチョウゲンボウ Maand geleden
Robin Williams is so amazing when he gets to just entertain, on his own time, in his own way, there are few comedic masters like him.
Kat Seiler
Kat Seiler Maand geleden
I was already laughing to tears but the second Graham went "no you tit, do the jingle" I was so far gone 😂
Shane Jupp
Shane Jupp Maand geleden
Love Graham so much.but the staged genie actor guys let it down so bad
Iris Savenije Peñalver
Iris Savenije Peñalver Maand geleden
I never had so much fun watching these clips
Stumpy1 Maand geleden
Anyone else get sad watching the Robin Williams part? I still miss that man's humor. His characters helped me through so many major medical issues as a child, I'm forever greatful for it.
Gaelle X
Gaelle X Maand geleden
Man the Robin Williams part filled me with both joy and sadness! He was truly something special!
Mari Bakaric
Mari Bakaric Maand geleden
I love how Elijah Wood ROLLED off the couch at the sight of that tongue.
Akhil Ajith
Akhil Ajith Maand geleden
Robin Williams. 🙏
Shayna Miller
Shayna Miller Maand geleden
I miss that man so much. RIP Mr. Happy
M P Maand geleden
Robin Williams ! A legend lost way too soon ....
Claudia Erika
Claudia Erika Maand geleden
Robin Williams, marvelous actor and human being.
Jake Godfrey
Jake Godfrey Maand geleden
Imagine being Nick, he will always have the memory and actual video evidence that he made Robin Williams laugh.
Sandra Hazeltine
Sandra Hazeltine Maand geleden
Oh I miss Robin Williams so much. 😢
x Maand geleden
jude law radiates insanely strong bisexual energy
Terry Devlin
Terry Devlin 27 dagen geleden
Your not wrong
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey Maand geleden
graham: " ... so, we loved you as the genie in Aladdin" me: *starts sobbing*
chefjdog Maand geleden
God damn, Robins quick whip puts all others to shame.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Maand geleden
This better be a real nipple. XD
casey Maand geleden
rip robin williams :(
Darkorse Maand geleden
"This better be a real nipple." Lmao 😂
Jane Hallett
Jane Hallett Maand geleden
G-Nick us the best
Matt E
Matt E Maand geleden
Moodi AL abdualjabar
Moodi AL abdualjabar Maand geleden
Third nipple guy was super cute lol
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane Maand geleden
When you can get robin, there is no reason to have other guests, when you have robin you'll have the best show, why dilute it with mediocre talent (compared to robin everyone is mediocre)
Amy Jensen
Amy Jensen Maand geleden
“Oh but your name’s Rupert”
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul Maand geleden
I'm sure Emily is still trying to get over that kiss. 😂
GoAheadJakeMyDay 23 dagen geleden
Partner Maand geleden
I miss him
Angelica Villagomez Abrego
Angelica Villagomez Abrego Maand geleden
15:28 Robin: wuUoOOO Mutant boy: touch it Robin: *cutest voice ever* I did
Dustin Surprises
Dustin Surprises Maand geleden
People say they loved Robin but how many of those helped him?
mama fatma
mama fatma Maand geleden
Robin Williams forever ❤
Roy Monrreal
Roy Monrreal Maand geleden
I'm from Texas I've been watching these videos for a while now ....I think this is the best talk show it's very entertaining..I don't even watch US talk shows anymore...just one come Graham never got a bigger TV!!
Moe Harris
Moe Harris Maand geleden
No matter how many times I watch the genie clip Ewan’s dead eyed nervous delivery of “hi graham” has me weak 😂😂😂😂
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Maand geleden
Andy...Oh gosh
Josh Allen
Josh Allen Maand geleden
The speed dating segment had me in tears!
J GA Maand geleden
Brilliant Eddie Izzard!!
crazedstargazer Maand geleden
I've seen these
StrangerThanString Maand geleden
Did anyone else think it was a lovely little bonus having Alan Davies on there? 😎
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