Freddie Flintoff Bungee Jumped Off A Bridge In A CAR | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

5 dagen geleden

Can anyone imagine doing that!?
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Emberock Z
Emberock Z 35 minuten geleden
Is that Andrew Flintoff ?
Sudipta Karmakar
Sudipta Karmakar Dag geleden
must *HAVE*, not "of"! 🤦
1Deag Wonder
1Deag Wonder Dag geleden
Flintoff doesnt looks like himself
ChrisCrashNow Dag geleden
Graham Norton's show is the best of its' kind on ether side of the Atlantic. Nothing here can touch it.
Wei Tzu Chin
Wei Tzu Chin Dag geleden
I like how Arsene really paid attention to his story.
IronKnight117 Dag geleden
Yo post more clips of Arsene
Vertical Drop
Vertical Drop Dag geleden
preston lad coyw
Durranii 2 dagen geleden
Quitting Cricket was good for Andy
Saikat Barua
Saikat Barua 2 dagen geleden
Met Graham on a few occasions. Such a down to earth person and can see why the guests feel so comfortable in his show. Surely, other talk show hosts can take leaf out of his book! Big up, Garham, xx
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 2 dagen geleden
The worst Top Gear presenter ever...
Vinodhini Kumar
Vinodhini Kumar 2 dagen geleden
Bring some cricketers again
Vinodhini Kumar
Vinodhini Kumar 2 dagen geleden
@Default: Yorker I've seen KP and Flintoff's before and yeah I'm not in England. Probably won't be seeing them much.
Default: Yorker
Default: Yorker 2 dagen geleden
You probably know this, but they had Pietersen and Flintoff on before. If you don’t live in the UK, I’ll tell you the only other cricketer close to being a household name at the moment is Stokes. I don’t think he’s likely to bring more cricketers on, I’m afraid.
crazedstargazer 2 dagen geleden
Flinty coming out as a flatearther makes him a massive turn off. Here, on Top gear, EVERYWHERE
varun reddy Mothe
varun reddy Mothe 9 uur geleden
He was kidding lol
Meera Sathyadas
Meera Sathyadas Dag geleden
Flintoff being a flatearther is a point AGAINST the flatearthers.
Kate 2 dagen geleden
Freddie is gorgeous!
Tony Haven
Tony Haven 2 dagen geleden
@Kate can't blame a guy for trying 🙋😂
Kate 2 dagen geleden
@Tony Haven haha smooth!
Tony Haven
Tony Haven 2 dagen geleden
Right back at ya 🤗😁
Owen Jones
Owen Jones 3 dagen geleden
Wow Survive the Jive on Graham Norton!?
saimcheeda93 3 dagen geleden
I miss Andrew Flintoff the cricketer
Aulia Nurhasanah
Aulia Nurhasanah 3 dagen geleden
His masculinity is unbelievable! 😍
Rachael McInnes
Rachael McInnes 3 dagen geleden
Loved his recent documentary, really honest and interesting. It's great that he's shining a light on something that affects so many people including men. I imagine it helped a lot of people talk about their own struggles and possibly reach out for support.
Ninad Kulkarni
Ninad Kulkarni 4 dagen geleden
He could easily become one of the characters in Peaky Blinders.
Sue Perks
Sue Perks 3 dagen geleden
Yep, because none of the peaky blinders accents are any good
Muhammad Abdul Malik
Muhammad Abdul Malik 4 dagen geleden
He got slim after stopping cricket? 🤔
Anjel -
Anjel - 3 dagen geleden
@Eleanor W Didn't know that. Not from the UK, and don't follow sports, let alone cricket. Said that, because he joked about it, and said he lost weight after his cricket career, because he drank less and started exercising. And only quickly googled about that, but it would seem he had bulimia while he was playing, before he lost the weight, and which has continued. An eating disorder does not always mean lower weight.
Eleanor W
Eleanor W 3 dagen geleden
@Anjel - well, he actually developed bulimia
rahul raina
rahul raina 4 dagen geleden
Boxing. Professionally
Anjel -
Anjel - 4 dagen geleden
yeah. He said he started exercising.
Manú 4 dagen geleden
Look what Tom cruise has started lol
Graham Butler
Graham Butler 4 dagen geleden
That's not a Metro.
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 2 dagen geleden
Doesn't look like any metro I've ever seen either!
Vinay Pandey
Vinay Pandey 4 dagen geleden
He just look a bit older now.
ayush goyal
ayush goyal 4 dagen geleden
Flintoff look completely different person
Vishnu 3 dagen geleden
Yeah he he fred Flintoff?
sissy lou
sissy lou 4 dagen geleden
Graham, how much does the BBC pay you annually?
Eleanor W
Eleanor W 3 dagen geleden
I’m sure his salary was released a couple of years back along with other presenters’ and as far as I recall it was something like £650k pa
Hamperbottom 4 dagen geleden
I love the new top gear more
S1L3NT G4M3R 4 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
S1L3NT G4M3R 2 dagen geleden
@Sir Yolo yolo? stfu
crazedstargazer 2 dagen geleden
Me, it's like the Wonderland Rabbithole
Sir Yolo
Sir Yolo 4 dagen geleden
Stop begging for likes it's cringy
Leiflvr 4 dagen geleden
As often as I can.
Sashi Kiran
Sashi Kiran 4 dagen geleden
Erwin Schrödinger
Erwin Schrödinger 4 dagen geleden
Yuvraj Singh also Bunjie jumped six sixes because of Flintoff ! 😉
Mitesh Bhimani
Mitesh Bhimani 4 dagen geleden
🤣🤣 flintoff got married to yuvraj that day, every time flintoff name is mentioned yuvraj's name pops ip
Spud 607
Spud 607 4 dagen geleden
Top Gear was better with Jeremey, James and Hammond
Spud 607
Spud 607 3 dagen geleden
@U Tubby the last couple of seasons weren't too bad. The grand tour was the point where everything got a bit scripted. Getting rid of clarkson was a mistake.
U Tubby
U Tubby 3 dagen geleden
Older Top Gear was better, but even the last couple of seasons with Clarkson & Co. felt a bit too scripted. They would have a race and you knew before hand who was winning, etc. Used to love it, but all felt quite deja vu-y.
Spud 607
Spud 607 4 dagen geleden
@Andrew Marshall the latter.
Spud 607
Spud 607 4 dagen geleden
@Marcel they actually get along. It's so boring. I mean it was a trademark fpr top gear to leave one person behind when they broke down. It was great when they laughed their heads off when somthing went wrong. Top Gear will never be the same unless you get someone that was like Hammond Clarkson and May.
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 4 dagen geleden
Freddie Flintoff - car expert? Freddie Flintoff - drunk cricketer?
Hedge hog
Hedge hog 4 dagen geleden
Slim,slick stylish Freddie. He's a good lad.
Turmootti 4 dagen geleden
Is this new top gear? I thought it was cancelled.
James Whyte
James Whyte 3 dagen geleden
It’s an old one
Westy Diddly
Westy Diddly 4 dagen geleden
Arsene: I did not see it 😁
RyAn 4 dagen geleden
Oh my gosh..😂 in the thumbnail I thought he was Kasper Schmeichel..
suzawilo 4 dagen geleden
He does look so much like him😊
HollyBlueAgitated 4 dagen geleden
I'd take Freddie over the _other_ Chris Evans any day tbh
U. M.
U. M. 4 dagen geleden
Wtf happened to Freddie Flintoff? He looks so different.
Sujata Sengupta
Sujata Sengupta 3 dagen geleden
He started doing Professional boxing
Rohit 4 dagen geleden
He tried his hand at boxing sometime ago and I think his nose is broken.
Camille Delacourt
Camille Delacourt 4 dagen geleden
Love The Graham Norton show
Blu Bla
Blu Bla 21 uur geleden
Who doesn't😊
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 4 dagen geleden
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family 4 dagen geleden
You just can't hate Freddie, he's so likeable, laid back and a good storyteller💯
Noah Fay
Noah Fay 4 dagen geleden
Wenger out
Harshil Parekh
Harshil Parekh 4 dagen geleden
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