The Best Of Unlikely Friendships On The Graham Norton Show! | Part One

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The Graham Norton Show

2 maanden geleden

We've seen some wonderful friendships happen on the red sofa! Part two coming soon.
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Tammie A
Tammie A Dag geleden
S K Doyle
S K Doyle Dag geleden
I love 50 cent. His personality is adorable
Carlos 2 dagen geleden
2:26 Ian the Chicken Hawk
OBVIOUSLY IMRIGHT 3 dagen geleden
The Queen 🤣🤣
Caydan Parker
Caydan Parker 3 dagen geleden
You can tell One Direction don’t have the same degree of class as Sir Ian McKellen.
Rama Qadri
Rama Qadri 4 dagen geleden
I can't believe miriam margolyes and will i am aren't here
Alma Brooks
Alma Brooks 6 dagen geleden
“Ooh yeah I can feel it!” Freakin love Julie Walters!!😂😂
Florentino Roman
Florentino Roman 6 dagen geleden
John Cent went meta
Sam A
Sam A 8 dagen geleden
i get that its funny and all but seriously why are they talking so much aout John cena if hes not even there.
Anne Nixda
Anne Nixda 13 dagen geleden
John Cena seems like an incredibly smart and funny person, very charming. Love that he is 100% ready to make fun of himself.
Squatchy Nugs
Squatchy Nugs 16 dagen geleden
50 cent flirting with an older woman is priceless.
Sami Missy
Sami Missy 16 dagen geleden
Ian McKellen is creepy
G •
G • 17 dagen geleden
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 18 dagen geleden
OMG, MM got kicked out of Hirsch Colosseum?
- TwizslurD -
- TwizslurD - 19 dagen geleden
The Harry Potter movies will never be the same for me from here on.. Now, I will forever picture Mrs. Weasley singing "Many Men" while everyone is in hiding. I love it!
Just Looking
Just Looking 19 dagen geleden
I’ll do you one better..why is gamora?
Len Murphy
Len Murphy 20 dagen geleden
Ian.. Dirty old man..
Nonkululeko Sishi
Nonkululeko Sishi 20 dagen geleden
A fifty cent music video and a little brother inspired You can't see me!!
bad matter
bad matter 21 dag geleden
“i won’t forget the day that ryan gosling high fived me because i’m technically disabled” greg davies is a genius and so quick witted
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose 22 dagen geleden
Didn't know 50 cent was so cute
Krissy 22 dagen geleden
I finally know the origin of why everyone always keeps pretending John cena is invisible. 😂😂
Lord Adrian
Lord Adrian 22 dagen geleden
Damn could hear his voice but I really wish John Cena could have told the story in person
Who Killed Captain Alex
Who Killed Captain Alex 24 dagen geleden
I used to hate one direction.. but who am I to disagreeing with Mithrandir.
bobby o
bobby o 24 dagen geleden
Damn I didn't even recognize John Goodman he looks so good
DasSöldner 24 dagen geleden
The wrestler is damn intelligent
Phoebe Woodhouse
Phoebe Woodhouse 25 dagen geleden
I love Ian Mckellen he seems such a sweetheart
Ramon Rodriguez Carreon
Ramon Rodriguez Carreon 25 dagen geleden
why cena is mentioned in the last segment... He is not there ...
ILaughAtYoda 25 dagen geleden
You can actually see the moment Greg realises why Ryan high fived him
Nahida H.
Nahida H. 28 dagen geleden
Ian McKellan looks like Hugh Hefner xD
WhoDarestheMAN gamer
WhoDarestheMAN gamer 29 dagen geleden
Ian McKellen loved being so close to all those young men.
Helen Paul
Helen Paul Maand geleden
OD acts so entitled/spoilt brats & hv no humility in the presence of Sir Ian..hello!!!! Look where they are now... theres no more OD.. but sir ian continues to make waves n movies despite his age.
Invisible Not Broken Podcast Network
Invisible Not Broken Podcast Network Maand geleden
Sooooo being disabled is an insult?
Jen SM
Jen SM Maand geleden
Harry styles doesnt come across great here tbh.
Santos 1111
Santos 1111 Maand geleden
I use to work at a restaurant in San Diego as a line cook where jc would come eat almost every weekend, would order a lot of steaks, then we all would be like, who's gonna eat all this? Lol waiters be like there's no one in the table, whos paying for this o don't see anyone?! Lol.
Otto Benthaus
Otto Benthaus Maand geleden
Why is mc connaghey so far apart from the others,
Amy Cachia
Amy Cachia Maand geleden
Why was 50 Cent so amazed that the women in the front row had tissues? Do celebrities not carry tissues? That is the level of rich I aspire to be.
42Fern42 2 dagen geleden
@PDC1987 that's how they sell them in the UK! Maybe that's where the mismatch is
PDC1987 7 dagen geleden
I think it’s because they were still in a perfectly sealed package LOL.
Anna W
Anna W 21 dag geleden
Thank you! My thoughts exactly
Sukanya Konar
Sukanya Konar Maand geleden
Harry Styles ❤️
DookieShoes Maand geleden
I swear to God Harry styles is the most unlikable uncharismatic dude I've seen in so long. Seriously, why do people even obsess over him he's more wooden than a door frame.
Donut Gain
Donut Gain Maand geleden
Thank you for delivering the clickbait clip first.
TheUtanium Maand geleden
John Cena looks like a buff jim carrey
warsha roy
warsha roy Maand geleden
it was good seeing 1D after such a long time ❤
Phillip Edward Ness
Phillip Edward Ness Maand geleden
I’m amazed more people haven’t quoted the: Harry Styles: You’re Amazing! Sir Ian McKellan: *leans in* So are you...
Jessica 16 dagen geleden
@Aaron Nazzy Nah...
Betim Sulejmani
Betim Sulejmani 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Nazzy stop it
Dede Maand geleden
Aaron Nazzy u can tell harry high
Aaron Nazzy
Aaron Nazzy Maand geleden
it was gross you can tell ian is perving over him
Judas Black
Judas Black Maand geleden
Best part is Harry trying to stay cool up until that point and then just breaking! So lovely!
Sarah Parkinson
Sarah Parkinson Maand geleden
Sir Ian!! That's it
Durham Girl
Durham Girl Maand geleden
Chaerin Wu
Chaerin Wu Maand geleden
2:24 the comedic timing is just great in this cute interaction! harry: “you’re amazing” *audience laughs* sir ian: *waits for laughter to die down* “so are you” *more laughter*
Travis Blais
Travis Blais Maand geleden
And his name is John Cena 🎶
s m
s m Maand geleden
50 was meat for old cougar sugar ting.
Niamh Lord
Niamh Lord Maand geleden ..
James Kane
James Kane Maand geleden
State of it.
Alex Burrows
Alex Burrows Maand geleden
Julie Walters is hilarious with 50 😂😂
S K Doyle
S K Doyle Maand geleden
Which Ian McKellen movie was premiering in New Zealand? Those boys were born twenty years ago when LotR happened.
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson Maand geleden
@S K Doyle Sorry for bringing back bad memories! :)
S K Doyle
S K Doyle Maand geleden
Brenda Anderson for one blessed moment I forgot those existed
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson Maand geleden
It was 2012 when they were filming The Hobbit films.
missy50505 Maand geleden
Those ponytails though omg
Priyansh Agrawal
Priyansh Agrawal Maand geleden
Why is there no one next to McConaughey?
Bri Maand geleden
harry and the guy were so cute ❤️
fun Maand geleden
Wish John Cena would be on Graham Norton. Looks like they can't stop talking about him.
hocus_pocus Maand geleden
One direction? More like different direction duhh💁🏻‍♀️
Surya Sharma
Surya Sharma Maand geleden
Harry look like Emilia in thumbnail
Harry Harry
Harry Harry Maand geleden
Would brush Jodie Foster's hair behind her ear.
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed Maand geleden
I love julie andrews
Dan Onil Galang
Dan Onil Galang Maand geleden
50 surprised someone in the audience got a fresh pack of tissues in their bag. Lol
Rage Against My Hairline
Rage Against My Hairline Maand geleden
GO! SHORTY! IT'S your BIRTHDAY! "I didn't know you knew it". lmfao that man is so ridiculously kind.
strubbarz Maand geleden
I only knew fifty cent through his rap songs (which frankly I dispise), but he was a great guest on the graham norton show. Seemed like a very likable and modest guy and a great sport for letting her feel is tongue.
Faye Ray
Faye Ray Maand geleden
Why does Ryan Gosling bug me?
FirZombie Sheikh
FirZombie Sheikh Maand geleden
The Legend Knows His Meme😂😂😂
emmanuel kidero
emmanuel kidero Maand geleden
“Oh yeah I can feel it.” Golden
Grzegorz Tlusciak
Grzegorz Tlusciak 2 maanden geleden
Who are those girls next to Gandalf?
Jenny McK
Jenny McK 2 maanden geleden
I love that Mrs. Weasley loves 50 cent. 😹
maureen murphy
maureen murphy 2 maanden geleden
don’t tell me julie and 50 cent flirting isn’t the best thing you’ve ever seen
Myer Michaels
Myer Michaels 16 dagen geleden
So sweet.
Vespertili Kildem
Vespertili Kildem 2 maanden geleden
John Cena looks so clean, professional and educated. You would NEVER guess he started his career by beating people in TV ahah
S M Maand geleden
@Vespertili Kildem good lord, you must be one of those people who suck the life out of parties
Vespertili Kildem
Vespertili Kildem Maand geleden
@S M the recurring and not funny invisibile John Cena joke
S M Maand geleden
@Vespertili Kildem what joke?
Bethany Jaffa
Bethany Jaffa Maand geleden
@Vespertili Kildem idc how old the joke is. What entertains me is that people just keep coming to this thread, I didn't expect it to go as far as it has
Vespertili Kildem
Vespertili Kildem Maand geleden
You guys are very boring, is this joke actually still funny?
C Marq
C Marq 2 maanden geleden
Please Graham ... invite and Myriam again ... we so want to see them together for the second time !
Elle Soo
Elle Soo 2 maanden geleden
Why are the one direction members just so boringggg
J Chadwick
J Chadwick 2 maanden geleden
Ryan gosling😂
Sari Pievilainen
Sari Pievilainen 2 maanden geleden
Lord of the ring vs boyband.... I take the first mentioned
CR Joy
CR Joy 2 maanden geleden
It happened AGAIN! I went to bed @10:30 pm and looked for something to listen to as I drift off to sleep. 2 HOURS later watching (& yes some I’ve seen before!) Mr. Norton’s fantastic (now I have to sleep later in the morning) NLposts clips!
Chi 2 maanden geleden
Alternative title: "Ian McKellen being a a bit creepy with young boys"
Friah Macalla
Friah Macalla 2 maanden geleden
explain ❤️
Josefin Vestberg
Josefin Vestberg 2 maanden geleden
Wait, why is no one commenting about Zayns hair... o.O
VampItUpManchester Chrissie
VampItUpManchester Chrissie 2 maanden geleden
Gregg Davis really sums up those moments when your friend says (showing off to a group) “Do you remember that time when you...” “Oh no....”
Ashley Trood
Ashley Trood 2 maanden geleden
John Cena. Ugh.
Ed Farrell
Ed Farrell 2 maanden geleden
Matt n John need to do a movie together
Anaya Arvizu
Anaya Arvizu 2 maanden geleden
I miss harry so much😭
Carrie Owen
Carrie Owen 2 maanden geleden
Ian you'll be missed
Christian-Bernard Gauci
Christian-Bernard Gauci 2 maanden geleden
Watching Matthew McConaughey and John Cena chat about wrestlers is something I never knew I needed to see.
Manio William
Manio William 2 maanden geleden
Dafuk is with Malik’s hairstyle xD
tatikto 2 maanden geleden
This shows are such gems.
Sharon Mullins
Sharon Mullins 2 maanden geleden
Olivia Coleman is crazy, funny!
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh 2 maanden geleden
If not last, John Cena is definitely not the guy I thought of to be this hilarious.
LegionMeerkat7 2 maanden geleden
Graham Norton show crew jus know we need these compilations during quarantine. Thank you!! ❤️
i 2 maanden geleden
Aah, here I go again in this never ending loop of Graham Norton show 😂
Tasnima 2 maanden geleden
I only know Greg Davies from his appearances on this show but his stories are hilarious and he has the most infectious laugh
waRr3nxx Maand geleden
Watch this show called the inbetweeners’ He’s amazing in that
A. May
A. May 2 maanden geleden
I suggest you watch Cuckoo!
BB DD 2 maanden geleden
Watch man down and the bloopers on here. It is so funny
Dragonsdrawtoo 2 maanden geleden
Why was the there a weird gap between micheal mcconaughey and hailey steinfield
Digital Carboot
Digital Carboot 2 maanden geleden
Stay safe, everyone! 💚@yesstyle🍀10% off - JEM10 Plus 🍀Friend's Code 5% off - AMUD2G
dcbsmt 2 maanden geleden
I love Ian McKellan but The Hobbit will never be a classic.
Michael 2 maanden geleden
Let's have a feel fiftay
Jeffrey Birman
Jeffrey Birman 2 maanden geleden
Ok, old wrestling fan here. Not a big Cena guy but his moveset was bigger, and better, than Hogan's. New respect found for Matthew's wrestling knowledge! Nice call out to Texas wrestling!
Marcie St Clair
Marcie St Clair 2 maanden geleden
It was good until John Cena because he talks too much
Júlia Meneguzzi
Júlia Meneguzzi 2 maanden geleden
Let’s have a feel fifty 😂😂😂😂 I lost it
Michael T
Michael T 2 maanden geleden
Ads thumbs down
Elizabeth Nobody
Elizabeth Nobody 2 maanden geleden
One day I want to be famous enough to go on this show
Linda S. Martin
Linda S. Martin 2 maanden geleden
You cannot watch this show and not laugh. I dare you :-)
liviusss 2 maanden geleden
I love Julie Walters, she's adorable! And also 50 Cent seems like a funny guy...
T B Maand geleden
@Angie Vila I love her also very much. She is amazing. You should search for all the videos she was a guest on Graham's show. She is hilarious.
Angie Vila
Angie Vila Maand geleden
@T B omg I LOVE her! She was so cool as mrs weasley I had no idea she's even cooler in person
T B Maand geleden
@Angie Vila Yes, that's her. 😁
Angie Vila
Angie Vila Maand geleden
@T B THAT'S MRS WEASLEY?? omg I didn't recognise her without her ginger hair!
T B Maand geleden
@Angie Vila You don't know Mrs. Weasley?
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