The Funniest Greg Davies' Moments on The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

3 maanden geleden

Who doesn't love Greg Davies?! Here are some of his funniest moments so far.
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tigersfan14 11 uur geleden
But like seriously Taskmaster on youtube has gotten me thru the pandemic and for that I will always love Greg.
James Craig
James Craig 18 uur geleden
AJ just dinked that bag and it almost maxed out 😂
Amjjscott 19 uur geleden
I love Greg Davies!❤️😂
Aimee Howarth
Aimee Howarth 21 uur geleden
Love Greg Davies cause I sure do.
Jason Loh
Jason Loh Dag geleden
Im unironically attracted to this man
Helen Johnson
Helen Johnson 2 dagen geleden
Isn't Miranda gorgeously hot here?
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson 2 dagen geleden
His friendship with Anthony Joshua might be my favorite thing. Such an unlikely pair, but has chemisty like they’ve been friends for decades.
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson 2 dagen geleden
He’s one of those celebrities that whenever he is on Graham’s show he gets along with whoever’s on the couch doesn’t matter who it is.
EVIL QTip 3 dagen geleden
DasSöldner 3 dagen geleden
she knows exactly what she's doing, you can see it by the angle of her wrist and the hight of her right shoulder,.... but... of course to not offend any given man she pretends she's in need of explanations. This game has gotten so boring by now... : ' /
Sarah-Anne _
Sarah-Anne _ 4 dagen geleden
Greg laughing makes my day. I'd marry him in a heartbeat.
mrnoname1 5 dagen geleden
11:16, I love that little foot kick he does
Estefanía Núñez
Estefanía Núñez 5 dagen geleden
Now that I've seen blonde Greg, I can say I like him with white hair 💜
2late4date 6 dagen geleden
I feel like Greg Davies is George from Seinfeld.
TheOddKris 8 dagen geleden
That arm on Martin Freeman tho ;D
Global00Vintage 9 dagen geleden
This is probably my millionth round of watching Greg Davies' clips, but here I am again.
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray 11 dagen geleden
I wish this show aired in the US. I LOVE it. I want to make it to a live taping some day.
Deborah Crawford
Deborah Crawford 13 dagen geleden
Who is the woman in the peacock feathers?
Jackhandsley 10
Jackhandsley 10 13 dagen geleden
Marine 14 dagen geleden
could someone tell me what show they are talking about when they that they shot sth in his old school ?
mike travis
mike travis 11 dagen geleden
@Marine Your welcome.
Marine 12 dagen geleden
@mike travis thank you ^^
mike travis
mike travis 13 dagen geleden
Man Down?
Amanda Lorianne Romeo
Amanda Lorianne Romeo 15 dagen geleden
The lady gaga thing killed me...pure honesty 😂
Ian Cole
Ian Cole 16 dagen geleden
The raw animal magnetism of Greg Davies 0:20
B DT 19 dagen geleden
he's gorgeous
Captainkitty25 YT
Captainkitty25 YT 19 dagen geleden
“You should be in beED” -“Tony”
Justin Murray
Justin Murray 19 dagen geleden
Who was the lady with the funky hat?
james helm
james helm 19 dagen geleden
Was enjoying Greg's story until a yogurt advert popped on then crashed the rest of the video well done NLposts 👎
Richter Scale
Richter Scale 19 dagen geleden
Jakes like this guy try to tell people the problem is vegetables and fruits...LOL stay in school
P. Sandra Tangkulung
P. Sandra Tangkulung 19 dagen geleden
there will definitely be a 2nd part to this, this isn’t enough 😂🤣😭
Kian Maloney
Kian Maloney 21 dag geleden
Mackenzie! If you havnt watched inbetweeners don't talk to me
Troy Daniel
Troy Daniel 21 dag geleden
Eight minutes in though with the skirt and the grandpa. That's what LOL was written for right there.
JamboRiffs 22 dagen geleden
AJ is a good sport
didmyheartlovetillnow 22 dagen geleden
i feel like he’s been my teacher before but he hasn’t
Marco S.
Marco S. 22 dagen geleden
I can proudly say I've watched this clip for the 900.000 time. Still makes me laugh!
Matthew Cullen
Matthew Cullen 23 dagen geleden
Even jobs I hated at the time,I look back on fondly at times. I reckon Greg probably does the same at times.
Jason S
Jason S 25 dagen geleden
I started watching man down and cuckoo on Netflix recently. This dude is funny af
Ricardo Bezerra
Ricardo Bezerra 25 dagen geleden
Greg likes his dark suit and white shirt combination so much that Ryan Gosling got one for himself, in a much smaller size
Gustaf Sterne
Gustaf Sterne 26 dagen geleden
I love this guy!
Matt Blade
Matt Blade 27 dagen geleden
I love the really unlikely pairings of Greg with Ryan gosling, and Anthony Joshua
portaccio 28 dagen geleden
Lady Gaga is a tiresome bore.
Buzz James
Buzz James 28 dagen geleden
If I was a guest on the show. I'd tell everyone to stop, stop, stop. Let me see your jacket Graham. I want to know who makes that. I would have him take it off and I would try it on.
Hank Chinaski
Hank Chinaski 28 dagen geleden
I feel like Anthony Joshua really loves Greg.
Joe Bloker
Joe Bloker 28 dagen geleden
The face he makes after Gaga says kids are honest has me in stitches
jimmykelly86 29 dagen geleden
“Oh dear” 😂
# TooMuchScotty
# TooMuchScotty 29 dagen geleden
I really want a comedy movie where Greg Davies and Miranda hart are either siblings or partners fighting crime or solving one and they have no clue what their doing.
Xae 29 dagen geleden
Truly the best show on tv.
thomas parkhouse
thomas parkhouse Maand geleden
Lmfao at the end oh dear haha
Stephen Siler
Stephen Siler Maand geleden
This is the absolute best... Ty so much.
stacie sheppard
stacie sheppard Maand geleden
Never seen anything this guy is in yet I watch these clips because he's hilarious
Deborah Barnes
Deborah Barnes Maand geleden
Look at the black beautiful man........
Sebastian Krumscheid
Sebastian Krumscheid Maand geleden
Putting the first ad on the punchline is pretty stupid.
Prashanth Dk
Prashanth Dk Maand geleden
Mr stevens loses his teaching license
Mick Maand geleden
Well, for a little bloke Martin Freeman's a badass!
Sharon Mullins
Sharon Mullins Maand geleden
I love this guy!!!!
Will Beames
Will Beames Maand geleden
Like a toilet roll holder.....brilliant.
Nancy Puckett
Nancy Puckett Maand geleden
I absolutely adore Greg Davies
kyman Bedford-Brown
kyman Bedford-Brown Maand geleden
Still watching this laugh!
Rokkamakkafone Maand geleden
That "oh dear"get's me every time!
Apple Watch
Apple Watch Maand geleden
*6:25** So, Tony's last name is Stevens!!*
Mike 'dead eyed cretin' Ehrmantraut
Mike 'dead eyed cretin' Ehrmantraut Maand geleden
Joshua hooked it.. Cheat
D R Maand geleden
Never hear or see much of Gre Davies these days
Danny Richardson
Danny Richardson Maand geleden
13:10 Lady GaGa inadvertently calling Greg fat. 😂
iLord Maand geleden
Pure honesty! You are fat!
!Reverend! Maand geleden
"I see your shwarts is as big as mine!" - Dark Helmet
buggyboogle9 Maand geleden
The great thing about Graham is that whether it's famous international stars or local UK stars, he has the same enthusiasm and joy in being with them.
Will Jack
Will Jack Maand geleden
Dear Taubman's paint commercial, please f*ck off in the middle of each punch line Greg is about to give... when I do finally paint my house and spend 000's of $ on paint.. I shall remember how you ruined this video for me and deliberately avoid your paint.
Karen Kaler
Karen Kaler Maand geleden
Greg Davies is hilarious.
Stimulator7 Maand geleden
man, graham norton's laugh is great!
Mox Girl
Mox Girl Maand geleden
Gaga though xD "Pure honesty" and then Greg's face in response xD
Juan David Bitar
Juan David Bitar Maand geleden
Where´s the "Fecal Jackson Pollock" story?!?!?!?!
Mr Jones
Mr Jones Maand geleden
One of my favorite guests 👏👏👏
C Marq
C Marq Maand geleden
What about Martin Freeman´s punch! Nice!
A H Maand geleden
Finally realised Greg Davies reminds me of Rick Mayall. His facial expressions and mannerisms.
Azlak0507 Maand geleden
Rik Mayall played his dad because they looked so similar.
highnumber13 Maand geleden
Miranda Hart is looking at him like she wants to create the world's biggest human.
Stephen Swingler
Stephen Swingler Maand geleden
That is the funniest line....God that made me laugh..
amurican35 Maand geleden
Thank god for you brits. I haven't laughed watching a tv program in the dumb states of america in a while.
Jason Derebel
Jason Derebel Maand geleden
I don't know what's funnier, Greg's stories or him cracking up at his own stories
Morgan X
Morgan X Maand geleden
Howled 🤣 greggs the man! Im jealous of all his students twice lol
Endemo Maand geleden
Greg Davies is so priceless. His authenticity and comedic skills are just unreal.
SummerBayJournal - Home and Away The Early Years
SummerBayJournal - Home and Away The Early Years Maand geleden
Am I the only one who noticed at the end he talks about his two nieces aged 2 and 4. He then calls one "he" and the other "the 3 year old". LOL wtf?
D B Maand geleden
Greg 😍😍
takktakterakk Maand geleden
the bit with the boxing.. it's like 3 hobbits and 2 men!
The Names Rango
The Names Rango Maand geleden
Greg Davies undefeated deadweight champion of the word
jonesey251 Maand geleden
Miranda finally finds a guy tall enough for her
Salvador Cruz
Salvador Cruz Maand geleden
How about the part where AJ doesn't have an opponent for his upcoming match and Greg "volunteers".
Roy W-G
Roy W-G Maand geleden
Would not like Martin Freeman hitting me! Fast hands. Greg Davies twice his size an beat him by less than 100.
TH Guy
TH Guy Maand geleden
well we know know that martin Freeman can kill a man
Gopalakrishnan K.V.
Gopalakrishnan K.V. Maand geleden
Love how Greg saved his friend "Tony" twice and gave away his real name in the end. 😂😂😂
Zoe Boswell
Zoe Boswell Maand geleden
greg davies and miranda hart in the same room... we love to see it
CL Maand geleden
Greg Davies is so darn sexy. It’s too much quite frankly.
CHEEKY MONKEY Maand geleden
He is! He can tell the most absurd story, i'd be looking at him in an obscene way @@
Ayla Russell
Ayla Russell Maand geleden
Miranda & Greg ..would make best couple!
riaki Maand geleden
I don't care what other people say, Greg Davies IS MAGNIFICENT! :D
Rose Hepworth
Rose Hepworth Maand geleden
I just can’t get enough of this man, you magnificent beast!!!
Naomi Tiefenbrunn
Naomi Tiefenbrunn 2 maanden geleden
How can one man be this sexy
David Anderson
David Anderson 2 maanden geleden
"Is that Mister Stevens?".... PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂
Pip 1984
Pip 1984 2 maanden geleden
He reminds me of Rik Myall (RIP)
Abhishek Chatari
Abhishek Chatari 2 maanden geleden
Thanks Phil
Eric Murano
Eric Murano 2 maanden geleden
Miranda looking GOOWD
icturner23 2 maanden geleden
He's not very good with ages: he is teaching at twenty-one and then at college at twenty-two, and his niece is two years old one second and then three the next.
Phil Palmer
Phil Palmer 2 maanden geleden
Greg and Miranda's kids would be very tall.
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace 2 maanden geleden
He is so funny
alison webster
alison webster 2 maanden geleden
I love greg Davies...
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