Mark Ruffalo Accidentally Got High On Stage! | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

5 maanden geleden

Mark Ruffalo will be back on our virtual red sofa this week!
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Edía Paff
Edía Paff 2 uur geleden
who is the other guy?
BROWN SHOK 6 dagen geleden
Michelle Spector
Michelle Spector 8 dagen geleden
Bruh these 3 got chemistry! Have em all on again!
Haley Pierce
Haley Pierce 8 dagen geleden
Mark and Nicki would make a very odd couple.
Matt Tarita
Matt Tarita 9 dagen geleden
She's like ...he ain't ever smoked weed
Matt Tarita
Matt Tarita 9 dagen geleden
Hes not a good actor
Matt Tarita
Matt Tarita 9 dagen geleden
I wish Edward Norton was still the hulk. That version of the hulk would of killed thanos
Jorgen Schroen
Jorgen Schroen 6 dagen geleden
No, the plot would still require thanos to win the fight... Would not matter
JR L 10 dagen geleden
Mark: Drugs are bad, don't do it. Also Mark: I also got the best reviews of my entire career. Oops. :D
Tino Cantu
Tino Cantu 10 dagen geleden
You are a disgusting scum bag of ruffles
Deborah Barnes
Deborah Barnes 11 dagen geleden
Mark is soooo 👌🏿
Thomas Remagano
Thomas Remagano 12 dagen geleden
Mark Ruffalo and Nicki Minaj.... damn
Kristy 15 dagen geleden
Nah Nicki doesn’t smoke weed, she just doesn’t every other drug and marries a convicted rapist
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 15 dagen geleden
They just passed an invincible joint lol 😂 Yassss
Lt col George Armstrong Custer
Lt col George Armstrong Custer 16 dagen geleden
Abhishek Gandhi
Abhishek Gandhi 17 dagen geleden
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Liza Scoot
Liza Scoot 17 dagen geleden
I wonder what play this was.
Ashwin Cherukat
Ashwin Cherukat 18 dagen geleden
Nicki is so beautiful😍
Alyssa Fischer
Alyssa Fischer 18 dagen geleden
Has mark buffalo been on the show the most times of anyone
Toby Webber
Toby Webber 19 dagen geleden
whats the weird-looking plastic barbie looking thing in between the two guys??
The Phantom
The Phantom 19 dagen geleden
He didn't 'accidentally' get high. He unintentionally got high.
Frodo H
Frodo H 19 dagen geleden
Mark is such a sweet heart
scbane 19 dagen geleden
Whoever that woman is, she has more paint on her than my truck does.
jocax188723 20 dagen geleden
"What's your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?" Apparently, yes.
WArThe .s
WArThe .s 20 dagen geleden
حبيت جداً كيف نيكي بسرعه وجهت رسالة لفانزها ، واستشعرت حبها الحقيقي . شكراً على وجود اشخاص واعين زيها ♥️
Kenshisan 20 dagen geleden
The hulk next to nicki minaj (sorry if I misspelled her name) small world huh
Potus Forus
Potus Forus 20 dagen geleden
No need to vilify the plant. 🌍✌
darthjump 20 dagen geleden
I would love to see an actor of his caliber live once or twice.
Lets do it
Lets do it 21 dag geleden
I had sex with Mr. Hulk.. And I'm not lying about it.....
Kelsey Malik
Kelsey Malik 21 dag geleden
I love how nicki said she don't smoke but she's said she doesn't in her lyrics
Y3llasn0 21 dag geleden
yeah kids dont do drugs as they sit there drinking their alcohol
FloraWest 21 dag geleden
I'd love to know what play it was.
LIFE WIT DAGENNA 22 dagen geleden
Heyy guys ❤️
Anandilal Katpitiya
Anandilal Katpitiya 22 dagen geleden
Cheers for our firangi Abhay Deol 😂😂
Bob Edwards
Bob Edwards 22 dagen geleden
It's the only thing that keeps me from walking around with somebody's head in a bowling ball bag...
Nonkululeko Sishi
Nonkululeko Sishi 22 dagen geleden
I love the, "oh, you're talking about that."❤
Gina Ke
Gina Ke 23 dagen geleden
He couldn’t tell the difference between a real blunt and just tobacco? Really?
hypnotic dropbear
hypnotic dropbear 23 dagen geleden
He looks like annoying orange caracter
TheBlaggert 23 dagen geleden
Maaaan but Nicki Minaj would get it...
Vedant Salunke
Vedant Salunke 24 dagen geleden
Is it me or Nicki Minaj Looks like orachimaru from Naruto. Orachimaru looks better though.
Dя!zL 24 dagen geleden
And that's why he was cast as a giant green guy
Kyle's iPhone
Kyle's iPhone 24 dagen geleden
Marijuana or plastic surgery? Hmm.
odinsmeadhorn 25 dagen geleden
The solution is to be cronic.
Genie Parrish
Genie Parrish 25 dagen geleden
So looks like "huge bag of weed" was the answer.
FHM _ 25 dagen geleden
There's a strain of weed called Bruce banner. Cause it's that strong.
General Herpez
General Herpez 24 dagen geleden
And it's delicious. Turn ya green!
Naim Valencia
Naim Valencia 26 dagen geleden
Watch out Barbs, remy ma might leak those clips of you sniffing them ski slopes 😂👌🏼
prashams 26 dagen geleden
Ok I was confused whether that was Nikki Minaj or CardiB, Rafuallo solved it.
A Kush
A Kush 27 dagen geleden
People who don't smoke weed have alot of false information about it... Like it's the same as being a crack head 🤦‍♂️
James Goodwin
James Goodwin 27 dagen geleden
Nikki was lying, she from south side she's smoked plenty of blunts !!! ( I was there )
ryan brielle
ryan brielle 27 dagen geleden
now how did nicki and mark manage to come together😭
Charlene Moore
Charlene Moore 28 dagen geleden
“Barbs don’t ever do drugs” and icon😂😂
Mahendra Nalawade
Mahendra Nalawade 29 dagen geleden
Where is snoop XD!!
her box is rank
her box is rank Maand geleden
wat a wofull looking thing that is, why do they continue to escape out of the trees
jeries mee
jeries mee Maand geleden
Nicki Minaj’s lack of class negates the class that is the Graham Norton show.
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds Maand geleden
Never smoke weed, kids. You might end up getting the best reviews on your life! How about that for a anti-weed campaign?
david mope
david mope Maand geleden
So thats why he is the green monster 🤯🤷‍♂️
Marlon Daniels
Marlon Daniels Maand geleden
Wow Nicky dissing the weed thinking she's inspirational..but plastic a.f. stay plastic barbs...#ewwwtoyou #fakeassbarbsbeingfakeass
Oğuz Barış GÖRGÜLÜ
Oğuz Barış GÖRGÜLÜ Maand geleden
00:58 you're welcome
Memoo 22
Memoo 22 Maand geleden
Am i the only one that sees mark's acting in the movies is just like him in real life , its like im watching an interview with the hulk honestly !
Erik Blohm
Erik Blohm Maand geleden
I love Mark
Teh Reaper
Teh Reaper Maand geleden
Does nikki not know botox is a drug. All the coke she sniffs What a duche bag
Lina Maand geleden
Wait! What happened to the girl?? Y’all just skipped over that part!!
alexi van damme
alexi van damme Maand geleden
mark ruffalo yeah bra!!!!!
c gar
c gar Maand geleden
I dunno, Mark is SUCH a handsome - charming - talented - dilfy man.
Matthew Jr. 11
Matthew Jr. 11 Maand geleden
Who is this ugly woman next to Mark Ruffalo?
Mr Tundish
Mr Tundish Maand geleden
Nicki saying she doesn’t do drugs Ha such a lie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Javier Medina
Javier Medina Maand geleden
remember meth and red said. take the test high, you get high scores. must apply to acting too lol
aalever Maand geleden
How did anyone remember their lines!?
legend b
legend b Maand geleden
Biggest joke is that when nicki says that she never did drugs.
Blue Bear
Blue Bear 28 dagen geleden
yh someone said that already mate..
Nurmila sari
Nurmila sari Maand geleden
Did she?
Dovahkiin069Nightfury Maand geleden
Yeah... I get that It's fun to get high on pot. But have you ever been high on potenuse?
Jack Slayter
Jack Slayter Maand geleden
Who's that naughty actor???
TheNerdFaction Maand geleden
love how nicki talks about not doing drugs and now she´s getting clowned for smoking weed the wrong way
Dark Aliebaba99
Dark Aliebaba99 Maand geleden
I don't believe her for one second when she says she never did drugs.
chuchu 22 dagen geleden
Thought the same
Lucas freeman
Lucas freeman Maand geleden
Nicki is such a sporty 😁😁😁.
Mihri Lovee
Mihri Lovee Maand geleden
As if nicki never smoked a blunt 😂😂😂
Hundo James
Hundo James Maand geleden
Mikael Maand geleden
I have problem with Nicky saying never do drugs Cos she doesn't understand that alcohol is way worst than weed. I don't smoke because it's illegal but I have done my research and there is a reason why so many states have made it legal
butcher brown
butcher brown Maand geleden
2:13 john bishop is from liverpool bro they looooove their weed and its part of youth culture, also isnt niki from queens? again they looove their weed haha, i bet all 4 of them on the sofas have smoked cannabis
Marti Soor
Marti Soor Maand geleden
0:09 Thats throat clearing meant "STOP IT THERE GRAHAM" lol Am i the only one noticed that
James Lappin
James Lappin Maand geleden
Mark Ruffalo seems like a really chill guy
noah zephania
noah zephania Maand geleden
And that's hulk
LEMONBOYYY Maand geleden
“You were high??” Mark: “always has been.”
raul buster
raul buster Maand geleden
Nikki MInaj is so ugly, she looks like a very ugly Muppet..!
Matthew LeTexier
Matthew LeTexier Maand geleden
I cant tell the difference between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B
Asiya Khan
Asiya Khan Maand geleden
Nicki's gasp made me pass away from laughter I stg
Headbangerr 1983
Headbangerr 1983 Maand geleden
Wow. I didn't know teeth could be sooo white.
Jason Me
Jason Me Maand geleden
Mark is cringe
mehmet emin
mehmet emin Maand geleden
Вышли долгожданные Славные парни (1990) В переводе Гоблина, если правильно перевести название фильма звучать это будет как "Правильные пацаны", режиссёр Мартин Скорсезе.
Jorge Ruiz
Jorge Ruiz Maand geleden
wtf are "the barbs"?
belajewel Maand geleden
i never thought i would see mark ruffalo addressing the barbz
Atharva Tanpure
Atharva Tanpure Maand geleden
Oohh !! So that's why the Hulk is green
Dr. Debajyoti Bose
Dr. Debajyoti Bose Maand geleden
So what happened tot hat girl, who smoked for the first time?
Miura marley
Miura marley Maand geleden
*Cap: Bruce, now would really be good time for you to get angry.* *High Bruce: as the scene reinacts him Hulking out and punching the leviathan.. Scene changes into reality of him literally punching the leviathan in human form and he screams in pain.*
Delicious Atomic Bomb
Delicious Atomic Bomb Maand geleden
I genuinely don't know much about Nicki Minaj and don't listen to her music or anything, but I always find her so adorable and genuine in every interview or non-music video I've seen her in.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Maand geleden
John Bishop is the man!!
Tazer Face
Tazer Face Maand geleden
Mark Ruffalo is a awesome actor and seems down to earth🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏼
Lancelot Negi
Lancelot Negi Maand geleden
Who are barbs?
krazyy Maand geleden
it's just weed, so nobody gets hurt :D
Jacob Maand geleden
Nicki looks like inflatable doll in the thumbnail
chupenla meando
chupenla meando Maand geleden
That's so disrespectful
_theo.dore_ D
_theo.dore_ D Maand geleden
mark saying "the barbs" was probably such a highlight for me. hope he is one tho lol
Jamal Taylor
Jamal Taylor 2 maanden geleden
Moral of the story: Smoke a little weed and you too can become an avenger
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