Ewan McGregor Nerds Out Over Star Wars & Alec Guiness | The Graham Norton Show

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13 dagen geleden

Who else is excited to see Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan again!?
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Jac H
Jac H 2 uur geleden
Adore Ewan and Alec as Obiwan. I can't wait for this new series!
arytaco 6 uur geleden
Please make Liam Neeson a force ghost and Hayden Christiansen come back plz I’d pay $100 for premier access or something stupid like that
Jacky Organa
Jacky Organa 11 uur geleden
Can’t wait!! He seems so excited and so am i! :D
SynergyPhoenix Dag geleden
My Ewan McGregor love intensifies, as if it had any room to grow! 🥰🥰
black mask x
black mask x 2 dagen geleden
Liam neeson coming back as qui gon jin? Hmmmmm
Skullface360 2 dagen geleden
Can’t wait, love Ewan’s enthusiasm and acting skills.
Lee Paul
Lee Paul 2 dagen geleden
Mark and harrison meet alex
_OneManArmy_ 2 dagen geleden
Ewan is in Star Wars, Ewan did Christopher Robin, Ewan has a new Apple series about adventuring around the world, thank goodness we have Ewan because he's what 2020 needs.
Plate 2 Plate
Plate 2 Plate 2 dagen geleden
Jeez Frank Skinner looks awful....
Anna-Leigh T
Anna-Leigh T 2 dagen geleden
I only care about him in the impossible
ClassicAdden 2 dagen geleden
It's hilarious that he is sitting on the floor, centimeters in front of his couch.
The_ Thad_Castle
The_ Thad_Castle 3 dagen geleden
Hello there
CaptSmashers 3 dagen geleden
"It's not all me" Liam Neeson returning as Qui-gon Jinn Force ghost???
Jacky Organa
Jacky Organa 11 uur geleden
One can only hope. Besides at this point in time Obi could use some guidance from his master!! :(
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 3 dagen geleden
I want everyone to see the gummy bear concert on Friday night. It’ll be in the fridge house 2 pony’s on the street shop. Now let me tell you something...angel juice. I can’t wait to be into the lake camping by a volcano. Strange people everyone to me and you have a lot more people that you want me and you want to do that you want me something you want me out to do it you want me to go get on your phone you want me something out for me you don’t know me how do I feel like like you’re doing it all wrong. 8 4 7 1 9 6 9 5 2 with tellers on krog pops???????
reido82 3 dagen geleden
Jesus Christ, is that Frank Skinner?! Did he drink from the wrong grail or something?
KayKo 3 dagen geleden
He looks younger than ROTS Obi-Wan
iamJOEHALENBECK 4 dagen geleden
Pause on 50sec he soooooo looks like the dude in Indiana Jones that drinks from the wrong cup lol
wozzatech 4 dagen geleden
Frank Skinner is looking like he’s just drunk from the wrong holy grail!
Jude Gorman
Jude Gorman 4 dagen geleden
Wonder if they’ll use any effects or prosthetics to mold the two Kenobi looks
spencer maliszewski
spencer maliszewski 4 dagen geleden
Hats off to the guy who asked that question to ewan mcgregor.
spencer maliszewski
spencer maliszewski 4 dagen geleden
@mddbatman cool, maybe I will. Cheers!
mddbatman 4 dagen geleden
Frank Skinner, good stand up comedian, you should look him up.
Manuel Ramos
Manuel Ramos 4 dagen geleden
One of my favorite actors & my favorite SW character, back where they belong,, finally. 😊
That one Mexican
That one Mexican 4 dagen geleden
Hey guys look its magic man from star wars
Mother of Dragons
Mother of Dragons 5 dagen geleden
l'm hoping the delays due to corona will lead to a better written story for Obi-wan. With a good director, which I believe they have, this should be a much better performance than in the prequels. The story has to start with Obi-wan being in a deep depression, reflection about the Jedi code & his responsibility in how his relationship with Anakin made it easier for Palpatine to corrupt him. (Palpatine couldn't have won in episode 3 without sapping Anakin's "power! .... Unlimited power!!" IMHO) Obi-wan's only reason for going on, is the protection of young Luke & making sure he doesn't make the same mistake again with him. (In episode IV, that's why he let Vader kill him. He had done what he needed to for Luke & didn't need to be alive anymore to guide him later on)
lalaxbo 5 dagen geleden
I want to watch The Obi Wan show now ! I can’t wait to see it and i am so happy that Ewan McGregor is reprising his role as Obi Wan after all these years since we saw him last time in Revenge of The Sith :)
Neo-Space Dragon !
Neo-Space Dragon ! 5 dagen geleden
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 5 dagen geleden
I can’t wait to see that beautiful beard on his face.
Naughtius Maximus
Naughtius Maximus 5 dagen geleden
Hello there
Tyln93 5 dagen geleden
Star Wars Fans: Help Me Obi-Wan. I hate Stupid Disney Movies.
Javier Torres
Javier Torres 5 dagen geleden
What a beautiful thing to hear. I admire the way he studies Alec Guinness to the character.
James Gibbs
James Gibbs 5 dagen geleden
I wonder if Ewan’s watched the clone wars tv show and seen all what his character has been through
Adam Sultan
Adam Sultan 3 dagen geleden
i'd assume so. it would be cool to see his reaction to it
GioSh 5 dagen geleden
Hello There
Depresso 6 dagen geleden
“Its not all me” Hayden returning as Anakin? 😳
Kingstown 8 uur geleden
This might be where the fun begins
Greylan Dag geleden
If he doesn't i will give birth right now i swear to god. Im a guy but ill find a way
Chris Games
Chris Games Dag geleden
@Depresso vey much agreed
Gabriele Neto
Gabriele Neto 2 dagen geleden
Maybe other actors?
Mongo Boogie
Mongo Boogie 3 dagen geleden
I would love to see a return visit and reclaim by Hayden Christensen as Anakin! Apart from anything it would go some way towards repairing the hate he got for his early appearances as Anakin.
Chiraz Bsl
Chiraz Bsl 6 dagen geleden
I think I'm gonna cry guys 💖 finally the obi wan serie is coming we can die in peace
Luke Daley
Luke Daley 6 dagen geleden
The Mandalorian was successful and so will The Obi wan Star Wars show.
Владимир Серегин
Владимир Серегин 6 dagen geleden
I will be definitely disliked. Nevertheless, I will say that for me there is only one Obi Wan - Ewan McGregor.
Marshmallow fluff Monster
Marshmallow fluff Monster 6 dagen geleden
Frank skinner looks so ill
TheRealFiretear 7 dagen geleden
The fact of the matter, if you ask people who Obi-Wan is, they'd say Ewan, not Alec.
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat 7 dagen geleden
Now we only need confirmation for Liam Neeson returning as a force ghost and I will be beyond happy!
roxy picasso
roxy picasso 6 dagen geleden
freakin’ yES liam neeson, liam neeson’s knees, son liam neeson’s knees on his niece on e’s on a nissan
Dino Power
Dino Power 7 dagen geleden
When we all going to admit how wonderful star wars is and that we need a real reboot done right by George Lucas?
Steven Davison
Steven Davison 7 dagen geleden
Honestly I'm just shocked at Frank Skinner's hair, like he all of a sudden looks his age
Rendell001 2 dagen geleden
Oh, not just me then...
matt kylie
matt kylie 3 dagen geleden
He looked in his late 70s
ThomThom 7 dagen geleden
Okay... Alex Guineas was somewhat older... But Obi-wan was WAY older.
Nicholas Dickens
Nicholas Dickens 7 dagen geleden
Love Obi Wan ‘Ben’ Kenobi,
Duncan orr
Duncan orr 7 dagen geleden
Love the long way up belstaff in the background
The Urban Spaceman
The Urban Spaceman 7 dagen geleden
Ewan Mcgregor is 49 right now and Alec Guiness was 59 when filming A New Hope
Gary85PL 7 dagen geleden
What's happened to Frank Skinner?!
Alfredo Baker
Alfredo Baker 7 dagen geleden
How is this dude nearly 50?! He looks about 30 ffs
Jeff 8 dagen geleden
i hated him as obi-wan. doesn't have any gravitas. his lightsaber skills are just laughable. Also they need to stop making content that just fills in the blanks. We know how everything ends. This is just fan service. We will even get an episode of how he came up with the name Ben i bet. Or at least where it came from. yawwwnnn... i see flop.
Sami Johnson
Sami Johnson 8 dagen geleden
you can just tell how much he loves star wars and playing obi wan. im so excited for this series
Tomasz Skowroński
Tomasz Skowroński 8 dagen geleden
Bold of You to assume that you will be able to start shooting this march.
Tomasz Skowroński
Tomasz Skowroński 8 dagen geleden
Please don't. They're going to massacre our boy. Rogue One was the last good thing they did.
Magic Cookies
Magic Cookies 8 dagen geleden
So hyped for this.
Jonnny Ren
Jonnny Ren 9 dagen geleden
"Hello there..."
m dot
m dot 9 dagen geleden
Frank skinner has a wig on the back of his head for some reason.
guada gonzalez
guada gonzalez 9 dagen geleden
Lo amo😍🤗😘😘😘
Shabba dabba
Shabba dabba 9 dagen geleden
Well, hello there.
Sandra P
Sandra P 9 dagen geleden
He colored his hair...🤔🤔🤔
Tromp Entertainment Ltd
Tromp Entertainment Ltd 9 dagen geleden
Ewan is amazing I love Star Wars so much
Bob-man123 9 dagen geleden
my favourite scene is when he jumps down and says hello there
mistyblueeyes 9 dagen geleden
He has the loveliest voice and accent!
clare mammen
clare mammen 9 dagen geleden
I know Ewan is half my age if not older Lol, but man is so good looking even in his older age I still got a tiny crush on him. Anyone else??
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell 7 dagen geleden
Apparently not 🤣
buckseyboy 10 dagen geleden
KRYO Boy 10 dagen geleden
Frank skinner looks like gollum.
Eduardo Quintos XIII
Eduardo Quintos XIII 10 dagen geleden
You know you have to say “Hello There” in each episode right?
Graham Ryan
Graham Ryan 10 dagen geleden
What the hell happened to Frank Skinner? He looks like the Crypt Keeper.
charlieshandie 7 dagen geleden
I thought the same. Hardly recognised him. Think he must have been wearing a wig in room 101
Turbo Nutter Bastard
Turbo Nutter Bastard 8 dagen geleden
He’s well into his 60’s now...he’s older than Alec Guinness was when he made Star Wars.
Joseph Markey
Joseph Markey 9 dagen geleden
Yeah, Franks Skinners let himself go hasnt he?....
Grant Watson • 27 years ago •
Grant Watson • 27 years ago • 9 dagen geleden
Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mojack 10 dagen geleden
Why does he have to play his younger self? Why not continue after the third episode?
Geoffrey Barber
Geoffrey Barber 10 dagen geleden
love that while Alec Guinness didn't like Star Wars, (having watched the rough cut of ANH, I can't really blame him), Ewan is always willing to come back to the role
JJW 888
JJW 888 2 dagen geleden
I don't think Alec disliked Star Wars per se. I was always under the impression that as much as he liked it, he just always thought that he had better roles in other movies and that he enjoyed them far more than being in Star Wars, and that what he really disliked was the fact that people seemed to only remember him for Star Wars rather than his other movies that he thought were better.
Frname 5 dagen geleden
I think this "he hated SW" thing was denied a long time ago. I mean he could have thought that of the first but apparently he really enjoyed the final product
Geoffrey Barber
Geoffrey Barber 7 dagen geleden
@blofeld39 true
blofeld39 7 dagen geleden
To be fair, Guinness himself was ALWAYS absolutely willing to come back, himself -- no Obi-Wan Kenobi in "Empire" and "Jedi" without him agreeing to come in to shoot for a few days on each one.
Takodan 10 dagen geleden
So happy he is back inside the Star Wars universe. Welcome home Ewan! The prequels has turned into my favorites.
Marcus Johns
Marcus Johns 10 dagen geleden
Key-rist!! Frank Skinner looks OLD!!
Turbo Nutter Bastard
Turbo Nutter Bastard 8 dagen geleden
He’s 63
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 10 dagen geleden
Hello there
Konstantin L
Konstantin L 10 dagen geleden
google says Alec Guinness, double n
Delicious Atomic Bomb
Delicious Atomic Bomb 11 dagen geleden
I see Ewan McGregor, I click. There's no way around it. There are no words to express how much I adore this actor. And I mean... a movie revolving around him as Obiwan ? YES. COUNT ME IN. MAKE IT 3 HOURS LONG.
Delicious Atomic Bomb
Delicious Atomic Bomb 9 dagen geleden
@Ryan Bennett You just made my day so much brighter. Thank you.
Ryan Bennett
Ryan Bennett 9 dagen geleden
A show! It’ll be nearly 10 hours long if I remember correctly, as it’s episodic. :)
Daniel 11 dagen geleden
I have that belstaff leather jacket he has on the couch 🙌🏼
Meghna Mathur
Meghna Mathur 11 dagen geleden
I hope he still has the high ground!
Travis McLaurin
Travis McLaurin 11 dagen geleden
Oh Yes! He does.
jeff mendelson
jeff mendelson 11 dagen geleden
Its amazing how Ewan McGregor will conveniently be fairly close in age to how old Alec Guiness was in 1977. If done well, it will really make the whole Star Wars timeline almost seamless (in the way Rogue One seamlessly blended right into A New Hope).
kek23k 11 dagen geleden
My absolute favourite Alec Guiness film, ;The Man in the The White Suit'. Brilliant Ealing comedy.
friganwombat 11 dagen geleden
Hello there
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 11 dagen geleden
Hello There
Mattazy -
Mattazy - 11 dagen geleden
Can’t wait for the Kenobi series 😍
german martinez opazo
german martinez opazo 11 dagen geleden
Wish to be able to understand all what they say....
Lum 11 dagen geleden
His nose looks off
Sahil Mehta
Sahil Mehta 11 dagen geleden
Another happy landing
General Grievous
General Grievous 11 dagen geleden
I will deal with this Jedi slime myself!
2eleven48 11 dagen geleden
What's Skinner talking about saying McGregor is nearing Guinness in age, when he's 63 and got that awful froth on his head and looks half-starved.
Trish S
Trish S 11 dagen geleden
LOL I was thinking the same thing, it was kinda rude
veronikah K
veronikah K 11 dagen geleden
NO ONE 11 dagen geleden
Why isnt Graham hearting comments anymore?🥺
124 123
124 123 11 dagen geleden
The prequels, Ewan, Hayden, Liam, Ahmed and Natalie have all aged well. ❤️❤️
Tiffany Corbin
Tiffany Corbin 11 dagen geleden
I was watching this video and next thing I knew my sister-in-law was waking me up after I fainted on my living room floor because of Ewan's good looks, charm and his AWESOMENESS!
Lord Sidious
Lord Sidious 12 dagen geleden
the first words : Hello There
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 12 dagen geleden
Hello there!
DominantCub 72
DominantCub 72 12 dagen geleden
Hello there
Chandan Bhowal
Chandan Bhowal 12 dagen geleden
We memed our way into getting a show of our choice. Well done boys!
Ecsel 12 dagen geleden
I can’t convey with words how EXITED i’m about this as a Star Wars fan.
Martin Brody
Martin Brody 3 dagen geleden
@Ecsel I'd imagine it would be difficult to convey how excited you are if you spell it 'exited'.
buckseyboy 10 dagen geleden
campkira it’s actually Dave filloni now in charge of it all a real actual Star Wars built fan that’s a director for this .. so no doubt in my mind it will be amazing , search it up, the previous directors in the last 3films didn’t give a sh#t about Star Wars or the fans
Dylan Wills
Dylan Wills 10 dagen geleden
@campkira Yeah Luke could have been done way better. I'm just saying these stand alone films have been better than the new trilogy.
campkira 10 dagen geleden
don't hope too much... look what they did to luke skywalker...
Dylan Wills
Dylan Wills 11 dagen geleden
I would give it a chance. Ewan McGregor is a great actor. And as far as all the new Star Wars movies go the spin-offs are way better than the new trilogy. Their formula was to release a new trilogy movie every other year and then a stand-alone off shoot movie in between each year. Honestly the stand-alones are way better I think, Rogue One being my favorite new Star Wars film.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 12 dagen geleden
A surprise to be sure but a welcome one
Barthollomew Hunt
Barthollomew Hunt 12 dagen geleden
yuus, I have been waiting for this!
Fairuz Yumna
Fairuz Yumna 12 dagen geleden
Bianchi 12
Bianchi 12 12 dagen geleden
Hello there
Dav Bj
Dav Bj 12 dagen geleden
It s obi wan between episode 3 and 4 its gonna be like rogue one...awesome
Muhd Afiq Zaharudin
Muhd Afiq Zaharudin 12 dagen geleden
I hope satine is in the series
Geeta Dhumane
Geeta Dhumane 12 dagen geleden
Well from a certain perspective he has the high ground than the others.....like he always does
Geeta Dhumane
Geeta Dhumane 12 dagen geleden
Hello there❤️
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